Decade Statistics: Categories

Hello again! Today we’re going to be talking about my blog categories. There are a total of 35 of them, and they break down as follows:

Posts per category



Words per category



Average number of words per post, by category



The “Surveys” category has such a high average (and total) word count because of my doing the 5,000 question survey in increments of 100 questions at a time, haha.

I’ll also give you my favorite post in each category, because I’m that exciting.

Animals: Asp caterpillars, aka Donald Trump in caterpillar form.

Art: A Flash I did about Millard Fillmore. It’s horrifically bad, which makes it fantastic. (Seriously, it’s so freaking bad.)

Blogging: I justify why my blog is important to me.

Books: I buy a copy of The Brave Little Toaster (book version) and gush about its awesomeness.

Dreams: Big Advertising vs. the Unbranded Man meet in an epic Grand Canyon showdown.

Entertainment: Our 7th grade reading group’s interpretation of Dune.

Events: Pictures from downtown Vancouver during the 2010 winter Olympics!

Family: My ancestry composition according to 23andMe.

Food: Tukey Sandwiches. Because statisticians deserve more food items named after them. Also, puns.

Games: A brief rambling about Gordon Freeman.

Health: My genetics and health risk factors, according to 23andMe.

Humor: What if the Founding Fathers communicated via chatroom? This is still my favorite blog post.

Internet: Holly Carp is real.

Life: 2009 me writes a letter to 2006 me.

Math: I explain what it’s like to struggle with doing mental calculations.

Miscellaneous: I accidentally inhale a bee and suffer predicable consequences.

Music: I re-write MC Hammer lyrics to be about proofs. ‘Cause that’s what you do when you’ve got a 25 credit semester to deal with.

News: Vancouver sucks.

People: A post about Leibniz. Shocking, huh?

Philosophy: I talk about why I think polymathy isn’t a thing that happens anymore.

Plans: What I would do if I won the lottery.

Quizzes: I discuss an in-depth aptitude test I took in 2005.

Rants: I spiral into a rage-induced rant triggered by Google.

Relationships: A blog about sex and a thing that happened to me once. [this used to be private, but I made it public because I think it’s important.]

School: What I learned during my first round of undergrad.

Science: The stability of a stool is analogous to the “stability” of a structural equation model.

Shopping: How many iPods can I buy?

Social: Sean ponders the purchase of an island.

Sports: The inanity of basketball team names.

Statistics: Nate and I play around with the standard deviation.

Surveys: I lie a lot.

Technology: Claudia vs. Apple stores.

Travel: Bad directions and big trees.

Work: Teaching intro stats to non-stats people is important to me.

Writing: An essay on concurrent discoveries throughout history, focusing mainly on calculus.


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