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The 5,000th Blog

Back when I was in high school, MySpace was the big, cool thing that all the big, cool people were getting into. I was not a big, cool person, but a few of my friends were convinced I was. Specifically, my friends Aneel and E’raina were very insistent that I join them in being big and cool by getting a MySpace account.

So on May 1st, 2006, I finally did.

If you don’t remember MySpace very well, one feature it had was the ability to make blog posts on one’s MySpace page. Once I got my account on May 1st, 2006, I decided to post my very first blog post as well, joking that I’d try to blog daily, but would likely only last in this routine for a month or two.

May 1st, 2006 was exactly 5,000 days ago. 5,000 days ago I made my first blog post. Today, I am making my 5,000th blog post.

That’s more than 13 years of daily blogging. To put that in a slightly different perspective, when I started blogging, I was 18 years old. Now I’m almost 32. I started blogging before I even had my high school diploma; now I’m an instructor at a university.

That’s pretty freaking cool.

Also, sometime along the way, I made it a goal to blog daily for 10,000 days. That means today is finally my halfway point to that goal! Awesome.

(Sorry, I’m excited.)

Here’s to another 5,000 blog posts!

Woah, flashbacks

I totally forgot I’d started this blog on MySpace until the little neural pathways that had formed over the course of four and a half years caused me to automatically scroll to the “MySpace” bookmark rather than the “Wordpress” bookmark and I was automatically logged into my old account.

Everything’s still there! I look horrible with long hair.

Crazy life.

The Inaugural Blog

Well hi there ladies and gents, and welcome to my first blog on WordPress. All past blogs have been uploaded from my old MySpace blog (except for the private ones…they didn’t automatically transfer, so I’ll have to do them individually, which will take some time).

Some things are different, of course–this blog’s theme is not nearly as ostentatious as my old one, and the default font for my blogs is no longer Times New Roman at 10 point font, but what’re you gonna do, eh? I needed a format change, anyway. I also apologize for all the broken pics/links/YouTube videos/what-have-yous in the older blogs. They’re, well, old. Haha.

So yeah! Pretty snazzy. Oh and here, for anyone interested: MySpace profile

Those of you who are new to this particular blog…have fun!




Today’s song: My Own Way to Rock by Burton Cummings

Hyperness is next to godliness. Why do you think He only needed seven days?

A few days ago I blogged about what a pain MySpace is with regards to letting me actually post my blogs more than once a fortnight (if I’m lucky) and was wondering about possible exporting tools.
Well, I found one.
Yes, you have to download it, and no, I haven’t actually tested to see if it actually works as an exporter, but when I ran the program I actually saw it go through all my old blogs (that’s 1,571 blogs) and when I opened the raw file in Word, all of them actually showed up. So I’m hopeful.

Now I have to decide between WordPress and Blogger. I like WordPress ‘cause it looks like you can comment without having a profile there; I like Blogger because it looks more customizable from what I can tell. However, I dislike WordPress because, as someone who probably needs quite a bit of storage space, I’ll probably have to pay for the premium account. I dislike Blogger because it’s owned by Google, and I don’t know how I feel about selling my soul just yet.

But yeah. Planned export scheduled for September 1st; if it works, my blogging shall be moved there for all subsequent years.

Today’s song: All About Us by t.A.T.u.

Screw you, MySpace.

I’m getting sick of MySpace serving me with divorce papers every time I try to post my blogs, so I’ve been giving some serious thought as to where I would like to restart blogging. I don’t mean “start from this point forward,” though; I would like to be able to export my MySpace blogs to said new site (Blogger, WordPress, wherever the hell) so that they’re all in the same place, ‘cause I’m anal like that.

However, this seems to be an issue. MySpace is also very clingy, as it does not want to give up its RSS feed to anybody. The closest I’ve been able to get to exporting was with WordPress, but that would involve having to export only 10 blogs at a time, so HOLY GOD NO, but that’s the best I’ve gotten so far. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

So if any of you happen to know of a blogging site that allows for mass importing of MySpace blogs, please let me know.


Today’s song: Kelly Watch the Stars by AIR

“I’m sorry, I thought you was corn.”

After a conversation with Maggie yesterday night, I remembered that Claude had a MySpace that’s about a year old now. However, god knows what the login info is, so a new one was created.

He needs friends! He also wants to make it to Pride in August, so hopefully that will happen.

And here is some more fun.

Also, I feel ridiculously hot (temperature-wise, not attractive-wise) today, but apparently my temperature is about 95-ish. Weird.


Today’s song: Right Here, Right Now (radio edit) by BWO feat. Velvet


HOLY FREAKING CRAP, did you ever think this would happen?

Finally, after about a year and a half, my blogs are once again caught up on MySpace. I would have posted these yesterday, but Photobucket was being a bitch, and I wanted the ones with pictures to, you know, actually have pictures.

Also and somewhat unsurprisingly, posting all these blogs = HUGE EMOTIONAL RELEASE. I forgot how good it was to actually post the inane drivel I come up with.




As said in previous blogs this week, these will start getting interesting again probably in the middle of next week. Regression midterm + Measurement homework + Infancy abstract grading + Methods midterm grading + more research crap all has to be finished by next Tuesday. Yay.

Also, I’m sure I’ll have some good stuff to post when Matt gets up here.




Today’s song: Fireflies (Playajazzy Remix) by Owl City, covered by Ahmir (yes, I have five versions of this song now)

Oh hey, look what’s working again

Well look who’s back.

While MySpace has made it appear as such, I have NOT stopped hemorrhaging blogs. They’ve simply been bleeding into one obscenely long Word document (389 pages, give or take the few pages of stupid titles I’ve been saving up) since April 2008.

665 days—or 1 year, 9 months, and 25 days—worth of blogs.


Visual proof, zoomed out to 10% (and also to test if the site I’m now using for pictures actually allows images to show up on my blog):

Edit: just took a chunk of it ‘cause Vaio II’s screen is too big and manly and wide to display everything without stretching  my blog page. Aw, yeah.

My plan (not that anyone cares) is to get about a month of these up per day (starting tomorrow), but who knows how that will go. I may not even be able to get another one up for another 665 days (though that was partially my own fault). I suggest you either unsubscribe and re-subscribe later once the deluge has passed (if you so desire to re-subscribe, of course), or attempt to NOT get annoyed by 28+ “Claudia has posted a new blog!” messages per day for about 22 days.

Or get annoyed by them anyway, since you probably don’t check this everyday in anticipation of my blogs reappearing.
Also, time for MASSIVE MYSPACE PROFILE AND PICTURE REVISION (will occur later today/tonight/tomorrow). Hahaha, my old mood and header title thingy are still accurate, though.


Edit: Damn, I almost forgot my formatting style. It’s certainly been awhile.


Today’s song: Lakme: Flower Duet by Leo Delibes [you’ll figure out what this is all about in ~20 days]

Good lord, I blog a lot

Well my friends, today is blog number 600.

And in honor of this, both because I’ve blogged 600 times and because I’m bored out of my mind, I’ve compiled a bunch of statistics for you. Thank Microsoft Word and the Spell-check feature.

Total words: 160,978
Total sentences: 16,107
Words per sentence: 9
Passive sentences: 2% (or about 322 sentences)
Flesch reading ease: 79.1 (fairly easy)
Flesch-Kincaid grade level: 4.4


And there you go. I hope this brightens the shortest day of the year!

Review of the MySpace Moods

Day 1 of break: Claudia’s bored enough to review every single mood on MySpace. And yes, I do cry myself to sleep as I realize the painful truth of my lack of a life, thank you for asking.

Note: please be kind, they’re short. What do you want, there are 200+ of them!

Review of the MySpace Moods: An Unofficial Guide To Tom’s View of the Range of Human Emotion. 
YAY! I love this mood.

Is it adoration, or is it…stalking? Find out tomorrow, on The Bachelor: Previous Offender Island!

Let’s go climb Everest!

You’re starting to tick me off…

How I love being amorous. It makes me smile. Especially when there’s something/someone about which to be amorous.

I use this way too much. What can I say? The irony of life gets me.

“I’m angry. That’s what I am. Angry. I’m angry with f***ing life after playing this!” Yeah. That’s a quote from the Yogi Bear thing.

Because emos don’t get enough representation here on MySpace.

Animated, or animator? Ha, I’m weird.

Blogging while annoyed is fun and, when re-read later, hilarious. I strongly advise blogging while annoyed.


Apathy? Who cares?

Yeah, I’m not wearing pants. Why, you wanna make something of it? Huh? Do ya, punk? Huh? Bring it!

Ooh! This is new. You know what mood they need? “Giggity-Giggity.”

I’m Salvador Dali!

Ah, shame. Where would we be without thee?
No seriously. It’s a big philosophical question.


You’ve betrayed me, young disciple! How could you? I…I…I trusted you! Oh, cruel world!

People in this mood always amuse me. Especially when they crap out a blog or two. They’re just so funny!

Microsoft Word has absolutely no synonyms for this one. Odd.

(this space intentionally left blank)

Here’s what I don’t get. God said, “be fruitful and multiply.” So why do we have everything from division to derivatives to sin and cosine? As one can plainly see, god did not destine us to have higher mathematics! HA!

Bliss is good. But is it only attained through ignorance? I ask you.

If you don’t watch out, they’ll name a hurricane after me!

Do blogs come forth more often from any other mood?

Tigger! I didn’t know you were on MySpace!

What’s with the weather-like moods? I didn’t know one could feel moods resembling the winds.

For those MySpacers still in junior high.

Aw, man…

“I’m busy, and yet I’m blogging.” How many of my nearly 600 blogs have been written in this situation?

When is blogging when one is calm any fun?

I love this word. The only synonym better is “tetchy.” They should put tetchy on here sometime.


Hooray! Cheerful is always good. Except when you’re the one in a really bad mood and are forced to hang out with a bunch of overly cheerful people. Then it sucks.

“What are you doing?”
“Oh, nothing, just chillin’, watchin’ the game, havin’ a Bud.
“True, true.”
Haha, sorry.

Well hi-ho, gentlemen, ’tis a fine day for a blog. I do say I’m feeling rather chipper today, and yourselves?

Ah, my old friend Cold. What an amazing amount of time I’ve spent with you.

Complacency scares me. I feel that once I’ve become complacent, I won’t want to do anything more.

Blogging when one is confident. This can either be a disaster, hilarious, or very informative. Totally circumstantial.

The eternal question: should one blog when confused? My answer: only to clear up or try to sort through their confusion. Prime example: Maggie’s blog about the pizza porn. Haha, that was your best blog ever, Maggie.

Ah, who doesn’t like to be contemplative? I sure as heck love it. I use this mood a lot.

I don’t like being content. I feel contentment leads to laziness.


No no, I’m fine. I’m having a great day. You just sit there and DON’T TOUCH ME!

Feeling crappy sucks. My only comment.


Ah, creativity. I love feeling creative. In fact, this is when most of my Flashes are created.
You probably don’t want me in a creative mood, do you?

What the hell is crunk? I thought that was a dance style. Ah, young people and their new terms.

Ah, now I have a mood for when those semis run me over on the highway!

I knew I’ve spent too long with those Petri dishes.


I find that blogs penned (or typed, rather) when one is in the mood of a cynic are leaps and bounds above the rest, don’t you agree?

Ugh, this sucks just as much as “crappy.”

I am determined to blog! You can’t stop me this time!

Haha, I’m scheming and blogging at the same time! What thrill!

Haha. No comment!

Aw man, disappointment’s no fun. You know what I’ve noticed, Tom, from going through this list of moods (I’m actually doing this one as one of the last one)? You have more negative moods than positive ones, I think. For shame!

As with cynical blogs, blogs expressing discontent (especially when they’re cynical as well) are often of great humor.

You, sir, disgust me!

This is good for those bloggers who OH MY GOD THE TV IS ON AND THERE ARE COLORS!

A synonym for the following mood. Why, Tom, why must you put so many synonyms?

I’m freaking out! I’m so upset! At least I can blog as an outlet!

The eccentrically scatterbrained. Wee.

Let me begin with “dorky” as the first part in a three part series involving the difference between a dork, a geek, and a nerd. A dork is someone who is passionate about learning/academia. Stay tuned for the other two definitions later in the review!

How I basically felt every night last summer after getting home from work at one in the morning. Do you know how hard it is to blog then for me?

“Shut up, Susie!”

I love this mood!!!

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh joy and rapture! Ecstasy is fun!
Oh, and the mood’s pretty good, too (I joke, people, you know I don’t do drugs).

Oh god, call the burn center!

A mood unknown to the great Millard Fillmore, as he did nothing that would have caused himself embarrassment.

Haha, oh dear. This is a scary, scary mood for many people. Including me.

Ah, Tom! The one mood I wish to embody constantly. If I am correct, I think this one is new. I shall use it indefatigably.

In other words, angry. I swear, Tom—must we suffer through your constant synonyms at every turn?

I’m…I’m…I’m absolutely spellbound! I…I can’t even…wow.

The green-eyed monster blogs!

Mua-ha-ha-ha!! Curse all ye who come near me, 666 and all that…yeah.

I didn’t know the dead blogged.


Exhaustion leads to bad blogging. I advise against blogging when too tired to think correctly.

Like the breed?

How one should feel after watching my Flash animations.

See above entry.

I could make a joke about yeast here, but I’ll refrain.

Is that a bell curve in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Tom, you and your constant negativity…it is rampant in this list, young man, rampant! I think you need counseling, for I feel the childhood Tom is coming through in the moods you express. Ooh! Ooh! Idea for future blog: I analyze Tom’s psychosocial development through the moods he lists. Stay tuned.

Oh-ho-ho! Tom! I didn’t know you encouraged blogging when people were feeling this way! Trouble, trouble, young man.

Damn those infernal witches and their spells! Now I must find a princess to kiss…


…of what? Rage? Contempt? Tacos? Specifics, Tom, we need specifics!

I’m here to save you, for I am a knight in shining armor on my valiant steed!

Second in the three part series involving the difference between a dork, a geek, and a nerd. A geek is someone passionate about a particular area or subject, one that is usually obscure or difficult. Stay tuned for the final definition later in the review!

How I feel every time after watching the Yogi Bear thing.


Another “Tom thinks little of the world and is a constant pessimist, drowning his sorrows in crafting a giant social network where he is capable of sending bitter subliminal messages to thousands via his bulletins” mood. Is anyone else gettin’ this vibe, or is it just me?
It’s just me, isn’t it.

I feel that this specific mood assists in the monosyllabic and overall uninformative responses to questions this and the next generation seem to have acquired a taste for
“How are you?”
“What do you like to do?”
“What do you want?”
You see? It’s all a plot!
…you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?

I am indeed very grateful to you, Tom, for creating this glorious thing called MySpace. Where else would I have given my trust to blog nearly 600 times?

Warning: blogging whilst groggy may result in bad blogging or surprise blog pregnancy. To avoid this, take Advil, a glass of vodka, and see your doctor in three days if symptoms do not improve.

One of the dwarves! I liked grumpy. He was my favorite.

Guilt sucks. What would the world be without it, though? Savage! Uncivilized! Like a Republican convention!

I didn’t know handsome was a state of mind. This, like, totally shifts my perspective of how I should view my moods.

My least favorite dwarf.

“We’re high, man. We call each other ‘man,’ man.”

Please say I got an A in math…oh please oh please oh please…

Hello, what’s all this, then?

Why thank you, I think I’m pretty attractive, too.

Haha, I love that Tom put this on here. Too many drunken bloggers complained that they couldn’t find an appropriate mood, I guess.

Apparently, brightly colored plastic hippos feel this quite a lot.

I felt this all of dead week. Explain that. I mean, really, it was freaking dead week. What was up with that?

Ahh, imagination. The world would be nothing about it. Well, yeah, it would still exist, but not the way we see it now.

“Patience is a virtue,” my butt.

This word always makes me think of American Pie. I think it’s because Michelle uses it once in the second one.

I’m cruel and uncouth, and I’m not afraid to blog!

Awe! It takes a lot to truly impress me.

My dear friend MySpace Tom, you would be a perfectly charming person and I would be unable to find any real reason to complain about your wonderful MySpace setup if it weren’t for this one mood. It pisses me off to no end, do you know that? Actually, perhaps it’s not you, dear Tom, that pisses me off about this situation but the English language itself. How can one feel indescribable while still being able to ascribe a word to it? How can one truly be “indescribable” if they are indeed feeling “indescribable?” AAAAAAAAH FREAKING LANGUAGE!

A synonym for apathy? I don’t care about this, either.

You, sir, have offended me, and I say we must commence with a verbal duel! I make the first move with a sixte parry with the challenge, “them’s fightin’ words!”

No no, not just angry, infuriated. Don’t wanna mess with this.

Blogs of the inquisitive-minded lead to great things, or so I believe.

Ah! One should always blog when inspired. Then make Flash.

Communists! I’ll run the black market, then where’ll you be, huh?

“Aw, hell yeah, man! I totally just rocked the business proposal and it was intense, bro, you know? Man, I’m gonna fire up the grill, have a few brewskies, hang with the bros, man, it’s totally awesome! Awesome to the max!

…blogging scares me.

Hahaha…I love how the synonyms list on Microsoft Word has “very angry” for this one. No no, it’s not just anger, it’s extreme anger.

Don’t push my buttons, I swear…

Isn’t this basically the same as envious?

Are you serious? George Lucas is going to sue your pants off, MySpace, I swear!

Now Santa can blog.

Ah, being over the moon about something is grand. That’s all I have to say.

Another “I’m not sure this qualifies as a mood” mood. Isn’t this more of a “state?” Or a status?

Ah! SLUG! I like being lazy on occasion.

Now you may be asking, “Tom, why do you have both lazy and lethargic on the same mood list? Aren’t they basically the same thing?” And I would answer for Tom, “No, good soul! For you see, one can be lazy without being lethargic, and one can be lethargic without being lazy. In the first case you may be perfectly fine, even hyper, but still not want to do anything, while in the second case you may be feeling really run down and sluggish but still wanting to do things. See? It really is very simple.”
I need a life, don’t I?

Huh? What? Oh sorry, you’re blogging. Eh, I’m just going to sit on this couch here and not pay any attention, if you don’t mind.

Aw, this mood makes me sad.

I find it funny/sad that “lonely” and “loved” are right next to each other. Is that just me?
Yeah, it’s just me, isn’t it.

Ooh, like a candelabra? Candelabras are hot (haha, no pun intended. Man, I’m funny even when I don’t plan it).


I don’t know about you people, but I find a certain joy in the occasional melancholy mood, don’t you? I get to this heightened state of thought. It’s grand.

You know what? I don’t think I’ve ever used this mood. Ever. Claudia ? mellow.

Hehe…I’m feelin’ naughty!

There’s the old saying, “misery loves company.” Is this necessarily true? Sure, people like to tell others about their misery, but do people really want others to feel miserable with them? Or can this so-called “company” include just sympathizers or listeners? Perhaps I should stop reviewing these before I go insane.

I love you. No, I hate you! Life sucks. Now it rocks! WTF?

Another synonym for miserable! Tom sure likes this one, doesn’t he?

Teehee. I’m not wearing panties!

“Ugh, I just saw Bush give another State of the Union address.”

Tom, my friend, seek counseling.

Third in the three part series involving the difference between a dork, a geek, and a nerd. A nerd is someone who has difficulty with social interactions. I hope this clears some things up.

Nervousness sucks, you know? And you know what else? I’m nervous way too often. New Year’s resolution: cut down on nervousness.

I ask you, Tom, how one can feel “ninja?” Ninja-esque, perhaps, but feeling ninja? See “pirate.”

I think feeling nostalgic is fun. But that’s just me and my twisted feelings.

Damn these infernal sleeping limbs!

Okay, seriously. How many MySpace users, teenaged emos and otherwise, are going to know what this word means? Is this for the more intellectual of bloggers? Was Tom in fact feeling obsequious to that specific demographic and thus decided to include this word? Ha! I’ve figured you out now, haven’t I?

“Eh, I’m good.” See “good” entry.

Optimism is overrated. I think optimists are constantly opening themselves up for disappointment, don’t you?

Colors…noises…smells…tastes…touch…MAKE IT STOP, FOR GOD’S SAKE, I’M GOING TO DIE!

Fa-la-la-la-la…I’m Gandhi!


Isn’t this basically the same as contemplative? Wouldn’t one think that the contemplative among us would realize this while we’re contemplating to which word to set our mood and notice that there is at least one other synonym of “contemplative?”
…or am I contemplating this too much?

Expect the worst. Hope for the best.

Tell me, Tom, how can one feel “pirate?” I understand feeling up a pirate, but that hardly constitutes a mood, now does it? Next step up: “Scurvylicious!”

Pissed Off
The active state of being really, really angry. See entry below.

What’s the difference between “pissed off” and “pissy,” you ask? I shall tell you. Being pissy is the resting state of being pissed off, comparable to potential energy. Being pissed off is the “active” state of anger, comparable to kinetic energy. And yeah, I totally just used a physics analogy to describe that. I’m cool.

“I been played, homie!”

Ah, finally a positive mood! Kudos, Tom, I’m seeing improvement after only three sessions!

See “handsome” entry above.

I just ran a marathon, wrote a book, caught a fish, painted a portrait, learned French, swam the Nile, cured cancer, and got my PhD, all within the last five minutes! Hurrah!

Another word that 98% of MySpace users probably don’t know. And am I feeling pissed about this fact? Nah. I’ll change it in due time via new and improved education standards (my new goal).

I believe that 88% of MySpace users cannot truthfully use this word.

Psst…pardon me, sorry…if you don’t mind, I think I’ll blog.

Ah, the one mood in reference to a literary character! I must admit I feel this every once and awhile.

Tom, Tom, Tom. Must you encourage this?

Isn’t this more of a bodily position than a mood? I mean, I suppose it can be taken to mean “idle,” but that’s stretching it a bit, don’t you think?


Aw, Tom, this is no fun. No fun at all!

I just chugged twelve packets of sugar! No wait, that won’t rejuvenate me, that will make me insane.

I don’t think I’ve ever used this mood, either.

I’m not going to review this one. Instead, I’m going to say that I’m hoping to feel this on Tuesday (or before) when I get my grades in. Cross your fingers, people!

Restlessness sucks!

Because words that end in “ing” spelled without the last “g” are hip!

Ahh, romance. Where would we be without it?
Ah, well, some of us know. What the hell, though, romance is fun.


Your basic mood. You feel happy, you feel sad. I’d argue that this mood is too “general,” but I believe that sometimes you just feel sad, you know?

Ah, go on, now! Who’s afraid of a little sass in their blogs?

Satisfaction. Satisfaction. Benny Benassi comes to mind.

Silly Tom! It is unwise for those who are savage to blog!

AGH! Ghosts and goblins and George W. Bush!

It is ill advised under this circumstance to alter your top 8 friends.

Gasp! I’m…I’m at a loss for words!


Hahaha! I’m a silly, silly girl. Don’t you just love being silly on occasion? It’s just grand fun!


If you feel smart, blog. End of story.

I need to use this. A lot. I’m smitten about quite a lot of things.

I’ve never liked this word. I have no idea why.

Wait…another dwarf? What about other unrepresented little guys? Perhaps I don’t feel Sneezy, you know? Sometimes I just want to be a little Dopey or Bashful, is that too much to ask?

Can range from “aw, I just stubbed my toe” to “aw, I just became a quadruple amputee!”

Haha! Hahahaha! Not a good mood to be feelin’. Tom, you humor me.

Like a FIRE!

Haha. I know this mood all too well. That’s what 22 credits’ll do to ya.

I can move MOUNTAINS, fool!

GAH! Birthday party!
That’s all I can think of.


Sympathy is good, but it will DESTROY YOU! DESTROYYYYYYYYYYY…
(yeah, I’ve been doing this for too long. Good thing I’m already on the “s”s.)

I think this is the perfect mood for blogging. Seriously. Wouldn’t one need to be slightly talkative in order to type out their thoughts? Especially when the blog is a public one? Just putting that out there.

Holy crap! This describes my whole semester. Really.

Claudia approves of this mood. And totally blanked out on how to spell her name there for a second. Scary.

Again, isn’t this less of a mood than a physiological state? Ah, well. I guess if hungry is on here, thirsty should be as well.

Thoughtfulness in one’s blog leads to a thorough and wonderful blog.

As with the “exhausted” mood, I feel that it is against one’s better judgment to blog when too tired to think straight. But hey, doing so could lead to some humorous things.

Touched as in moved, or touched as in the perverted sense? I guess it could go both ways.

HA! I have mastered whatever it was I was attempting to master, and I have emerged triumphant in my quest! Take THAT, everybody!

For blogging whilst sitting on a tack.

I’ve been sitting in a dark room for two weeks! I…need…stimulation!

Like a book?

Like one’s parking?

Oh, SWEET! This is a new one, I do believe. Thank you, Tom! I’m often so vehement about things, and now the world shall know! Bravo!

This is probably the best synonym for “annoyed” there is. And that is all I have to say.

Ah! I like this one! I like it a lot. I should use it.

I didn’t know people could feel like small, legless, rectangular harpsichords!

“I’m vital to this team, sir, and I swear I’ll do whatever you suggest to further the success of the company and move myself up the corporate ladder.”

I feel BIG, yo!

Haha, oh dear. The felons have discovered MySpace!

Weird is good. Weird is very good.

“Everybody’s working for the weekend…everybody needs a second chance…” Tell me what song that’s from and you get a dollar!

I use this one far too much. This is how I feel right now, in fact. “Grades,” you ask? Indeed.

The Big 500

Well my friends, we’ve finally arrived. My 500th blog. Half way to 1,000. Bet you’re all looking forward to that day, huh?

Here are some stats for y’all, regarding my blogs:
500 posts
6,961 blog views
195 kudos
Total pages (when copied into Microsoft Word): 321
Words: 126,347

How disturbing is that?

And, of course, as always, I must bring up past blogs. However, I’ve only chosen the top 2% (ten). These are special, my friends. Cherish them.

Top Blogs

  1. The Second Continental Chatroom
  2. Seuss on the Loose
  3. Rant Against Pants
  4. Ranking of the Names
  5. Font Personalities
  6. Ranking of the Presidents
  7. “Easy Mac”
  8. Words with Aneel
  9. Incompetent People Suck
  10. Dirty Stuff

Top Blog Titles

  1. Jimmy crack corn one more time and I’m referring him to a specialist
  2. “My whereabouts are none of your concern,” said the Little Star as he twinkle-twinkled
  3. If dyslexics wrote the Constitution we would have the right to arm bears!
  4. At first I was just friendly to the environment. But now we’re dating!
  5. The day that Camus backed into a sumac was the day the palindrome was born!
  6. I used to work at a bridal shop specializing in headdresses. My work there was to know a veil.
  7. I used to teach a failing fly-tying class until I realized my efforts were all for knot.
  8. This just in: geophagists across the globe are biting the dust!
  9. Drugs: the anti…oh wait.
  10. Where do the quadriplegics stand?


I look forward to entertaining you all at least 500 more times. I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.


Why, why, why do you hate me, MySpace?

Seriously, why? It’s been a month and a half or so. I’ve finally been able to get these up. Sincere apologies. I just sent a nasty letter.

Apologies, guys. I hope these 44 (yes, 44) new blogs are sufficient repayment for not being able to get them up earlier.


I’m peeved.

Waiter! There’s an abominable snowman in my snow cone!

You know what I need? A new self-summery for this here MySpace. The problem is, I’m not quite sure how to go about it this time. My first one was really lame. The one I have now is pretty lame, too.
I know who I am. I know my little quirks, and I know how I see myself.
The question of the day is, how do others see me?

First hints: the ol’ Nohari and Johari windows I linked you all to months ago.
Top Johari: Intelligent, witty, and complex
Top Nohari: Vulgar (100%, baby!), chaotic, and overdramatic

Me? Overdramatic? NEVER! *faints for dramatic effect*

Okay, now that that’s done…I have a favor for my readers. Please tell me how you see me. What were your first impressions? What do I strike you as (both good and bad, please)? I know I’ll get at most, like, two replies for this, but hey, it’s worth a shot.


Enlighten me on myself.

Thanks guys!

You know what I’ve realized? In all my 430-some-odd blogs, I have yet to truly thank my subscribers/readers for not unsubscribing/continuing to read my crazy ramblings on here. So thanks, you guys. Thanks very much. Especially you, Matt. You comment on almost every single whacked-out post I have. That means a lot. Thank you.

So as a show of appreciation, I will from now on give you a reply comment on any comment you give me. I don’t know why I didn’t do that from the beginning; I probably should have. Oh well, I’ll start now!

All you readers rock. I love you all. I hope I provide enough entertainment to get you through the rough times of boredom. At least, I hope I do when MySpace allows me to.


400 blogs!

Hey people, guess what?
Today’s my 400th blog post.
Commence with the celebrating.
Oh, and here’s another blog train. Now it’s got cars!



____     _____    _____     _|   |_
|         |_|            |_|            |_|          |____
|___ |   |____ |   |____|    |________|
  o    o       o      o       o     o           o         O



No, Mark Twain, I don’t want to see “Huckleberry Finn,” now put your pants back on!

Oh dear. Having another day off, I was bored yet again. So I looked through all my blogs and added up all the blogs that consisted of/contained lists, rankings, and numbered points. There were 92 of them.

You know what that means? That means that nearly a full quarter of my blogs are lists.

How. Freaking. Sad. Is. That.
And. I. Cannot. Stop. Typing. In. One. Word. Sentences.

In other news, I also did the blog categories! Top 5 (omg another ranking lol!)
1. Blogging: 116
2. School, College, Greek: 65
3. Quiz/Survey: 32
4. Friends: 30
5. Life: 25

I need to get out more.

This is all I’ve got, people. Seriously.

Claudia Sweeps the Eastern Seaboard (and parts of Europe!)

I have a map on my page that marks the locations of all the people who look at my profile. Take a look at said map at the bottom of my page, will you? I mean, not right now, cause right now you’re reading my blog, but later. You’ll notice this little trend: a butt-load on the west coast, mainly centered around Moscow (duh), nothing until a neat little line that appears to travel up the Mississippi River region, tons of dots on the east coast, and about four in Europe. Then there’s one in Africa and one in Australia.

What interests me most is the patterns. Everything (save that one up in northern Canada; probably some lonely guy looking desperately for internet action) has kind of a pattern to it. It’s weird. And how did some dude in Australia find my profile? “G’day, MySpace, let’s see what crazy people we can find. Crikey! Someone from Moscow, Idaho!”

Man, I don’t know. I’m speculating about people who look at my profile. Can you tell I’m bored?

I need a hobby. I mean, besides blogging and dorking around and randomly putting on latex gloves and shouting “I am a doctor! I save lives, dammit!”

1 year anniversary!

(I am rather pissed at MySpace, considering I couldn’t post this until Thursday night. Gr.)


Hello faithful readers! Right this moment I am typing my 366th blog, meaning that I have been on MySpace for an entire year now! Wee!

I’m a happy camper.

This week will be filled with pointless celebrations, pointless random tangents, and even more pointless lists. But hey, what else is new?

Anyway, here are the 1 year stats:
Page views: 1,280
Blog views: 3,884
Blogs: 365
Comments: 104
Kudos: 4

How insane is that?!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. You help me make sure that all these rants and random expressions of…well…”strangeness” don’t go entirely overlooked.

My MySpace gets a facelift (about time!)

Why, hello there, people! Since I’ve finally been able to update my blogs, I figured why not go the whole way with a slightly new layout and a new bio section. I think it’s better. Therefore, you think it’s better.
I’m in your heads, all of you.

Get your minds out of the gutter!

Number 11!

Guess what, people? Today’s my 11-month anniversary at MySpace. You know what that means? Next month at this time I will have been here a freaking year. Sad, wonderful, and surprising, all at the same time.

I want an award.

Dear MySpace:

To all my beloved blog fans out there (all two of you!), I must state this for the record: MySpace dislikes me and my blogging. While I can still log in and access the messages, blog page, and friend requests, I cannot upload my blogs or respond to messages. So apologies to all. Obviously, I am writing this today in Microsoft Word. You probably won’t get to read it for a month or so.

Scaramouche, Scaramouche, I just did the Fandango (nearly killed me, too!)

My MySpace profile song…this is causing me about as much anguish as the font I use on MSN Messenger. “Why?” you say as you frantically check my profile page to see what strange song I have up today. “It’s just a song.”

Just a song? Just a song? No, my dear friends. It is not just a song. When you visit someone’s page and the song doesn’t appeal to you, do you mute it? I do. What if it’s just one of those mainstream pieces of crap? Muuuuuuuute.

I personally think that a profile song should be an extension of the person’s being. Don’t you?
So sue me if I can’t stay with a constant song. I have yet to find one on MySpace that matches with my personality.

Sure, if they had the Butt Song or KC & the Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty” on there, hell yes, I’d have a song!

But they don’t.

So I’m stuck.

MySpace AND Facebook profiles updated!

Here ya go. I haven’t touched either one in quite some time (meaning, I haven’t changed things around). Have some fun. Comment on my blogs, please. I like that. A lot.

8 months?! WHAT THE HELL.

Alrighty then. 8 months of this crap. Here’s a status update:

~Total number of blogs: 276 (not counting this one)
~Total views: 2,819 (70% of those were from me, I can almost guarantee that)
~Total number of comments: 76 (that’s shameful, people!)
~Total kudos: 27 (that’s even more shameful!)


I’m confused…should I be proud? Or ashamed?

(…or mad that you people don’t comment/kudos enough? )


Number seven.


Seven freaking months of this crap.

Why haven’t I gotten MORE COMMENTS? HUH?? ANSWER ME THAT! Well, 214 number of blogs later, I’m still here. Me=no life.