I think I just won the gold medal in Sensory Overload

There’s a sort of freakish excitement of knowing that the Olympics are going on all around you (well, on most sides, at least).

Kate and I went downtown since we’re done with grad school horribleness for a few weeks.

There are SO MANY PEOPLE HERE. Here are some pictures.

This is why Stong’s is awesome.

Cambie Street/BC Place, where a lot of the events are happening.

More downtown insanity.


Flags outside of the Olympic cauldron fence. It was the bluest sky I’ve ever seen.

Olympic flame! Yes, they fenced it in. Yes, people were bitching.
ALSO: we saw part of the Swiss team. It was pretty awesome. That is all. Fun day.

Today’s song: Someone to Love by Tofer Brown (quite fitting for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?)


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