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I miss my friendies.

I am extra lonely tonight for some really weird reason. So I’ve been thinking of friends of the past (since I don’t really have any friends right now).

I’ve had three main groups of friends in my life (I don’t count elementary school, ‘cause all those “friends” I had in first and second grade were quick to abandon me once I was deemed “uncool”): my high school group, the band geek group in college, and the guys at the house in college.

Things that remind me of my high school friends:

  • Being hooligans in the hallway during lunchtime.
  • That one lady (I don’t know if she was a teacher’s aide or what) who thought our shenanigans were hilarious.
  • That one guy who thought our shenanigans were blasphemous.
  • Harassing Alan.
  • Harassing Aneel.
  • Those stupid cardboard stilts that almost killed me in the bathroom.
  • Going to the Co-Op, buying a loaf of bread, and then just sharing that amongst us for our lunch.
  • Zach and those “Emergen-C” pouches. He would just chug those.
  • That time I accidentally* threw the loaf of bread at Aneel and almost got detention.
  • Stalking Lead around. All the time.
  • That stupid “porn” reading of “To Kill a Mockingbird” that I did that had everyone cackling.
  • Prom dress shopping at Ross!
  • Being hooligans in that field across from the university.
  • MSN conversations!

Things that remind me of my band geek group:

  • Band (duh).
  • Playing at the football games while paying zero attention to the game itself.
  • “Please touch my butt…please touch my butt!”
  • Being hooligans at Shari’s.
  • Being hooligans at Denny’s.
  • Drag shows!
  • Rock Band basement parties at my dad’s.
  • That basement party that was basically an orgy, let’s not lie.
  • That time we all drove out to Idler’s Rest and spent half the night crying/venting about how our lives were not what we wanted at the time.
  • R O B  D R A M A
  • The nerd-fest that was the band table in the Commons. Oh my god, that table was fun.

Things that remind me of the guys in the house:

  • Incessant Rock Band playing.
  • Quoting pretty much every viral YouTube video from 2008.
  • All the weird relationships in that house.
  • Getting impulse piercings in Missoula.
  • Late night conversations with Sean (he got off work after midnight and I was always the only one still up).
  • Reliving our childhoods via movies on Netflix (and making fun of said movies).
  • Being hooligans in Shari’s.
  • Otter Pops!

I miss having friends.

*It really was an accident. I was swinging the bread bag around like a nun chuck and the bread launched through the bottom seam and nailed him in the face. Right in front of our security guard.

Concert Band Music: The Best of the Best

Hey peeps.

I got to thinking today (for some reason) about concert band back at the U of I. We played quite a variety of songs in there, and whenever we played a song I enjoyed, I of course downloaded said song for later enjoyment. So here’s something I surprisingly haven’t done on here before: let’s rank the top 10 concert band songs, ‘cause why not?

(Sorry, no he-brides)

#10: Blue and Green Music
We played this my “second time around” in concert band (that is, when I came back to UI and was working on my math degree). The song itself as a whole is okay, but the student conductor we had for this piece made us work until we had the part at 3:19 sounding so beautiful that it always made me excited for this song.

#9: Lincolnshire Posy: Horkstow Grange
This was a fun one to play and very moving.

#8: First Suite in E-Flat: March
HOOOOOOOOOOLST. Another fun song. We got to be loud. I love the last fourth or so of this song (1:53 to the end). Controlled chaos.

#7: Shenandoah
AAAAAAAAAAAAA Shenandoah is so freaking pretty. I love the clarinet part, too.

#6: Variations on a Korean Folk Song
I think this was one we did during my second round of school, not with you guys (referring to my band geek friends). I think this was divided into six movements. Some of them were really fun. Favorites were at 1:40-2:31 (aka “let’s be obnoxious on clarinet”) 4:13-end (I like how it goes from OH GOD LOUD to oh god soft but with drums in the background to the layering of the main theme around 6:00). Fun to play.

#5: First Suite in E-Flat: Chaconne
MORE HOOOOOOOOOOLST. I don’t know what it is about this movement, but I liked it the very first time I played it/heard it. I still have the clarinet sheet music for this and that scale at 1:27 is as crazy as I remember it. Also 3:59 lsjfalhfglaghfaldf

#4: Adrenaline Engines
Another “second round” song. This one was very fun to play. Lots of energy. This song is actually really fun to walk to (I love when it comes up on shuffle).

#3: Bayou Breakdown
We played this obscenely fast. This recording is the fastest one I could find and we did like 50% faster than this. CHAOS. 2:41 is like a mental breakdown and then 3:52 is so smooth and perfect and unifying. Really fun to play.

#2: O Magnum Mysterium
UGH THIS SONG. I love it so much. I remember Torrey bringing in the choral version of this for us to listen to before we played it (so we could emulate the feeling of singing when we played) and that choral version has such a significant meaning to me for a few reasons that I’ve explained on here before. But the band version is the whole reason I heard the choral version, so there ya go.

#1: Valdres March
The best song we ever played in concert band. No contest. I love Valdres March. Love love love.

The Bayou Breakdown Appreciation Post

This song has been the only song I’ve been able to write to for a solid week and a half now (except the version I’ve got is much faster). The more I listen to it, the more I like it (or at least, the more I like the positive association between it and “holy crap I’m actually getting work done!”).

For those readers who weren’t in concert band this spring (aka all of you), we played this and it was awesome.

Suckity Suck Suckerson McGee

According to the internet, Isaac Newton is made of “man, Romance, and herpa derp. With a dash of Ramen.” That freaking made my day.


Best thing about tonight’s concert: Bukvich song! Freaking awesome.

Worst thing about tonight’s concert: Bukvich song! But only because it’s a badass song but there are no recordings of it yet so I can’t download it and listen to it whenever I want.

I was going to say something else, but I seriously can’t remember what it was now.

Sorry these suck.

TWSB: Yay, Jupiter’s going to be able to hold its pants up again!

(Obligatory belt joke taken care of)

This photo shows a picture of Jupiter’s SEB (Southern Equatorial Belt) returning after its disappearance was noticed last May. This picture and others capture plumes of energy breaking through the cloud tops.
So pretty soon, say scientists, Jupiter will return to looking like we’re used to seeing it.

Haha, I know this This Week’s Science Blog is short, but I’ve been wondering when the band would return since I became aware of it being gone.

Today’s song: Nocturne by Nomo

Numa Numa Song + Marching Band = Bliss

This…this is awesome on almost every single scale on which awesome can be measured

I love how almost the entire audience in front of the guy taping is doing the arm thing.

This just made my month.

Ahhhh, band…

Nothing beats a day with the band. I missed all you dorks (even Beau), and I forgot how much beer we got offered at tailgating. I miss band more than I thought—I guess, about as much as I thought, because I figured I’d miss it a lot.
I also missed hanging out with you silly things. We need to do something when I come back up.

Band + Survey = Happiness

What do you play?

How long have you played it?
Fourteen years.

What are your secondary instruments and how long have you played them?
Sax (13 years), tuba (9 years), oboe (9 years), flute (5 years), trumpet (6 years), drums (7 years), bass clarinet (6 years), bassoon (4 years)…I’m probably forgetting a few.

How long have you been in a marching band?
Six years.

How long have you been in your current marching band?
Three years.

Have you ever been a drum major, drum captain, block captain, or flagline captain?

Ever been a section leader?
I’ve been a squad leader…

Do you believe in seniority?
Not to the degree certain directors seem to take it.

Have you ever trashed a band bus?

How many times have you fallen asleep on a band bus?
Just that one year when we went to Boise…I was so damn sick.

Ever done two or more parades in the same day?

What’s an 8 hour day of band camp called?

Ever had tan/burn lines associated with your instrument?

Have you ever marched a song with more than 30 sets in it?

If you’ve ever named a set, list the names here:
Have you ever had to perform a potentially life-threatening move in a show?
When we did the Queen show I almost got mowed over by the tubas every single damn time they followed our row.

Ever marched a tempo over 200?

Ever been in a high-stepping band?

Can you march a wheel turn, line match, crab step, or company front?
I…don’t think so.

The most adverse weather condition you’ve ever endured for the sake of a performance:
That freaking year…I think it was 2006…when it was pouring buckets during the Homecoming parade. MHS was the last group in line, we all had those dorky ponchos on…what fun.

Ever passed out while playing, directing, or marching?

Has your band ever had an accident (bleachers collapsing, bus accident, etc…)?

Have you ever had to explain part of your uniform to someone who’s not in band?
Our plumes!

Is your band a ‘legend’?
Hell yeah we are!

Which is better, pep band or marching band?
Marching band!

What does your pep band play for?
I’m not in pep band at the moment.

Has your section ever had a theme song?
“Song 46! From my clarinet days!”

Ever had to scream, dance, or do a scatter drill for effect?
Hell yes.

Do you have more than two nicknames?

Ever shown up another band by playing superior music?

List your band-related injuries:
None, surprisingly.


This made me sad. I’m going to miss marching band an obscene amount. Though I did like our performance at Seattle, that was pretty snazzy.

Goodbye warmth

Yay Hawaii!

The best part of Hawaii was chilling in the warm water late at night with Matt. At least we didn’t get stung by jellyfish, eh?

It was also very cool walking around downtown and discussing crap. Fun times indeed.


PARASAILING WAS AWESOME!! Even though I felt like I was going to throw up as we were coming back down/heading back to the dock.




It’s so weird to be down here. The flight was uneventful, plus I got pictures of cool clouds.
I miss Aaron already, though.

Last Day

NO MORE MARCHING BAND. I just realized that.

I’m going to miss dorking around with you guys at noon. As stressful as being a squad leader to the two most useless squads ever (save Michael and Heather), band was a super stress-reliever, which was necessary, ‘cause all three fall semesters have sucked.

Hopefully wherever I go to grad school shall have a marching band as well.

We can only hope.

Fun at the Homecoming Parade

Aw, my last Homecoming. Oh well, it was super fun anyway. I got video of the tubas chasing cars, so it was all good.
Also, that was the most insane “controlled” bonfire I’ve ever seen.

Ugh, can I catch a break, please?

Once again, I have another squad member who doesn’t give a shit. This is making my last year of marching band substantially less fun. I hope she shapes up and realizes that just because she’s a plug doesn’t mean she can be a slacker. I do not appreciate people making both me and the whole band look bad.

Claudia’s 867th Blog: The Blog

So we finally did Bins on the field today.

Thank god.

I’m already super sick of this damn show.

That is all.

Ah, band camp…

How I missed thee.
And at least my squad doesn’t suck like it did last year (though we still have to put up with Beau pretending that he’s in charge of everyone in the clarinet section…I’m SO LUCKY he’s not in my squad!).

I think we’ll have good shows this year.

Silly Godot…Watches are for PUNCTUALITY

So what brilliant person decided which countries were which movements in that song we’re playing in concert band? Seriously, they’ve got like a 60% failure rate. Observe:

The Introduction Thingy
This doesn’t count. It’s the introduction thingy.

The First Movement—Destination: France
Status: FAIL!
This song does not strike me remotely as French. France does not jive to the 3/2 time signature. France is waltz. France is stuff composed by Ben Charest for The Triplets of Belleville. This is French. Crappy, slow, “I’ve-dropped-le-baguette-in-le-Riviera-and-I’m-le-tired [obscure “The End of the World” reference]” is not French. Bulgarian at best. But not French.

The Second Movement—Destination: England
Status: WIN!
This song captures perfectly London on a cold, foggy morning. All we need is the ominous tolling of Big Ben in the background and I feel like I’m back in London being swarmed by pigeons. Success.

The Third Movement—Destination: Italy
Status: FAIL!
Italy? Italy?! No, no, no…three words: IRISH, DRINKING, and SONG. Further evidence that this should be a drinking song is produced in the 40 measure-long rests that are in place as to allow the clarinet sections to go to the pub before continuing with their parts.

The Fourth Movement—Destination: Spain
Status: FAIL!
Things conjured up in my mind when I think of Spain: castanets, running with the bulls, Ernest Hemingway, “Toro!”, and…well yeah, that’s about it. Nowhere does this list say anything about “depressing, funeral-esque music.” We decided the song was after a fatal goring during a running of the bulls, and we were mourning.
Still…where are the castanets, freaking people?!

The Fifth Movement—Destination: Germany
Status: WIN!
*singing along with the 2nd clarinet part* “AH! YES! I’m a German male!” (more lyrics with which to annoy Torrey to come).
This is a mighty powerhouse of a movement. The Germans would approve.


Yeah, that’s all I’ve got for today.

Vandal football = fail. Vandal Marching Band = hooray!

And just like that, the football season is over. The second year of marching band comes to a close, with the Butt Song still intact and the famous equation of 23 + 46 = 69 still in the book. However, I realized when walking home from this last game today that we failed to play even once the Sexy Back short. This will be taken up with Torrey at a future date, don’t think it won’t.


The end!

My voice remains elusive

Well, we’re back. It’s midnight as I’m typing this and I’m tired, despite sleeping basically the whole bus ride there and the whole bus ride back.

I’d like to apologize to my bus-mates; I wish I’d been more animated and entertaining on the bus, but because I so rarely get sick that when I do get sick it really throws me. But what you saw was about as sick as I get, so I guess that’s a good thing. And apologies if I gave it to anyone else (especially Maggie, cause I think I gave it to you).


But it was fun, especially Thursday night, holy crap.