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Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t ca—OH GOD NOW HE’S MURDERING PEOPLE

An Ode to Garbage Weather and My Recently Deceased Umbrella
(to the tune of this part of the Pirates of the Caribbean music)

What in the fuck
is all this rain
I’m not a duck
I hate the wet
I just want to be dry.

I should get home
but I cannot
It caught the wind
It flew away
It’s gone forever, goodbye.

True story.


I’m pretty sure Canada’s motto is “hieme perpetua”

What the hell is all this, now? IT’S FREAKING APRIL, CALGARY, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS

It’s not even regular snow. It’s rain secretly disguised as giant-ass snowflakes that turn into rain as soon as they touch anything. Which means I had to look like a doofus with an umbrella in the snow while I did my walk this morning. It also meant that—ONCE AGAIN—the sidewalks were covered in slushy crap the entire morning/afternoon.

Not enjoyable at all.

And considering that walking is currently the only thing keeping me from having a complete mental breakdown as of late, that’s not a good thing.



Is it so cold again?

We’re 11 days away from spring and it’s -17 out there.

Canada, I am disappoint.


So remember that scene from Cool Runnings when the Jamaican team first lands in Calgary?

Yeah, it was kind of like that today. A little warmer, though!

Also, you want a workout? Keep a 4.70 mph walking pace in ankle-deep snow for 15 miles. FEEL THE BURN




Edit: Yeah, it feels really good to be able to go outside and not feel like you’re going to die within 10 minutes. Also, I reached and surpassed this year’s walking mileage goal of 3,500! There’s (practically) no way I’m going to hit 4,000, but I’ll see how far I can go before the end of the year. Assuming this cold lets up.


Weather, u ok?


And yes, that’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

Okay, weather, I get it. You want to be cold. But you’ve consistently been in the -20s with wind chill for the past week. A bit of warmth would be great.

And by “warmth” I mean “temperatures that don’t cause frostbite within 10 minutes.”

Want to know what -27°F feels like? No. No you don’t.

So Calgary’s in a deep freeze but I still have about 75 more miles to walk to hit 3,500 for the year.


Also, what in the hell year was my coat manufactured?

It also talks about using soap flakes to wash it.

Edit: apparently it was likely made around the late 1950s to early 1960s. If so, it is in super good condition for being that old.




I think it’s supposed to be a rough winter.


The sky was doing some weird stuff this evening, so have some crappy “Claudia’s not a photographer” pictures of it.




One Fish, Two Fish, Oh God, More Fish

It’s Storm ‘n Hail time up here in Calgary! Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures/videos taken last Tuesday when a huge storm barreled through the southern part of the city.

I love that picture of the lightning behind the Calgary Tower.

I also love that #ABstorm is a hashtag, and one that gets used quite frequently at that.


Oh, it’s just a little breezy out here–OH GOD

You know what’s fun? Walking in wind warning-worthy weather.

Oh wait, that actually kind of sucks.

I’m pretty sure I’m more dust than human right now.

But I got 15.87 miles in, which puts me over 550 for the year. Snazzy.

That’s all. My eyes hurt and I’m sure I’ve ingested more than my daily recommended value of dust and debris.

The Wright Brothers didn’t have this much trouble getting off the ground

I don’t know what it is about trying to fly the Moscow-Calgary route, but there always seems to be some sort of drama getting to the intended destination.


You’d think there would have been no issue getting to Moscow today, right? I mean yeah, it’s December, but according to my mom, the weather in Moscow/Pullman is decent.


Nate and I spent approximately 13 hours in the Calgary airport last night, then took a 6 AM flight to Seattle. We hung out in Sea-Tac for a few hours, assuming everything would be fine for us to get to Moscow. But once we got to the gate, the announcers were basically saying, “yeah, we’re going to give it a shot, but the weather at Moscow/Pullman is crappy, so we might have to turn around once we get there and fly back to Seattle.”

My reaction to this was to almost have a brain aneurysm (remember this nonsense?), but we declined the offer to take a later flight (recall: we’d spent 13 hours in Calgary’s airport and weren’t too thrilled about another DAY in an airport) and got on the plane.

Luckily, the pilot got on the intercom thingy once we were close to the ‘Scow and let us know we could land. Most of the passengers applauded, haha.

So yeah, I don’t know what it is, but the Moscow-Calgary route is cursed.

Now it’s time to pass out from too much traveling.

Some days I miss Vancouver.

And then I look at the weather there and think, “HAHA NOPE!”

image (2)


Things to do in Calgary:

  • See the Calgary Tower
  • Watch a Flames game
  • Go to Cross Iron Mills Mall
  • Seek shelter from tornadoes


Apparently parts of the city were under tornado warnings this afternoon. Check out some of these pictures.






Menacing, huh? Aaaaaaaaaaaand then it was gone.


Oh, Canada.

(Sources for pics: 1, 2, 3, and 4)


This Week’s Science Blog: Look Up

(Hey look, it’s one of them TWSB posts! It’s been awhile, huh?)

So anybody who knows me knows I like clouds and cloud classifications, right? Well, so does (as expected) the World Meteorological Association (WMO). In fact, they published the first edition of the International Cloud Atlas in 1896 and have been updating it ever since.

Well, actually, the last update—meaning the last new cloud type added—was way back in 1951 (it was the cirrus intortus, meaning “an entangled lock of hair”).

However, thanks to people who really like to look up at the sky and try to classify all the clouds in it, there might be a new addition in the 2015 edition of the Atlas. The call for the possible new cloud type, the undulatus asperatus (“turbulent undulation”), arose in 2009 from Gavin Pretor-Pinney, a cloud enthusiast and founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society (I HAVE HIS CLOUD BOOK). He was editing selections of cloud photos for the Society’s gallery when he saw several of this new type of cloud which he believed did not fit into any other variety.

To gain further support for the new cloud type, Pretor-Penney worked with Graeme Anderson, a graduate student at the University of Reading, who wrote his dissertation on the undulates asperatus. In addition, many other cloud enthusiasts have continued to document cases of this type of cloud around the world with hopes that the WMO will officially add it in 2015.

Clouds, man.


Welcome to April in Alberta!

image (1) image

To be fair, this was just south of Calgary; the city itself was cloudy but snow-free. We were down in Crowsnest Pass for the weekend and there was quite a bit of snow going on today in that area. Still better than that September storm, though, haha.

Weather, u ok?

We’re having a freaking heat wave up here, y’all. It got up to about 57 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course!) during the middle of the day.

In January. In Calgary.

We went walking around downtown in short sleeves. It was pretty freaking great!

(Short blog.)

Too bad Moscow isn’t named “Phileas”…

Because it’s Foggy as hell here today.

It actually looked like smoke this morning:


I had to walk to the U of I to do stats consulting stuff and the air seemed super smoky, especially over by my mom’s house. But I guess it was just fog?

image(26) image(25)

This nonsense had better go away by Saturday morning. I will walk back up to Calgary if I have to.

In This Blog: Claudia Does a Dumb and Walks a Mile in -31 Degree Weather

I know that doesn’t sound like a very long distance, but OHMYGOD.


It was really only like -8 or something (hahaha, “only” -8), but we were getting like 15 mph wind gusts—so with wind chill it was -31—and I had to walk directly into them to get home from the bus. It also didn’t help that there was snow blowing EVERYWHERE so it only took about 30 seconds for my glasses to get coated in flurry debris. Plus, it had snowed so much that it was hard to tell where the road was versus where the sidewalk was, so I was kind of stumbling around anyway, never mind that my eyelashes were freezing together and I couldn’t feel my toes after the first block.

Seriously, I have a new respect for cold now. I would not want to go back out in that.

(Except I kinda do.)
(It was exciting.)

In related news, this is going to be the first week I won’t make my mileage goal, mainly because the weather is not walker-friendly tonight and because it probably won’t be walker-friendly tomorrow. I’ll make up the lost miles after finals.

A List of Things I’m Good At:

  1. Nothing.

In other news: Mammatus clouds!




We be gettin’ the Chinook winds, which explains why it’s so freakishly warm today.