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What a Wonderful 2020 Song

The more I listen to these guys, the more I like them. And the energy in this song is fantastic.

Sorry, everything else in the world is terrible right now.


This song is an experience. I really like it.

Sorry, that’s all for today.



And why have I been physically incapable of listening to any other song all afternoon after hearing this?

Oliver Tree is Fantastic

Apparently this whole music video was done for teh memes but I love it anyway and the song is super catchy.

He’s such a weird dude, it’s great.

Also, those pants are everything.


Life Has Many Doors, Ed Boy!

Shock of shocks, it’s another music-related post.

But guys, this song is amazing and the music video is one of the most beautiful music videos I’ve seen. Check it out.

Clipster Tripster

Hahaha, what in the hell is this?

Clippy gets trippy and has an existential crisis in 90’s Land.

MuSiC vIdEoS


I was looking through last year’s music and realized that there were a few cool, interesting, or meaningful music videos that I can’t get out of my head. I figured I’d share them with you today, since I have nothing else to blog about.


OK Print

This one definitely gets more impressive as it goes on. I don’t even know how you start to plan something like this.

OK Go is awesome.


Eric Prydz’ “Call On Me” will always be a Five-Star for me. I can’t remember the first time I heard this song, but it was a good while ago and I’ve loved it ever since. I predict it will survive both the onslaught of the remaining years of my Decade of Music Project as well as the eventual Five-Star Purge, where I trim my Five-Stars down to like 20 or 25 songs instead of 50.

I mean, listen to this baby.

(Also, the music video is basically porn, so that’s a plus too.)

Okay bye.

OK Went

So OK Go has done it again:

I like this one a lot. I don’t know if any artists will ever be able to beat these guys’ music videos. And while I definitely am impressed by their more elaborate ones, I still really like this (relatively) simple one from waaaaay back when:

When I was Done Blogging


So I downloaded this song last year, apparently, but I guess I never really gave it much of a listen (every once and awhile my daily song is one that’s just borderline something I like, and thus rarely gets played). But I happened to stumble upon this music video for it, which has completely reinvigorated my love for the song itself (and makes me wish I could animate like these guys can).

Very cool.

“I’m goin’ 38, Dan…”

I’m kind of in love with Macklemore’s Downtown. Especially the music video:

It was filmed in Spokane, you know.

Edit: Hahaha, this is pretty great, too:

Edit 2: Imogen Heap! Wonderful:

(Sorry for the music video dump.)


Haha, this is a well-done music video.

And have another totally unrelated one, because for some reason I was thinking about this music video a while ago and just decided to look it up again.

Go? OK!

So remember this post when I said that OK Go’s next step in the world of music videos would be to shoot one in space?

Well, I was close.

Zero gravity! Very cool.

Apparently there was lots of throwing up while filming this, haha.

Genghis Kahn

I love this.

Eigenblogger Presents: Random Nonsense

Alternate title: Claudia Has a Test Tomorrow and is Too Nervous to Study Anymore So You Get This.

  • Hahaha. Oh, North Hill Centre.

image (2)

  • I have rediscovered the following two music videos and love them once again.

(strobe light warning around 2:26 in that last one)

  • Nate, here’s that CMYK puzzle I was telling you about.
  • If you say “Londonderry Air” just right, it sounds like you’re saying “London Derriere.”
  • One of my favorite SMBC cartoons. I don’t know why it’s so hilarious to me, but it is.
  • How could I have forgotten to embed Achievement Hunter’s “Hot Hoof” video on here? It’s one of my favorite Minecraft-related videos.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m done.



Remember when we’d just randomly quote parts of this?

System of an Up

Approximately a year ago, my friend Wayne introduced me to the awesome a cappella group Pentatonix with the following Daft Punk medley they did:

Awesome, huh? Well, have two more (one is a Christmas song, so this is totally legit for a blog post so close to Christmas).

Want some more Christmas, don’tcha? Have some Steven Sharp Nelson rocking the cello.


I tripped the light fantastic and now he’s suing me

Woah, dudes. This is awesome.

This is the same guy who did the video for Blockhead’s The Music Scene.

Let it Blog


Can you believe I’ve never actually listened to that song until now? And that I still haven’t seen Frozen? You’ll notice, once I get my November music posted, that I now have like 7 versions of the song though, haha.

Though this one’s my fave, because the Piano Guys are awesome and that white cello is super beautiful.

OK Go? More like OK WHOA amirite?

I didn’t like this song at first.
Now it’s a five-star.

Also, I’m pretty sure the next step in OK Go Music Video Land is to shoot a vid in space or something.

Visually Interesting Music Videos


This year’s been pretty damn slow as far as music goes, but there have been a few good music videos that have come out (or ones that have been out awhile but I have only just seen this year). So since I’m too busy panicking to have anything worthwhile to say today, here are some music videos!

This isn’t from this year’s collection of songs, but it’s a good (and sad) music video noneleless:

I actually didn’t know that this was a top pop song this year until after I stumbled upon this music video by accident. Awesome dancing!

Whether or not you like will.i.am’s music, I think his music videos are always pretty visually interesting. Also, lol Beiber cube.

It’s GAVIN (and a lot of other employees of Rooster Teeth)!

Here’s another collaboration the Barenaked Ladies did with Rooster Teeth.

Ooooooooh I like this

I may or may not have watched this 15 times in a row.

That guy behind Ingrid’s right shoulder (and featured at 2:14)? Yikes. Hot.




Can I take a moment and mention that this year has been particularly EXCELLENT for music? ‘Cause it has.

Songs needing appreciation:

This was the freebie last week on iTunes. I didn’t like it at first, but it totally grew on me.

How insanely chill is this song? Seriously.

Beautiful remix!

I heard this on a YouTube ad and had to check it out.


Also, my mom and I went to Spokane this afternoon to visit Auntie’s Bookstore. I got THIS!


The whole middle section is about calculus. SCORE!

Do squared and cubed functions believe in higher powers?

What is this nonsense, huh, Daft Punk?

Good lord, instant favorite. I’m going to have to kick something else off my “Top 50” playlist so that this can go on it.