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Nate and I spent today down in southern BC where I met his grandparents on his dad’s side and then got to see his mom and dad’s cabin. His dad made a fire and we roasted hot dogs. They tasted freaking fantastic (I hadn’t had campfire hot dogs—or any hot dogs, for that matter—since probably 2004). Then Nate and I went down to the lake to look at the stars (and tried not to freeze to death). It was so clear and free of light pollution out there that we could see the Milky Way.

Edit: we also tried out his parents’ kayaks on Sunday morning and have concluded that we need to get ourselves a pair of kayaks to take with us to the Parks and whatnot.


So my knowledge about where various cities are in Alberta is horrible.

Example: I’m looking on Indeed for stats-related jobs and I see an ad for an instructor at Grande Prairie Regional College. Oh, sweet, I think. I wonder where that is. It sounds like it wouldn’t be all that far up north—



Granted, I’m no Captain Geography when it comes to any other province/state/country/continent, but I’ve never really had a reason to study Alberta and the distribution of its population. Plus, it’s a big chunk of earth, so there’s a lot of it to know.


Back to Calgary

I left Moscow this morning to head back to Calgary. Didn’t feel like I got enough time here, but I feel guilty just ditching Nate for X number of days to go frolic* in the ‘Scow. But I also feel guilty about leaving my mom all alone down there.

And now I’m feeling guilty because approximately 95% of my blog posts are garbage, including this one.


Have some more Jaboody.

*I totally frolicked. You saw me.


You wouldn’t think I’d miss this little dink of a town, but right now, I miss it very much.


I’m excited to go back for a week or so in May to hang out with my mom/see Annabelle/walk around on my old routes. The cheaper groceries/clothes/everything will be a nice change for a bit, too.

Have more pics.

DSCN1621 DSCN1618 DSCN1620

The Wright Brothers didn’t have this much trouble getting off the ground

I don’t know what it is about trying to fly the Moscow-Calgary route, but there always seems to be some sort of drama getting to the intended destination.


You’d think there would have been no issue getting to Moscow today, right? I mean yeah, it’s December, but according to my mom, the weather in Moscow/Pullman is decent.


Nate and I spent approximately 13 hours in the Calgary airport last night, then took a 6 AM flight to Seattle. We hung out in Sea-Tac for a few hours, assuming everything would be fine for us to get to Moscow. But once we got to the gate, the announcers were basically saying, “yeah, we’re going to give it a shot, but the weather at Moscow/Pullman is crappy, so we might have to turn around once we get there and fly back to Seattle.”

My reaction to this was to almost have a brain aneurysm (remember this nonsense?), but we declined the offer to take a later flight (recall: we’d spent 13 hours in Calgary’s airport and weren’t too thrilled about another DAY in an airport) and got on the plane.

Luckily, the pilot got on the intercom thingy once we were close to the ‘Scow and let us know we could land. Most of the passengers applauded, haha.

So yeah, I don’t know what it is, but the Moscow-Calgary route is cursed.

Now it’s time to pass out from too much traveling.

Claudia’s Airplane Adventures

Okay. Story time.

So at about 3 this morning, Nate drove me to the Calgary airport so that I could fly out to Seattle at 6 (he got me there so early because he has to work on Monday and I don’t want him to get super sleep-deprived staying up all night with me). I hung out in the airport and we flew into Seattle no problem. There was a little bit of a haze in Seattle, but no rain, so I was happy about that.

For once I only had about a 1.5 hour layover there, so I found my gate and just worked on Prime on my laptop. About half an hour before we started boarding, the lady at the gate announced that the Moscow/Pullman airport was basically drowning in smoke, but that the smoke was supposed to burn off by the time we were supposed to get there. That was a little worrying, but I figured that’s what would happen and that we would be able to land.


We circled above Moscow/Pullman until we had just enough fuel to fly ALL THE WAY BACK TO SEATTLE because we couldn’t land. Once we’re back at Sea-Tac, the stewardesses informed us to all go to the Alaska Airlines help desk just across from our arrival gate to see about getting rebooked for a flight.

Well, since school starts tomorrow, the flight was full of frantic students who were desperate to get to Moscow or Pullman in time for classes the next day. A lot of them were foreign to the U.S. and were freaking out because the help desk ladies were telling them they might have to fly them to Spokane instead and most of them had no idea where that was and no way of getting transportation to Moscow/Pullman on a Sunday. They were also saying that the Spokane-bound flights for the rest of the day were booked up and they would have to fly in the next day instead.

That would have been my fate as well, but luckily I had texted my mom before we left for Moscow/Pullman and told her we might not be able to land. When we didn’t show up at Moscow/Pullman, she called my dad, who has like extra-super-VIP status with Alaska because of all the flying he does. He managed to call the airline while we were heading back to Seattle and he got me the last seat on a slightly later flight to Spokane.

So I flew to Spokane and my mom drove up to meet me and take me back to Moscow. And here I am.

And holy hell is it smoky here.

Hiking Time!

Monday is a holiday up here in Alberta, so yesterday Nate and I drove down to his parents’ place in Crowsnest Pass and today went with them to Waterton Lakes National Park for some hiking! It was hot, but fun. 11-ish miles. Have some pics!

wl1 wl2 wl3

Road Trip – Day 19: Crowsnest Pass to Calgary


Not that it wasn’t an enjoyable trip—it definitely was—but we’re both glad to not be driving anymore and to be back in Calgary. Calgary’s a really nice city, yo. I think we both appreciate it even more after having gone through some large US cities (*cough*San Francisco*cough*).

I’ll post pictures on Facebook at some point…there will probably be a few more there that I didn’t post on here, just ‘cause.


Road Trip – Day 18: Bozeman to Crowsnest Pass

We’re back in the land of Celsius and kilometers now! We’re also both super tan because of our time in the southwest. At least Nate has an even tan; all my shirts were of different necklines/sleeve lengths so I look like a giant gradient of light-to-tanned light skin colors. Super attractive.

Also, it was another easy border crossing to get back to Canada.

Road Trip – Day 17: Idaho Falls to Bozeman (Grand Teton and Yellowstone)

So the plan today was to drive from Idaho Falls to Bozeman via Grand Teton and Yellowstone (we were coming from the south end of things). We were not planning on doing much in the parks other than seeing Old Faithful, since it seems like it’s quite difficult to get the full Yellowstone experience without camping there and we were not equipped to camp there.

However, once we got into Yellowstone itself, we found that the road we’d have to take to easily get to Old Faithful was closed for construction/repair. We could have gotten to it using an alternate route, but that would have meant about 90 more miles of driving, and that was something neither of us felt like. So no Old Faithful for us. I’ll post some stats-related stuff about the geyser in a later blog, though, so there’s something good to look forward to!

We were also not in the right place for Mammoth Hot Springs, which I’m pretty sure is where my dad and I were when he took me to Yellowstone way back when. That’s where all the really cool stuff is.

Oh well. Have some bubbling mud volcanoes and a bison!



Road Trip – Day 16: Flagstaff to Idaho Falls

That was a hell of a long drive.

And that’s all I have to say.

Road Trip – Day 15: Las Vegas to Flagstaff (Grand Canyon)


Anyway, today we drove over the Hoover Dam (we didn’t stop because parking was $10 and we’re cheap and it’s hot) and went to the Grand Canyon. Nate has seen it before but I haven’t (despite having lived in AZ for a bit), so it was a good place to go even though it was easily over 80 degrees most of the day (no, I’m not going to stop mentioning the heat until we get out of it).

The first picture is the “unimpressive” side of Hoover Dam; the rest are Grand Canyon. The colors turned out really well in the pictures at least!









Road Trip – Day 14: San Francisco to Las Vegas



(It’s like 8 billion degrees outside and this picture pretty much sums up what we saw of the strip before we got to our air-conditioned hotel room. We also just had dinner in the hotel’s 24-hour restaurant because we’re done with big cities and buckets of pedestrians and—I reiterate—it’s 8 billion degrees outside.)

Road Trip – Day 13: San Francisco (Giants/Braves Baseball)

Today Nate and I braved the streets of San Francisco to walk along the waterfront (with the secret motive to obtain candy) and then to get to the Giants/Braves game at AT&T Park.

The waterfront was a bit less terrifying than the non-tourist part of San Fran, at least. And we found IT’SUGAR, which is pretty much the best candy store ever (though it’s more expensive than our candy store in Calgary). We each got 2+ pounds of candy, ‘cause we’re addicts awesome.

The game was super cool, too. Baseball is so weird without the TV announcers! The Braves lost, which is too bad, but it was fun. Pictures!



Tomorrow we’re getting the hell out of San Francisco as fast as we possibly can.

Road Trip – Day 12: Santa Rosa to San Francisco

Holy hell, San Francisco is frightening.

I don’t know if it’s because both Nate and I had different expectations of the city than what we got or if we’re just in a bad part of downtown, but wow. Not a place we’d want to visit again and certainly not a place we’d ever like to live. No offense to any subscribers or passers-by who live there, but it’s not a city for us.

It is also FREAKING EXPENSIVE. We went to Denny’s when we were in Oregon, ordered dinner, and spent about $13 for the both of us. Tonight we went to a Denny’s here, ordered exactly the same things (‘cause variety is the spice of life and we don’t like spices), and it cost about $36. Crazy.

At least the Golden Gate Bridge looked nice.


Road Trip – Day 11: Fortuna to Santa Rosa

More hiking today! We went to Prairie Creek and did an 11-mile round trip hike that brought us out to a beach and back.

I also took STUMP PICTURE…


…which is probably going to end up being my best picture from the whole trip, just wait.

Edit: yup.

Road Trip – Day 10: Crescent City to Fortuna

We were originally going to do another hike today, but since we Lewis-and-Clarked it through the woods yesterday, we’re switching our plans up a bit and driving the Avenue of the Giants today instead of tomorrow and hiking tomorrow instead of today.

I’m pretty sure that since I’ve seen the Grove of Titans and thus have seen some of the biggest trees on the planet, all other trees will seem “small” now, haha.

The Avenue of the Giants was still pretty, though!




Road Trip – Day 9: Crescent City (Jedediah State Park)

Alright you bro-factories, sit down and let me tell you the tale of the amazing and colossal Redwoods in Jedediah State Park, the quest for the Grove of Titans, and how Nate and I almost died in the woods.


So you get to this state park and you see all these random trees everywhere, and then suddenly—BAM—Redwoods.



Now you’re probably thinking, “Okay, cool, trees that are pretty tall, hooray for you, whatever.”

You are WRONG.


They just jut right out of the ground. It’s like someone air-lifted massive pillars of ridiculously straight-growing trees and just plunked them into the soil. These don’t taper at all until like 50 feet up.

They’re all over the place in this park.



And let me tell you something else…those Redwoods in the pictures above? Those are the small ones.

Remember way back to NaNoWriMo last year when I wrote that godawful story Arborhood? I was (loosely) basing the Redwoods in my story on the Redwoods in what is known as the Grove of Titans. The Grove of Titans is a grove within Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park that contains quite a few super massive Coastal Redwoods—some of the biggest (height-wise and/or volume-wise) trees in the world, actually. These massive trees were the ones I’d written about.

So today, since we were in Jedediah, we decided to go hunt for the Grove.

Brief background: we both knew about the existence of the Grove before we got to the park; hell, we did about two hours of internet research the night before trying to pinpoint where it might be. The actual specific location of the Grove is not supposed to be revealed (to protect the giant trees within), but we found several legitimate-looking online sources to give us a good set of hints to find it.

Or so we thought.

Lots of the sources said that the trail was “faint” but “slightly worn from foot traffic.” There were also hints telling us to look for a specific and distinctive burl on one of the titans (it was said this burl could be seen from the main trail). This burled giant would lead us to the Grove. But we also found one source that appeared to very accurately pinpoint the location of the Grove based on some specific locations.

So what did we do when, not two miles down the trail, found a faint but “this is probably a trail” trail that was kind of close to where we thought the Grove should be? Why, we followed it, of course.

We followed it until it stopped being anything resembling a trail…then we kept going. For a mile and a half.


(This picture does not do those woods justice.)

And we weren’t just walking through some light underbrush or anything. We were freaking marching through super thick ferns, super thick plants-that-weren’t-ferns, dead and rotting fallen trees, walls of branches and twigs, an uncountable number of spider webs, hovering masses of mosquitoes, and who knows how many other bugs. The fact that we didn’t end up with poison oak is a freaking miracle.

Anyway, we eventually decided to give up after it was clear that the Grove of Titans was NOT where the internet said it was (surprised?). Defeated by flora, we returned to the main trail and trudged on.

You know where we found the Grove?Well, one of the internet sources was right—it’s “hidden in plain sight.” It really is. You just have to know what to look for. And we did! (And even then we kind of found it in a more difficult manner, haha).

And now, behold: GIANT TREES.


This is the Screaming Titans, two massive Redwoods fused together. One source says he’s 30 feet in diameter at his diameter breast height (measured 4.5 feet above soil level). The fact that he is two fused trees and not just one on its own is what keeps him from holding any records. He is the first one in the Grove we saw.


The above is El Viejo Del Norte. He’s 23 feet in diameter and 323 feet high and holds an estimated 35,000 cubic feet of wood. He’s got a super distinctive burl on him and is the fifth largest Coastal Redwood.


This massive tree is the Lost Monarch, the largest (non-single-stem) Coastal Redwood. She is at least 26 feet in diameter and 320 feet high. She’s estimated to hold 42,500 cubic feet of wood. Here’s Nate for size comparison:


It’s too bad pictures can’t do these guys justice, really. Will videos work any better?

There are other record-holding trees in the Grove, of course, but these were the three we could easily recognize from pictures we’d seen online. If you ever get to Jedediah, it is so worth trying to find the Grove of Titans. Trust me.

Just don’t go too far off trail or you’ll be eaten by spiders.

Road Trip – Day 8: Newport to Crescent City

More beach times!








We made it to Crescent City today, meaning that tomorrow will be REDWOODS!

I am way more excited about trees than I ever thought I would be.

Road Trip – Day 7: Ocean Shores to Newport




Here’s Nate striking a sexy beach pose!

Also, this just in: the Pacific Ocean is cold.

The nice thing about having a week to get down the coast to San Francisco is that we have time to stop at any good-looking beach and taunt the ocean.

It also gives us the opportunity to be disgustingly cute: