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Mileage Update: Halfway Point

If I had walked 15 miles a day six days a week (as was my goal at the beginning of the year), my current mileage should be: 2,340
What my current mileage actually is: 2,433.19

Nice? But 90 miles a week won’t get me to 5,000 miles for the year!

To be on pace for the 5,000 miles, my current mileage should  be: 2,500 (duh)

So I’m a little behind.

TO BE FAIR, I’ve had to take quite a few days off from walking entirely in order to get all my work done for teaching this semester. And since I don’t have anything else to do in July*, I’m going to try to not only make up the difference in miles but try to get ahead of pace.

So yeah. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it!

*“Get a job, you lazy bum,” you say? Well, I technically got paid for a whole summer’s worth of work teaching during spring. Plus, I’m still holding out and hoping that I’ll get another class to teach in the fall (pleasepleasepleaseplease). PLUS, I’m going to Moscow in August and then on a week-long cruise with Nate, and I don’t know if any job would be willing to give me that much time off right off the bat. So for now, I’m going to take advantage of the awesome opportunity I have to spend a whole month walking to my heart’s content. How many people get to do that?


Zeet Zeet I’m a Beet

HOKAY, so I’ve walked a total of 2,199.32 miles this year so far. I want to get to 2,500 by July 1st.

So can I walk 300.68 miles in June?

I should be able to. Heck, given what I’ve walked so far this year, I’m actually averaging 439.864 miles per month, which is way more than I’ve ever done per month in the past.


Also, have some Braves playing terribly.


I want to run the Calgary marathon next year.

I had no idea that there even was a Calgary marathon (though it makes sense that there is, of course; most big cities have one), but when I went walking down by the river this afternoon they had one whole side of Memorial Drive (plus other roads) blocked off for the marathon.

The runners inspired me, so now I want to go for it next year.

Considering I can only currently run about 10k (6.2 miles) in a stretch, it’s going to take a bit of work to get up to marathon distance (26.219 miles). But considering I run a decent amount and walk as much as I do, I think getting to that point should be possible.


Well now I HAVE to do it

So as you probably all know, I’ve been doing my “walk 15 miles six days a week” thing this year. I’ve been half joking that I’m going to try to get to 5,000 miles by the end of the year.

Then I found this out:

That distance? 4,989 miles.

And now I practically have to make it to 5,000 miles. Walking across the Pacific Ocean? Awesome. Especially since I walked across the Atlantic Ocean last year.

Counting today’s walk, I’m at 1,776.3 miles. That puts me about here:

Long way to go!


I did something bad.

What did I do?

I realized that I can get to a total walking mileage of 2,500 for 2015 if I walk 9.8 miles per day for the rest of the year.

That’s not impossible, not at all.

I…I might need to make it happen. But we’ll see.

Walker: Texas Pedestrian

Alright, I have a new long-term goal.

I am going to try to walk the distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth. I say “long-term” because if I walk 2,000 miles in a year (which I’m going to say is probably my max, given school and related things), it will still take me 12.5 total years to walk the circumference (which is approximately 25,000 miles at the equator).

BUT IT WILL HAPPEN, DAMMIT! I’m starting with this year, meaning I’ll be done sometime in 2027, assuming I’m able to keep my yearly mileage around 2,000.

I still won’t be done blogging by 2027.

Mileage Update

Hello, fools!

Counting today’s mileage, I’ve officially walked 1,000 miles since May 1st. It’s taken me nearly 11 solid days of walking to do it, but there ya go. That means I’ve walked 1,750 miles for the year, which surpasses my goal mileage, 1,500. YAY!

image (4)

It also means that I’ll have to try for 2,000 miles total by the end of the year.

I’ll do it.
Impending Canadian winter cannot stop me.


I have a good idea for a project! So remember that Project Euler website I mentioned a month (or so) ago? If you don’t, it’s a website that contains several hundred programming problems geared to people using a number of different programming languages, such as C, C++, Python, Mathematica, etc.

I was thinking today that while R is a language used by a small number of members of Project Euler, a lot of the problems seem much more difficult to do in R than in the more “general” programming languages like C++ and Java and the like. Which is fine, of course, if you’re up for a “non-R” type of challenge.

However, I was thinking it would be cool to design a set of problems specifically for R—like present an R user some problem that must be solved with multiple embedded loops…or show them some graph or picture and ask them to duplicate it as best they can…or ask them to write their own code that does the same thing as one of the built-in R functions.

Stuff like that. I’ve seen lots of R books, but none quite with that design.

I know that my office mate has been wanting to learn R but says that he learns a lot better when presented with a general problem—one that might be above his actual level of knowledge with R—and then allowed to just screw around and kind of self-teach as he figures it out.

Miiiiiiiight have to make this my first project of 2015.


Walk the Walk: Canadian Style

Heeeeeeeey, so I don’t know why I waited like a week for this, but what the hell, have some walking statistics for my time in Calgary so far!

Total distance: 680.00 miles [Not sure how I managed to hit that exactly. It wasn’t planned.]
Total number of walks: 93
Average distance per walk: 7.31 miles

Did I meet my average of 50 miles per week? No. I blame finals. But that’s okay, considering that last year it took me eight months to go 1,000 miles and this year it took me only about 3.5 months to walk nearly 700 miles. I bumped up the pace quite a bit, I’d say.

Want some line graphs? You know you do.



October was a good month.

Stay tuned for a later blog post in which I set my yearly mileage goal for 2015!


Let’s put my 10,000 Days goal into some perspective: I am approximately 25.5 years old. Do you know how many days I’ve been alive?

9,340, counting today.
Nine thousand, three hundred and forty days.

So if I had been blogging from the day I was born, I still wouldn’t have reached my goal yet.
That is like eight levels of psycho.

As it stands, I’ve got about 20 years of blogging to go before I hit 10,000 posts. That is a long, long time, my friends. Think it’ll happen? I hope so!

(Haha, sorry, I don’t have anything exciting to talk about today.)

An Ode to a (Semi-)Productive Summer

The academic summer is officially over in an hour! Let’s review the goals I specified in May (or June or whenever):

  • Actually study for the GRE/GRE math subject test. FAIL. Loser.
  • Rock calculus. DONE!
  • Rock summer teaching. DONE!
  • Go back up to Vancouver and walk the hell out of that city. FAIL. We were going to go up there, but plans fell through.
  • Figure out what’s going down next fall as far as teaching goes. DONE!
  • Figure out what’s going down for the rest of my life as far as everything goes. Uh…working on it?
  • Hit at least 1000 walking miles. DONE!
  • Thoroughly delve into Antognazza’s Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography. DONE! <3
  • Reacquaint myself with my old linear algebra notes. I looked over them a few times and decided to take linear algebra again, so DONE sort of?
  • Possibly visit Sean? FAIL. Too expensive. I’m sad.
  • Spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing but Minecraft/drawing/sitting in my basement away from everyone. I don’t think I actually spent a whole weekend in the house. GOTTA WALK! So…FAIL?
  • Research possible graduate schools (AGAIN, UGH). DONE! Canada’s on my radar again.
  • A few other things that are private. ALL OF THESE WERE FAIL

Maybe it wasn’t as productive as I thought.  But I did get Phase I of a big project done (which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time) and am currently on Phase II, so that’s kind of good.

2/3 of the way there!

I hit 1,000 walking miles (1,609.34 km) for the year today.

For comparison:

There are approximately 1,000 miles between Portland, OR and San Diego, CA.


There are approximately 1,609 km between Paris, France and Naples, Italy.


Which is all cool, except all that was done within the city limits of Moscow (except for one walk to Pullman). I have to get to a bigger city, man.

OH YEAH, and this happened yesterday on my mom’s car:


Summer Goals:

  • Actually study for the GRE/GRE math subject test
  • Rock calculus
  • Rock summer teaching
  • Go back up to Vancouver and walk the hell out of that city
  • Figure out what’s going down next fall as far as teaching goes
  • Figure out what’s going down for the rest of my life as far as everything goes
  • Hit at least 1000 walking miles
  • Thoroughly delve into Antognazza’s Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography
  • Reacquaint myself with my old linear algebra notes
  • Possibly visit Sean?
  • Spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing but Minecraft/drawing/sitting in my basement away from everyone (though I kind of do that last one on most days anyway)
  • Research possible graduate schools (AGAIN, UGH)
  • A few other things that are private

I want spaghetti.

500 miles this year!

Graph (might have to click to enlarge):


Note: some of those actually occurred on the same day, so the daily totals are actually usually higher than 9 miles on the weekends.

I know it’s not a LOT of miles, but it’s pretty good considering that I spend about 14 of my waking hours on campus doing schoolwork.

So my realistic goal for the year is a total of 1,500 miles; my (probably) unattainable goal is 2,000.

We’ll see how it goes down this summer.

And I’ve been putting  my walking-related posts under the “health” category, but I think I’ll start putting them under “travel.” Because really.

Oh, also: I’m addicted to Minecraft now. Or at least I’m getting there. I’ll have more time to be addicted once the semester’s over (NOTHING COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY SCHOOLWORK, NOTHING!).

Bookin’ It

So as you may have read, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to revamp my 200 Books list and start over with it, this time writing a review after each book.

So that’s what I did today!

(Side note: the UI Library is kept at a toasty -23 degrees when the students are gone. Holy freaking crap, I had all my winter walking gear on and I was STILL freezing.)

New list is posted in the 200 Books tab. The almighty random number generator told me that the first book I shall be reading is The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. This was on my old list, but it was one that I never got to because it was always checked out from wherever I was trying to get it. But it was miraculously on the shelves this afternoon, so I picked it up.

I can’t guarantee any sort of time frame for when these reviews will be posted, especially since this semester looks like it’ll be crazy busy. But I’ll try to do them at a reasonable pace!


I added this

So you may have noticed that I’ve got a new little tab thingy up at the top of my blog.

I’ve decided to make my attempt at 10,000 blog posts a legitimate goal. How interesting would it be to see the progression of a person over the span of approximately 27 years? Even though I’m like the least interesting person on the planet, I think just chronicling about a quarter of a century’s worth of time for anyone would prove an interesting study.

So yeah. Yet another Claudia Goal. Are you ready to put up with my inanity for another 21 years?


101 in 1,001? Haha, maybe some day…

Happy birthday, Sean!

I had my older 101 in 1,001 list on here quite awhile back, but it’s changed/grown (ever so slightly) and I’d like to put it up somewhere other than the 101 in 1,001 site just in case it goes down for a long while again. 101 in 1,001 is a challenge prompting people to come up with 101 goals they wish to acheive within the span of 1,001 days. I created my (still lacking) list on December 5, 2010, and therefore must have it complete within the next 570 days. That’s why none of my goals are very “long term.”

Crossed-out items are ones I’ve completed, obviously.

  1. Answer the “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind” survey
  2. Attend burning man
  3. Become more familiar with proof theory
  4. Blog every day in 2010
  5. Blog every day in 2011
  6. Blog every day in 2012
  7. Buy a car
  8. Change my hairstyle (sawed about a foot of it off at the beginning of last year)
  9. Complete my 200-book reading list
  10. Complete NaNoWriMo 2011
  11. Complete the “5,000 Question Survey”
  12. Contribute substantially to a Wikipedia article
  13. Create a website for myself
  14. Don’t use the internet for a week
  15. Donate blood
  16. Donate bone marrow
  17. Download a new song every day in 2010
  18. Download a new song every day in 2011
  19. Download a new song every day in 2012
  20. Get a piercing
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Get my MA in psychology
  23. Go on a cruise (went to Alaska with my dad last July)
  24. Go on a spontaneous vacation
  25. Go sailing
  26. Go see an opera (saw Mozart’s The Magic Flute in Vancouver)
  27. Go skydiving
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Go without dairy for a week
  30. Learn how to play chess
  31. Learn to write with my left hand
  32. Leave a letter in a library book
  33. Obtain a patent
  34. Participate in a bike race
  35. Publish a novel
  36. Read Newton’s Principia
  37. Ride in a hot air balloon
  38. Run a 10k race (Vancouver Sun Run 2011)
  39. Run a 5k race for a charity organization
  40. Run a half marathon
  41. Sell/give away superfluous posessions
  42. Start and maintain a cooking blog
  43. Start and maintain a statistics blog
  44. Take a class in a subject way over my head
  45. Take a class in Metaphysics
  46. Throw pottery
  47. Visit Antarctica
  48. Visit Mount Rushmore
  49. Visit the Basque country
  50. Visit the Grand Canyon
  51. Volunteer somewhere
  52. Walk 2,500 miles in 2012
  53. Walk the equivalent length of Romania in 2011
  54. Walk to every mall in Vancouver
  55. Write my will


“Run, Forrest, run!”

Total distance in January: 262.89 miles
Total distance necessary in January to keep pace with 2,500 miles for the year: 211.75 miles


High Resolution

So I suppose it’s that time of the year for reviewing old New Year’s Resolutions and defining new ones.

So let’s get to it!


  • FAILED: Contribute substantially to a Wikipedia article. I actually have quite a bit I can say to add to Wiki’s already existing page on the CFI, but I’ve never actually added anything to a Wiki page (just corrected typos/grammatical errors), so the prospect of doing anything more makes me nervous.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Blog daily. Haha, we all knew this one’d keep.
  • FAILED: Come up with a new recipe weekly. Haha. Yeah.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Go skydiving. This was AWEOSME and I totally want to do it again.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get my MA degree. YAY.
  • FAILED: Learn conversational German. Haha, yeah right.
  • SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED: Complete the 5,000 question survey. I’m getting there. It’s not like I haven’t been inundating you all with the 100-question segments all year.
  • FAILED: Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind” survey question thingy. Totally forgot to do this.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Malls are both fascinating and scary; therefore I shall see Vancouver via walking by walking to a new mall every weekend. Search “Canadian Mall” and ye shall find what I’ve reviewed.
  • FAILED: Go a week without electricity. Couldn’t do it in Van ‘cause it was thesis crunch time, didn’t do it in London ‘cause I was busy spazzing, and by the time I got back to Moscow it was getting dark too early in the day and Claudia + candles = imminent disaster.
  • FAILED: Go a week without consuming any dairy products. I kept wanting to do this, but then kept automatically adding feta to my pasta/dairy product-containing dressing to my salad.
  • SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED: Do something with Prime. In progress.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Go back to St. Mary’s once. Saw the new band room. It kicks ass.
  • FAILED: Read Newton’s Principia (and hope Leibniz’ ghost doesn’t kill me in my sleep). I suck.
  • FAILED: Actually pay attention to how much money I spend. HAHA.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Win NaNoWriMo 2011. Though I’m not proud of this year’s story.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get better with R. You don’t have 100+ plots in your thesis and NOT get better with R.

Conclusion: I suck.


  • Fix the “issues.”
  • Get a job.
  • Return to acquiring knowledge in a formal setting.
  • Start and maintain a stats blog.
  • Improve with R.
  • Go without dairy for a week.
  • Go without electricity for a week.
  • Walk 1,200 miles Pfft, screw that mediocrity. Walk 2,500 miles.
  • Continue my 365 Days of Music project.
  • Blog daily.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2012.
  • Continue “doing something” with Prime.
  • Complete the 5,000 question survey.
  • Probably other stuff I’m forgetting at the moment.


Are Humorous Baristas called Brew-Ha-Has?

Since February 26th of this year, I’ve walked* the equivalent distance of the span of Romania.

One of my 101 in 1001 goals I added a month or so ago was to have walked the equivalent distance length of Idaho over the course of the year (that’s 479 miles, approximately). But then, when I was researching the lengths of states and various other things, I found out that the distance across Romania is pretty similar (approximately 460 miles). Since saying that you walked the span of a country sounds a lot cooler than walking the length of a state, I changed my goal. It’s a little shorter in reality, sure, but I figure I’ll hit 479 miles soon enough, anyway. I took a 9-mile walk this afternoon that brought my total to 464.89 miles.

And you know I can’t do anything like this without bringing you all some STATS!

  • Total distance in Vancouver: 234.5 miles
  • Total distance everywhere else combined: 230.39
  • Longest walk: 22.64 miles (47,132 steps)



           distance   calories      steps      speed
distance  1.0000000  0.9760977  0.9904710 -0.2836056
calories  0.9760977  1.0000000  0.9422555 -0.1071855
steps     0.9904710  0.9422555  1.0000000 -0.3922823
speed    -0.2836056 -0.1071855 -0.3922823  1.0000000


*Walking distance includes only “intentional” walking times—times I walked to walk (including all Canadian Mall destinations)—and more specifically, the times I actually had my iPod Touch with me and utilized the iTreadmill app and excludes distance accrued while walking to/from campus, going to the grocery store, prancing around the house, etc.