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My Life is Falling Apart, so Have a List.

­The November List, more specifically.

  • Ugh, Muse. Another good one, I see.
  • Jacob deGrom won the National League Cy Young Award! Well-deserved.
  • So I’ve been having this thing lately where every once and a while, my sense of…I don’t know…equilibrium (?) gets all screwed up and it feels/looks like the whole world is tilting one direction for a second or two. Not sure what that’s all about, but when it happens while I’m out walking, I actually do stumble a bit and walk uncontrollably off the sidewalk in the direction that things are tilting. Then it’s all back to normal in like two seconds.
  • I want my FRIGGIN BLOG BOOK. Canada Post, why?
  • Is it just me or has this felt like the longest year ever? I was just looking back through my old Twitter posts and thinking, “holy hell, that happened this year?”
  • I’m on pace to get 4,000+ miles this year, but there’s no way I’m going to hit 5,000 again, unfortunately. I’m still walking a lot, but it’s nowhere near the “walk until I pee blood” levels that 2017 was.
  • I may have some news soon, but I don’t want to jinx it before I know for sure.
  • I was feeling extra down yesterday. I mean, I’ve been feeling down for pretty much this entire year, but today was worse than usual. Then I realized it was November 14th yesterday, the day that Leibniz died in 1716, and I’m pretty sure that I feel that in my soul every year. So that explains things.




  • Freaking Nate’s gotten me so into baseball that the end of the regular season = severe baseball withdrawal.
  • After getting off to a ridiculously good start, the Mets’ season was…well, awful. But they ended on three good notes: 1) Jacob deGrom has a very strong case for being the Cy Young Award winner; 2) David Wright’s last game, which was super touching and awesome; 3) Their offence in the last third or so of the season was actually quite good.
  • I am digging this song. Super catchy and all four of those ladies are ridiculously pretty.

  • Jesus Christ, I want spaghetti.
  • It’s snowing like hell outside. It’s the beginning of October. Kill me.
  • W H Y  A M  I  S O  S A D ?
  • I don’t have anything else, bye.


  • Nate played this song for me and I’m really digging it. It’s not a five-star, but it’s damn good anyway.

  • Hahaha


  • I have recently discovered the wonder that is dry shampoo and I may never shower again.
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s it.

June List? Ya, sure



More like…


  • I need a breather between all of these semesters, but I don’t know if I’m going to get one. Also, getting a breather might translate to “we don’t actually need you anymore bye,” so maybe I don’t need a breather between all of these semesters.
  • I’ve had this damn song stuck in my head all day:

  • I love YouTube poop. It’s an art form, fight me.
  • Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I’m done.

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No Foolin’: It’s the April List

I did my March list too early and I already have a whole list of frivolous crap to say, so here we go.

  • This is a BADASS song. I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since I heard it.
  • I’m super into watching makeup reviews on YouTube right now. They’re nice to have on in the background and for some reason I find them very calming. Jeffree Star is always good; I’ve also been watching a lot of Tati and Beauty News.
  • This is really interesting.
  • I’m coming back to Moscow for a few weeks at the end of April/beginning of May! Prepare yourselves.
  • All this walking is either going to give me LEGS OF STEEL when I’m older or is going to cause me to have to have like a total lower body replacement. I’m not sure which.



  • I haven’t gotten to play ETS in like four days and I’m SAD.
  • There is no reason I should be laughing as hard at this as I am. But I am. That freaking accordion noise, oh my god.
  • I love mashups. I particularly love unexpected/usual mashups. Example: Toto’s Africa and Lil Jon’ s Get Low. That chorus!
  • I miss Sean. A lot. I was organizing the crap on my laptop the other day so that I could back it all up in my three different save locations and I came across a picture of him that was taken as he was messing with his new computer. I miss that awesome nerd. I hope everything is working out for him.

The end.


It’s the February list.

  • I just discovered r/EuroTruck2 and the top posts are hysterical.
  • Me before Bluetooth-capable headphones: Why would I ever need Bluetooth? These headphones are fine.
    Me after Bluetooth-capable headphones: FUCK CORDS
  • I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to pepper. Like, if my mouth is not on fire, there’s not enough of it. I need to feel the burn, man.
  • This overwhelming feeling of apathy needs to go die.

(Okay, the moth helped with the apathy. He’s so big and beautiful!)

I’m done here.

I know it’s early, but it’s THE DECEMBER LIST

  • I know movies and TV shows have all sorts of weird stuff in them a lot of the time, but there are two things that always bother me. THE FIRST: a character who has a smartphone with no cover/case on it. I’m sure there’s some alternate universe out there where we all carry naked smartphones around with us, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone in real life with a smartphone that doesn’t at least have a clear protective case on it. THE SECOND: women who are running/fighting/battling/doing something extremely physical without tying their hair back. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve only ever experienced the unruly, untameable nonsense that is my own hair, but I have trouble believing that a woman with any length of hair that could be tied back would not tie it back if starting something that’s rather physical (especially if it’s something she planned for). I know tied-back hair would probably ruin some of “teh sexiness,” but it just bothers me anyway.
  • Earlier this year…February or March maybe…I bought an “anorak in a bag” at the Superstore. It’s a light little coat that folds itself into a tiny zippered bag. It’s the best damn light jacket I’ve ever owned. I was hoping to get a few more (since I wear through the backs of coats/shirts/etc. due to walking while wearing a backpack so often), but they’re not available anymore. I hope they come back in stock early next year.
  • The semester ends on Friday. I’m ready.

How to Win People and Influence Friends

  • So Iron Fist was…okay. But the actor who played Ward, Tom Pelphrey, was awesome. I’d never heard of him before. He needs to be in more things.
  • I WILL achieve my yearly walking distance goal. Nothing can stop me. I will crawl the last ~550 miles if I have to.
  • I just realized that with my walking about four hours a day six days a week, I’m probably spending more of my time walking than I am sleeping. That’s healthy, right?
  • I hope that when I die, my crotchety attitude towards people’s terrible walking etiquette will be immortalized in a quote on a bench down by the RiverWalk. It won’t be something inspirational like “go the extra mile – it’s never crowded.” It’ll be something like “it’s called a sidewalk, not a sidestand, you inconsiderate fartmongers. NOW GET OFF MY BENCH!”
  • I also just realized that I’m kind of following in my dad’s footsteps in the sense that I’m teaching at a university and want to continue to do so for as long as possible. That’s not something I ever though would happen. It’s kinda cool.


Everyone get nekkid, it’s the October list!

  • Some kind and wonderful soul has uploaded every Chicago Hope episode to YouTube. I am in heaven.
  • Colby-Jack cheese is objectively the best cheese in the universe. Canada does not have it, for some reason. I know, I know, it’s just Colby cheese and Monterey jack cheese mixed together, but I can’t find either of those on their own up here, either. WTF, Canada?
  • Baseball’s not even over and I ALREADY MISS BASEBALL THANKS A LOT NATE JEEZ
  • Seriously, Chicago Hope is super underrated. I have no idea why it’s not out on DVD yet.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned these headphones on this blog before, but if you’re ever on the lookout for a cheap set of headphones that still have good sound quality, go with these low-cost Koss ones. Walmart used to sell them for less than $5, but even at the online cost, they’re still pretty cheap. And they really do have good sound quality.
  • So Chicago Hope is out on DVD, but the DVDs are “Region 2” DVDs, which mean they won’t play anywhere but in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. WHAT THE HELL, people, are you going to make me get a universal DVD player to watch Chicago Hope the “legal” way?
  • I have a tank top addiction. I’m pretty sure I own over 40 tank tops at this point and just keep buying more. They keep coming out with new and varying colors and they only cost $3.50 apiece, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO
  • Now I’m looking at universal DVD players on Amazon because WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO
  • (Okay, I’m done.)

Do you reMEMBER…the very first day of SepTEMBER

  • Good lord, I miss Vine.
  • My fartface leg needs to heal all the way so that I can do these trails, yo.
  • Christmas is a long way off, but I just found this video again and still think it’s hilarious. When Patton Oswalt is on, he’s on.

“Somebody in a bad mood on MY SON’S BIRTHDAY?? BULLSHIT!!

  • This would be fantastic on walks in unfamiliar places/scary places around the city. Also airports. I’m super paranoid about my backpack in airports. The size is good, the fact that it’s water resistant (waterproof?) is fantastic, and I love the little cord that you can use to tether it to something. Much better than looping a strap around your leg, which is what I do all the time.


I don’t have much to say today, sorry.

The Hot n’ Heavy July List

It’s HOT

(And I am incredibly sleep deprived, so welcome to the jungle)

  • Is this funny because it’s funny or is it funny because I’ve gotten a grand total of like 10 hours of sleep this month? WHO KNOWS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????

  • I wonder if all my walking has deformed my feet. “Deformed” as in made them bigger, I guess. I don’t think I could wear some of my smaller non-Kinvara shoes anymore.
  • I put like a half a pound of pepper on my pasta/broccoli tonight and now my mouth is on fire. It’s…actually kind of a nice feeling.
  • I saw this for the first time like six years ago. It’s still one of the weirdest things on YouTube.


  • This month off from work has been fantastic (mainly ‘cause it’s given me a good chance to rack up walking miles), but I’m hoping that it’s really just going to be a month (or so) off from work and that they’ll actually need me to teach again in the fall. I don’t know yet. I really love teaching and I don’t think I’d enjoy a non-academia job. SUPER STRESSFUL
  • Leibniz is the man. This should be common knowledge by now, but it’s important to remind everyone of that fact every once and a while. Especially in July, the MONTH OF LEIBNIZ!



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Mother May I Make a May List?

  • If I had been born with a sense of smell, I would have liked to go into something culinary-related. The idea of being a chef sounds super cool, but I seriously doubt I could ever actually do anything worthwhile in a culinary career with anosmia. I know there are a lot of things I just can’t taste (onions, garlic, many herbs, to name a few), so I’m sure my ability to combine flavors and make subtle awesomeness with food combos is very limited.
  • Hey, so Amazon, why the hell is this thing a “top pick” for me? Since when have I expressed any interest in toilet brushes? I like how Amazon’s algorithm picked up on the one time I accidentally clicked on a bath bomb and extrapolated to toilet brushes, but I can look at 60% of the Leibniz books that Amazon sells and still not get any Leibniz-related recommended items.


  • You know a sports team is doing badly when…
  • This is fun.
  • I just remembered part of the weird dream I had last night. Amazon had opened up a new portion of its online store called “Manazon” where you could buy “man things” like beards, shaving tools, and penis polishers (????).
  • I have O Come, All Ye Faithful stuck in my head. Because, you know, it’s the Christmas season and all that.

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Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la MARCH LIST

This list is mostly about music. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

  • I forgot how good of a song this is. I originally heard it in a commercial like 12 years ago and subsequently found a recording of it online somewhere. Because it was 12 years ago, the best I could do was record the song through the air using an external mic. It was pretty crappy quality, so I never listened to the song very much. BUT NOW I HAVE THIS VERSION!
  • I’ve really been enjoying Studio Killers lately. Their music videos are pretty awesome, too. Jenny, Ode to the Bouncer, Eros and Apollo
  • As an almost perfect analogy of what my brain has been doing to every happy experience I’ve had these past few months, have a guy turning happy songs into their “sad” versions.
  • Guilty pleasure music video: Justin Bieber’s Sorry. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do.
  • If this scene is not in the new animated Beauty and the Beast, then there’s no point in going to see it:


Jan-Jan J-J-J-January List

  • Every once and awhile YouTube recommends a video for me that seems to be completely unrelated to anything I’ve ever watched before. One such recent video was a makeup review by makeup artist Jeffree Star. Now I’m pretty much addicted to his videos because he’s hysterical and his reviews are actually really good. I’ve never been much into makeup (mainly because I think I look bad no matter what I put on my face and because I have no concept of how to actually apply anything other than foundation and too much eyeshadow), but I like watching his reviews. I like seeing the different products that are out there.

  • My goal this month is to walk 15+ miles six days a week. Not sure if that’s actually going to happen, but I’m going to give it a try. It’s worked so far!
  • I need to start going to the rec center on a regular schedule again. I was doing it (for the most part) last semester, but I haven’t been doing too hot this year. I feel like going, but every time I go out the door to go to school or whatever, I just want to walk. I don’t want to be stuck in a little building. But I’m paying for it and they’ve got weights there, so I should probably start going again.