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When Nate and I were on our walk last weekend, we somehow got on the topic of shows we used to watch when we were kids and I mentioned that Talespin was one of my absolute favorites. My dad had eight or so VHS tapes that each had two or three episodes on them and they were awesome.

Anyway, talking about Talespin made it so that the theme song lodged itself nicely in my brain for approximately a week.

Cool times.

I’d also forgotten how fantastic Don Karnage was. He was always my favorite.


This is a very interesting analysis of how and why The Simpsons, which actually died somewhere around season 9 or 10, is still so relevant to us through the way we’ve memed the hell out of it.

(Steamed Hams discussion starts at 8:06.)

Seriously, if you enjoy the way the internet seems to just latch on to certain things and make them into Things™, you’ll like this.

Mochrie is God

Was sad. Then Whose Line helped a little.


I have no idea how many of my readers watch Riverdale (or watched it back when it was relatively sane*), but this video was in my recommended today and I can’t stop laughing at the accuracy.

That black hood one, oh my god.

*First season = typical teen drama TV, not too bad; second season = WTF



I saw this clip on Robot Chicken when it originally aired.

I think about it a lot for some reason.

Anyway. Sorry, don’t have anything else to say today.

Squidward is a Millennial

Change my mind.

The best part about that idea is that Squidward existed prior to the generally agreed-upon “lower limit” of the Millennial (SpongeBob started in 1999; most of the definitions of “Millennial” I’ve seen use the birth year range of early 1980s to early 2000s). This means that many Millennials grew up on a healthy dose of SpongeBob.

Perhaps we imprinted on Squidward! There’s your scapegoat, angry and critical Boomers. ‘Twas SpongeBob Squarepants all along.


The highway scene in Deadpool overdubbed with sound effects from Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy? FANTASTIC.

Ed makes a great Deadpool, honestly. And this made me realize just how sound effect-heavy EE&E was. Such a good cartoon.


I’d love to see someone who knows nothing about Aqua Teen Hunger Force watch this scene and try to figure out what in the actual living fuck the show is about.

Hell, I’d like to see someone who is very familiar with Aqua Teen Hunger Force watch this scene and try to figure out what in the actual living fuck the show is about.

Master Shake reminds me of my friend Zack from high school for some reason.

Also, I used to watch this show a lot during my first year of college. This and Futurama.

…then Metalocalypse.

Community: My Anti-Depressant

So the past week and a half has been a shit show.

But then I saw that someone had uploaded all of the Community end credit scenes from seasons 1 – 3 and that helped make things a lot better.


Someone’s posted a whole ton of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes on YouTube and I’m having a flashback party to when I used to watch this show all the time in college.

I’d forgotten how weird it was.

It also got me into Metalocalypse, ’cause that was always on after ATHF. And we all know I love Metalocalypse.


I feel like “Stranger Things” is overhyped. I watched the first season with Nate and I honestly didn’t see what the big deal was. Do people just like it because ZOMG 80s?


Nostalgia, anyone? [had to link a new one ’cause the old one got taken down]

I recognize about 97% of these. I used to watch a lot of Spongebob.

Sorry, it’s been a crappy day and this is all I’ve got right now.


This week has been awful, what with losing Annabelle and feeling really shitty for not being there for her when she was put down.

So this video was very much needed.

If you’ve never watched It’s Always Sunny, you’re missing out, yo. It’s the craziest. As one commenter says: “Out of context this show looks insane. In context this show is insane.” Truth.


Holy crapples, I love the intro to The Defenders. Both the music and the animation. Check it:

The best one yet. Rankings:

1. The Defenders (music and animation)
(Edited to add): Punisher (music and animation) (Punisher and The Defenders are tied for first)


2. Daredevil (music and animation)


3. Iron Fist (music)


4. Jessica Jones


5. Luke Cage

Y’all know I like to rank things.

Name an underrated Simpsons character.

My answer: Milhouse.

I still say “everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!” in my head sometimes when something works out nicely.


I miss this stupid show so much, oh my god. I need to go back and watch the whole thing again.




[I had a different video of this linked originally, but it was taken down…it turns out that an official one was posted like a month later?]

We had this on VHS and I watched it so much as a kid.

“C” is the best.
“H” is great, too. Such a deadpan voice, hahaha.
“L” was one of my favorites, too. “LINOLEUM!!!!”

Holy crapples, the “V” story always scared the hell out of me.

Yay nostalgia.

SpongeCake SquarePan

These guys have made some action re-makes of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.

They’re fantastic. Example:

The guy who plays SpongeBob does a freakishly good “panicked SpongeBob cry” (2:31).


So the local Calgary news crew had a little artichoke dip mishap a few days ago and now the video’s gone viral:

Oh, Canada.

“What happened to the stairs?!”

Hahaha, this makes me super happy and nostalgic.

Sorry, I’ve been having a really crappy day and this made things a little bit better.