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Thanks, Weebl.

This thing is like 800 years old. Explain to me why I couldn’t get it out of my head today.


So remember this nonsense?

Well, thanks to the internet and to everybody’s re-obsession with Star Wars, I can now bring you a much higher quality intro. Behold!



Homestar Runner

So I’ve spent the past hour or so watching old Homestar Runner stuff because my stupid brain wants me to think it’s 8th grade again when Homestar Runner was the coolest thing on the internet.

Not to knock Homestar Runner at all…it still is pretty cool even after all these years.


We really were super obsessed with this in 8th grade. There was actually a kid who turned this in as an English essay once (though he was joking around; he did actually write one of his own and gave it to the teacher after class).



Hahahaha, man, I wish I would have finished this.

Aneel was one of my best friends in high school, which of course meant I had to make fun of him using Flash. I also made a parody of “Goodnight Moon” about him, ‘cause what else are friends for?

Edit: here’s a Strawberry Clock from back when I was all about the Clock Crew. I miss pretending to know how to Flash.



Flash Party

As long as we’re revisiting some old internet stuff (like we did with Ronald Jenkees), I should mention Tom DesLongchamp, since I don’t think I ever have on here.

I don’t remember quite how I found this guy (AlbinoBlackSheep…maybe?), but I found him back in like 2003 and loved his dorky little animations. My mom and I still quote a few of them, haha.

The above link sends you to his current page; this one sends you to his archives with all his old stuff posted.

I recommend:

But I Like It

Mentally Disturbed Hotdog

Green Thing (I love that song)

I Go (And So Does Gloppi)

Modest Mouse Music Video


Proof that President #1 is still #1

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this video before, but I need to do it again because I’ve had this damn song in my head ALL DAY LONG and I can’t get it out.

RAB Returns (sorta)

RAB brothers…episode 9 is on Newgrounds now!!
(This was the one that was DVD exclusive)

Yeahyeahyeahyeah, it was uploaded in 2013, shut up. I never check Newgrounds anymore. Here:


I am Puppy. Puppy is me.


Matt, do you remember this nonsense? Oh my god.

And here’s this bit of whatthehell.

These were in an entirely different folder than The Wrath of XBar for some reason. Enjoy.


A Statistician Walks into an X-Bar


The idea (and written content) of this was Sean’s. I animated it because that’s what I did with stuff back in 2008.

Yes, I still find this absolutely hilarious.

[Edit: oops, this one got lost in the last upload and didn’t get posted. Apologies!]






(…or Red Bull)

Throwback Thursday

Was I on drugs when I made this (2007)? Seriously.

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed around Flash.

Also, crappy quality is crappy because Flash 5’s like “LOL WHAT’S ‘OUTPUT TO .WMV?'”

Old Vaio is Old

My stuff came this morning, yay!

First thing I did involved digging out the monitor to Big Compy and hooking it to Old Vaio (the one with the busted screen). Laughed at all the old crap from high school senior year and all my undergraduate silliness.


Haha, I’d totally forgotten about the time I recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using flour, water, and food coloring.

Spinning pineapple drawn and animated in Flash! I had this titled thereisaseasonturnturnturn.gif. (EDIT: apparently you have to click on stationary pineapple to get it its own page. It’ll spin there.) (EDIT 2: apparently it depends on your browser)

A bunch of my silly high school friends and me at a bowling party. Poor Aneel.

An experiment with eyeliner and some eyeshadow back when I actually had eyeliner. I might still have some, but who knows where it is.

Also, of the 50 songs I currently have rated 5 stars, 22 of them were rated 5 stars back in the era of Old Vaio.

That is all.

To Sean and Megan:

(If either of you ever come across this)

Here’s a fake album cover for the fake band Quantum Rapture that we created in the car.



Presidential Pickup Lines. These are like the best things ever. Favorites:

I made the mistake of drinking water while coming across this one. My water shot out of my nose.

Joyous day.

Oh crap

And it was the 10 year anniversary of B, too.

What the hell is Clock Day, you ask? I’ve talked about The Clock Crew on here a few times before, but I don’t think I ever really explained them (well, “us,” since I’m a member too). So I’ll point you to this description on Newgrounds’ Clock Crew page, since it does a fairly succinct job of describing the madness.

In honor of 10 years of B, here’s a sampling of some of my favorite Clock movies, if anyone cares (and if not, too bad, my blog).

B (of course)
The CC’s Humble Beginnings

Ten Commandments

Let It B

The Portal
and The Portal Outtakes

Fun times!

Oh yes.

My RAB intuition was telling me the next installment was due soon. Sure enough…


I used up all my colored pencils.

Like, literally…they’re unusable at their current length. All of them. Must buy more tomorrow. IN THE MEANTIME:

It’s a banana!

Yeah. Made in Flash. YES, I know it sucks, it’s the first time I’ve actually tried to “draw” digitally. The stick figures that appear in my animations do not count for obvious reasons, haha.



Today’s song: Une Chanson Pour Tout Dire by Eli et Papillon


Oh MAN, I forgot how awesome RAB is. Top five:

Number 18
“Hey everyone, let’s do some motherfucking drugs!”
I love how he just chugs the whole box of them.
“So do we call poison control…or let him die and have a parade?”
“You’re dead to me, boy!”
The end with donkey just makes it.

Number 17
“What is that, metric?”
“Puppy cut that out!” “Sorry, it’s these fucking pants!”
Genius. The only reason this is second is because there’s no Sean Connery.

Number 11
“Hey, look! It’s Satan! Satan liked it! He liked it! Hey Satan!”
I want to be in F.U.C.K.
Also, Rammstein is a badass song.

Number 13
Love the singing at the beginning and the sound effects throughout.
Puppy’s directing is great, too.

Number 8
“I’m havin’ sex I think!”
“Now go fuck like a good Christian!”
The whole puppy/mother sequence is great.

The Serif is Mightier than the Sword (but not mightier than the GUN!)

Yay! I made a typeface. Sort of. Here ya go!

The Count of Monte Carlo

Haha, um, yeah.

What would happen if large sample sizes were as desired as large…well, you know.
Yes, I realize I can’t draw. Deal with it.

Pixel Philosophers

Alternate title: “Things Claudia Does to Avoid Homework/Cleaning Her Room/Death by Boredom/Drugs”


So this morning I woke up and put on my new snazzy David Hume shirt. After playing Rock Band for a bit, I sat down at about 4:00 with the intent to do a quick sketch of Hume in Flash, just to check my skills how much I suck.
I just finished. It’s 9:30.


Yes, I know the shirt and the wig suck (I forgot to shade a few places…shut up, it’s the first time I’ve drawn ANYTHING in a long while, especially in Flash). But look at that lace neckerchief…damn.


Now he’s glowing with the help of Photoshop.


I hope to make a flash this long/weird/full of stick figures/dorky.

Mr. Weight is my hero.


For some reason, I found this incredibly funny. Particularly the part after the “end.”


In Space, No One Can Hear You Tween

Yeah. This is why I need school.

Note: crappy quality due both to my lack of Flash skills and the fact that I only spent about six minutes on this.

Just when you thought the album covers had ceased…THEY JUST KEEP GETTING DORKIER!

Idea that came to me from several random pieces. Awhile ago I was thinking what an awesome band name Cellophane would be. Yesterday I was messing around with Wikipedia’s “random article” generator and came across the “Cello” page. I thought to myself, “hmm, I wonder what I could do with those f-holes?” (get your minds out of the gutter!). Then late tonight came the revelation of “holy crap, I could use an f-hole as an “f” in a band name!”

Then, “Dang, too bad “Cellophane” doesn’t have an “f” in it.”

Then, “But it does have an “f” sound…maybe I could spell it “Cellofane.”

And,  “Holy crap, it would be a PERFECT name for a cello group, ‘cause it’s CELLOfane!!!”

And this was produced (yes, I know, the instrument pictured in it is a violin. Shut up.)

Like it? Isn’t “String Theory” the BEST name for an album for a string group?


Bored. Drew crap in Flash. Supposed to be somewhat abstract. Deal with the crappiness.