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Hi there sorry but this is adorable.

That is all. The rest of the world sucks.

Look at this adorable girl

She loves to grind her teeth and chin on my toes. And purr incessantly while she does so.

That is all.


Dudes, look at the amount of fluff I just combed out of Jazzy.


That’s like a fourth of her size. We could make a mini-Jazzy out of it if we wanted.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got for today! I was going to go running outside once I got home from teaching because it was so freaking nice and sunny and (relatively) warm, but about five minutes after I got home it REALLY started to get windy out there, so I guess it’s good I stayed home.

(Even though I always feel guilty when I don’t exercise, even when it’s my scheduled off-day.)


Haha, this is what Jazzy does to her toy mice after a little while. She loves to gnaw on them and pull on their tails. For as beat up as this one is, I’m surprised it does still have its tail.


She is a top predator.

She’s beauty, she’s grace…

I can’t stop laughing at her face.



She’s on my phone charger cord. How is this not obscenely adorable?


Another Jazzy Pic



She’s the most precious thing.


Hahaha, so I took a picture of Jazzy yawning and she yawned so big that it looks like her head is just a mouth.






I have absolutely nothing interesting to say today, so have three pictures of Raymond Cat being weird.

(He likes water…so much that once he turned on the sink faucet, wedged himself in the sink, and let the whole sink fill with water until it was over flowing. Here he looks so distraught that there’s no water in the kitchen sink.)

Milo’s Cat Sanctuary

Reading about all the amazing cats at this cat sanctuary makes me simultaneously sad (to see how much many of them have suffered) and happy (to see how much they’re cared for and how much people are trying to get them adopted out or sponsored).

I know this blog post probably won’t actually get posted until after Christmas (and maybe after my birthday, haha), but if anyone would like to make a donation to the sanctuary as a gift to me, I’d appreciate it.





That is all.

Jazzy Cat

‘Sup, fools?

So I haven’t taken any pictures of Jazzy using my actual camera, mainly because at first I thought she’d be afraid of it, and then later just never had it around. The other day, though, she was posing on the coffee table and was half asleep, so I was able to get my camera and get two decent shots of her.



Sorry, just wanted to spam you with a few cat pictures, ‘cause I don’t do that enough on here.


Alright, so for some reason they stuck Dr. Lu’s class at the opposite end of campus and we have to trek all the way over by the bus loop to get to it.

Not that it’s a long distance by any means—it’s at most .75 miles I think—but as far as getting to a class goes, that’s quite a ways. Especially for students who have to run labs right before Dr. Lu’s class and have to motor to get to class within the 10 minute break (if they even get that much time; I always have students asking me questions after lab).


Have another picture of Jasmine (who is now almost exclusively called Jazzy Cat or Jazz). I’m trying to get a good one of her face because it’s so pretty, but I also don’t want to freak her out with the camera. So this is zoomed in on her. Hence the blurriness.

image (19)


We got a kitty!

This actually happened yesterday, but I needed to rant about Google yesterday and Jasmine (our new kitty) is super, super shy anyway and we haven’t interacted with her much. But she’s the quietest, smallest, sweetest little thing ever! Nate and I were discussing getting a cat after Christmas sometime, but when we saw Jasmine, it was basically instant love.

We got her at a pet store, but the pet store sells rescue animals from the Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta. Jasmine was rescued from a hoarder home that had a total of 40 cats in it. She’s missing a whole bunch of teeth, but is super sweet and chill. She’s really scared right now, but we expected that, especially since she had to get a few teeth pulled before we could take her home and her mouth is probably very sore. I’ll update y’all with pictures once she gets more comfortable around us and a camera doesn’t scare her.

Edit: holy freaking crap, she’s the loudest purring cat EVER. It’s wonderful.

Edit 2: she loves it when Nate and I sit on the couch together. She jumps up next to him and rolls around while we love her.

Edit 3: these are the best pictures I can take of her right now. She’s not like Annabelle, who would pose for the camera when she saw it.

image (1) image (2) image (18) image


My big sweet Humane Society cat, Jupiter, got adopted, and I am simultaneously very happy and very sad. I could have never taken her to Calgary (practically no apartments allow pets there), but I wish I could have loved her one more time. I haven’t felt such a connection with a cat in a loooong time. I’m sad I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I’m glad someone else out there will love her.

Gonna go cry now.

Henry David Thoreau, get out of my pool!

Haha, my cat. She just noticed this picture we’ve had sitting on a shelf for over three years. She’s totally staring that kitten down!

Yeah, I have nothing else today. It’s Saturday, people, what do you want from me?!