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Flash Party

As long as we’re revisiting some old internet stuff (like we did with Ronald Jenkees), I should mention Tom DesLongchamp, since I don’t think I ever have on here.

I don’t remember quite how I found this guy (AlbinoBlackSheep…maybe?), but I found him back in like 2003 and loved his dorky little animations. My mom and I still quote a few of them, haha.

The above link sends you to his current page; this one sends you to his archives with all his old stuff posted.

I recommend:

But I Like It

Mentally Disturbed Hotdog

Green Thing (I love that song)

I Go (And So Does Gloppi)

Modest Mouse Music Video


Proof that President #1 is still #1

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this video before, but I need to do it again because I’ve had this damn song in my head ALL DAY LONG and I can’t get it out.



I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t give me weird dreams

Wanna trip?

I thought it was decent at first, but the more I’ve watched it, the more I like it. I really like the music, too…thinking of buying the soundtrack.


Matt, do you remember this nonsense? Oh my god.

And here’s this bit of whatthehell.

These were in an entirely different folder than The Wrath of XBar for some reason. Enjoy.


A Statistician Walks into an X-Bar


The idea (and written content) of this was Sean’s. I animated it because that’s what I did with stuff back in 2008.

Yes, I still find this absolutely hilarious.

[Edit: oops, this one got lost in the last upload and didn’t get posted. Apologies!]

Oh crap

And it was the 10 year anniversary of B, too.

What the hell is Clock Day, you ask? I’ve talked about The Clock Crew on here a few times before, but I don’t think I ever really explained them (well, “us,” since I’m a member too). So I’ll point you to this description on Newgrounds’ Clock Crew page, since it does a fairly succinct job of describing the madness.

In honor of 10 years of B, here’s a sampling of some of my favorite Clock movies, if anyone cares (and if not, too bad, my blog).

B (of course)
The CC’s Humble Beginnings

Ten Commandments

Let It B

The Portal
and The Portal Outtakes

Fun times!

Oh yes.

My RAB intuition was telling me the next installment was due soon. Sure enough…


Run for your life, it’s a blog!

More artsy fartsy crap. I can’t decide if I like this one or not.


Also, this is freaking awesome. I loved the Xbox logo. And the Vaio logo, just because it’s Vaio.


Today’s song: Sleepyhead (DCDJ Remix) originally by Passion Pit (THE MADNESS NEVER STOPS)



I hope to make a flash this long/weird/full of stick figures/dorky.

Mr. Weight is my hero.


For some reason, I found this incredibly funny. Particularly the part after the “end.”


In Space, No One Can Hear You Tween

Yeah. This is why I need school.

Note: crappy quality due both to my lack of Flash skills and the fact that I only spent about six minutes on this.

And this is why Sean and I constitute the epitome of awesomeness

Blame Sean for this.

The Wrath of XBAR (works best if you have the window about the size of half the screen).

Initiation of SAS discussion: Me
Concept (words): Sean
Flash: Me

Those screenshots are my own SAS data too, bitches!

…Please tell me I’ve gotten better.

Love and Flash

We’re on the “loving and relationships” chapter in my social psychology class and it’s sooooo depressing.

But on a lighter note, I shall give you a preview/summary/sentence of each Flash I plan on creating next week/finals week/over break. Go!

Manifest Destiny
Yeah, this is the little preview that I was working on the night before the band trip. Yeah, it’s still not finished. Give me a break! 22 credits! Plus I made that other one, you know, the other Millard Fillmore one with Zach Taylor.

The Entire History of the United States Presidencies in Seven Minutes Flat
Just what it sounds like. Set to Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.” It’s going to be epic.

The Declaration of Independence: The Movie
George Washington gets a camcorder. He tapes the day(s) of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Hilarity ensues.

The Hypothetical Date
Involving a date with Millard Fillmore. Maybe I’ll do this one in little sections and make it one of those “make your own adventure” things, what do you think of that?


Yeah. It’s going to be one (un)productive break.

Subtitle THIS!

I re-watched the Flash I made on Friday. I can’t understand a freaking thing they’re saying.

So I present to you: Fillmore Wars: Now with Subtitles!

Please tell me what you think of it, now that you know what they’re saying.

Disguising oneself as an “artist” and making Flash animations to no end

There was a country, had a prez, and Fillmore was his name-o!
And Fillmore was his name-o!

Millard Fillmore + Star Wars + Mario music performed on saxophone = win.

Rated PG-13 for some language and sexually suggestive content. And the phrase “butter churn”.

Please enjoy. Makes little to no sense. Another overdramatic piece of interest. Made under the influence of about 20 Jolly Ranchers.

Music creator


Edit: Speakonia voices hard to understand? Ask me for the words if you’re so inclined.

Blog 498: the countdown to 500 has begun

Today I present to you a list of all my Flash works up to the present, and a list of all my quizzes up to the present. Because I have absolutely nothing else I want to say today.


Cheech and Chong’s “Dave” done with Millard Fillmore
The infamous “Aneel” animation
First old-timey/first with an actual plot…sort of
The even more infamous “The Matt Farnsworth Experience” animation



What Member of ‘Team America’ are You?

Which Founding Father are You?
Lewis and Clark: Which One are You?

What Shape are You?
What Punctuation Mark are You?
What is your Temperament?
Your Color Personality



Have fun with that.

Waiter! There’s a Matt Farnsworth in my Blog!

About freaking time, too.

Yes, so it’s finally here. And on your birthday as well! And I’m shocked and surprised that MySpace is actually working so’s I can get this up on the correct date and make it even more special (even though it’s like 11:58 and you’re probably sleeping and won’t see this until tomorrow, earliest).

But anyway…

Yes, here is the long-awaited flash. And I must warn you…it will disappoint. I’m not even going to say “might,” because I know it will. It’s only three minutes long. Four if you count the credits. How sad is that? Four months, four minutes. I sincerely apologize for the sucking that this flash will do (and not sexual sucking either, which is even more disappointing, haha).

So here is my obligatory disclaimer that I put on freaking everything: this is not meant to insult. I don’t think it will—it kind of evolved from a “let’s make fun of Matt just for the heck of it” to a “let’s put Matt in crazy situations with Millard Fillmore and see what happens next” kind of thing.


So yeah.

I’m not asking for anything, just a little credit for actually finishing something that I set out to do that wasn’t school-related.

I hope you like (tolerate) it!


The Matt Farnsworth Experience
Claudia “Can’t Finish a Flash in Good Time if Her Life Depends on it” Mahler


Enjoy, and happy birthday!

61 Songs about Dental Floss and Other Mania-Induced Productions

Hey people, sorry about that private blog yesterday. Don’t worry, it wasn’t about anyone. It was just some crap I had to vent about myself a little. Fun continues now!

Hello my fine ladies and gentlemen! Today, I realized I wanted a fish for my dorm. A bug-eyed one. Named Bug-Eye. I already have the little weirdo picked out at Pets are People Too.
Problem = I have no pump/bubbler for a fish tank.
Actually, real problem = I have no fish tank whatsoever.

So I’m pissed.

Being pissed, I made this instead!
I dub him “Pilgrim.” It strikes me.

Yes, I know the water and rocks are shifted a bit, but what’re you gonna do? Also, don’t you love the way he turns around?


I’m a loser.

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