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I miss Michael

More Rage Quit. Sorry, I’m still super burnt out and this is all I’ve got right now bye.

“How many fuckin’ dogs ya got?”

Rage Quit!

Haven’t watched one of Michael’s new Rage Quits in a while. This one was pretty great.


Hello, fellow humans!

Have some Tumblr crap, ‘cause I’m like in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now, so not much is going on.

Except “I’m in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now” panic.


Chrome extensions for disabilities

Freaking Idaho.


Oh, Gavin.

I miss Ray!


Rage Quit

So thanks to Nate listening to the playlist of Michael’s Rage Quit on YouTube, I’ve been listening to my favorite old Rage Quits all day at school. So I’ll put them all here, ‘cause even though I’ve mentioned most (all?) of these in my blog at some point, it’s nice to have everything together. And I haven’t mentioned any Rage Quits in a while.

These are vaguely ranked.

Cat Mario

Nyan Cat Adventure

No Luca No

Christmas Carnage

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 2

Virtua Tennis 3

Rock Star Table Tennis

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 3

Realistic Summer Sports Simulator

QWOP: Michael vs. Gavin

Greg Hastings Paintball 2


Sonic the Hedgehog

Unicorn Makeout Mania



The last one.

I miss Ray.

The conversation at 4:46 is great.

Good Luck, Ray!


I will watch this at some point, but not right now.
Instead, I shall post the best Ray compilation vids (some of which I’ve posted here before) because that’s what I need right now.

Good luck, Ray!

*quietly from corner of room* Noooooo…

So last night I hinted at possible exciting news, right? Well, today I’ve got some bad news (though it’s much less personal than the possible exciting news).

Ray is leaving Achievement Hunter.

Okay, I guess it’s not bad bad; he’s not being fired or anything like that and he’s not disappearing on us. He’ll be doing live streams on Twitch and will be coming back to work on X-Ray and Vav and other AH stuff every once and awhile. He just said that he wants to do streaming full-time and he’s not able to do that while working at AH/RT.

But it still makes me sad! Ray’s definitely my favorite of the group and has been since almost the very beginning (Michael was my first favorite, because he was the one that got me into AH). However, I might have to take a short little break from AH for awhile after he leaves this Friday, just because it’ll be sad to watch them and not see/hear Ray. But I know I’ll be back watching again at some point because I can’t stay away from those dorks.. And I’ll have to watch Ray on Twitch as well. You should, too!

Eigenblogger Presents: Random Nonsense

Alternate title: Claudia Has a Test Tomorrow and is Too Nervous to Study Anymore So You Get This.

  • Hahaha. Oh, North Hill Centre.

image (2)

  • I have rediscovered the following two music videos and love them once again.

(strobe light warning around 2:26 in that last one)

  • Nate, here’s that CMYK puzzle I was telling you about.
  • If you say “Londonderry Air” just right, it sounds like you’re saying “London Derriere.”
  • One of my favorite SMBC cartoons. I don’t know why it’s so hilarious to me, but it is.
  • How could I have forgotten to embed Achievement Hunter’s “Hot Hoof” video on here? It’s one of my favorite Minecraft-related videos.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m done.


I’m putting this on here ‘cause I don’t have any Tumblr friends and I feel like doing an AH survey/questionnaire tonight. So there.

1. How did you get into Achievement Hunter?
Tumblr! Way back in the early summer of 2012, I happened upon Michael’s Rage Quit for the Impossible Game, level 2. I had no idea what Achievement Hunter and/or Roosterteeth was until I eventually clicked on one of their Worms let’s plays and heard the other guys. It went from there, haha.

2. Member you think you are most like?
I think I’m a weird combination of Ryan and Michael.

3. Member you think you would get along with best?
Probably Ryan. I think we’d appreciate each other’s jokes.

4. Favorite member overall and why?
Ray! I first heard him in a Worms let’s play and really liked his voice, then I started really liking his humor. The dumb little jokes he mutters under his breath are great.

5. If you have met any of them, talk about the experience. If not, who do you most want to meet?
I haven’t met any of them! I’d love to go to RTX and meet at least one of them in person (they’re all awesome, so I’d be super happy meeting any of them), but that probably won’t ever happen, sadly. Why does Texas have to be so far away?

6. Favorite Team? (Lads, Gents, Nice Dynamite, etc.)
Either the R&R Connection or X-Ray and Vav.

7. Favorite Lets Play?
That’s a hard question. WWE2K14 is pretty amazing.

8. Favorite game to watch them play in general?
Any of the game shows.

9. Game you wish they would play but they haven’t?
I’d like to see them play Castle Crashers. I know Michael and Lindsay have played it, but I think it would be super chaotic/fun with four of them at once.

10. Favorite moment or quote?
It’s two moments, but I’m counting them as one! I love in Clouds when Gavin messes with Ray but then karma gets him back at the end.

11. Favorite catchphrase? (MARK NUTT!, ITS MOGAR BITCHES, I mean YOLO right? ect.)
I have “Mark Nutt!” as my text tone, so I’ll go with that one.

12. Have you started using any of their sayings in everyday life?
I say “_______ as dicks” (dark as dicks, cold as dicks, etc.) in my head all the time, thanks to Geoff.

13. Favorite Achievement City structure?
I love Geoff’s house just because it’s so ridiculously big compared to the other’s houses.

14. Favorite Geoff moment?

15. Favorite Jack moment?
Either when he completely loses it after Gavin grenades himself to death, or when Beardo the Magnificent prances out in WWE ’13.

16. Favorite Gavin moment?
His wrestler in WWE ’13. Oh my god.

17. Favorite Michael moment?
I have a lot of favorite Michael moments. Probably the best, though, is when he just goes off on Luca in No Luca No. “Faaaiiiiyyysh” is good, too.

18. Favorite Ray moment?
I have a LOT of favorite Ray moments! I’m not sure I can pick just one, so I’ll link to this with a special mention for “WOW, NUMBER SEVEN! WAY TO GO, CHAMP!” at 3:57.

19. Favorite Ryan moment?
The “cumulonimbus bullshit” in Clouds.

20. Best way Achievement Hunter has changed your life?
They’ve given me something I can consistently laugh at. I remember during spring semester 2013, when everything was a crapfest and I was so done with everything school-related, I could always go home and watch AH and be cheered up. I don’t think there’s been a day where they haven’t been able to cheer me up at least a little bit.


Good lord. This company.

Oh, also! The mystery of us all being dropped from Dr. Chen’s class? Solved. Apparently, the lab component of the class was something Dr. Chen didn’t want, so he had it removed from the system. Unfortunately, doing so also removed the entire class, so we’d all been dropped because the class no longer existed. Luckily, all we had to do was re-register.

So yeah. I’m sure you were all just dying of anticipation for the conclusion of that little mystery.

My anaconda don’t want Huns unless we got Mulan, son

I am DONE with this semester!

Well, almost. I gave my final presentation in 601 today, but I still have to turn in my paper by the 15th. No big deal, though, ‘cause it’s already about 97% written.

So have some Ray to celebrate, because Ray is awesome.

Wheel of Misfortune

I love these adorable fools.

Michael accidentally guessing the phrase at 2:40 is hysterical. And I think these three (Geoff, Ray, and Michael) have the best laughs of the group.

Sorry, I needed something to cheer me up tonight so you get it as a blog post.

And how can you not love this entire group of dorks?


Um…can we call this the October List?

Did you know Bill Pullman has anosmia? I didn’t!


I have nothing interesting to say (do I ever?) so this post is going to be just a bunch of random crapola.

  • Here’s an awesome list of some of the vault backstories in Fallout 3. Vault 106 legit creeped me out when I went in there the first time.
  • I was going through the old photos on my camera and I found this picture of a pinecone smoking a cigarette.


Bad pinecone!

  • The news is so snarky here. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not planning on attending that Climate Change Summit held a week or so ago. A day or so after I was watching the news and the little ticker said something like, “President Obama spoke at the Climate Change Summit for all concerned Americans…and apparently had to for all concerned Canadians as well.” Also, this:


  • I’m watching Spaceballs. Because Spaceballs.
  • A handy-dandy Wiki guide of Greek letters used in math, science, and engineering.
  • I don’t know if I’ve ever posted this on here, but it’s definitely my favorite little clip of the AH boys “working.”



For those of you who play Minecraft on the PC: “mark nutt” is one of the best seeds I’ve found as far as super-diverse and dramatic worlds go. Check it:

dd rrr www

I built my house around a lavafall.

sss sfsfs sdfsdfsdf

Also, now I have to go watch the Mark Nutt compilation again.


I get to teach in the summer!!
And what’s better: it’s not the 7:30 AM section!!! It’s the totally reasonable and much more Claudia-friendly 11:30 AM section, which runs for two hours on M/T/W/Th and starts right after spring semester is done.

I still don’t have any concrete plans past that point—which SUCKS and I hate it—but I’m glad that I at least get to teach in the summer.

Also, this:


Haha, oh, Sound Cloud.

Do you remember this? DO YOU REMEMBER THE NIGHTMARES?!

I saw this video quite a few years ago and now this song always reminds me of Vancouver:

Another awesome Rage Quit I don’t think I’ve ever posted on here.


Absolute Zero is a Government Conspiracy

Ever have those days where you’re just having the worst time ever for no good reason?
That’s today for me.
So you get an Achievement Hunter survey, ‘cause those guys always cheer me up and it’s my blog and I can do what I want so HA.

Favorite Achievement Hunter crew member




3 favorite let’s plays
Let’s Play Worms
Let’s Play Skate 3
Let’s Play WWE2K14

4 favorite Minecraft let’s plays
37 – Clouds
19 – Altar of Pimps
13 & 14 – Find the Tower
3 – Plan G

Favorite Let’s Fail
GTA V: Wrecking Ball

Favorite Animated Adventures
El Pizza Bandito

Favorite Versus
#13 – Ray vs. Gavin (Maaaaaark Nuuuuutt!)

Favorite Rage Quit
Cat Mario is great.

Favorite AHWU
AHWU 191

Favorite Behind the Scenes
Let’s Play WWE ‘13

First AH/RT video you ever watched
Rage Quit – The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 2
Thank you, Tumblr.

A video you could watch 100 times and never get tired of
Clouds. Definitely.

List any AH/RT merch you own
Tower of Pimps shirt! It’s so soft and pimpy.

What video(s) you look forward to the most each week
I love AHWU and Go!

A let’s play you wish there was a part 2 for
Skate 3.

A game you’d want to see Michael rage quit
Viva Piñata.

Do you ship Mavin?
I’m pretty sure everybody, including Michael and Gavin, ship Mavin to some extent.


Oops, I’m addicted to Peggle.

Thanks a lot, Achievement Hunter.

For those of you who don’t know what Peggle is, here’s the AH crew playing Peggle 2, which just came out. Peggle is quite similar, so if this looks fun, I recommend Peggle! You can get it from Steam.

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

More Achievement Hunter today. Sorry. Pretty much every video they’ve put out this past week has been hysterical, and this is absolutely no exception:

The game itself is absurd, and having the AH guys play it brings it to a whole new level of WTF-ness.

Also, have some Rage Quit. This one’s growing on me:

As always, if excessive cursing (and/or freakish aliens wrestling) offends you, do not watch!



Haha, thanks, Google.


Yes. Yes I have.
No shame.

Anyway, completely changing topics…

I mention Achievement Hunter quite a bit on here. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Listening to them game is like living in the house with the guys again. It’s hilarious.
  2. This sounds super dorky, but they kept me company over the summer. I didn’t have any friends around and they put out YouTube videos at least 5 times a week, so…that was that.
  3. They’re one of the funniest YouTube channels out there, in my opinion. Grown men cussing each other out playing video games is fantastic.

Since starting doing Let’s Plays of Minecraft back in 2012, they’ve done 65 half-hour (or longer) episodes, many featuring the Tower of Pimps.

Well check out the latest Minecraft update:

Pretty cool! Congrats, guys. And seriously, check them out (if excessive cursing doesn’t bother you, haha).


It’s currently 7:30 AM on Sunday morning. The reason I’m posting this for Saturday’s blog is because I’ve been up for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. I’ve been watching Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series and drawing since about 6 PM.

The payoff?

New favorite Let’s Play Minecraft AND a new drawing!


Everyone’s cranky today.

I think Christmas Carnage is probably one of the most underrated Rage Quits Michael’s done.


I’ve got my last two finals of the year tomorrow: calc II at 7 AM and then computer science at 7 PM. I honestly don’t know which one I’m more worried about. If this semester screws over my GPA I’m going to be pissed. I already screwed it over with Linear Algebra in 2009, though, so I don’t know what I’m complaining about.

Juuuuuuuuuuuust complaining.


Dr. Jones and Dr. Free are BACK IN BUSINESS

30 minutes of top-notch surgery. I love Michael and Gavin so much.

And here’s all of the AH boys playing WWE ’13, because oh my god.

Achievement Hunter!

If you’re ever feeling down, just watch some Achievement Hunter. Seriously.

Rage Quit is always good, of course, but some of the Let’s Plays are just hilarious.

Worms. Farm Simulator 2013. Moonbase Alpha.

I just started watching their Minecraft Let’s Plays from the beginning. The third one, oh my god. It reminds me so much of gaming with the guys in the house.




You get this and only this today, because if I try to talk about anything of substance I’m going to have a panic attack.

You know it’s pretty bad when Michael’s screaming is actually calming. I think next time I’m correcting tests I’m going to write “YA DONE GOOFED, SON!” for every wrong problem.