So here’s something interesting.

I was looking at my old 23andMe results that I got back in like 2012, ‘cause I wanted to show them to Nate. Back when I had first gotten the results back, I was more interested in the medical results (things I have more of a risk of getting, things I am low risk for, etc.). But today, I decided to look in more detail at the Ancestry Composition information. Here’s what I’ve got for my composition:


First off, I thought I was basically 100% European. Which is apparently not the case. I have no idea where that relatively large (in my opinion—remember I thought I was like 100% European) Native American percentage is coming from. Or that tiny bit of West African. Like…have you seen my family?

Also, something I didn’t know: Ashkenazi is a Jewish ethnic division, mainly from Germany, so that’s cool.

So I am mainly European, but not as European as I thought I was.

3 responses

  1. Almost no one that says they are white is truly white, people are a lot more intermixed than they would like to believe.


    1. What was particularly interesting for me was that my mom did this test as well, and hers was 100% European ancestry. Which means that all my non-European comes from my dad.


  2. […] My ancestry composition according to […]


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