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Such a cool moment.

That is all.

Movie Throwback: Team America

So for whatever the hell reason, YouTube recommended a clip from the movie “Team America” for me today and I was having flashbacks to when this movie was prime ‘Murica satire back in like 2005/2006. I watched it with my friends quite a few times because we all thought it was great.

Anyway, I’d completely forgotten about this movie, but now that I’ve seen a few clips, I remember how wild it was. The puppets, oh my god.

It’s amazing how some things have changed since then and how some things have not changed at all.

I Like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie

So thanks to Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, I’m kinda into medium/heavy trucks now. And the creepy, privacy-invading algorithm that is Google must be aware of this, because these two videos showed up in my “recommended for you” on YouTube.

That’s…that’s really impressive. This could be a really useful feature, especially if it’s automatic and will apply in cases where, say, the driver falls asleep.

(I am now subscribed to the “Volvo Trucks” YouTube channel).

Edit: a Scania!

I want one of those sad little fabric cars, too.


When Nate and I were on our walk last weekend, we somehow got on the topic of shows we used to watch when we were kids and I mentioned that Talespin was one of my absolute favorites. My dad had eight or so VHS tapes that each had two or three episodes on them and they were awesome.

Anyway, talking about Talespin made it so that the theme song lodged itself nicely in my brain for approximately a week.

Cool times.

I’d also forgotten how fantastic Don Karnage was. He was always my favorite.


Hahaha, oh man.

Buck Foss: Trucker Extraordinaire.

“All the boys…it looks like “About the Author” profile pictures from, like, math textbooks” is a fantastic line.

Oh, Canada…


Also, Calgary has a ton of walking/biking paths.


It’s one of the main reasons I love this city.

Old YouTube Nonsense Because I’m Sad and Have Nothing Interesting to Blog About

Read the title.

Back when I was trying to make my decision of whether to go to Calgary or Ottawa for grad school, I spent a decent amount of time watching videos of each city to see if I could get a “feel” for which one I liked more. This video helped me choose Calgary.



This man has been memed incessantly. I love it.


The subcontra bass flute: when you want to play the flute but also want to play the tuba and the drums and get lightheaded while doing all of it.


The poignant parody of boys bands that is Boyz 12.



*heavy breathing*



This is a very interesting analysis of how and why The Simpsons, which actually died somewhere around season 9 or 10, is still so relevant to us through the way we’ve memed the hell out of it.

(Steamed Hams discussion starts at 8:06.)

Seriously, if you enjoy the way the internet seems to just latch on to certain things and make them into Things™, you’ll like this.

Holy craps.

I randomly stumbled upon this song and now I can’t get it out of my head.

This remix is super catchy, yo.

Bad Day?

Here’s a dude destroying balloons in cute, satisfying ways.

I love the sheer amount of knives.

Is This A Thing?

I was unaware that this was a thing.

I’m cool with it being a thing.

(Sorry, I’m really busy and frustrated and stressed, so the blog shall suffer as it does in these times.)

Well this is terrifying

Do any of my readers remember hearing about this when it happened in 2006? I certainly don’t remember hearing about it, but I was in high school and gave zero craps about anything that wasn’t The Sims or stalking Lead.

But this is a really well-done documentary, yo. Check it out and be terrified.

Nonnaked Men

Everyone who reads my blog is most likely aware of my undying love for Coldplay, right?

Well, another band that I’ve developed a strong love of over these past 10 years? The Barenaked Ladies.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a series of YouTube videos where the band is live recording a bunch of their more recent songs and they’re so good. So chill. Love them.


Double basses?!?!?!?!

I’m here for it. Such a rich tone. Got Sennheisers? PUT ‘EM ON.


Yes, I know it’s “pigs in space”…bear with me here.

Two videos from two opposite sides of the YouTubes.

Video 1: Piiiigs
I’d buy 80 of these things if this was how the actual infomercial had aired, haha.

Video 2: Spaaaaaaace
This is, on some level, art. I’m sure of it.

It’s also really soothing, actually (especially the sounds), except for when the balloon pops at 1:52:15 and the garlic bread re-enacts that spinning scene from “Gravity.”

Aw Hail No!

Haha, so we got caught in a flash hailstorm on our way back from watching the new Spider Man movie. Observe:

We had just passed a bus stop when the hail started, otherwise we would have had to run a bit to find cover. The hail doesn’t look super big in the video, but some of them were probably dime-sized, I’d say. It sounds so loud ‘cause it was hitting the glass roof of the bus shelter.

I was yelling at Nate ‘cause that was the only way he could hear me.

Life Has Many Doors, Ed Boy!

Shock of shocks, it’s another music-related post.

But guys, this song is amazing and the music video is one of the most beautiful music videos I’ve seen. Check it out.

Lululemon makes me want to throw the universe out the window

HEYOOOOOOOOO so I’m not bored (I’m actually obscenely busy) but here’s some dumb n’ short internet crap anyway because I don’t even care anymore.

(Not usually an ASMR person but that crackling sound is heaven)





That last one is referencing this beautiful piece of internet history, by the way:

Click Clack I was Taken Aback

I’ve been trying to resist.

I’ve been trying to convince myself that there is no practical need for this.


But then we went to Best Buy last week and I got it anyway.

It lights up and has colors, yo. How could I resist?

It’s also super clicky-clicky, which badass.


(The intense color of the light is not captured on this video; the colors are SUPER BRIGHT.)


When I was young (first/second grade? Sometime in the Troy era) I remember watching quite a bit of Mark Kistler on public television. Mark was (and still is!) an artist who taught drawing skills aimed at kids. I still remember his little “Draw! Draw! Draw!” chant he’d do whenever he’d draw a bunch of lines or some other series of shapes/figures. I always thought he was super cool.

I also had a few of his books!

Anyway. Not sure what the heck made me remember him today, but I did and so there ya go.