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I scream, you scream, we all scream, oh god stop the screaming

I am sad and very discouraged by everything right now, so let’s take a break from the garbage for a moment and look at some funnies.

The early asdmovies were okay, but the more recent ones are more my style of humor. Particularly 11, 12, and 13.

TikToK is always a source of amusement.

I’m done. Sorry.

Jingle Bells 2: Jesus’ Revenge

Back in December 2019 (GOD, REMEMBER NORMALITY?????), I posted this awesome 7/8 time version of Sleigh Ride:

Well, now you get this beautiful piece:


I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or because today was horrible or what, but that key smash in that first 1/8 time bar is hysterical.

Some of the comments are great, too.

  • i was like “hey this isn’t so bad” then i was proven extremely wrong
  • Everybody gangster till the quadratic formula finds its way into music theory
  • First 10 second I thought “well it’s not the worst”, couple of seconds later I got anxiety
  • “Oh it’s actually not that bad” Key smash “Oh ok”
  • I can’t get over the 25 whole notes at 1000 beats per minute in 100/4 time.
  • Ah yes, the snare solo is my favorite part of jingle bells

Love it.

Music-Driven Nostalgia

I don’t know why DJ Earworm has suddenly ramped up his non-Decade of Pop uploads, but I am DIGGING IT.

Here’s his latest:

I love that this mashup contains music from decade right before I started my Decade of Music Project (well, okay, it contains 2009 which was technically in my Decade, but whatevs). This is music from junior high, high school, and undergrad for me. Thus, TONS of nostalgia. There’s a lot of those early- to mid-2000s songs that I only ever got to hear on the radio while I was in my room making stupid stop-motion movies. I didn’t yet have an iPod and because CDs were too freaking expensive. There are also a good number of songs in there that were some of my first purchases on iTunes.

Super cool! Is it nostalgic for you, too?

It’s time…

…for another “Stupid Crap from Tumblr/YouTube” post because I’m equal parts sad and FURIOUS WITH THE WORLD and so I have nothing constructive to say.


This is hysterical. Also very accurate based on my experiences taking upper level math courses. Though the only class I ever had that announced the grade breakdown of exams was my computer science class.

“This is Calculus 7. Today we’re going to be doing some mathematics.”

“It’s a conceptual move, not an algebraic one.”

It’s Anosmia Awareness Day!

So have something completely unrelated: saxophones!

I have mixed feelings about the sound of saxophones. A saxophone might be my least favorite instrument to hear on its own. I don’t know why. There’s something kind of grating about its sound, at least to me.

But this guy plays all four of those saxophones very well and I don’t mind how they sound. This is also one of my favorite Holst pieces, so yeah.



I suspect Van Gogh would have LOVED this tribute to his works

So freaking cool and beautiful. It has a very OK Go-ish vibe to it, too.


I’m a mild fan of Weezer. I like them but I’m not like OMFG WEEZER like I am with Coldplay or Muse (but mostly just Coldplay). So when I saw that they had a new album, OK Computer, on iTunes, I was like, “okay, cool, let’s check it out and see if there are any good songs.”

There are a LOT of good songs.

Apparently Weezer decided that strings were a good addition to their sound and holy hell, what a good decision. There’s so much cello on this album. Here are some favorites:

The strings in this are sooooooo goooooood yooooooo. That low note at the start gives me feels.

More strings! Also, super sing-able chorus.

This is one of the most “Weezer” songs they’ve ever made. 2020 hipster vibes.

Another one with a very sing-able chorus.

UGH, Coldplay

I would so love to go to one of their concerts. Look at how amazing this looks. All the people singing and crying. Chris Martin being Chris Martin

I would lose my mind if I heard this song live. I couldn’t handle it.

Good Job, California. You Made a Haunted Road

It’s pretty wild how such a “small” error makes the result so horribly wrong.

Edit: here’s one in Hungary that’s done correctly.

Snap back to reality, OOP there goes…um…a rope…

This is REALLY interesting, yo.

According to Wilhelmsen, “when a mooring line snaps, it moves at up to 800km/h…Snap back accounts for a staggering 53% of mooring accidents, according to the UK P&I club, with a sobering 1 in 7 of those accidents resulting in fatalities.”

What a cool, innovative solution to try to prevent these accidents.

Also, this brings back vague memories of reading about snap back incidents with games of tug-of-war. Pretty rough stuff for a “fun” game, but I guess those accidents too have resulted in ropes that are specifically designed for the stress of tug-of-war.


Does anyone else remember this super artsy movie?

This odd little movie was something I first watched back in high school. In 10th grade, I had to get a few* EEGs done due to a weird blackout thing I had during English class one day. They were testing me for some sort of epilepsy or something and I had to be sleep deprived for it, which meant staying awake for 24 hours before the test.

Somebody (a neighbor? One of my mom’s friends? I don’t remember) knew that I had to do this, so they bought me a few movies to watch to help pass the time. One of them was Triplets.

I love the exaggerated style of the characters and how there’s very little dialogue. The music is fantastic, too. Give it a watch if you can find it!

*It should have just been one EEG, but Gritman is incompetent and they kept screwing it up. I had to get three of them total.

DJ Earworm, you magnificent soul

This is so freaking cool.

I love that it’s an instrumental so that you can hear how the basic sounds of songs have evolved over the past 50 years.

I also love that once it hit the early 90s I was like “I KNOW MOST OF THESE YAY!”

Earworm is amazing.

Are you there, god? It’s-a me, Mario

So ever since I searched for “Mahler Hammer” for a blog in, like, July (this one), I get Mahler-related recommendations on YouTube every once and a while. And every once and a while, I watch them.

Today I watched this one:

Okay, two things:

1. What a freaking beautiful performance of a beautiful piece of music

2. I absolutely love musicians and conductors who get the hell into it. This conductor (Christian Vasquez) is so enthusiastic and so into it and it just makes it all so much better slfjslfghalfhakghdakfh

I don’t know. It just makes me so happy to see people feel music. It makes me feel the music even more.

ALSO, 2:59 is Frisson Central, holy hell.

Alright, I’m done.

I already miss baseball so freaking much

YAY, Freddie Freeman won the NL MVP award. Super well-deserved. Freeman is definitely in my top five favorite players.

Here’s a video compliation of him being awesome.


I found the most distressingly haunting song and it works so well with one of the end scenes in my NaNo. Check it out:

Nightmares, anyone?

(Sorry, that’s all I’ve got for today)

Boomba boomba boomba boomba, I want you in my Roomba

Here’s a great barbershop quartet to hopefully brighten your day.

Because we all know everything else sucks right now.


Somebody needs to explain why this song is so painfully familiar to me.

Like…I’ve never played any of the Civ games, and the only other song I’m familiar with by this composer is his “Baba Yetu” for Civ IV, but that doesn’t sound anything like this.

It is seriously freaking me out. Why do I feel like I’ve heard this song many, many times before? I’m usually really good at remembering when I’ve heard a song, but I’m having hella troubles with this one.

There are aspects of it that are familiar to other pieces of music I know, yes. 1:54 to 1:56-ish sounds very much like part of “The Launch” from Apollo 13 (especially with the chimes). 2:13 to 2:16 is like part of that fanfare thing they play for the Olympics (edit: which is literally called “Olympic Fanfare,” sorry, John Williams).


It’s a fantastic song, though. Fantastic. I can’t get it out of my head.

Edit: apparently “Baba Yetu” was the first music made for a video game to win a Grammy. I think this song is way better, though.

Edit 2: Here’s a live version. Live versions are always better.

“Quietly,” said the blog post

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten like three hours of sleep over the past week or so or what, but this is great.


Edit 2: okay, he’s got a ton of these “if people X’ed instead of Y’ed” videos and they’re all pretty fantastic.

What a Wonderful 2020 Song

The more I listen to these guys, the more I like them. And the energy in this song is fantastic.

Sorry, everything else in the world is terrible right now.



Kortal Mombat

This year has been a big ol’ bag of farts, yes?

Have a magician to make it at least a little bit better.

This guy really reminds me of my old friend Jacob from high school. Super cool dude. I wonder how he’s doing nowadays.

This is like the TA version of Myers-Briggs

As someone who’s been a TA and is now a prof, this is super relatable. I think I was closest to the “Needs to Give a ‘Short’ Lecture Every Lab” but every once and a while I was the “Basically, It’s Like.”

The “Never Comes Prepared” one is pretty great.


So hey, I found a Brian Regan routine on YouTube that I’ve never heard before!

Not as good as his old stuff, but still pretty good. That fireworks noise at 6:19 and when he messes up the horse racing joke at 33:13 had me really laughing like crazy.

As someone who’s still obsessed with this game that came out in 1998, I enjoyed this immensely.

The ominous music makes this even more distressing. I love it.