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So I finally went to the doctor to see about the crazy arm rashes I’ve been getting, and it sounds like I have polymorphous light eruption.

It sounds super cool, but it basically means I’m allergic/sensitive to UV light. It’s a delayed reaction where you’re fine when you’re out in the sun but after the sun exposure occurs, then your immune system starts going “OH SHIT” and reacts to it, causing rough-looking rashes/blisters and lots and lots of itching.

Here’s more:

So, you know, no big deal.
I’m just out in the sun for four hours to get my 15-mile walk in every day.
N o  p r o b l e m .

And no, sunscreen doesn’t prevent it. I’ll either have to wear long sleeves or suffer the itch/redness. But for some people it seems to “flare” at the beginning of spring/summer when there’s more sun, but if they let it blister up and then heal, it “hardens” the skin against it until next spring/summer. We’ve been having a lot of cloudy/rainy days this week and my rash is almost gone, so maybe my arms will have healed enough by the time it gets super sunny again. WHO KNOWS, IT’S AN ADVENTURE.

Edit: well it’s mid-July now and the “eruptions” have definitely diminished a lot. So I either don’t have this at all and my arms were just being spazzes, or, like some people, I flared up at the first major spring exposures to sunlight and then “got used to it.” Odd news.


Bros that cling together…

…swing together.

Human determination at its finest.

The real bro is that tree limb, though.

I need to post more stuff on Tumblr.

Why? Because every time I go to my Tumblr page, this damn post is right there and I subsequently have to go watch this and get it stuck in my head for hours:

Remember AlbinoBlackSheep? Fun times.


This is beautiful and I want it played at my funeral.

Parts that made me cry: 0:00-6:30 (not even kidding; every single one of these songs is attached to an important memory/time in my life)

I love Coldplay, yo. Love them.



We took my mom to the Calgary Zoo today, and unlike the last time I was at the zoo, I actually documented this trip with more than just a single video of butterflies. OBSERVE!


Also, here’s the peacock in action.

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I can’t help it if I find good music, yo. Y’all are just going to have to deal with the music blog posts sometimes.


VOCES8 is my new favorite thing.


Let’s look at the super cool ISOCHRONOUS CURVE!

This video does a good job of demonstrating that the periodic motion of an object on a (frictionless) isochronous curve has a period that is independent of where the object starts on the curve. It’s a pretty cool little thing.


(I’m going to link to one of the pages, ‘cause it looks like the majority of the site is in French, but some of it has been translated to English. I’ve clicked through a lot of the curves using the links at the bottom and I’ve only hit English pages, so if you want to look at some curves, that might be the best way to go (unless you know French)).


This guy’s absolute adoration of laminar flow is so freaking awesome.

Is…is this how I am with Leibniz?


Hahaha, I found this movie terrifying as a kid as well.

Edit: aaaaaand of course they’re making a sequel this year. Nothing is safe. Humans are terrible.

Dear Kitten:

Okay, this is cute as hell.


Roomba Rambo

Hahahaha, oh my god.

This Roomba is like my internal dialogue.


Na na naaaaa na…

Na na naaaaa na…
Hey, hey, hey…

What the fuck is this.

Have another song, FIGHT ME

This song has a lot of nostalgia for me for some reason. I know we played it in Concert Band with Torrey, but I swear we also played it in high school.

Anyway. This group sounds beautiful, yo. They’re the ones that did that Sound of Silence cover I posted on March 2nd.


I watched this because YouTube kept recommending it to me. Now I can’t get it out of my head.

Seriously, I was singing it to myself during my entire freaking walk today. The animation’s pretty neat-o, too.

I don’t know if I’d heard of Lil Dicky before this, but I’ll have to check out more of his stuff.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if “what the fuck, I’m a clam?!!?” was an actual thing that Lil Jon has said in the past.

Tomato Hatred Level: 10/10

I love this guy’s energy and I can relate to his hatred of tomatoes.

Nate, you might not want to watch this one. Lots of tomato violence.

Edit: just realized I blogged about another video of this guy’s last year. It’s good to see that he’s learned nothing about psi, haha.


The Chernobyl disaster has always been something that’s been really interesting to me. It’s absolutely terrifying what happened, but the fact that it could have been much worse is even more terrifying.

I’ve heard good things about HBO’s mini-series, but I’ve never really seen one and don’t know how accurate they are. But the trailer is sufficiently terrifying, for sure.

This is the best documentary I’ve seen on it so far:


I really like this song.

I don’t know what it is with me lately, but I’ve been getting super emotional over music. This song? It’s not sad, it’s not depressing, it’s not particularly frisson-inducing. But I checked it out after hearing a YouTube ad for it and I’m freaking bawling over it.

(I blame the Sennheisers)

Also, the sound of this band + the lead singer’s voice really reminds me of Suede.

Tell me that’s not the same sound/voice.


Ooooh, I like it.

Like many of The Killers’ songs, this is one that gives that nice painful tug on your heart with its yearning tone. The orchestra makes it so much better.

I’m also a sucker for orchestral covers of anything, so.


I love this guy’s video simulations of space stuff.

I also love the disclaimer “Saturns rotation is extra impossible, but I had to prevent the rings from colliding.”

Don’t we all, yeti dynamics? Don’t we all?