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Good lord, OneRepublic. Super powerful lyric video and song.


Di-Vine Punishment

Man, I don’t know if it’s because I’m beyond sleep deprived right now or what, but this is a damn fine set of Vines.

Why did they take Vine away from us?



Woah, this is super satisfying and calming.

Here, Have Some More

Y’all thought I was done with the obnoxious home movies yet?

Y’all thought wrong.

Here’s another “series” which is really just two videos titled “Hiking with Altoids” and “Hiking with Altoids II.” I’m a little bit older in these—sixth grade or so, probably.

For whatever reason, Altoids were what was happening in 6th grade. Everyone had a tin of them, we traded flavors, and we had competitions over who could hold the most Altoids in their mouth without freaking out over how strong the taste was. We pretended they were drugs.

Catholic school kids gone bad.

Our family also happened to live in a house with a back yard that ran right up against the U of I arboretum. Which, of course, was a perfect place for a lot of my nonsense movies.

So enjoy Hiking with Altoids and Hiking with Altoids II.


Yeah, this was what I did with my spare time.


Depressed, barely-able-to-function, “trying is hard” guy is me.

Dog is my loved ones (Nate, mom, Jazzy).

I do not deserve.

More Embarrassment

So last weekend y’all got The Grandpa Twins. This weekend it’s Coo News at 8:30, aka “The Most Depressing News Channel Ever.”

Not sure what a coo is? Read this.

That “accent” I’m using is how coos talk.

Also, sorry about it getting all warbly at the end. This was at the very end of the tape.

Here, Enjoy This

Alrighty, guys.

So if you remember, about a month ago I mentioned that I bought a nice cheap (~$50) video camera from Amazon. At the time, I said that the main purpose for my purchasing this video camera would be revealed later.

It’s later, so here we go:

I have hours and hours of old videos I made when I was a kid and was obsessed with my mom’s camcorder. Because I’m too cheap/embarrassed to take these videos to any sort of film/camera place to have them converted to DVD and/or mp4 type thing, I’m going old-school high-quality and will be using the video camera to record the videos playing on the TV so that I can then transfer them to my computer and keep them safe forever (some of the old tapes are really close to breaking).

Anyway, several of these videos contain episodes from a series called The Grandpa Twins. The grandpa twins were two sock puppets (in the loosest sense; I just stuck plain old socks on my hands without any embellishments) who were quite gay and who had incredibly weird adventures.

Let’s make that series the first set of videos I re-record, shall we?

And because this blog is like an extension of my existence, y’all get to experience this nonsense.

These episodes were completely unscripted; I came up with a random theme at the intro and then just went with it. I was also somewhere between 8 and 10 years old (based off the hairstyle and that freaking Simba shirt that I would never take off), so there’s that as well. Yes, there’s paint on everything. Art rules.

So for your enjoyment and my embarrassment, I present the thrilling* saga** of The Grandpa Twins.


* hardly
** not really

Good lord, Voctave

That first freaking chord is fantastic, and so is the rest of it.

Pentatonix is Pentatonix, but the way these guys’ voices meld together is just beautiful.

Ears for Fears

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to this year’s second Five Star:

So good. So good. It gets better each time I listen to it.


So, does anyone have a cool $3,000 that they’d like to use to buy me this? Haha.

I’d be all over this thing. I love his reaction; mine would probably be similar.

Can you imagine Sleepyhead blasting out of this? With that chorus?


*heavy metal screeching*

Question: is it wrong to take the perfection that is Lone Digger and mash it up with some Eminem?

Answer: No. In fact, it’s wrong not to.


1:29 OH MY GOD

(Sorry, I get really excited about good mashups)

Donkey church: “Let us bray.”

Good lord, HowToBasic.

I love it here

Okay, so I know I post a time lapse or panning video of Calgary like every month or so on here, but I really do love this city and this particular video has awesome music and awesome shots.


Yay, USA won the World Baseball Classic!

I’m ready for the regular season to start. Nate got me all excited about baseball last year, haha.

Edit: unrelated, but important.

Boston Dynamics, u ok?


Like, I get the whole robot thing. New technology is great! But good lord, put a cheerful sunbonnet on it or something so that it doesn’t look like it’s about ready to murder a family.

Hahaha, 0:19: angry figure skater is angry.
1:10: “I stuck the landing…HAHAHA SCREW YOU, PARENTS, I’M OUTTA HERE”



Dooders. Here is a really cool animated infographic discussing how fire impacts different California plant and tree species.

Edit: MOAR

I’ve seen the California Redwoods. Next goal: Giant Sequoias.

The Nose Knows? No.

Heeeeeeeeeeeey, it’s Anosmia Awareness Day! Go hug a non-smeller and watch this video I  posted awhile back because it’s fantastic.

(And get me this shirt, haha.)

Hey Now / You’re a Meme Star

So I’m all about stupid memes, as we all know.

Well, one of my favorite meme-type thingies on YouTube is people taking Smash Mouth’s All Star and doing weird-ass things with it. Examples:

The freaking Bach chorale. Wow.

I love the internet, man.


Welcome to Half-Life.

I laugh because he made a lot of obvious mistakes/missteps, but I guess if you’re someone who hasn’t played 600 hours* of Half-Life, those mistakes/missteps might actually not be so obvious.

*It’s an estimate, but it’s probably a conservative estimate. I’ve played a lot of Half-Life.


So today I did a dumb and took a 15-mile walk in -11℉ weather. And how does my amazing husband reward such ridiculous behavior? He cranks the heat up in the condo and warms up my towel in the dryer while I shower.

I don’t deserve this man.

In other more depressing news, Dr. Hans Rosling died today. A Swedish statistician and educator, he pushed for truth in statistics, data visualization and accessibility, and was big on understanding global development. One of my favorite videos of his is one I showed on the first day of each of my STAT 251 classes back at UI (and to my students last semester, too):

RIP, Dr. Rosling.