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Bros that cling together…

…swing together.

Human determination at its finest.

The real bro is that tree limb, though.

Ben Bailey

So a few days ago I was listening to Brian Regan on Youtube, right? Because of that, I had a new recommended video today:

I clicked on it ‘cause I thought “what the hell” and definitely wasn’t expecting to find it as enjoyable as I did. Starts out a little slow, but definitely picks up. His restless leg syndrome bit and the whole road rage thing at the end is pretty great. Give him a try!


I’ve been watching a lot of clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube lately. Here’s a set of three videos highlighting the times when the crew (mostly Drew) end up laughing uncontrollably (mostly because of Colin).

Wayne completely losing it in the background of some of these is great.


I’ve posted a decent amount of Brian Regan-related material on here already, but I was working on notes/practice problems in my office this afternoon and wanted something to listen to, so I listened to his “Live” recording.

Unfortunately there is no video of these routines, which sucks ‘cause a good portion of Brian’s humor his visual. But it’s still freaking hilarious. The “Stupid in School,” “Truck Drivers,” and “Crank Calls” routines are all fantastic, but they’re all good.


Hahaha, what in the hell.

Wiis are dangerous, yo.

I miss Michael

More Rage Quit. Sorry, I’m still super burnt out and this is all I’ve got right now bye.

“How many fuckin’ dogs ya got?”

Clarinets are Sexy

So remember this guy?


Well, Happy Hanukah.


Hahaha, how did I not know this happened?

That’s great. Blevins can act, yo.


This is fantastic.

Sorry, I’m super busy and super stressed and super garbage.


This is fantastic. The more you know!

This man is an angry goose in disguise

I feel like twenty poops, so here’s a kopke613 Vine compilations to make everyone (including myself) feel better.



I’ve been laughing at this damn Vine for the past 15 minutes.

I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy and I’m not sorry.

A Mood

It’s 5:30 in the morning and I can’t stop laughing at this stupid thing.

Oh, HowToBasic

This is his best video yet. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.

As someone who is allergic to pineapple, this is relatable.


I’m sure you’ve all seen this:

Which spawned this:

Now get ready for THIS!

It’s like a beautiful song, haha.

Edit: hahaha

0:53-1:15 is fantastic.


Hahaha, what in the actual shit.

“My brother is in trouble there!”

This thing is 10 years old today.


For some reason, this also reminds me of this insanity:

Sean thought this was hilarious. His MSN name was “Giant Enemy Crab” for like a year and a half after seeing this.


So I found this comedian, John Mulaney, through a Tumblr post with the following video:

Which is hysterical. But then I found someone who made a kinetic typography video of one of his short sketches and it’s perfect for the subject matter:


It’s getting to be the holiday season, yo! Which means I’ve got these two 5 Second Film films going through my head at random times:

“God bless you, San-ta.”

Edit: hahahaha, I’ve never seen this one until now:

Miniature Fireplace Stabs-A-Lot Jesus is the stuff of nightmares.

Move bus, get out ‘the way

Not sure if this is actually as funny as it seems to me right now, seeing as how it’s like four in the morning, but this is absolutely hilarious right now.

Edit: yup, it’s actually funny.