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How to Read Sheet Music

I keep forgetting to post this, but it’s hilarious. I know at least one person who reads these blogs is a music nerd (MATT!), so you’ll probably like it.


This is all I’ve got for today, but really…isn’t this enough?

(My titles suck, sorry)

Hahaha. This is great.

(Sorry for the garbage blogging; I’ve just kind of been in panic mode about everything lately.)

The Cat’s Meow



Edit: paused it at just the right spot.


Rage Quit

So thanks to Nate listening to the playlist of Michael’s Rage Quit on YouTube, I’ve been listening to my favorite old Rage Quits all day at school. So I’ll put them all here, ‘cause even though I’ve mentioned most (all?) of these in my blog at some point, it’s nice to have everything together. And I haven’t mentioned any Rage Quits in a while.

These are vaguely ranked.

Cat Mario

Nyan Cat Adventure

No Luca No

Christmas Carnage

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 2

Virtua Tennis 3

Rock Star Table Tennis

The Impossible Game Level Pack: Level 3

Realistic Summer Sports Simulator

QWOP: Michael vs. Gavin

Greg Hastings Paintball 2


Sonic the Hedgehog

Unicorn Makeout Mania


Christmas Comedy

Hi, all!

Patton Oswalt is not my favorite comedian (Brian Regan is definitely the best!), but these two routines are pretty great.

The animation’s great, plus everything past 6:16.


Hahaha, oh my god, these are fantastic.

Jaboody Dubs is great.

Proof that President #1 is still #1

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this video before, but I need to do it again because I’ve had this damn song in my head ALL DAY LONG and I can’t get it out.

Vines (Part II)

In the same spirit as yesterday’s post, have some of my other favorite Vine poster (Viner? Is that a thing?), Zachary Piona. He’s the dancing guy in this Uptown Funk video.

His facial expressions and voices are great.

“100% Attendance Kids” (this is me, haha)

“Me In Jail”

“Stay at Home Mom is a Secret Drug Addict”

Sad Music

Hard Rock

Cops and Robbers


Back Seat

Vines (Part I)

I know I’ve posted some of this guy’s Vines on here before, but I think he’s hysterical, so have some more (and those ones I’ve posted before).

“Canadian Scenery”

“Canadian Highway”|

“Traffic Management”

“One with Nature”

“wen u envented a nu furit an u turnt AF” (the sunglasses at the end are the best)

“Nature w/ TRAM”

“Serious Question Tho”

Tim Hortons® Always Fresh|

Another quality how-to video by HowToBasic

(I find about 35% of his videos hilarious; this is one of them.)

“Rest in peace…TO THE MOON!”


This is hysterical, especially considering I used to play this all the time.

Best parts:
0:24 – 0:55
5:07 – 5:40 (the music is fantastic)
7:27 – 7:50
8:38 to the end

This has made my day.


This is fantastic. That’s all you need to know.
(4:00 – 5:15, especially.)

Oh, Garfield…

Oops, I just rediscovered Garkov, a Markov-chain-based Garfield comic strip generator.

4 5 a b c


I’ve also, upon rediscovering Garkov, rediscovered Lasagna Cat. All you need to know about Lasagna Cat can be summed up in three words: live action Garfield.



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The last one.

I miss Ray.

The conversation at 4:46 is great.

Vine Party

This guy’s Vines are great. I posted the Tim Hortons one awhile back, but there are others that are pretty fantastic, too. (Yes, I watch Vines, SHUT UP.)

Not Even Close
End of Story
wen u envented a nu furit an u turnt AF
Canadian Knock-Knock Joke
Nature w/ TRAM (this is my favorite)
Serious Question Tho

I am, indeed, an April fool

When I get super sleep deprived, I tend to make/write/blog things I don’t remember making/writing/blogging about. For example, I found this thing on my USB this morning. Its “date modified” is last night (this morning?) at 3:43 AM.

Dumb Joke



I’ve walked a million steps this year! That’s probably not at all impressive, but whatevs.

Have some Powerthirst, because Powerthirst.

One of my good friends has the nickname “Fizzbitch” from these.


Hahaha, oh my god, this is great.

Flashbacks to that time we were driving around Moscow blasting Dragostea din tei and waving our arms out the window like a bunch of idiots.

(And the trunk was open for like a mile.)