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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey have a drawing. Blah.


Have an Art that’s Not a Heart!


4th Dimension

Colored Pencils, we Meet Again!

So I haven’t drawn in like 500 years. But I had some a lot of free time in the Airport on Monday night last week, plus some more yesterday, so here ya go.

Wild at Heart


Tonight I was bored so I Photoshopped the hell out of some of my art. Got some cool results.

Here’s “Chameleon” crystallized.


“Fractured Fresnel” with color halftone.


“Persistent Petals” with all sorts of things.


“Data” extruded twice (this is my favorite).


“Eyes of the Sphere” extruded once.





Heeeeeeeeeeeeey have a thing.

It sucks, but it’s a thing.


(I need to learn how to draw.)

I need more colored pencils.

Heeeeeeeey, have some airport art. Certainly not my best, but I didn’t have that much time in Seattle (which is abnormal) so this is all you get.



So here’s something kinda cool: earlier today I wanted to find a drawing that I’d favorited on DeviantArt but didn’t want to go and log into my DA account itself, so instead what I did was Google “LadyLeibniz,” my DA username, so that I could just see my profile and find the drawing I wanted from my favorites list.

However, when I was looking at the search results, I found that a good number of my drawings have been posted on Tumblr and have quite a few notes—29, 156, 194, 621—snazzy! I had no idea my art had been Tumbld.

This also makes me appreciate even more those people who take time to properly credit the artists of pictures that they post to Tumblr. All of the ones I found had the title plus “by LadyLeibniz” (which, of course, is why I could find them by Googling) and most had links right back to my DA account.

Sorry, I just think that’s cool.


Okay, I definitely recommend this coloring book to everyone (once it’s back in stock). If you are like me and enjoy doing super tedious things to chill out, this is a wonderful outlet. Have the first page colored Claudia-style!


This book also gives me a chance to continue watching Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft videos. I stopped around 60-something before; now I’m watching them again and coloring at the same time. Good way to relax!


So today’s the last day of classes! All that’s left is my final for Multivariate Analysis, which is next Thursday.

And Nate, being the awesome person that he is, got me a present for the end of the semester:


It’s a coloring book! The designs are super intricate:

2 3

I’ll use this when I want to draw and I don’t have any ideas for designs.
(Which happens more often than I’d care to admit.)

Thanks, Nate!


I done drawed!


I told myself I wouldn’t spend the time finishing this tonight. I lied.


Okay, I’m sure you’re all probably sick of hearing about my Canadian adventures by now, but I have to blog about this ‘cause it’s pretty great.

So awhile back (2012), a statue called the Wishing Well was installed in front of the Genesis Centre here in Calgary. The statue is a giant reflective bugger that looks like this (pic source):


Not too bad, eh?

Well, apparently the $559,000 (!!) statue had to be removed recently, as its reflective powers of doom burned a hole in a dude’s jacket. The incident actually happened last year, prompting city officials to put a blue fence around the statue (which had actually been built for people to interact with it by going inside it and making noises). Since the jacket incident, officials (and the artist) have tried to prevent another singe by angling the sculpture, hammering it, and dulling the interior. But since nothing has worked, they finally decided to remove it entirely.

Okay. Now fast-forward to this weekend. On Saturday morning there was a huge underground electrical fire downtown which knocked out power to about 17 blocks of condos, apartments, and businesses in the nearby area (not where I live). I went to read Mayor Nenshi’s tweets about the fire and its possible cause and saw this tweet from someone else:


Hahahaha. Best comment ever.


Not bad I suppose. Better than that last piece of crap I made.


I think I’m getting worse at drawing

I’m not even uploading this one to DeviantArt. It’s terrible. But since I have nothing to say today, you unfortunate buggers get to see it.




Holy freaking crap, watch this ridiculously awesome video. If you’ve ever thrown pottery and/or dealt with clay before, you’ll definitely appreciate this.

Hell, you’ll appreciate it if you haven’t dealt with pottery/clay.

Also, beautiful music is beautiful.



I actually kind of sort of maybe like this one. Better than most of the crap I draw.

Persistent Petals


Blah Blahson.

In Death Rainbows

Heart of a Florist

Problem: I’m lonely and sad.
Solution: Watch Achievement Hunter vids and draw frou-frou crap.

Edit: here’s the frou-frou crap:

Heart of a Florist

Eye See You!



I’m sooooooo bored. Wanna draw, but can’t think of an idea.

(Ignore the giant shadow that makes me look like I have a black eye. Crappy lighting, yo.)


This suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Got nothing else today, though.

Heart and Sol

I Drew!

For the first time in like 500 years!

Eyes of the Sphere

And I still suck!