Are invertebrates not allowed to drink Orange Crush?

So I impulse-bought an iPod Touch off of eBay this afternoon for no other reason than “hey look, this auction has 31 seconds left and I have money in my bank account!”

Who does that?

I now have THREE MOTHERFUCKING IPODS. I don’t even have the correct number of ears to justify that. What sane human being needs three iPods?
And I don’t even consider myself an Apple whore. I’ve never personally owned a Mac, the whole iPhone thing seems over-hyped to me, and I still don’t know what the hell the iPad actually is (aside from “a magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price”).

I’d sell Ye Olde iPod Classic, but it’s 80 gigs (SIZE OF OLD VAIO WTF) and it’s the only one compatible with my little car stereo plug-in thingy (meaning it charges as it plays). Plus it’s dented all to hell and I don’t know how I could convince a buyer that it works fine when it looks like a fat dude threw an elbow into its stainless steel.
Shiny new golden Nano is obviously staying, ‘cause I bought him less than a month ago and I adore the color. Nano also works best on the bus ‘cause he’s small and easy to deal with when I’m also carrying book/purse/umbrella/groceries.
And selling new Touch would be dumb.

Best plan of action: wait till Touch gets here, fondle the ever-living hell out of it and its Wi-Fi, then determine what Xbox games I should sell to compensate for my lack of restraint. I need to get rid of that old copy of Fallout 3, anyway.

Well, at least I don’t impulse-buy houses (that would make me my mom).

Today’s song: Mozart’s Mass in C Minor: Kyrie, performed by The Hungarian Radio Chorus

3 responses

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    How’s the battery in your old i-pod? My i-pod battery won’t stay charged, so I need either a new battery or a new (to me) i-pod. As long as the battery stays charged for more than 3 hours I don’t care about appearance.
    Ha ha, you want to talk about impulse buying? I just bought a 65 lb train bell. Not because I had the money to (I didn’t) because it was a good deal…


    1. Haha, yay for impulse buys!
      My old iPod’s old enough so that its battery has worn down quite a bit…it doesn’t hold a charge for very long. If it did, I’d offer it to you, but it doesn’t. Sorry!


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