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Canadian League Baseball: Week 11 Summary

More fake ballin’, yo.


The NL West has a tight race right now. Poor Expos, though, haha.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 10 Summary

We’re ten weeks into the (fake) season! Here’s what’s what:


Simulation Adrian Gonzalez got his 2,000th hit, so that’s kinda cool.

Simulation Matz is hurt, though, so that’s not cool at all. ALL THE SIMULATED METS PLAYERS ARE HURT WHAT THE FREAKING CRAPPLES

Canadian League Baseball: Week 9 Summary


(Sorry, I’m hyper)

Here’s the standings after nine weeks:


It’s going to be interesting to see if there’s less separation between the team performances than there was in real life in 2017 due to the fact that the super talented players are more spread out across all the teams instead of with the teams with the most money. We’ll see!

Canadian League Baseball: Week 8 Summary

Here are the standings at week 8. Simulation Cespedes is hurt and Simulation Chase Utley hit for the cycle, so y’know, that’s great.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 7 Summary

Here are the standings at week 7! We’re starting to see a little bit of separation now.


Poor Yukon and Yellowknife. It’s too cold up there for baseball, haha.

Canadian League Baseball: Week 6 Summary

Here are the standings at week 6! I should make a document or something of the 25-man rosters for each team so that anyone who is interested (which is probably just me) can see where all the big players are in this fake league. I could put a link to it on here or something.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 5 Summary

Here are the updated current standings for week 5! Simulation Syndegaard is still hurt. Simulation Zack Wheeler is also out for the season with a ruptured ulnar collateral ligament, which sounds pretty gnarly (and sucks ‘cause his ERA was 1.70 so far).


I suspect the reason that Vancouver is doing so badly is because they’re all freaking sad that they have to play in Vancouver.

Canadian League Baseball: Week 4 Summary

Here are the updated current standings. No one is really pulling ahead at this point, but it’s very early in the season still.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 3 Summary

Here are the updated current standings. Go Calgary! Haha.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 2 Summary

Here are the updated current standings.


Other news: Simulation Syndergaard has already been injured like three times (just like the real 2017?), so he’s sitting right now.

Tune in next Sunday!