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Meme Me Up, Scotty

Well guess what website I played with all night.














Edit: it knows.


Eigenblogger Turns 14!


So today marks my 14th year of blogging. That’s 14 years of daily nonsense.

That’s a lot of nonsense. 5,115 days’ worth, to be exact.

Thanks to those of you who still read this on occasion. I don’t understand why you do it, but thank you. I’m not going to do anything special for this anniversary because who freaking cares, but 15 is coming up next year and we all know I like numbers divisible by 5, so there will be something big for that one.




I ran 10 miles today!

In completely unrelated news, Alberta published its “here’s how we’re going to re-open the province” plan. Let’s see what we’ve got.


May 14 sounds awful soon for some of the “Phase 1” items. Farmers’ markets? Hairstylists/barbers? Daycares and summer camps (even with limited occupancy)? That seems…frightening. Hopefully enough people share my same sentiment so that these places won’t be overrun by peeps. Or maybe they’ll push it back.

Also, movie theaters in stage 2? And schools, even with restrictions? Oofs.

And I might just be missing it, but I don’t see anything on there about universities. Who knows when that nonsense will reopen.

I’m glad there are no set times on stages 2 and 3, at least. I think Alberta has done a really good job of dealing with all of this; I just hope they remain as cautious and health-focused as things start opening up and the economy starts chugging again.

We don’t want to have to do all this again in a few months.


So remember last summer when I told you that I’d been diagnosed with polymorphous light eruption, but I was a bit skeptical of this because the eruptions stopped sometime mid-July and I didn’t think I actually had the condition?

Yeah, now I’m pretty sure I have the condition.

It’s finally, finally warm enough up here to walk without a coat on, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past several days. This is the first time my arms have been uncovered and in the sunlight since…man, I don’t know, September?* Yesterday night I noticed a few bumps on my upper arms that very quickly started to itch once I poked and prodded them a bit.

And today, after walking another 15 miles in sunny weather, my arms were really looking roughed up. They were getting that same rash-like landscape of red bumps that I was getting last year when I started exposing them to the sun. And they itched like crazy. These were the symptoms that led to the diagnosis last year.

I’ll be curious to see if my skin “toughens up” to the UV rays like it did last year, which is apparently a thing that happens for a lot of people with this condition. It flares up when skin is first exposed to the stronger UV lights in the spring/summer, but starts to calm down once the skin gets acclimated to the light.

Who knows? All I know right now is ITCH and BURN and WHY DOES MY SKIN HAVE THE TEXTURE OF A BASKETBALL

*We actually just tied the record of the most consecutive days without reaching 68 degrees. We reached that temperature today; we hadn’t reached it since the end of September last year. What the hell, Calgary.

Good Lord, United States


This is scary. Compare this to a pic of this website that I took back on March 26 (almost exactly a month ago).


Too bad I didn’t have Canada on that first screenshot. We’ve shot up quite a bit, too, but not nearly to the extent that the United States has.

And some states still want to start opening things back up soon, huh?

Confused about how to wash your hands?

Let HowToBasic help!

This is actually a pretty “normal” video for him.


(Sorry, no video or disco occurring in this blog)


So this article is from the Stone Age (2015) but I just found it now, so we’re going to take a look at it. For six songs, there are three samples provided (three for each song, that is). The task is to pick which of the three samples is of the highest audio quality.


I’m going to listen to each audio sample on 1) my $5.99 Koss headphones (the ones I use for walking) and on 2) my massive $600-ish Sennheisers (the ones that I freak out over nearly every day because they’re so damn good). I’m going to see if it’s easier to assess audio quality on the Sennheisers when compared to the Koss.

The tricky part is trying to be as objective/unbiased as possible for each song while still having to listen to each with both headphones. So rather than check my answers as I go, I’m going to first write them down for the Koss and then for the Sennheisers and then check my correctness. This will at least in part mitigate the issue of knowing which answers are correct as I go through the second round.

So let’s go!

Round 1: $5.99 Koss Headphones
Here are what I think are the best quality versions for each song:

  • Speed of Sound: sample 1
  • Mozart: sample 2
  • There’s a World: sample 2
  • Tom’s Diner: sample 3
  • Tom Ford: sample 3
  • Dark Horse: sample 3

[I waited about an hour between this round and the next and am not looking at my above answers as I do this process for the Sennheisers; I don’t remember what my above answers were]

Round 2: $600 Sennheiser Headphones
Again, here are what I think are the best quality versions for each song:

  • Speed of Sound: sample 3
  • Mozart: sample 1
  • There’s a World: sample 3
  • Tom’s Diner: sample 1
  • Tom Ford: sample 3
  • Dark Horse: sample 1

Ready for the results?

Score with Koss: 2/6
Score with Sennheisers: 5/6

Hahaha, wow. Wasn’t expecting that much of a difference!

Edit: turns out there’s a follow-up article. 29.7% of quiz-takers got a 2/6 score and only 4.5% of quiz-takers got a 5/6 score. Interesting!

Today, I downloaded all the info that Google has stored on me

Apparently allows you to download all of your Google history.
Like, all of it.
Everything you’ve ever done through Google or a Google product.

So let’s give it a go and see what jives.

My collected data was big enough that it had to be split into four downloadable zip folders.


Oh shit, is this a list of every YouTube video I’ve watched while signed into my Google account? I think I started this account back in 2011 (when I moved to London), so…that’s a lot of videos. This could prove interesting.


Oh good lord, all my Google searches? This one took forever to load ‘cause there are like 8 billion searches. The above picture is the first search I did after getting my Gmail account, apparently.

There’s…there’s actually not as much stuff as I thought there would be. Maybe I  just don’t do too much other than YouTube and Google searching. I’m sure my every move on this planet is in there somewhere as well, but it’s not super obvious where it is or what it’s called.

Google, I am disappoint.

(Google, I am not disappoint. Please do not sneak into my bedroom at night and implant a tracker under my skin.)


Hi there sorry but this is adorable.

That is all. The rest of the world sucks.

So, uh…

You know it’s pretty bad when the President of the United States of America basically preaches an idea that was in an episode of Metalocalypse several years ago.

Just sayin’.


I feel like garbage.

Aimless garbage.

That is all.

Are You Ready for Some BASEBALL?!?

So Nate found this six-part series on the Seattle Mariners and it is absolutely enthralling. Only parts 1-4 have been uploaded so far, but the next installment involves ICHIRO which is really the first thing I can remember about the Seattle Mariners. Check out the vids here (I’ll just post them all here once they’re all uploaded):

(That third one is intense.)

Seriously, even if you’re not really a baseball fan, this is super interesting.

Has spring finally come to Calgary???


I was able to go running/walking without a jacket today, which was a fantastic feeling. I actually ran nine miles ‘cause it just felt so nice out and it was so much more enjoyable than the cold hell that it’s been up here all year.

Also, the skin on my arms didn’t erupt, which is good, but I remember that it took a little bit of time (and sun exposure) for that to happen last year, so we’ll see.

Maybe it won’t even happen again.

Edit: today was the warmest it’s been since September last year. That’s too freaking long for the temperatures to be lower than they were today, holy hell.

Nova Scotia

There was a mass-shooting in Nova Scotia today/yesterday.

That kind of stuff doesn’t happen up here.

It’s getting national news coverage. It’s all that’s been talked about today, even with the pandemic and all its fallout.

But in the US, something like this would probably just be a headline on CNN. Maybe not even the major headline. The major headline would be Trump being an idiot in some form or another. This would be “18+ people killed in mass-shooting” as a smaller headline somewhere further down the page. A lot of people probably wouldn’t even click on it because we’re so damn desensitized to that kind of thing in the States.


Pout…pout…LET IT ALL OUT! This is the weather we complain about, come on…

I love how every other day this week has been sunny/warm/both, but today was cloudy/windy/cold. Because Nate and I wanted to walk together.

But we walked together anyway, because it feels like we’ve only gotten like three weekends to actually do that so far this week.

And then we came home and I found a very relevant little map:


I love how Calgary’s in its own personal hell in Alberta (it’s riiiight under the title in that pink region). “You bitches are going to get a snowy April and you’re going to like it.”

Edit: goddammit, Calgary!



This video seems highly relevant nowadays.

Sorry, I actually posted this video in a blog way back in 2010*, but I’ve been thinking about it recently. Can’t imagine why…

*It was around the time you came to visit me in Vancouver, Maddie; let’s see if I can get the correct date…March 16, 2010? *checks* Fucking nailed it. Why do I have this kind of memory for stupid things like specific dates and entire movie dialogues but can’t remember if I had dinner last night?

Do you want to hear what Boney M’s “Rasputin” sounds like if it were sung by stoned demons?

Curious now, eh?

I can’t decide if this is hilarious or terrifying. And the first 1:20 sounds like it should be in a Breaking Bad episode.

O H   T H O S E   R U S S I A N S . . .


LOL my 14-year blogging anniversary is coming up in half a month and I have nothing special planned for it because the world is basically spinning backwards right now and nothing that mattered matters and everything that didn’t matter matters and I don’t even know if I care anymore.

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Life Sucks Right Now

So have something sublime.

This is best served on a pair of Sennheisers, but if you don’t have Sennheisers, any old headphones with good bass will do.

(Also, god this song sounds so much better when it’s not played at 35 BPM.)




I hate it.

At least I have my treadmill now, so I used that for the first time today instead of having to trudge through like four inches of snow.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for a) helping me haul it up the stairs to our condo and b) helping me put it together once we got it up here.


Bonds. Barry Bonds.

Even if you don’t follow baseball, you probably know the name “Barry Bonds.”

Well, want to see how good of a player he would have been even without a bat? Check it:

All that data makes me hot, yo.

Also, baseball.
I miss baseball.

Web Comic!

Hey nerds. So I randomly stumbled across this web comic, and while it appears to be a spinoff of another comic that I am unfamiliar with, I still found it super intriguing and couldn’t stop reading it. So I wanted to promote it here!

Don’t Worry, Teri Blokhin

A very clean, expressive art style and an interesting set of characters. It makes me want to check out the author’s (bioatomic’s) other stuff.


Oliver Tree is a Weird Dude and I Love Him

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned him on here before, but I want to mention him again ’cause he’s great. I first heard of him through his music video for “Hurt,” which YouTube recommended for me for some reason.

Turns out all his music videos are weird and fantastic.

And a new one (which is why I’m blogging about him today):

I love his pants.