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That didn’t take long.


Yo, party poopers!

So since it’s the end of August, I’m declaring “summer” officially over. Back in June I made a list of the crap I wanted to accomplish over the summer, so let’s recap and see just how big of a failure I was:

  • “Walk until my toes fall off.” Haha. Ha. Pretty close, let me tell ya…
  • “Clean the condo. My responsibilities are the bathroom and kitchen, which get the most visibly gross the fastest.” I actually did this! Maybe once, though. Now that my leg is a wounded animal, I’m afraid to bend it too much. Bending is a pretty big requirement for cleaning the bathroom, ‘cause I get all down and dirty and scrub every inch of the bathtub. I get it filthy with my gross walking feet; it’s only right that I clean it.
  • “Consolidate my pasta.” DID IT! Now there’s only like 13 boxes in the cabinet instead of 20+.
  • “Clean the little storage room in the back. There’s a lot of boxes back there. And cat litter dust. Time to sweep where no man has swept before!” DONE! LOTS of cat litter dust.
  • “Clean my side of the closet. There’s a lot of boxes in there. Mostly shoe boxes full of dead Kinvaras.” DONE! I kept the Kinvaras, though. Stuck ‘em in a giant bag. I’m not a hoarder, no siree.
  • “Draw more.” HA.
  • “Organize my bookmarks.” DONE!
  • “Read this amazing biography of this amazing human being yet again, because it’s getting to be that time of the year.” Didn’t do this one ‘cause Nate was busy reading it.
  • “Rewrite my old calculus notes into one giant notebook combining calc I, calc II, and calc III.” Nope.
  • “Do my 50-mile walk. It’s time.” DONE! This is the one I’m most proud of.
  • “Organize the crap on my computer.” Mostly done, yes.
  • “POST THESE BLOGS OMFG” I did the first round! They’re posted through the beginning of July, which is a pretty big deal considering how many that needed posting back in June.

Not too bad!

Walk like an Encryption

So this summer’s going to be super busy. Things to do include:

  • Wedding planning
  • Future planning
  • 2 trips to Moscow
  • Working on thesis
  • TA-ing
  • Getting married!
  • Defending thesis/graduating
  • Looking for a job (and hopefully getting one)

*stresses out*
*realizes that most of these things are good*
*continues to stress out anyway*


Summer Plans (well, some of them)

Okay, so it’s super late, but I have news that I can finally talk about (this was what I hinted at on Saturday).

Nate and I will be leaving in the middle of May to go on a three-week-long road trip through the western US. We’re going to see things like the California redwoods, Yellowstone, Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and a major league baseball game in San Francisco. We’ll also be in Moscow for a few days.

I will post pictures, of course, probably on here and on Facebook (even though I never use Facebook anymore).


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Summer Reading List

Okay, so I know we’re still in March, but there are a few non-fic books I want to read this summer* and thus decided to make a list of them now.


Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography by Maria Rosa Antognazza
The only reason I haven’t read this beautiful bio of my main man more than once is because it deserves my full attention—something I haven’t been able to give it since last July. But it will definitely be read again!

Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter
My mom bought me a copy of this book a loooong time ago, but I’ve never gotten past the first 15 or so pages. It seems quite interesting, I just haven’t been able to get into it yet.

Mathematics From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gullberg
Another book I’ve had for a long time. Not so much a “reading” book as a “here’s everything about math ever” book—I think I finally have a strong enough math background to make sense of a lot of the components of this book.

A History of Mathematics by Carl B. Boyer
If you don’t know why I want to read this, you don’t know me.


*I say “this summer” because it’s a lot easier for me to concentrate on awesome books when I’m not freaking out about school.


I get to teach in the summer!!
And what’s better: it’s not the 7:30 AM section!!! It’s the totally reasonable and much more Claudia-friendly 11:30 AM section, which runs for two hours on M/T/W/Th and starts right after spring semester is done.

I still don’t have any concrete plans past that point—which SUCKS and I hate it—but I’m glad that I at least get to teach in the summer.

Also, this:

An Ode to a (Semi-)Productive Summer

The academic summer is officially over in an hour! Let’s review the goals I specified in May (or June or whenever):

  • Actually study for the GRE/GRE math subject test. FAIL. Loser.
  • Rock calculus. DONE!
  • Rock summer teaching. DONE!
  • Go back up to Vancouver and walk the hell out of that city. FAIL. We were going to go up there, but plans fell through.
  • Figure out what’s going down next fall as far as teaching goes. DONE!
  • Figure out what’s going down for the rest of my life as far as everything goes. Uh…working on it?
  • Hit at least 1000 walking miles. DONE!
  • Thoroughly delve into Antognazza’s Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography. DONE! <3
  • Reacquaint myself with my old linear algebra notes. I looked over them a few times and decided to take linear algebra again, so DONE sort of?
  • Possibly visit Sean? FAIL. Too expensive. I’m sad.
  • Spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing but Minecraft/drawing/sitting in my basement away from everyone. I don’t think I actually spent a whole weekend in the house. GOTTA WALK! So…FAIL?
  • Research possible graduate schools (AGAIN, UGH). DONE! Canada’s on my radar again.
  • A few other things that are private. ALL OF THESE WERE FAIL

Maybe it wasn’t as productive as I thought.  But I did get Phase I of a big project done (which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time) and am currently on Phase II, so that’s kind of good.

I forgot to play Minecraft!

Stuff I should have done today:

  • Written the test for my class.
  • Worked on my data stuff for my other job.
  • Gone walking EARLY to beat the heat so I could actually go on the trail.

Stuff I actually did today:

  • Screwed around until 3 PM.
  • Walked 16 miles…at the rec center. ‘Cause I was too lazy to go walking earlier and it was too hot to walk outside.
  • Wrote smutty fan fiction.
  • Watched a bunch of Achievement Hunter vids (they pretty much rule my Saturdays)
  • Drank copious amounts of Red Bull.
  • Drew some crap.

Good day?

These blogs are gonna suck for like the next two weeks, FYI.

It’s teachin’ time!


These next two weeks are going to be insane, though. Teaching, finishing calc, and doing the data analysis stuff. But calc’s over in two weeks and then I have no more classes until fall.

I anticipate a weekend of solid Minecrafting once these two weeks are over.


Summer Goals:

  • Actually study for the GRE/GRE math subject test
  • Rock calculus
  • Rock summer teaching
  • Go back up to Vancouver and walk the hell out of that city
  • Figure out what’s going down next fall as far as teaching goes
  • Figure out what’s going down for the rest of my life as far as everything goes
  • Hit at least 1000 walking miles
  • Thoroughly delve into Antognazza’s Leibniz: An Intellectual Biography
  • Reacquaint myself with my old linear algebra notes
  • Possibly visit Sean?
  • Spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing but Minecraft/drawing/sitting in my basement away from everyone (though I kind of do that last one on most days anyway)
  • Research possible graduate schools (AGAIN, UGH)
  • A few other things that are private

A post! ApostapostapostapostaPOST!


FIRST: my mom got a job, my mom got a job!! Here at the U of I! Now she can leave the insanity of Tucson and come back to the place she calls home. SUPER HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

SECOND: I got a job, too! In addition to teaching in the second half of summer, I’ll be working as a data analyst for the College of Ag from May through July. Now I can finally get some real experience with real data (and lots of it!).

Better brush up on my SAS.




I have returned to the states and am now sitting in my dad’s basement.
We totally need to do something fun while I’m back.
Sorry this is short, it was a long ride down here.


Today’s song: Kids (MGMT cover) by The Kooks

Appropriately, my summer begins today

Sort of. I’m still technically “enrolled” in my thesis, so I still should be doing research.

Which I am.

What joy.

But at least there are no more classes until September, so I’m FREE FROM CAMPUS! I’m coming back to Moscow on Sunday. Be prepared.

I also had an exceptionally strange dream last night. I can’t really say much about it except for the fact that it involved a lot of whipped cream, nudity, and swimming pools.

That is all.


Today’s song: Jukebox (Radio Edit) [Feat. Nicco] by WaWa


If night falls in a forest and a tree is still standing, does it cast a shadow?

Oh goodness, Thackeray’s Vanity Fair is hilarious. It’s putting me in the mood for NaNo, which is both good and bad, ‘cause right now I have far too much calculus to do to have any free time to write, which is bad, but it’s also making me think of new ideas, which is good.



So here is a list of things we need to do while I’m back in Moscow:

  • Rock Band party
  • Drunken party of insane fun (you all know what I’m talking about) in my basement. This time you’ll all need to stay the night, ‘cause I want to drink, too. This could be combined with Rock Band party easily.
  • Go on a mini road trip. Because mini road trips are great.
  • Screw around in the park.
  • Screw around in Shari’s.
  • Get naked (could be combined with any/all of the above).
  • Drag show (I’m assuming I’ll be there for Pride).

Sound fun? I think so. I miss you weirdos.


Today’s song: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda

New job review!

So either last night was a really easy night, or this job will consist of me sitting on a couch for 11 hours, reading.

I’m cool with that.

New job!

Wow…well, getting a job this summer was a LOT easier than it was last semester. Second place I went to and I got it.
Now I will work at Seubert’s the in-home care place right next to Subway. I start tonight, actually, and I’m working from 8 PM to 7 AM for a lady. I shall review for you tomorrow!

The psychology student is noticing something

Everybody’s depressed, it seems. Including me. It kind of sucks, really.
Time to chill to music and try not to think about life. Sorry this is so short.


Okay. Now there’s sort of a light at the end of this never-ending tunnel of depression that I’m going through at the moment. Apparently, my dad knows one of the ladies who works over at the school district, and he got into a conversation with her in which was mentioned my future career goals. Well, this lady, according to my dad, does basically for the school district what I want to do, and she was very interested in meeting me. So I called her and we’re setting up a meeting for next week.
An internship is a possibility.


Yes, my blogs are short. I still feel like crap. Deal with it.




Because I’m a stupid, worthless, hopeless piece of crap who is afraid of math, I decided to drop Linear Algebra.
Go ahead and laugh, I deserve it.

Hellooooooooo Linear Algebra…

Haha, hooray for more school. Abnormal Psychology looks fun and interesting. Linear Algebra, on the other hand, does not.
I get it, I just don’t like it. And I’d forgotten how much I loathed the setup of math books.

Sometimes I have the answers. Other times I’m just a toaster.

You know our road trip video that I made that was 40 minutes long and took about 400 hours to download and/or play? Yeah. I finally got the brilliant idea that I could chop it up and put it as sections on YouTube. Genius, huh?

Here they are. I am the best filmer ever. Period.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

I’d say either Part II or Part IV is the funniest, but that’s just me. Hell, you don’t have to watch ’em at all (except for you, Amy and Shannyn, you fools were there and I expect my award-winning filming to be appreciated!).

This profile is set to dorky. This user must remove your pants to see his/her profile.

Technically this video was made on the fourth, but I was not near a computer at all on the third in order to post an actual blog, so I’m putting this for the 3rd anyway. Deal with it.

Amy, Shannyn and I go on an overnight road trip to Coeur d’Alene and stay at a creepy motel. It’s grand fun. This video is mainly for them, not because I don’t want anyone else to see it, but because it’s probably boring as hell to everyone who wasn’t there. Plus, because I’m not able to get it on DVD with my computer, I’m giving them this link here to download it to their computers. It’s about 40 minutes long, meaning that the download time is very, very long. So basically, watch it if you want, but beware: it’s probably very boring to you (except the part where I almost take off my shirt completely).


Edit: this is now on YouTube. Read August 7th’s blog and see!

Precious, precious time…

Well, crap. If you’re all wondering, this is what I do with my time now and what I will probably be doing with my time M-F for most of the rest of summer.

10:00: wake up (don’t worry, the lateness is justified)
11:00-12:15-ish: rec center
1:30-3:30: English 208 (ends June 13)
5:00-12:00: work
3:00-10:00: sleep

That’s about it. And that’s why I check Facebook/MySpace/email so late at night and am really never online during the day. Ha!

The quest for quarters often leads one through many couches

Hooray! So I think I’ve got a job, finally. So the only place that worked with my school schedule was Wendy’s so that is where I’ll be spending quite a lot of time for the rest of the summer. Orientation is Sunday!

Why are my blogs getting shorter and shorter?