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They’re so pretty! And new!

That won’t last long.

I’ll break them in on Saturday, because Saturday marks 2 months since I got my current pair of shoes. By then, I should have close to 850 miles on them. WOO!

Edit: Remember when I did that project where I took a picture of the soles of my shoes every 50 miles to document the wear? Nate gave me the idea to take a picture of the soles of these new shoes every day, because that would basically be increments of approximately 15 miles. It’ll be a lot of pictures, but it’ll also look super cool when I .gif them all together. (Edit 2: LAWL, THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN)






Diggety Diggety Bald Peeps Wear Wiggeties

Well hi.

Today my mom was way too nice to me (like she always is) and bought me a metric ton of earrings, along with some other things.

Prompted to continue to look for things to buy (because I have issues), I was looking at watches on Amazon, ‘cause that’s what I do (and because I wanted to see if my favorite watch would ship to Calgary, should I ever need another replacement) and I came across a pretty great review for a Casio calculator watch:

I’ve always wanted a calculator watch. Now that I’m pushing 30, I felt that I’m an adult and I can do what I want and I want to buy a calculator watch, dammit. Yeah, I said it. You’re not my mom. Deal with it.
It’s great. It has dual time, a stopwatch, alarm, tells the date and day of the week, AND A FRIGGIN’ CALCULATOR. If you wear it tightly enough, you can feel your pulse. So it’s like an Apple Watch only it costs under $20, has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, and the battery lasts five years. Doesn’t send text messages, but you can write such words as ‘BOOBS’, ‘BOOBIES’, ‘BOOBLESS’, ‘BEES’, and ‘SHOE’. So if you’re a man of few words and your friend is right next to you, it’s basically the same as iMessage.
Knocked off a star because the screen seems to lack some contrast. Not sure if it’s permanent or the battery is low. Can’t recharge the battery, so I don’t know.


Side note: I’m loving these small, low profile Casio watches. This is the one that I’ve been wearing for a while now, but Casio’s got quite a few watches that are super small and compact and make it feel like you’re not wearing a watch at all. If you’re on the lookout for a small, barely-there watch that works great, give this one a try.


Heavy Material

When my mom came up yesterday, she brought with her all the stuff from Amazon that I’ve bought over the past several months. Allow me to share some of it!

  • A few of the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater episodes that have been missing from my collection. My dad gave me a few cassette tapes of these shows back in high school and I loved them, so I upgraded to mp3 versions as soon as I found them.

  • A new Fitbit! My old one died, so here’s a replacement.

  • A ton of eyeshadow for only $12.

  • A tiny little video camera!

  • A Fidget Cube! This thing is cooler than I was expecting. It’s a good size and all the components are super fidgety. I dig it.


Dorky Etsy Nonsense ‘Cause I’m a Dorky Nutsy Mofo






Here’s more random nonsense I want to buy, because for some reason the you’re-like-a-shopaholic-but-not-really-because-you-rarely-actually-buy-any-of-this-stuff part of my brain is all hyped up this year.

In This Blog: Claudia Has Too Many Tank Tops

They’re like $3 each and they’re colorful. How am I supposed to control myself?

Christmas List Party Fun Time 2K16

Note: no one has to get me any of this stuff. This is just stuff I’ve found that I think is cool.


Leibniz print! Too bad they don’t have wall-sized ones.

The hologram backpack is back in stock!

Butterfly scarf!







*more screeching*

Fidget Cube

The more I look at this, the more I think I want one.

I have a lot of trouble sitting still for any extended length of time. This has gotten worse, I think, as I’ve increased the number of hours per day I spend walking. I don’t like to be sitting still unless I’m really concentrating on something important (or just playing The Sims or something like that). I think having this little cube would help me out, at least partially, when I have to sit for a long time and can’t really move in any other way.

Edit: backed it. I should have a cube in December!





(Ignore my fugly reflection and look at the colors.)

It’s made of towel fabric and is super warm. And it’s mine now. It won’t fit in my suitcase so I’ll have to have my mom ship it up here, but I’ll have it before COLD HARSH CANADIAN WINTER™ sets in up here.

That’s all I’ve got today, sorry.


Sometimes I like to search for “common” things on Amazon—like watches, headphones, water bottles, etc.—and then sort the results by price from high to low. I like to see just how ridiculously expensive the first* item is. Just for some fun. Want some examples?

Headphones: HiFiMan HE1000 Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones ($2,368.95)

Pen: Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen ($915)

Calculator: HP 15C Limited Edition Scientific Calculator ($695.00)

Pastels: Caran d’Ache Classic Neocolor II Water-Soluble Pastels ($1,293.97)

Scissors: ICAR 13” Tailors’ Shears/Scissors ($389.99)


*Okay, I really look at the first item that looks legit. Like, it has to have at least one review and have a “realistic” price. No billion-dollar trash cans, yo.



I have nothing of interest to blog about today, so you get another “here’s crap I’d buy if I had extra money” list. Enjoy.


More sequins!

A poster based on the movie Sunshine

As soon as these are back in stock, I’m getting one!

Totoro keychain!

I already have a walking backpack, but this would be a good backup.

This site has a lot of cool things!


Okay, that’s all. Sorry my blogs suck.

I Have Money and I want Headphones

AS THE TITLE SAYS, I have money and I want headphones.

The money’s from MTurk. I’ve been doing three or four little tasks at night, and while the individual tasks don’t pay much (maximum like $2 for any of the ones I do), if you do enough, they add up. I have about $50 from MTurk now, so I’ve decided I can spend that on whatever I want.

But it’s not like I need headphones. I have my awesome Koss ones that cost about $4.50 and I have at least 4 backup pairs of them for when the current ones inevitably break (the sound quality is awesome, but they don’t last too long. $4.50 headphones, yo).

But I logged onto Amazon for whatever the hell reason tonight and it knew I had some extra money ‘cause it was like, “hey bro, y u no buy some Sennheisers?”

And so it’s all Amazon’s fault that I’ve spent the past two hours looking at headphones.

Front runners:

I cannot choose!

Edit: Okay, I ended up not getting any of these. I ended up not getting Sennheisers at all. Instead, I got this guy. I’m super picky about comfort when it comes to headphones, and a good number of the reviews for these headphones said that they were really, really comfortable. Plus they’re supposed to sound good. And they’re a cool shade of blue.

Oh my god, shoes.



Tri-State happened to have three pair in my size (two of the pairs were the new Kinvara 7s!), so I did what I had to do.
I’m not ashamed.

(Hopefully these will last me the rest of the year at least.)

In a time of chimpanzees, I was a robot

A lot of these are great.

That’s all I have to say today, sorry.

A wild pedestrian appears!


I need this. I need it now. I’m a faster walker than about 94% of the population, and 99% of the population doesn’t know how to courteously walk down a sidewalk, so this would be a very convenient and unobtrusive way to let a slower walker know I want to pass them. Currently I usually just scrape my shoe loudly against the ground as I’m approaching someone from behind so that they know I’m back there. It’s not always effective; half the time they look back at me and don’t even freaking move out of the way. WHY DO YOU THINK I’M MAKING NOISE?? This bell would make me sound like a bike, though, which would probably get them to actually move.


Canadian Mall – Installment 22: Core Centre

Holy crap, it’s a Canadian Mall post! I haven’t done one of those in like 40 years. Today I’ll blog about Core Center (or I guess Core Centre, since it’s Canadian), though this isn’t the first time I’ve been here. Technically Nate and I went here on our second date. So yeah, sometime last December was the first time I was here, haha.


Mileage from home to mall:

image (3)


  • It’s got a little inside garden (okay, a big inside garden) that’s very peaceful and cool to look at, especially with the water features. There’s usually someone in there playing piano, too, so it’s nice.
  • Bookstore!
  • It’s downtown and thus is a nice intermediate point for our longer walks that take us through downtown but to a destination a ways away.
  • Part of the mall is structured so that if you’re on one of the higher floors and are looking across the way to the other side of the mall, it looks like you’re looking at the outside of another building. It’s a weird little illusion, but it’s pretty cool.


  • It’s tucked away rather unassumingly in a building downtown, which makes it impossible to find for people like me. It’s a good thing Nate knows where it is. I also never would have found this on my own, just because it doesn’t look like a mall from the outside.
  • They close the bathrooms in the food court on the weekends. What.


OOH, I forgot to mention that my mom and I walked to Market Mall a few days ago (was that Wednesday? Tuesday?) and went to the Apple store there ‘cause we’re attracted by the shiny technology. I wanted to look at the new iPods, even though I have absolutely no reason to get one until my old one dies (which I hope doesn’t happen; I like my old one!).

Anyway, they had a few of them on display with headphones plugged in, both so that you could see how the iPods worked and to test out the headphones they had for sale at the store. One set was particularly cool-looking and good-sounding:


(Picture from here)

These are the MH40 headphones from Master & Dynamic. They were really comfortable (they fit over my industrial piercing quite well) and had a good sound. I was tempted to get a pair, but they’re like $400 (even on Amazon), so that’s not going to happen any time soon.

But they look cool!

(Note to mom and Nate: you are not allowed to buy me these. I forbid it.)

[insert nonsensical keyboard mash here]

It’s time for the not-quite-semi-yearly “Claudia feels materialistic” blog post!

(Note: I don’t actually need any of this, I just like to look at pretty things.)

Ready? GO!

iPhone 5s. I’m on the fence about getting a smart phone (not any time soon; when I can afford it, that is). I want one because they’re cool and useful, but I don’t want one because Claudia + constant access to the internet = disaster AND because I would probably damage it somehow within a month or so of getting it. Even so, I’m keeping my eye on the iPhone 5s as an option. I want the iPhone 4 because I love the shape, but no one sells them anymore and the software probably doesn’t even update anymore, either (that’s happening with my 2012 iPod, at least). So if I DO get a smart phone, the iPhone 5s is where it’s at.


The new iPod Touch. I don’t need one (and hopefully won’t for a long while), but I’ve had my current iPod since February 2012. Probabilistically, with all the walking I do (I use it as a pedometer and keep it in my back pocket), it’s going to get broken one of these days. Which would be sad. But if/when that happens, I’d like to get one of the new models. Probably in silver (since I’d just be covering it in a case, anyway). Of course, if I get an iPhone before that, I’d probably just use that as my pedometer, though I’d be really paranoid about breaking it.


I guess the one thing on this list I kind of need is a new desktop computer. Mine died like a month ago—which is okay, considering it survived like 7 moves around the continent and is old enough to still have Vista on it—but I need a new one. Preferably one that can run Fallout 4 once it comes out.

Fractal socks!


Rainbow socks! My old ones got holey a long time ago and I need replacements.


Abstract socks!


These two books on the history of statistics.

The end!