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MLB: Do Run Totals Matter?

So after watching the Mets get eaten by the Nationals on Sunday, I wanted to see if the total number of runs a team scored throughout the course of the season had any significant correlation with the number of wins they had in that season.

(This something that has probably been done to death by actual baseball stats people, but give me a break, I’m new to this and I feel like playing around in Minitab).

First, just some general scatterplots of runs vs. wins.

By league.

And by division.

The overall correlation between runs and wins, for all teams combined, is 0.541
(p-value = 0.002).

Now let’s break it down!

By league

  • AL: 0.646 (p-value = 0.009)
  • NL: 0.444 (p-value = 0.097)

By division

  • ALC: r = 0.433 (p-value = 0.467)
  • ALE: r = 0.746 (p-value = 0.148)
  • ALW: r = 0.883 (p-value = 0.047)
  • NLC: r = 0.877 (p-value = 0.051)
  • NLE: r = 0.869 (p-value = 0.056)
  • NLW: r = -0.119 (p-value = 0.849)

Interesting. The only significant correlations are for all the teams combined, the AL, and the ALW (and even that one’s borderline).




It’s Mets time, bitches! Hopefully they’ll win their first game. And, y’know, a good amount of the rest of their games.

(Edit: haha, wow, they murdered the Braves.)

Also, shock of shocks: I dug out my old Unreal CD and stuck it in Big Compy just to see how badly it wouldn’t work. But hey…it actually worked! And it looks shockingly good for a game from 1998.

Awesome. I just wish The Neverhood worked on this computer, too.


Yay, USA won the World Baseball Classic!

I’m ready for the regular season to start. Nate got me all excited about baseball last year, haha.

Edit: unrelated, but important.


Holy crap, that was the most insane baseball game! Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan (or a baseball fan at all), hopefully you got to watch at least the last game of the World Series.

Edit: If you missed it…

Ridiculous. Awesome. I’m so glad Nate and I turned on the game after Cleveland tied it (we were going to wait and watch it later, because that’s what we were doing with all the playoff/World Series games).

Yay Cubs!

The Mets, The Mets, The Mets are On Fire

Take a look at what the Mets are doing right now:


This is a graph of the Mets’ probability of making it to the postseason. As you can see, the probability had been taking a dive for most of the season, bottoming out at 6.7% on August 19th. They basically had a very, very small chance of making it.

Less than a month later, that probability has shot up to 63%. That’s pretty crazy. They’re just out of the wildcard spot now. I think it’s especially interesting when you consider that none of the other teams even remotely in contention have any huge upswings or downswings (except maybe the Cardinals).


(Sorry, I like graphs.)

(And now I can use the “sports” category for the first time in like 4 years.)

Road Trip – Day 13: San Francisco (Giants/Braves Baseball)

Today Nate and I braved the streets of San Francisco to walk along the waterfront (with the secret motive to obtain candy) and then to get to the Giants/Braves game at AT&T Park.

The waterfront was a bit less terrifying than the non-tourist part of San Fran, at least. And we found IT’SUGAR, which is pretty much the best candy store ever (though it’s more expensive than our candy store in Calgary). We each got 2+ pounds of candy, ‘cause we’re addicts awesome.

The game was super cool, too. Baseball is so weird without the TV announcers! The Braves lost, which is too bad, but it was fun. Pictures!



Tomorrow we’re getting the hell out of San Francisco as fast as we possibly can.