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Remember that map thingamapoop that you can color in based on where you’ve lived and how long you’ve lived there?

Probably not, ‘cause that’s not super descriptive or specific. So here’s mine from 2013.

Here’s the updated map to reflect my current state.

(Or province.)

(That was a really stupid joke, sorry.)


That’s…not as different from the 2013 one as I thought it would be, haha.

A Thought

As you are all probably very well aware, I have moved around a lot in my life. Yes, most of that was in one city (Moscow), but I’ve moved a lot. Ask my mom.

At some point or another, I have missed living in most of the places I’ve called home, except for that first house on Grant St. (sorry mom) and that shithole I lived in in Vancouver for the first year or so (this one).

Another place that I’ve (surprisingly) not missed very often? My place in London, ON.

I miss the dorm room sometimes because it was so unlike a dorm room and more like a little apartment and I had it all decorated and pretty (this one), but I really don’t miss London at all.

I don’t know if that’s because those 70-ish days I spent there were part of a very bad time in my life or what, but I just didn’t enjoy it there. I knew I shouldn’t have gone, but I went anyway. And then had to come right back, haha.

That was really a rough time. Maybe I’ll tell you all more about it someday.

Maybe not.

Here we go again…

Nate gets possession of the condo today, which can mean only one thing: TIME TO START MOVING STUFF!

You’d think I’d just be indifferent to the nonsense that is moving by now, given all the times I’ve done it, but I still dislike it. And that’s all we’re going to be doing this weekend. And it’s going to be like 90 degrees while we do it.

But at least we’ll have our own new place once it’s done!

Edit: oh thank god, the previous owners cleaned the condo. It was super gross when we saw it last but now it’s clean and we don’t have to spend three hours scouring someone else’s pee off the bathroom floor or cleaning out old gross food from the kitchen sink/stove/fridge.

Protected: Claudia’s Airport Musings

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Hey fools, check out my new (basement) apartment:







‘Kay that’s all. Nervous about tomorrow.


(More of) Claudia’s Canadian Adventures…Continued!


My “apartment” is a basement, but I guess that’s what I deserve. And at least it’s something. Once I get internet it (and all my crap put away) it should be tolerable. Hopefully.

Sorry, I kind of had a freak out this morning and don’t feel much like blogging.


(More of) Claudia’s Canadian Adventures


We left around noon today with the U-Haul. After getting through the border crossing in record time (there were NO other cars there and they didn’t even ask us to stop and come inside), we stopped in Cranbrook for the night. Hopefully we’ll get to Calgary around noon tomorrow.


Last day in Moscow!

Annnnnnnnnnd I’m leaving.

Hopefully it will be for longer this time, ‘cause I don’t want to screw this up like I screw up everything else in my life.

Everything is IN THE U-HAUL (including, for about 30 seconds, MewMew) and now I just have to finish cleaning the basement.

Annabelle is totally stressed out. She hates change as much as I do.
I’m totally stressed out, too.


Moving and Packing! SO MUCH FUN! *extreme sarcasm*



I’m actually about 90% packed now.


Goodbyes suck.

That is all.

More Blatherning

(This isn’t a poem I hate poems this is just me rambling sorry I’ll shut up I haven’t slept since Thursday.)
(I’m also super emotional ‘cause someone I’ve connected to very strongly over the past few weeks just left Moscow forever.)

I am the friend that helps you move. Right after the last final of the semester or at 3:30 in the morning, I am the one unfolding empty boxes and asking you what you want to pack first.

I am the friend that cleans the kitchen. You pack the stuff in the pantry and last of the cutlery and I scrub the counters, cabinets, and fridge until everything is as clean as the day you moved in.

I am the friend who distracts you. You need a break and so do I, so I suggest we watch a few YouTube videos and we sit on the warm pile of freshly-dried laundry and watch clips of Disney movies for half an hour.

I am the friend that buys the packing tape. It’s 9 PM and you’re panicking because you’ve got an empty tape dispenser but three more boxes still and I run to the gas station down the road while you continue to prioritize your possessions in anticipation for my return with more tape.

I am the friend that folds your clothes. It’s your least favorite thing to do, but you don’t want to just throw your clothes into boxes. So I fold each item for you to pack neatly away. Yes, even the underwear.

I am the friend who makes space in your car. I play Tetris with your boxes and appliances and manage to fit in the sleeping bag and toolkit that you were sure you’d have to leave behind.

I am the friend that drives you around. You need to take your unused U-Haul boxes back but there’s not enough room in your car, so we load them into mine and I take you to return them. I remind you that you need to stop at the post office and request a permanent change of address.

I am the friend who sees you last. The apartment is clean and the car is packed and you’re ready to leave. We don’t know how to say goodbye, so we just hug again and again until it’s finally time for you to go. I wave from the sidewalk and you wave from your open car window until we can no longer see each other.

And even though I am the friend you have known for the least amount of time, I am also the friend who will miss you the most.

Well, today was an adventure.

My mom is back!

And that’s pretty much the only thing that happened to either of us this afternoon.

She drove up from Tucson in a U-Haul, towing her car behind. She left the car at U-Haul while she unloaded her stuff from the actual U-Haul, and then both of us drove it back to the lot to “exchange” it for the car. As we got in to drive it home, she realized that the car had absolutely no brakes (luckily before we started moving).

After calling AAA and getting towed to Bruneel (by a very cool lady from Deary) just as they closed at 5, we’re now hanging out without a car and waiting to see if the brakes (which WERE brand new) are totally shot. At least we got to walk around town a bit. My mom missed that.

Uh…happy birthday, mom! Haha.

Sometimes I like to pretend I matter

Have I mentioned I’m sick of moving?

I’m sick of moving.

This marks the FIFTH TIME THIS YEAR I’ve packed up my stuff and hauled it to some other place in North America.

Random side note:
If Soylent Green is people, why is it green? I wasn’t aware that people are projected to develop chlorophyll by 2022 (no, I haven’t seen the movie, I’ve just read a few brief summaries).
I guess “Soylent Fleshtone” was too on point. And disgusting-sounding.

Random side note version 2:
GOD I LOVE R. If I could write a program for it to make me have its babies, I would.
If I could write a program for it to make me have Leibniz’ babies, I would.

I can’t remember what else I was going to say today.

Robust and Toasty


That badass loft bedroom upstairs? All mine, baby.

2011, you need to end

I swear the plane from Seattle to Tucson took a detour to Miami, ‘cause that was the longest flight EVER.
But now I’m here. It’s like 60 degrees. It’s really, really nice to see my mom again.
I’ll take some pics; they’ll be up soon.

Edit: PICS!

Until we meet again, Idaho

Okay, so barring anymore interference from Mother Nature, TODAY is my last day in Moscow.

Sorry for not scheduling a hang-out time with more of you sillies; things have been semi chaotic since I got back from London and I pretty much had to unpack my stuff rapidly and then just as rapidly repack it.
Also my brain has been alsfajfoijgavhaioewr for the past few months and I’ve been having weird and random panic attack thingies. Would rather not subject my awesome friends to that.


Moscow and I are pretty much opposite magnetic poles; I will be returning at some point. I’m actually not sure how long I’ll need to be in AZ anyway.
PEACE OUT, I’m going to go watch Boston Legal until I have to drive to Lewiston in a few hours.


I’m in Lewiston right now, waiting (hoping) to fly out at 6 tomorrow morning to go to Tucson. I say “hoping” because as we drove down Lewiston was invisible under a thick cloud (pictures later, camera cord is packed away). Underneath the cloud was pretty surreal and awesome, but it doesn’t bode well for aircraft travel, unfortunately.

My dad’s going to call Alaska Air tonight at 11:30 to see if the Pullman-Seattle plane even landed; if not, I guess I won’t be flying out tomorrow.

Somebody turned off my “ability to give a crap” switch

I have nothing of substance to say today.

I guess that’s not really any different than any other day, but today I’m not masking it by a survey/blathering/stupid YouTube videos.

Sorry. Have to have everything cleaned up and packed by Friday afternoon.
I played Fallout all afternoon.
I have three bobbleheads and have successfully killed about seven Deathclaws, but nothing packed.


More Boring News

Okay, now I’m 95% sure I won’t be in Moscow for much longer. Like I said before (I think), there’s a person down in AZ who seems imminently more qualified to help with the bag of craptastic crappery into which my life currently has fallen.

(Side note: nighttime panic attacks blow heavy metal chunks)
(Side note II: Big Compy  has been making horrible grinding noises ever since they shipped him from London. Quite disconcerting)

Anyway. Just letting anyone who cares know.

I wish my stuff would get here soon

Job interview in a week and a half!

That was fast.

In other news, I found out that the UI is looking for a lecturer for STAT 150 and that I’m totally qualified. Given what’s currently going on with me right now, I don’t know if I could handle a semester of lecturing (or if I’d even be good at it, who knows?), but I’m super tempted to apply and see what happens. Wouldn’t that be awesome if I got the job, though?

In other other news, all my material possessions are set to arrive anytime between next Monday and the 8th of November. I propose that our little gang gets together for some sort of Rock Band + pizza + sexiness – clothes party at some point. Especially since I wasn’t able to catch you guys over the summer. Who’s with me?

30-Day Meme – Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days.
1. Figure out what’s going on with my brain and get it under

2. Develop coping skills that do not center around self-destruction.

3. Acquire money.

4. Take more classes! You know I can’t stay away.

5. Try not to die.

6. A bunch of other stuff that is contingent on point #1 (and #2, I suppose).

I Coulda Been a Container

I’ve been up since 4 AM Eastern Time yesterday (Saturday). It is now 1:30 AM Pacific Time on Sunday. London to Chicago to Las Vegas to Seattle to Pullman to Moscow. Six hours in Las Vegas.

Party in the USA.

In other news, the Chicago O’Hare Airport has some pretty badass lighting going down in Terminal 2. Evidence:

If I ever end up with tons and tons of money? This. On every ceiling in my house. 24/7.

30-Day Meme – Day 23: What your last dream you can remember was about.
I had this really weird H. G. Wells-esque dream about a scientist who is somehow able to go into the future like 10,000 years. He finds out that a disease had destroyed a whole generation’s worth of humans’ eyesight and, for some reason, all subsequent generations’ eyesight as well. Therefore, everyone he meets is “blind” (and their eyes are bound over by these weird webs of skin and eyelashes explained loosely by crazy awesome dream science) and they become fascinated with him when he describes to them this thing called “sight.”
Not unlike the “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”  adage, the scientist soon realizes that these individuals (who are living in a land that has once again become rich in resources that are scarce in the time of the scientist) can be taken advantage of because they cannot see him. He begins to pilfer from them, lightly at first, and then begins to eventually shape and alter parts of their routines and culture in order to get them to procure for him all these valuable resources. Little does the scientist know, however, these people have developed this sort of “extra sense” that allows them to “see” what the scientist is doing to them. They wait and play along with him for awhile to get him comfortable in the environment, then a bunch of them eventually capture the scientist and he is subject to quite a graphic and disturbing bit of torture involving the people injecting all these weird chemicals into the scientist’s eyes. It was…odd.

That’s all.


So I’ve finally come to the realization that I’m going to be moving halfway across the continent and am probably not returning in a long while. I’ll be in freaking Eastern Time, yo. I’ll be living surrounded by Great Lakes (and, well, Canadians, but that’s nothing new now). Scary stuff. At least for me.

Sorry, I’m in full freak-out mode and thus don’t have much to say. See you tomorrow!


And by “Dodge” I mean “Vancouver.” This morning my father and I packed the last remnants of my life in Vancouver into a white cargo van and drove away from Vancouver for the last time.

I have absolutely no reason to go back.


Good feeling, my friends. Good feeling.

New apartment is greater than every other apartment ever (photographic proof within)

I freaking love this place. The only thing wrong that I can even think of is the fact that it’s so big it’s practically begging for at least two beings to live in it. I can’t wait to bring Annabelle up here in August.



I also noticed today that the name of our elevator manufacturer is “Schindler’s Elevator,” which made me glad I’m not in England, ‘cause then it would “Schindler’s Lift” and that would be wildly inappropriate.

Today’s song: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles

Colons: Invading my blog titles for quite a few days now

My  mom is here, yay! Moving has officially commenced.

And now: geekery!

IKEA is probably the single greatest place ever. We went there tonight ‘cause my mom’s never been in one and wanted to go. Let’s just say that if the whole world was run like an IKEA store, things would move a lot more smoothly. The whole building was like a grid of complete, organized happiness. I was flipping out about the sheer efficiency of the place, my mom was flipping out about the cool kitchen stuff they had. I also got a very awesome rug that you shall see once I get pictures up of my new snazzy apartment.

More fun:



(this made me SO HAPPY)

Sorry, I’m in a “Claudia gets a kick out of math” phase and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

I have made two realizations as of late: I haven’t read anything that wasn’t from my classic books list (except for maybe five books) since 6th grade. I also realized when speaking to another friend about NaNoWriMo that I constructed my novel entirely around a “divide by zero” pun, which is about as bad as a pun addiction can get.


Today’s song: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Lady Gaga