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Just in case you needed reminding…



(Sorry, no video or disco occurring in this blog)


So this article is from the Stone Age (2015) but I just found it now, so we’re going to take a look at it. For six songs, there are three samples provided (three for each song, that is). The task is to pick which of the three samples is of the highest audio quality.


I’m going to listen to each audio sample on 1) my $5.99 Koss headphones (the ones I use for walking) and on 2) my massive $600-ish Sennheisers (the ones that I freak out over nearly every day because they’re so damn good). I’m going to see if it’s easier to assess audio quality on the Sennheisers when compared to the Koss.

The tricky part is trying to be as objective/unbiased as possible for each song while still having to listen to each with both headphones. So rather than check my answers as I go, I’m going to first write them down for the Koss and then for the Sennheisers and then check my correctness. This will at least in part mitigate the issue of knowing which answers are correct as I go through the second round.

So let’s go!

Round 1: $5.99 Koss Headphones
Here are what I think are the best quality versions for each song:

  • Speed of Sound: sample 1
  • Mozart: sample 2
  • There’s a World: sample 2
  • Tom’s Diner: sample 3
  • Tom Ford: sample 3
  • Dark Horse: sample 3

[I waited about an hour between this round and the next and am not looking at my above answers as I do this process for the Sennheisers; I don’t remember what my above answers were]

Round 2: $600 Sennheiser Headphones
Again, here are what I think are the best quality versions for each song:

  • Speed of Sound: sample 3
  • Mozart: sample 1
  • There’s a World: sample 3
  • Tom’s Diner: sample 1
  • Tom Ford: sample 3
  • Dark Horse: sample 1

Ready for the results?

Score with Koss: 2/6
Score with Sennheisers: 5/6

Hahaha, wow. Wasn’t expecting that much of a difference!

Edit: turns out there’s a follow-up article. 29.7% of quiz-takers got a 2/6 score and only 4.5% of quiz-takers got a 5/6 score. Interesting!


That is all.


(Warning: it’s another music/Sennheisers blog. Deal with it.)

Me: these Sennheisers are fantastic. There is no way you can make music sound any better.
YouTube: May we recommend 8D songs?
Me: holy shifshlfahdflksdfhfalrjweaosdfamc

8D songs are edited in a way to make it sound like the music is oscillating around you and to give you the illusion that you’re listening to it live.

The trick is to wear headphones while listening. And as I’m sure you’re expecting me to say, these Sennheisers really make these songs sound ridiculous.

It’s like you’re not even wearing headphones. I can’t explain it. You’ve got to listen.

I’m obsessed with these headphones and how music sounds on them and I’m not sorry.


Sorry, I’m just in love with these headphones and how much they’ve reignited my love for certain songs.

This includes:

  • Viva La Vida – Coldplay (you can really hear the bass line with these headphones and it’s so good)
  • Big Country – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (this song is an experience with any headphones, but again…BASS)
  • Doin’ It Right – Daft Punk (you can feel this song in your freaking bone marrow, yo)
  • Silhouette – Owl City (it hurts my soul, but it sounds so good doing it)

There’s more, but these are the big ones right now.

Freaking love these headphones. Thanks, husband!

The Passion of the Pit

I don’t know why it took me so long to listen to Sleepyhead with these Sennheisers, but oh my god.

Sleepyhead was added to my music collection before my Decade of Music project (February 23, 2009 more specifically). It’s been surpassed by quite a few songs on my overall ranking of best songs, but I still maintain that its chorus is one of the best things I have ever heard.

(Chorus at 1:20)

I mean, I judge the quality of a Sleepyhead remix based on what they do with that chorus, which is why the Jazzsteppa Remix (makes the chorus a little slower and a lot more prominent with some serious bass) and the Cillo Remix (makes the chorus a bit more techno-ish and, again, more prominent with a chill vibe) are my two favorite remixes of this song.

Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve praised Sleepyhead. I’ve had a lot of other songs to rave about, but this one definitely has not fallen off my radar.


I was gonna blog tonight
But then

-A poem by Claudia

Current Favorite Nighttime Activity:

  1. Sit at computer desk with Sennheisers affixed to ears.
  2. Listen to music. Any music.
  3. Cry a lot due to the fact that every song sounds so much better with these headphones and it makes me goddamn emotional.
  4. Cry a lot due to other general reasons.
  5. OOPS, IT’S 4 AM.

(I think I posted a similar blog like a week ago, but I don’t care!)

Claudia’s Evening:

*puts on new Sennheisers*

*seeks music on YouTube*

*finds 30+ songs that she’ll have to obtain one per day for the next month or so*

Seriously. Not sure if it’s the headphones or just good luck in music finds, but I’ve got basically up through the next month covered for my Decade of Music project.

ssklsdfslshspef SENNHEISERS

Guys. My freaking husband got me headphones. The headphones. The Sennheiser HD 600s. These are the ones.

I have wanted these headphones for quite some time, as everything I’d read about them basically said they’re the best “under $1000” headphones you could really get.


(He also got me an amp because these headphones have a high enough impedance that the amp is necessary for power.)

And dudes. They’re so good.

You can hear every sound so separately from everything else. Everything is clear and crisp. It’s going to take a long time for me to explore all my music with these headphones, but I’ll keep a list of favorites (songs that sound RIDICULOUSLY good with these) here:

  • Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) – Muse
  • O Magnum Mysterium – Lauridsen
  • Hide and Seek (A Cappella Cover) – Dan Wright
  • Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) – John Murphy

Edit: DUDES THAT FREAKING PLANET EARTH II SUITE SOUNDS OBSCENE. What is that word for when a song gives you tinglies? Frisson? This is frisson up the butt, yo.

Tee to the Hee

This review is hysterical.

I need these headphones.

(Mom, do not buy these for me!)


So you all saw my glowing review of the Sennheiser headphones that Nate got me a while back.

I still totally love them.

So Nate, don’t take this as a knock against those headphones. I just…I have a problem.

Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
There was a demo pair of these at Costco in Lewiston. Very surround-sound heavy and super comfortable.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones
Now that I’ve got some incredible Sennheisers, I want all the Sennheisers.

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

I mean, like, what if there’s a more optimal way to hear Sleepyhead? What if there is some subtle beat or slur or riff that I’m missing but would send my brain into the stratosphere of happiness if I were to hear it? It’s not too far-fetched; every time I “upgrade” to a new set of headphones, I get a little bit more joy out of that song.

NAD – VISO HP50 (Red)

Master & Dynamic MH40 Over Ear Headphone
I’m sorry, I still love these. They’re gorgeous. It’s been so long since I’ve tried them in person (haven’t been able to find them since) that I can’t remember if they actually sounded as good as I remember, but they might have. And they’re gorgeous.


If I had infinite money and infinite ears…oh, the things I could listen to.

Sennheiser HD 231i: A Review

Nate got me an early birthday present today: a pair of new headphones! Specifically, a pair of Sennheiser HD 231i (which is apparently not available in the US??).

Anyway, we were at a Best Buy looking for a headphone/microphone combo for Nate’s brother, and I of course wandered over to the “music headphones” section of the store. That’s where I saw these Sennheisers.

Honestly, my first impression was that this tiny pair seemed rather out of place alongside the other Sennheiser models, which all looked capable of space travel. That impression remained as I picked up the demo pair from the little rack. They were super light. As in, “light as my $5 Walmart headphones” light.

But the sound was awesome.

I’ve never owned Sennheisers, but I’ve only ever heard good things about them. And the demo pair did not disappoint with the music selection that it had. But how would they fare with my music?

  • Sleepyhead (Passion Pit) – Even though I have quite a few songs that are higher on my Top 50 list than Sleepyhead, this is still my standby “test” song for any new headphones. And the HD 231i passes the test of making the amazing chorus sound just as amazing as it should. The bass is heavy but not too heavy, and it doesn’t overwhelm everything else.
  • O Magnum Mysterium (Lauridsen) – The voices in the choir sound very bright and “unique,” as in it’s like you can hear the individual people but it still all blends together. It’s almost like you’re listening to them live.
  • Act My Age (One Direction) – I like a pair of headphones that lets me hear a part of a song that I can’t hear with other headphones. I was unaware of this until I tried this song with the Sennheisers, but there’s this really cool bass slur behind the first “I won’t act my age” in the chorus that really makes the song like 50% better to me. So that’s pretty snazzy.
  • Hide and Seek (Dan Wright cover) – I’M GONNA CRAP MY PANTS the bass sounds so good. That’s probably because you’re able to hear all of Wright’s iterations of the song together—the bass parts, the treble parts, and everything in between—so nothing is too overwhelming.

Conclusion: no, I’m not getting paid by Sennheiser. I really, honestly like these headphones. I’m no audiophile or anything and I’m pretty sure I’ve blasted boulder-sized holes through my eardrums over the years, but I appreciate how balanced the sound is from these. I like headphones with a lot of bass, but pretty much every other pair of headphones I’ve tried that has that nice bass sacrifices the sound of everything else to achieve it. These don’t. That’s awesome.

Get ‘em.

I Have Money and I want Headphones

AS THE TITLE SAYS, I have money and I want headphones.

The money’s from MTurk. I’ve been doing three or four little tasks at night, and while the individual tasks don’t pay much (maximum like $2 for any of the ones I do), if you do enough, they add up. I have about $50 from MTurk now, so I’ve decided I can spend that on whatever I want.

But it’s not like I need headphones. I have my awesome Koss ones that cost about $4.50 and I have at least 4 backup pairs of them for when the current ones inevitably break (the sound quality is awesome, but they don’t last too long. $4.50 headphones, yo).

But I logged onto Amazon for whatever the hell reason tonight and it knew I had some extra money ‘cause it was like, “hey bro, y u no buy some Sennheisers?”

And so it’s all Amazon’s fault that I’ve spent the past two hours looking at headphones.

Front runners:

I cannot choose!

Edit: Okay, I ended up not getting any of these. I ended up not getting Sennheisers at all. Instead, I got this guy. I’m super picky about comfort when it comes to headphones, and a good number of the reviews for these headphones said that they were really, really comfortable. Plus they’re supposed to sound good. And they’re a cool shade of blue.

In the market for new headphones

YO, ladies and gents!

Because I’ve been downloading so much music, I feel I am justified in purchasing some form of high-end, amazing-sounding headphones. While I truly do love my $4.99 Koss headphones from Walmart (I’m serious, they’re durable and sound pretty fantastic for costing less than a gallon of milk in Canada), I would really derive pleasure from a good over-ear symphony blaster.

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Apple store in the Oakridge Centre and, in between fondling iPads and convincing my mom to buy a Nano (mission accomplished! She loves it), I happened to try on a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre.
First impressions: comfortable, amazing bass, noise-cancelling.
Second impression (upon seeing the price): oh shit, these are expensive.

As enamored with Beats as I was, I wanted to see some reviews on them, so I checked them out on Amazon to see what people had to say. During this process I happened to stumble upon these, which are on sale (regular price = $330!) and appear to be either just as good or better (more balance with respect to bass/treble) than the Beats.
The only problem is the fact that I’m super picky about headphone comfort. I love Sony, for example, but they’re headphones feel horrible to me, so I don’t buy them. I actually got to try on the Beats and loved the way they felt, and unless I can find a pair of Sennheisers at a Best Buy or something around here, I won’t be able to do the same thing with them.

Any of you guys know of any super good headphones?

EDIT: So I went to a Best Buy on Saturday to see if they had Sennheisers there. They had one model (it wasn’t the model I was looking for), but it was substantially less comfortable than the Beats. I could judge this more objectively, too, because there was a test pair of Beats sitting next to the Sennheisers and the Beats definitely feel better on my head. So now it’s back to Amazon to see if I can get the Beats for a cheaper price, even if it means cheating the system a bit and using the US store.

EDIT #2: ordered Beats from Amazon. Anticipating their arrival in a few weeks.