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UGH, Coldplay

I would so love to go to one of their concerts. Look at how amazing this looks. All the people singing and crying. Chris Martin being Chris Martin

I would lose my mind if I heard this song live. I couldn’t handle it.


A cover of a Coldplay song with brass (and saxes)? Sign me up.

This sounds so freaking cool.

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got today.

Good Lord, Coldplay.

This song. This song.

How do you make Chris Martin sound any better than he does on his own? Back him up with a freaking choir.

This gives me serious chills. It’s so beautiful.

Edit: this one is good, too. Probably my second favorite.


*opens iTunes*


Is that a new Coldplay album I see!?


I can only download one of these songs per day and it’s GOING TO HURT MY SOUL I NEED ALL OF THEM NOW.


This is beautiful and I want it played at my funeral.

Parts that made me cry: 0:00-6:30 (not even kidding; every single one of these songs is attached to an important memory/time in my life)

I love Coldplay, yo. Love them.



Can I inject this song into my veins?


God, I love his voice.


I. Fucking. Love. Coldplay.

This is beautiful, oh my god.

If they ever go on tour again and are anywhere near Calgary, I will get a ticket. I don’t care about price.

Claudia vs. The Impossible Task: Ranking Her Favorite Coldplay Songs


I have acquired a lot of music over the past seven-ish years due to my daily song goal thingy. Because of this, my taste in music has really expanded. However, I can say with great certainty that Coldplay is definitely one of my favorite groups. Chris Martin has the best voice, and I love their style, regardless of how much it’s changed over the years.

So I figured I would try to do something that is very difficult for me: ranking my top 5 Coldplay songs.

Let’s Do the Dew™.

#5: Viva La Vida
I heard this song in an HP commercial in 2008 and had to have it. This is the song that got me into Coldplay. How can you not love this song? It’s got the driving, persistent beat, the strings, and Chris Martin’s voice. And like a great deal of Coldplay’s songs, it’s a mix of melancholy and pure energy.

#4: Us Against the World
One of my favorite things about Chris Martin is when he sings notes that are a little bit too low for his vocal range. His voice does this wobbly bit that’s just…I don’t know. Really raw. This song has him hitting a few low notes, causing the wobbly (2:10, for example). And the instrumental portion at 3:04. The chords. Holy poops. I live for good, heartbreaking chords.

#3: Fix You
This song hurts. I cry every time I listen to it (which makes singing it in Rock Band really hard, haha). Like a lot of the songs I really love, there’s one moment in it that just demolishes me emotionally, and that’s the way Chris’ voice breaks a bit on the “guide” of the first “lights will guide you home” (1:15)

#2: O (Fly On)
Okay, this is going to sound really dumb, but this is my “Leibniz song.” This song makes me think of Leibniz.* This makes me think of all the ways he saw beauty, interconnections, and good in the world. This makes me imagine that he still exists in the sense that the particles that comprised him are scattered out there, experiencing, acting, being. Also, the line “so fly on, right through / maybe one day I’ll fly next to you” has such a comforting yet yearning sentiment to it that it just makes this song that much better. We’re all a lot more connected then we think.

#1: Paradise
This song was released unto the world during one of the most confusing, emotional, and difficult parts of my life (2011). I had quit grad school at UBC and had moved across the continent to London, Ontario to try to find happiness. But I was alone, confused, and miserable. I went back to Moscow for a while to live in my dad’s basement. I was still alone, still confused, and still miserable. I was looking for a job. For stability. For purpose. I didn’t find any of it. But every night on my way home from my walk, I would go and sit on a swing in Rotary Park and listen to this song on repeat, looking up at the stars, hoping that the universe knew what it was doing and that this instability was only a temporary thing. I would cry. I would fight the feelings of insignificance. Every time I hear this song I think of that period in my life and how utterly unimportant I felt during it. It is a very emotionally charged song for me, even more so than the other songs listed. Which is why it’s my number one.

Now I’m crying. THANKS, COLDPLAY.

*I fantasize about meeting him a lot. A lot. Lemme tell ya.


Hahaha, this is pretty great.

That’s all I’ve got, sorry.


Seriously. This is one of my new favorite songs. (Probably not a five-star, but pretty close!)

Have another:

That nonsense is live, holy hell.

Dammit, Coldplay…

This freaking group, man. This song is beautifullllllll.

There’s something really familiar about it for some reason, but I don’t know why.


The Cowardly Average-Sized Toaster Oven is the Brave Little Toaster’s Forgotten Half-Brother

Woah, Coldplay. Woah.

Crank this up and sit in a dark room.
This reminds me of Muse’s Madness in the “this is by one of my favorite groups but doesn’t sound at all like them but it’s even more magnificent because of that” sense.
Apparently there are a lot of mixed feelings about this song, but I really like it. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Also: it’s Anosmia Awareness Day today! Go hug a non-smeller and check out this blog run by someone who has anosmia.


Guys. This deserves its own blog. Because that freaking beat is NNNNNNNNNFFF.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Of course, I’m talking about Gottfried Leibniz’ birthday!

The world has been without your physical presence for too long, my friend. Reincarnate so that I can date you stalk you pet your wig admire your genius in a completely appropriate and non-creepy manner.

Was going to buy some Choco Leibniz today, but I forgot. Instead, I made this:

I was listening to my music in the car the other day and realized how well Bittersweet Symphony would go with something from Coldplay. So I gave it a shot.

Happy birthday, my main man. <3

Massive Levi’s, Sam!


This is one of the greatest things I’ve heard in awhile.
Badass Coldplay song + badass Dethklok lyrics = extra super badass song.

Is it sad that this…calms me? I’ve listened to it on repeat for about 20 minutes now and I’m really chilled out.

Now we just need Nathan Explosion singing the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle to the music of Paradise.

OH CRAP it’s another blog

Two joyous items:

1. Hulu now has ALL SIX SEASONS of Chicago Hope. Must acquire money to get Hulu Plus. It’s a total ripoff in general, but it’s worth it to see the rest of the CH seasons.

2. The Piano Guys (two of the best musicians on YouTube) + Coldplay’s Paradise (one of the best songs ever) = this fantasticness:

Also, I forgot how much I love running.


Things that are surprisingly easy to do:
– Withdraw from a Canadian university for medical reasons.
– Hire a company to pack all your apartment’s crap and haul it across the country for you.

Things that are surprisingly difficult to do:
– Cancel your Canadian credit card.
– Transfer Canadian funds to a US account.
– Terminate a Canadian cell phone contract.
– Send medical info from the US to Canada.
– Figure out how much money you’re getting for being  a TA for part of a month.
– Doing all of the above in the exact appropriate order so that it all works out in the end.

Hooray stress! Perhaps today’s meme entry will alleviate anxiety.

30-Day Meme – Day 22: Your deepest fear.
Haha, nope, no stress relief. I’m afraid of failure. Failure defined on my own terms. I’d go into more detail but I’m getting really
distracted by the slot machines behind me (I’m stuck in the Las Vegas International Airport for four more hours) and I’m super tired of traveling, so I’m just going to leave things off here.


Blog 1,434: yeah, best New Year’s resolution EVER.

This “new song a day” thing is really probably the best resolution I’ve ever made. Why? Because when you actively seek out a new song everyday, you’re bound to stumble across awesome stuff like this:

When they drop into Viva La Vida at 3:44, I think my heart stopped. The subsequent singing didn’t help.


Oh, and here’s something to satisfy everyone’s English geekery:



Edit: and you know what song sounds freakishly cool played backwards? Cut Copy’s Lights and Music. Just FYI.


Today’s song: Rain by Mika (yeah, I had to)