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Hello, peeps.

So the Mets’ season officially ended yesterday. SADNESS!

As I’ve mentioned, Twitter is basically my baseball info hub, and most of my liked Tweets are baseball-related (the rest are math/stats-related, walking-related, or PRIMO MEME CONTENT).

So as a little tribute to the end of the regular season, I present the Mets’ 2019 season in Tweet form! Enjoy.


Bonus nonsense:




Such a cool moment.

That is all.


Cespedes had a “ranch incident” and broke his ankle, ‘cause he’s a Met and of course he did.

I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at this, but I did.


Hahaha, how did I not know this happened?

That’s great. Blevins can act, yo.


Mets, why you gotta go trading my favorite dude? Not cool.

I was legit sad when I read that Cabrera got traded. I dig Cabrera. Now he’s with the Phillies, the team against which he had the famous bat flip.

Edit: Did you know Cabrera has one of the 15 unassisted triple plays in MLB history? Now you do!

I’m sad.

Oh, Mets…

Hahaha, wow, when it’s all put together in a little montage like that…

That 2015 World Series, holy hell.


I think I’ve said this before on here, but I’ll say it again for clarity’s sake. The only thing Twitter is good for is sports updates. That’s the only thing. Everything else on it is dumb. I don’t want to see your oh-so-important garbage broken into 140-character chunks of text.


Get a blog, you plebs.

Anyway, here’s the real reason for this post. The Mets Twitter posted this little guy during the game last night and I’m still laughing.


It’s just the perfect representation of how their season is going.




It’s Mets time, bitches! Hopefully they’ll win their first game. And, y’know, a good amount of the rest of their games.

(Edit: haha, wow, they murdered the Braves.)

Also, shock of shocks: I dug out my old Unreal CD and stuck it in Big Compy just to see how badly it wouldn’t work. But hey…it actually worked! And it looks shockingly good for a game from 1998.

Awesome. I just wish The Neverhood worked on this computer, too.

The Mets, The Mets, The Mets are On Fire

Take a look at what the Mets are doing right now:


This is a graph of the Mets’ probability of making it to the postseason. As you can see, the probability had been taking a dive for most of the season, bottoming out at 6.7% on August 19th. They basically had a very, very small chance of making it.

Less than a month later, that probability has shot up to 63%. That’s pretty crazy. They’re just out of the wildcard spot now. I think it’s especially interesting when you consider that none of the other teams even remotely in contention have any huge upswings or downswings (except maybe the Cardinals).


(Sorry, I like graphs.)

(And now I can use the “sports” category for the first time in like 4 years.)