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So 2016 is just all about the milestones. Today, for example, marks exactly 10 years since I graduated high school. I’m not going to do a “here’s all the stuff that’s happened in the past decade” ‘cause I already did that for my decade blog anniversary (see this post), but it’s still a big deal in my opinion.

Ten years is a long time. A lot has changed, and most of it in ways I would have never expected. I certainly could have never predicted that at 28 I’d be living in Calgary, working on my second graduate degree, and engaged to be married.

I also wonder, every once and awhile, how all of these dorks are doing. I never talk to anyone from high school anymore.

Is your life something you would have never expected 10 years ago?


A POST TO END ALL POSTS (not really.)

Here are some bullet points that apply to my life right now:

  • I live in Calgary
  • I’ve been keeping a daily record of my life for the past 8.75 years
  • I have a math degree
  • I have someone wonderful to love (and who loves me back)
  • I’m still in school
  • I am in a graduate program for statistics
  • I like teaching (statistics)
  • I like walking for exercise/pleasure

Ten years ago, I was in the midst of my junior year of high school. If you had told me even one of these bullet points was going to apply to me in ten years, I would never have believed you. If you had told me all of them were going to apply to me at the same time, I probably would have just laughed at you. But here I am, ten years later, and they all apply.

Hell, if you would have told me any portion of these points even five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Life is weird.

What proportion of praying mantises are atheists?

SCREW YOU depression, I’m trying to be a functioning adult.

Didn’t go work out this morning. Instead, curled up in bed and cried for two hours.

I wonder how many calories despair burns.

I also forgot to pack my broccoli/hummus for snackies at work, though, so maybe that’ll balance some of it out.


Not even watching the new Metalocalypse episode (once I finally dragged myself out of bed) cheered me up, even though it had the most badass ending ever.


Maybe posting old recently-discovered pictures from senior prom would cheer me up?

(Me, Amy, E’raina, Tanna, and Aneel, left to right, on my back porch)



(Amy had so many wardrobe issues that night)


(I lost approximately 10 pounds of glitter off that dress while dancing that night and yet it still sheds excessively)


Meh. Aneel in a martini apron is still pretty awesome.

Protected: I took note of the date today and realized something:

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Old Vaio is Old

My stuff came this morning, yay!

First thing I did involved digging out the monitor to Big Compy and hooking it to Old Vaio (the one with the busted screen). Laughed at all the old crap from high school senior year and all my undergraduate silliness.


Haha, I’d totally forgotten about the time I recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using flour, water, and food coloring.

Spinning pineapple drawn and animated in Flash! I had this titled thereisaseasonturnturnturn.gif. (EDIT: apparently you have to click on stationary pineapple to get it its own page. It’ll spin there.) (EDIT 2: apparently it depends on your browser)

A bunch of my silly high school friends and me at a bowling party. Poor Aneel.

An experiment with eyeliner and some eyeshadow back when I actually had eyeliner. I might still have some, but who knows where it is.

Also, of the 50 songs I currently have rated 5 stars, 22 of them were rated 5 stars back in the era of Old Vaio.

That is all.

Mmm, fresh data!

Hey ladies and gents. NEW BLOG LAYOUT! Do you like it? Please say yes.


So this is some data I collected in my junior year of high school. I asked 100 high schoolers a series of questions out of Keirsey’s Please Understand Me, a book about the 16 temperaments (you know, like the ISFPs or the ENTJs, etc.). When I “analyzed” this for my psych class back then, I didn’t really know any stats at all aside from “I can graph this stuff in Excel!” (which doesn’t even count), so I decided to explore it a little more. I wanted to see if there were any correlations between gender and any of the four preference scales.
The phi coefficient was computed between all pairs (this coefficient is the most appropriate correlation to compute between two dichotomous variables). Here is the correlation matrix:

First, it’s important to note how things were coded.
Males = 1, Females = 0
Extraversion = 1, Introversion = 0
Sensing = 1, Intuiting = 0
Feeling = 1, Thinking = 0
Perceiving = 1, Judging = 0

So what does all this mean? Well, pretty much nothing, statistically-speaking. The only two significant correlations were between gender and Perceiving/Judging and Sensing/Intuiting and Perceiving/Judging. From the coding, the first significant correlation means that in the sample, there’s a tendency for males to score higher on Perceiving than Judging, and for females to score higher on Judging. The second significant correlation  means that in the sample, there’s a tendency for those who score high on Feeling tend to score high on Perceiving, and a tendency for those to score high on Thinking to score high on Judging.

The rest of the correlations were non-significant, but they’re still interesting to look at. There’s a positive correlation between being female and scoring high on Extraversion, There’s a correlation between being male and scoring high on Feeling, and there’s a very, very weak correlation between Feeling/Thinking and Extraversion/Introversion.

Woo stats! Take the test, too, it’s pretty cool.



Today’s song: Beautiful Life by Ace of Base

I’ll be your particle if you’ll be my accelerator

So apparently some chick I went to high school with is engaged to Ludacris now. I don’t remember her AT ALL, and I don’t think she was in my year. Still though, small world.

Anyway. Interesting article.

Sorry, slow day.


Today’s song: Explosive by Bond

Protected: Any of you high school friends remember this?

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You know what I miss? 7th grade. It was a fun time. I know none of you know (except for Aneel), but it rocked.

Haha, I remember messing around with Ross after school, and Jimmy, his son (who was a coat, I think) and Nell, Aneel’s puffy marshmallow coat. And then that whole thing with Ross throwing the snowballs at the white trash truck with the gun rack in the back. Man, that was hilarious.

Knowledge Bowl. Now THAT was fun. Me + Aneel + Ross = fail at every competition (mostly because we messed around and were always one person short of a full team) but hey—it was fun.

I miss it. It was not high school, and it was not catholic school.

Ah, the wonders of a camera phone…

So after losing and rediscovering my cell phone YET AGAIN, I decided to look through all the crap from high school I’d had saved on it. Here are some of the things I found:

~Aneel with barrettes in his hair
~E’raina’s butt (there were quite a lot of these…)
~Alan’s butt/crotch/him coming after me
~E’raina’s Ramen hair!
~Amy’s boobies
~E’raina and Amy gettin’ down dirty on the floor (with my encouragement)
~Hunter’s crotch
~A video of Amy and me dirty dancing in front of my physics classroom
~A video of me being chased by Amy and randomly stopping to strip (me stripping, not Amy, unfortunately)
~A video of Aneel’s glasses case and me stealing it from him
~A video of me groping Hunter
~A video of me grinding on Hunter
~A video of me grinding on Aneel (actually, there are about three of these)
~A video of Aneel drinking soda, him accusing me of wanting to cause harm to him, and me saying, “No, I don’t! I’m taking pictures of your crotch!”

I miss these days. It’s a wonder I never got detention/suspended/shot for this crap.

“…on paper?”

Haha, it’s time to mess with people! Here are snippits from several MSN messenger conversations I’ve had with some of my friends (mainly Aneel and E’raina) over the past year. They’re hilarious.

#1: in which we discuss a certain teacher and her husband:
E’raina: haha, her hubby came to the rink today and had a conversation with my boobs
Claudia: HAHA!
Aneel: yuck
E’raina: i almost cried
Claudia: I bet he’d like some firm ones for once
Claudia: :D
E’raina: haha
Aneel: ewe
E’raina: damn girl!
Claudia: Not that I look or anything…
E’raina: its hard to miss that
Aneel: haha yeah…
E’raina: its one of those “do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro”
E’raina: but with boobs

#2: in which we discuss the end of the year BBQ:
E’raina: too bad we don’t have friends with hot tubs
E’raina: or slip n slides
E’raina: or crack
Claudia: I have strippers hidden under my bed!
E’raina: I vote for Claudia’s house

E’raina: Hey C, do you ever have a day where you just want to whip Aneel with a piece of licorice?

#3: in which we discuss Aneel’s hotness:
Claudia: Don’t you think Aneel’s hot?
Claudia: I do
Aneel: o yeah it’s not a secret…lol
E’raina: damn right it isn’t
Aneel: I’m not the best kept secret

#4: in which I promote my website:
Claudia: www.geocities.com/antarctica_freak
Claudia: It is great
Claudia: Brilliant
Aneel: lol well you made it
Claudia: Therefore it is great
Claudia: Brilliant

Claudia: HAHA! I just opened my phone and got an eyeful of Alan crotch!

#5: in which we discuss (argue about) pasta for prom:
Claudia: I’ll bring pasta
Claudia: CLEAN pasta, Aneel
Aneel: why would it be dirty?
E’raina: teehee
Claudia: You were saying it was messy
Aneel: yeah pasta is
Claudia: Not all the time
E’raina: it can be
Claudia: But not all the time
Aneel: exactly
Aneel: but it can
Claudia: Gang up on me, why don’t ya?
E’raina: i love pasta
E’raina: i’m all about the pasta
Aneel: lol it’s ok I like it to sometimes
E’raina: I love it!
Claudia: …so pasta?

#6: in which Aneel and I discuss what we’re doing at the moment:
Claudia: Did you just say something?
Claudia: …Sharma?
Aneel: yeah whats up>?
Claudia: Government final :(
Claudia: You?
Aneel: I’m decorating my glasses case
Claudia: To make it more manly?

Claudia: Does he really count as a boy?
Claudia: He’s an…Aneel

Aneel (talking about his government final): do you think Hall would care if I did the whole research paper in landscape format?

#7: in which Aneel and I discuss the final government question:
Aneel: what creative thing did you do for a bill becoming a law?
Claudia: I just did a flowchart
Claudia: You haven’t done that yet?
Aneel: nope
Aneel: flowchart?
Aneel: how do you make one of those?
Claudia: Yeah
Claudia: Just draw it
Aneel (like 5 minutes later): on paper?

I should win an Oscar or something

Oh man…talk about insanity…I was home alone tonight and, while I was cleaning, dug out all these old video tapes of book reports I’ve done for school over the years. They’re genius…


 “Stepping on the Cracks” (fourth grade)
~4th graders can’t act worth crap.
~I am an excellent cameraman.
~”He ruined my homework!” “He ruined my pants!”
~I look basically the same.
~I had a hole in my pants the entire time.
~People with backpacks over their heads singing “oh oh it’s magic” is always entertaining. (“You always know what’s magic!”)
“Banner in the Sky” (fifth or sixth grade)
~This is supposed to be on a remote mountain in the Alps. We did it on a snowpile in a parking lot with dogs and cars making noise in the background.
~I got a lot of shots of Aaron’s butt. Quite a lot. That’s the whole movie, really.
~My camera work is genius!
“Dune” (yes, “Dune”. 7th grade. Best. Work. Ever.)
~My intro: “The setting is outside the very white sanded Dune desert cave.”
~We all go insane when we’re out in the snow for three hours.
~This whole damn thing is a blooper, really.
~Our sword fights consisted of sticks and pushing and screaming and chasing.
~Brendan writes the most brilliant script I’ve ever seen, but his interpretation of “Dune” was…uh…slightly skewed.
~”The blind man is killing me!”
~”I’m all wet! Why’d you get me all wet? I like to be dry!”
~”Ever heard of Judas, the loser who cheated Jesus? You are all like him! All of you!”
~”Me like escorting women!”
~”I don’t have a part till the all wet part”
~”Give me some of that stinkin’ coffee!”
~”It wasn’t me! I’m not even in this scene!”
~”The scene that we cut WE DIDN’T REALLY CUT!!!”
~Award-winning filming by ME!


Jeez…I was laughing the whole time through these pathetic things. Nice cheer up. I’m a happy little freak now.


Wasn’t it around this same time last year that all us people who were in physics were trying desperately to finish our chairs?

Those damn chairs…

I dug the picture of mine out of my butt last night. It was supposed to be cheese, but in retrospect, it looks more like The Cheat.


I just got home from my graduation today.

It was exciting and very scary. Mr. Kaag spoke, which was cool, and so did Ben. They both rocked. I got a little bronze honor cordy thing, which is kinda disappointing (since I could’ve done better) but oh well.
Mr. Blount told me that I got a 99% in his class–the highest grade in all the periods.
Train o’ Rockin’…aw, screw it. I never have to go through physics again!

Now I never have to see Lead again, the little loser!

Off to the Senior Party!

Stupid physics…(oh, and the last day of school)

I am very disappointed in my Rube Goldberg machine, which conveniently quit working when Mr. Blount came to check it out for a grade. It’s as if it hates me for some reason.


But anyways, it is the last day of high school…ever. Kinda sad, kinda scared, kinda excited.
But mostly pissed about physics. It ruined my whole day.

Put on your happy pants!

So the year is coming to a close, and I feel the best way to end it (on my blog, at least) is to make a list of my most-remembered memories from our little lunch group.
So without further ado, I present to you:

 ~* The Most-Remembered Memories List! *~

~ The “family tree” I made out of my deck of cards
~ That creepy bearded guy cornering me while I had a pad in my pants and asking whether or not my parents would approve of me being “inappropriate”
~ Crab humping! (and “over capacity” Jacob!)
~ Sticking my clarinet case down my pants
~ Taking off my bra and throwing it on Aneel (multiple occurrences)
~ The whole “that’s not Gangrene!” situation
~ Tampy!
~ The tampon machine
~ “Boxing” with Hunter
~ Pissing off Alan (multiple occurrences)
~ Throwing M&Ms up into the ceiling with Candida
~ Those cardboard stilts in the bathroom
~ Harassing Ballerina Boy (multiple occurrences)
~ Taking butt and crotch pictures with my camera phone
~ Those Easter eggs–whacking them with my head
~ My reading of To Kill A Mockingbird
~ Crab-walking down the hall
~ Writing the Valentine’s Day poem to Aneel’s brother
~ Taking off my panties while wearing a skirt and then doing a cartwheel (thanks, E’raina!)


There are probably dozens more. Do you guys remember something that I don’t? If you do, tell me and I’ll stick it on here!

Random crap


Okay…now that that’s said, here are a few random dingy-bobbers that are occurring/being pondered/continuously going through my mind:

1) I am a geek. This has already been proven, but I figure the fact that I give people nicknames due to whether or not their initials make up a symbol of the Periodic Table of Elements (examples: Aneel would be Arsenic (As), I would be Curium (Cm), and you-know-who would be Lead (Pb). Nerdy nerdy geek freak.
2) I like fajitas (despite the fact that I have never had one).
3) I’m really friggin’ thirsty right now. For chocolate milk. Dang.
4) Pedro is hot.

Can you tell I’m bored as hell? I’m bored as hell.

My Rube Goldberg machine is genius!

YAY! I finally finished the construction of my Rube Goldberg machine! Now I shall get extra credit in physics which will guarantee a solid A in the class (and possibly the highest grade in our period!)
It works beautifully…except for the actual cutting part, which I figured wouldn’t matter too much, considering the fact that its working is only 5f our total grade. I rock.

Once again, it’s time to visit the…

Train o’ Rockin’ at Physics!

Soreness, the “flood”, and the Band Awards Night

First point of discussion: I am very sore from bowling at the Senior Sneak. Sad? Yes. Depressing? Yes. A good excuse for not working on my physics tonight? Yes.

Second point of discussion: Our school is obviously not flood-proof. We had some form of five-minute torrential downpour at lunch today and one whole hallway of the school flooded. Plus, when I got to band, half the floor (which is carpet, mind you) was soaking wet. We all had to cram into half of the room, which was a challenge, considering it was mostly full of chairs.

Third point of discussion: The Band Awards were tonight at the Junior High (which luckily wasn’t flooded). These were the thingies I won:
– Future Conductor Award
– Band Geek Award
– Garrett’s (our teacher) Pet Award
– 6 Year Award (only 3 of us got it–in normal years there are like 6 or 7)
– Leadership and Inspiration Award (I had no idea I’d win this one…quite a shock)

We had pizza and it was fun.


Senior Sneak was today, and we went to Triple Play up in Coeur d’Alene (at least I think it was Coeur d’Alene) and it was pretty dern fun!

On the bus down I played Scrabble, cause I’m a geek, and I wrote a cool poem in Paula’s yearbook!
I bowled with Aneel and Paula, and all of us sucked (there wasn’t a score above 70).
After that we did the go-karts. If Dakota wasn’t such a butthead, I would’ve won (or have been close to winning). After that we got in the bumper boats and got Aneel soaking wet! Paula’s boat didn’t steer, and Ben had to rescue her.
Then we actually went in the water, and we hooked up with Tanna and went down these kick-butt slides!! They were so cool! Great fun.

Then we did the go-karts again, and, like before, I would’ve definitely won if Dakota wasn’t a butt. He made me wipe out in the last two laps. I was passing everybody else, probably because I was the only one who knew (or remembered) that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line–everyone else was hugging each curve.

So it was cool. Aneel was on drugs the whole time, and I’m not just talking about Dramamine!