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Beat this walking speed, bitches:


This was Pullman and back, so I didn’t have to worry about stopping at crosswalks/stop lights except in Moscow, so that helped.

That’s a 12.27-minute mile, by the way. Not too shabby. Too bad I don’t walk that fast all the time.


Edit: ow, my quads.


So Nate and I did a 24 mile walk today that put me over 1,000 miles on my shoes, over 2,000 miles for the year, and finally got us accomplishing our goal of walking to Southcentre and back. A few things worth noting on this walk:

We took another gym!



Pidgey Party 2016



This enormous caterpillar.



It’s hard to see exactly how big this bro was, but he was massive. Here’s my foot for scale.



A sign outside a florist’s.



Bonus picture: Jazzy with her tongue sticking out.



The Gat Greatsby

Here’s an interesting article talking about the difference in the workout/calorie burn for walking versus running. Basically, common sense is right: running burns more calories than walking if both are done over the same distance. The author looked at comparing the net calorie burn of running versus walking. Net calorie burn is the total calorie burn minus the resting metabolic calories that your body would have burned during the time of the workout even if you hadn’t been working out at all The relative net calorie burn of running a 9:30 mile is approximately the same as walking a 19:00 mile.

However, the author notes that walking should not be discounted as a good source of exercise—especially if the walking is done at a rapid pace. He states that at fast paces, walking is actually harder than running. This is because the body is really not designed to walk quickly. Moving quickly is what running is for! So trying to force your body to walk at a very fast pace actually increases heart rate, oxygen consumption, and calorie burn.

So yay for fast walking! I like walking better than running for exercise anyway, ‘cause I can easily walk at 4.3 mph or faster for upwards of four hours, but make me run at a reasonable speed for about an hour and I’m dead.

June walking!

So June was a good walking month. In all, I walked 392.78 miles in 850,144 steps. I spent 94 hours and 47 minutes walking (almost four days), which is super awesome.

Oh, and today I walked a marathon. Or a little bit further: 26.51 miles. That’s a new daily record for me by about 4 miles. WOO!

Graph of distances per day!


Only three days with distances less than 10 miles and only seven days with distances less than 15 miles? I’ll take it.

Also, if this were to ever be my monthly pace, I could hit 4,700 miles in a year.



I’ve had a good week as far as walking goes. From Monday the 20th until today, I’ve walked a total of 136.1 miles in 296,578 steps. Graph!


(Ignore Friday.)

ALSO! Yesterday was the first time I was able to hold an average pace of 4.5 MPH for 20 miles. I guess I’d never really tried for that before, but my average pace is usually around 4 to 4.2 MPH. So it’s an improvement, at least.



Hello, reader(s)! So this is going to be the TMI posts of all TMI posts (at least until I post the thing I plan on posting sometime this summer), so if you don’t want to read about my nasty-ass body, feel free to skip this.


I’m very close to hitting 1,000 walking miles for the year (it should happen either the last week of April or the first week of May, if all goes well). Since I take approximately two days off from walking per week (one of the weekend days, and my “I’m a slug, deal with it” Fridays), that means I walk approximately 11 to 12 miles five days a week. Some weeks it’s more, some weeks it’s less,  but on average, I’d say approximately 12 per day. Here’s some of the weird shit that this walking regimen has done to my body:

  • Two of my toenails are completely black. Like, always. I think there’s blood under the nail from them being pushed against the insides of my shoes. This is, however, most likely due to the fact that I had to revert to Kinvara 5s when I murdered without remorse wore out my Kinvara 6s. I wore an 8 in the 6s and went back to a 7.5 in the 5s; I think my feet had gotten used to a little more room.
  • My big toes’ toenails, on the other hand, are shiny enough to be used to signal a passing plane from a remote island. I think my socks are polishing them.
  • My calf muscles are super visible when I flex them. It makes me very happy.
  • My knee-high socks do not appreciate my calves, though.
  • After my longer walks (15+ miles) or walks when I’m carrying groceries home (12 miles, 20+ pounds or so in my backpack?) I’ve started getting hematuria. Apparently it’s fairly common with strenuous and/or long bouts of exercise (and particularly for runners) and not too big of a deal. Which is good, ‘cause it scared the hell out of me at first. It also goes away within about 5 hours.
  • I have the most godawful tan pattern going on, especially on my arms. It’s mainly on my left arm, ‘cause I wear my extra hairbands and Fitbit on that arm, but all of them have been worn for different amounts of time, so my skin’s in like 30 different shades on my left arm. It’s weird. I’m going to look awful at my wedding; I should get a long-sleeved dress.



I have no freaking idea how my feet get so dirty. I mean, I get that I’m out walking for like 3+ hours, but it’s not like I’m walking on dusty paths. I’m on the sidewalks. Is Calgary really that dusty?

Oh well.

I won’t spam you with my nasty feets this summer, I promise.


Over the past three weeks, I’ve had a week where I’ve walked more than average, a week where I’ve walked less than average, and a week where I’ve walked an average amount. I decided to make a little graph of the differences.


Here are the totals for each week:
“Low”: 56.62 miles
“Average”: 63.93 miles
“High”: 83.46 miles

Sorry, I don’t have anything else to blog about today.

Okay, I need to rant (again)

What do I need to rant about, you ask?

These things.


These goddamn things.

Not the buttons/signs themselves, but the fact that like 98% of people are too stupid to understand how they work. Do you see the arrow on that sign? If you want to cross in that direction, you press the button. If not, don’t press the damn button.

These signs are even easier to understand up here. They specifically say “Push button to cross [insert street here].” But do people understand that?


This wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if it didn’t screw things up with my timing at crosswalks.

Scenario: There’s an intersection* of a fairly busy road (let’s call it A St.) and a slightly busy road (let’s call it B St.). The sign to cross B St. is always set to “walk” unless someone pushes the button to cross A St.
I’m walking down the sidewalk along A St., heading toward the intersection. I want to continue along the sidewalk where I am, so I just want to use that “always set to walk” sign. However, some dude comes up and presses the button to cross A St.

No big deal. He wanted to cross A St., so it’s legit.

But now, as he’s crossing, another dude walks up and wants to cross B St., like I do. But instead of being patient and just waiting for the A St. one to stop flashing, he PUSHES THE DAMN BUTTON TO CROSS A ST.
And what happens? He gets across B St. fine, but his pushing the A St. button screws up the timing and the B St. sign goes red again by the time I get there (because someone pressed the button!), forcing me to stop.

Like…is this rocket science? Read the damn signs, people. They’re right there. It’s not hard.

This makes me so irrationally angry.

*Actually, there are a lot of intersections like this in Calgary.

Oh, it’s just a little breezy out here–OH GOD

You know what’s fun? Walking in wind warning-worthy weather.

Oh wait, that actually kind of sucks.

I’m pretty sure I’m more dust than human right now.

But I got 15.87 miles in, which puts me over 550 for the year. Snazzy.

That’s all. My eyes hurt and I’m sure I’ve ingested more than my daily recommended value of dust and debris.

Claudia’s Big Walk: The Plan


I want to see just how far I could go if given an entire day of walking (plus enough power on my iPod to get through it, haha).

I’ve wanted to do this since last summer, but I just didn’t get the chance (too busy with school stuff/moving/traveling and/or the weather was garbage). So hopefully this summer, once classes are out, I’ll be able to pull it off. I just need an “optimal weather” day, meaning not too freaking hot, not too windy, and (ideally) a little clouded over. Those days happen up here, but it’s just a matter of getting one in the summer when the daylight hours are longer.

ANYWAY, here’s my planned route for that day, whenever it comes. I chose these locations because a) they’re mostly all malls, which would serve as good stopping points to get water/go to the bathroom/re-charge the iPod if necessary; b) I know how to get to all of them; and c) I know the bus routes back to home from all of these locations, so if I end up getting stuck at one of them and not wanting to walk further, I can just grab a bus and get home that way.


Unrealistic? God, I don’t know. If I did this entire route, it wouldn’t take me 16:20 like Google says, ‘cause I walk quite a bit faster than their estimated walking time. But I probably would be slowing down near the end, haha. 49 miles is a lot. I suppose I can give it a try and see if I could do it!

WOO I AM PUMPED even though this isn’t happening for a few months at least.

This Just In: People Suck at Walking


For something so natural for humans to do, we sure do suck at it.

The thing that really pisses me off is when you’ve got some slow little fart in front of you who decides that he needs to walk RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE DAMN SIDEWALK and is completely oblivious (usually due to a phone) to everything around him.

Like, I’m making all sorts of noise behind the guy to warn him that he’s not the only one on the sidewalk and is certainly not one of the faster ones, and he’s just “duurrrrr smart phone.”

Then I end up finally having to walk off the side of the sidewalk to pass him, and he gives me the dirtiest little “how dare you” look.



This is how I feel when I go to pass these types of walkers.


(Yes, I made a .gif from that YouTube video. It’s pretty much my favorite video ever.)

Fitbit vs. iTreadmill

Yo, people! So as I mentioned on “Fake Christmas” day, My dad got me a Fitbit ‘cause he knows I’m obsessive about tracking stuff (also I think he got one for himself, too, ‘cause he used to have a Nike one awhile back that’s probably dead by now).

Anyway, I decided to go for a walk today and compare what Fitbit said to what my iTreadmill app said.

So here we go!

iTreadmill: 11.00
Fitbit: 11.01

iTreadmill: 24,240
Fitbit: 23,473

iTreadmill: 175 minutes
Fitbit: 207 minutes

Calories Burned
iTreadmill: 702
Fitbit: 2,420

The mileage and steps aren’t too different from one another, which is surprising, ‘cause I can’t calibrate Fitbit to my stride (but I’ve done so for the iTreadmill app). The time for the Fitbit is longer because it doesn’t shut off when I stop moving. The iTreadmill app does (which I kind of like better, ‘cause then I know how much time I actually spent moving rather than just standing at intersections, in line at the grocery store, etc.). The calories are the biggest difference, but that’s because the Fitbit tracks “resting” calories burned as well, so the 2,420 is what it thinks I’d burned up until the walk, and then on the walk itself (I don’t think I burn nearly that many calories in a day. My body doesn’t manufacture it’s own heat, dude).

But the best part about the Fitbit is that it tracks your heartrate, which is something the iTreadmill can’t do. So if I’m not going to use it as my “official” tracker for steps/mileage, I can at least use it to track my heartrate.


Ice, Ice, Body

So Nate and I went walking today because I’m out of school until next Monday and Nate had the day off. It was okay walking to our destination, but on the way back it was COLD and WINDY and COLD.

How cold was it? I had a half-full bottle of water in my backpack. The water, which had been sloshing around while I walked (that is, it wasn’t just stagnant), had ICE IN IT. SO DID MY BLOOD.

I took my temperature when we got back and it was down to 94.6 degrees.


Walk da Walk 2015



So I surpassed my goal distance by quite a bit, which is awesome, but that’s not all I keep track of! The following are my walking stats for January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

Total number of walks: 306
Total mileage: 2,523.29
Total number of steps: 5,286,330
Total calories burned: 170,356
Total walking time (minutes): 38,237.76 [that’s about 26.55 days]
Average speed (mph) per walk: 3.876

2,523.29 miles is approximately the (great circle) distance between San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. If you want to go north-south instead, it’s a bit longer than the distance between Calgary, AB and Alert, NU. Pretty cool.

Distance Walked


Distance Walked NS

Here are my total distance graphs by week day and by month.






How to Ruin a Regression Analysis

I’ve walked a total of 275.48 miles this month. That’s substantially more than any other month this year (except maybe April).

19 of the last 22 days’ walks have been longer than 10 miles. 17 of them have been longer than 12 miles, and five of them have been longer than 15 miles.

This is going to really screw with any regression analyses I was planning on for the end of the year, but hey. If I can get to 2,500 miles, then it’s all worth it.



(Hint: it’s me.)

image (6)

I’ve gone a little over 1,400 miles in these, so giant holes in the soles are no fault of the shoes themselves. And in case you’re curious as to what my socks look like:

image (5)


And yes, I was in a bathroom stall taking pictures of my shoes and socks. Deal with it.

Claudia the Angry Pedestrian Presents: People Who Don’t Shovel Their Sidewalks are the Worst

I’m going to preface this with the acknowledgement that not everyone is physically capable of shoveling the snow from their sidewalk. I understand that completely. And I understand that not everyone can be outside and shoveling as soon as it snows (or even several hours after, in some cases). I get it.

But for those people who can shovel perfectly fine but just don’t?

I don’t know if you realize this or not, but those sidewalks are in front of your houses because some people don’t have cars and need to walk to get places. When you don’t shovel your sidewalk AT ALL, there’s going to be quite a bit of snow build-up. If there’s a slight increase in temperature you still don’t do anything about it, the temperature’s going to drop again and the snow will have turned to ice. And it’s going to stay there for quite some time, making life pretty miserable for us pedestrians.

I wish the city was somehow tougher on people who don’t shovel their sidewalks. If people had to clear the strip of street that was in front of their house, I’m sure there’d be immediate consequences if they left their part of the street unplowed. Seriously. I saw a guy in a wheelchair the other day who had to wheel out in the street for half a block because none of the sidewalks on that side had been cleared and were basically pure ice.



I did something bad.

What did I do?

I realized that I can get to a total walking mileage of 2,500 for 2015 if I walk 9.8 miles per day for the rest of the year.

That’s not impossible, not at all.

I…I might need to make it happen. But we’ll see.

A wild pedestrian appears!


I need this. I need it now. I’m a faster walker than about 94% of the population, and 99% of the population doesn’t know how to courteously walk down a sidewalk, so this would be a very convenient and unobtrusive way to let a slower walker know I want to pass them. Currently I usually just scrape my shoe loudly against the ground as I’m approaching someone from behind so that they know I’m back there. It’s not always effective; half the time they look back at me and don’t even freaking move out of the way. WHY DO YOU THINK I’M MAKING NOISE?? This bell would make me sound like a bike, though, which would probably get them to actually move.