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So this week has sucked royal nuts for various reasons. But today I got an email from Jim saying that STAT 213 in the spring was suddenly available and that it could be mine if I wanted it.

And I had to very calmly reply “yes plz give” without actually being like “YES PLZ GIVE!”

So yeah. I get two classes this spring: STAT 213 and STAT 217. I’ll hopefully be getting STAT 217 in the summer, too.

(And, you know, more classes in later semesters as well.)




So I had a meeting with Jim this morning to talk about next semester. Turns out I not only get to teach TWO classes next semester, but one of them is a 300-level class! I’ve never taught a 300-level class before.

It’s called “Statistics for the Physical and Environmental Sciences,” and it sounds like STAT 213 and STAT 217 combined and for people with a calculus background. I also get to teach them R, which is fantastic.

So yeah, I’m SUPER FREAKING EXCITED. I didn’t think I’d get any classes next semester, let alone two.

Let’s hope this trend continues!


Yesterday was my post about Skagway and thus I didn’t get to post my super awesome news, so here it is today instead:



Sorry. That’s really good news.


I’m probably more stressed about tomorrow’s than some of my students are. I’m worried something’s going to go wrong, because that’s been the defining characteristic of this semester so far.

Sorry for the crappy blogs. Been really busy/stressed/nervous/overwhelmed.

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Bees Get Degrees

Want to know a) what other people with your same college degree are doing, and b) how much they’re earning doing it? Check this thingy out!

Here are mine:

Psychology (females, my age group)

I wouldn’t want to be any of those.

Philosophy (females, my age group)


Math (females, my age group)

Hey, there’s postsecondary teachers!

Could be worse, I suppose. I’d rather be happy than rich!



Dudes, teaching this night class is the best thing ever.

Like…I have all day to walk and then go to work from 6 PM to 9 PM? You couldn’t even imagine a better time of day for me to work.

This is so fantastic. My job cannot get better.

Well, actually, I guess the only way it could be better is if there was any sort of permanence to it past this semester. I would love to have this as my career, I really would. But I have to just be patient at this point.

Will everything work out so that I can do this for the rest of my life?

Who knows.

But I really, really, really am hoping it will.

Edit: here’s the room I’m teaching in. This is the view from my little lecture podium.


What’s the only thing better than teaching stats?

Teaching an evening class of stats!

(Which…I guess…is still teaching stats…just…just humor me here.)

I talked to Jim today and not only does it sound like I’m going to get to teach in the spring (which is like the first summer session at UI), but I’ll get to teach the super late “none of the other instructors want this timeslot” evening class of 217. That means I can spend ALL DAY WALKING before going in to work, especially since I’ll already have my class notes mostly prepared (due to teaching 217 this semester).

That’s going to be awesome.

Now I just need to somehow get a course to teach for fall, haha. I will do everything in my power to make this a permanent thing.

End o’ teaching

Teaching is over for the semester.

I am sad.

But I’d be a lot sadder if I didn’t have anything to teach next semester.

I really, really hope that I’ll continue to be needed as a lecturer. Hell, I don’t need any major job security at this point. If it has to be semester-to-semester for a while, I’ll take it.

I just…I want to keep doing this. This is what I’m meant to do with my time on this earth, I’m sure of it.

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Sparkly Beige


I don’t think I can properly convey my excitement over being able to teach statistics again. I mean, I guess I’ve been running labs for the past two years, but it’s just not the same, you know? I really feel like teaching statistics—especially intro statistics—is what I’m meant to do with my life.

And I know this position is only temporary (I’m technically only hired through December 31st of this year), but I’m going to do whatever I can to see if I can keep it going longer. Surely some of the higher up professors who teach 213/217 would want an opportunity to focus more on their research or on the upper-division courses they’re teaching, right?

Either way, I am eternally grateful to Scott for really pushing those in charge to hire me. I’m pretty sure I would have never gotten this opportunity without his influence. Now I just have to prove that I know what I’m doing and hope that they need somebody for next semester.

New office

I moved offices today! I got “promoted” to the fifth floor where all the professors/post docs are. I met the lady who will be taking over my desk in my old office (she’s from Russia and is in the theoretical math area) while I was cleaning out all my crap. She’s super nice and said she wants to come to my lectures so she can refresh her stats, haha.

Here’s a pic of my new office:


I’m sharing it with two post-docs, but one of them isn’t teaching this semester and spends most of his time at Foothills, so he probably won’t be around. The other teaches a math class. Calculus, maybe? I can’t remember.

Anyway, the windows are west-facing, so we’ll get the hot afternoon sun, but there’s no way this office can be hotter than my previous one. That thing was a furnace.


Who’s teaching STAT 213 next semester?


This afternoon, in the span of about an hour, I went from hoping to eventually get a teaching job somewhere to hearing that I get to teach a section of STAT 213 in the fall. It’s currently just for that semester, meaning there’s no guarantee that I’ll be hired for any subsequent semesters, but that’s what they said at UI and I worked for two years (plus summers) as a lecturer there before heading to the frigid north.


I am super, super excited, yo.

Ego boost


So I picked up all my TA evaluations a few days ago because the department gets rid of them once you’ve graduated and I wanted to make sure I picked them up before I forgot to do so.

Anyway, today I feel like useless garbage (I mean, even more so than normal), so I decided to get a little ego boost from the reviews. These are my favorite comments.

  • “Best TA I’ve had”
  • “I feel like she can teach better than prof”
  • “I have nothing but amazing things to say about her”
  • “She could easily be a professor”
  • “It is evident that she cares about students’ success”
  • “Claudia has helped and taught me more than any of my other teachers”
  • “Very friendly and welcoming and is good at creating a fun environment for learning”
  • “Goes through questions and tells you information that not even the prof mentions”
  • “She is very, very good (better than my prof)”
  • “Should be offered a job should the need arise”
  • “One of the best TAs I’ve had over my 4 years”
  • “I found her lab sessions and office hours were highly beneficial to my learning (even better than the lectures)”
  • “She is a very good teacher, gifted at it even”
  • “Learned better from her labs than lectures”
  • “She is the bomb”

I won another another thing

Hello, faithful readers!

So I just checked my mailbox at school and I found in it a letter from the dean of the Faculty of Science. Turns out, I won the Fred A. McKinnon Award for being “the best Graduate Student TA in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.”

I get to go to the Faculty of Science awards of excellence reception on the 15th, which is pretty freaking cool.

Now if I can only get a teaching job…


I got another TA award! Yay! I got one for fall 2014; this one is for fall 2015 (they just announced it, though, haha).

I think the reason I didn’t get one in Winter 2015 was because I had only like 8 people in my lab the day I ended up handing out the little review forms, and I don’t think it was a big enough sample for them to even count it (their reasoning is that if there are too few people filling it out, those people can be more easily identified, and the survey is supposed to be anonymous).

Anyway. Woo!


Why THE SHIT is 7 PM – 9 PM a valid time slot for a final exam? And why is it on the second-to-last day of finals week?

Oh well. Better to invigilate a final exam than take one, I guess.

Edit: So Scott and I decided to just stay on campus after the final and grade his section of STAT 217 tests. We were there until about midnight, haha. But at least they’re graded now so we won’t have to do them after we grade all the STAT 213 tests tomorrow.


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Teachin’ Time! (sort of.)

It’s summer session, which means it’s time for me to be a TA again!

Actually, this semester it’s a little bit different. One of the professors I’m TA-ing for was one I TA-ed for last semester. He knows I want to be a stats teacher at some point and seemed to like the job I did last semester, so this semester he’s letting me basically teach a fourth day of class in place of the lab I was supposed to run.

Which is super snazzy.

I’m also TA-ing for a new class, but it’s a lower-level one than the others, so it shouldn’t be so bad.

I have an exciting life, huh?

Future Outlook

Dudes, check it:

“To determine the best and worst graduate degrees for jobs, Fortune consulted the careers site, PayScale. The site considered the full-range of graduate degrees, including Ph.D.s, master’s degrees, and law degrees.”

The ranking is based upon three factors: long-term outlook for job growth, median salaries at mid-career, and job satisfaction scores.

Guess what was ranked highest?

Ph.D., Statistics
Median Salary: $131,700
Projected Growth in Jobs by 2022: 23.7%
Highly Satisfied: 71%
Low Stress: 67%

An MS in stats made the list, too!

Master’s, Statistics
Median Salary: ($109,700
Projected Growth in Jobs by 2022: 18.2%
Highly Satisfied: 80%
Low Stress: 51%

I know it’s just one ranking, but it’s pretty cool that the thing that I love doing has the potential to lead to jobs that are high-paying and satisfying.