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She wants the d/dx

Stuff I gotta do when that elusive jerkface Free Time returns:

  • Walk until my toes fall off.
  • Clean the condo. My responsibilities are the bathroom and kitchen, which get the most visibly gross the fastest.
  • Consolidate my pasta. No, that’s not a euphemism for naughtiness. So the one thing I ever make for dinner is penne pasta with broccoli and feta cheese, right? Well, I have this phenomenally bad habit of using about 88% of a box of penne before buying another box and starting in on that one. Then it gets 88% used and the cycle repeats itself until I have 20+ mostly empty boxes of pasta in the cupboard and a new box of pasta in my backpack that I picked up from Safeway on my walk home and another box of pasta in my office desk drawer because it wouldn’t fit in my backpack and a husband who’s wondering where he went wrong in selecting a wife.
  • Clean the little storage room in the back. There’s a lot of boxes back there. And cat litter dust. Time to sweep where no man has swept before!
  • Clean my side of the closet. There’s a lot of boxes in there. Mostly shoe boxes full of dead Kinvaras.
  • Draw more. Nate bought me an awesome sketchbook and a set of really nice markers, but I haven’t had a chance to touch them yet.
  • Organize my bookmarks. Most of them are in alphabetical order, but the rest are in a chaotic mess. I don’t like it.
  • Read this amazing biography of this amazing human being yet again, because it’s getting to be that time of the year.
  • Rewrite my old calculus notes into one giant notebook combining calc I, calc II, and calc III. Because calculus.
  • Do my 50-mile walk. It’s time.
  • Organize the crap on my computer. My desktop is all a-clutter with random files named “lasjflsdjf” and “what is existence” and “AAAAAAAAAAAAA” (100% real titles) and I have no idea what the hell they are and how necessary it is to keep any of them.


I want to run the Calgary marathon next year.

I had no idea that there even was a Calgary marathon (though it makes sense that there is, of course; most big cities have one), but when I went walking down by the river this afternoon they had one whole side of Memorial Drive (plus other roads) blocked off for the marathon.

The runners inspired me, so now I want to go for it next year.

Considering I can only currently run about 10k (6.2 miles) in a stretch, it’s going to take a bit of work to get up to marathon distance (26.219 miles). But considering I run a decent amount and walk as much as I do, I think getting to that point should be possible.




So because I had scheduled my thesis defense a week after my wedding*, Nate and I never really got to go on a honeymoon. We got to stay at the super fancy Kensington Riverside Inn, courtesy of my mom, but that was just for the wedding night.

So we’re going Delayed Honeymoon Style™ and are planning to do a cruise to Alaska next summer!

I’ve done the Alaska cruise three times**, but each time has been different due to differing weather/stops/shore excursions, so I’m super excited to do it again! I’m also excited to be with Nate on his first cruise. I think he’ll enjoy it.

This is the one I think would be nice. My mom, dad, and I went on this specific one back in 2006.

Hopefully we can make it all work!


*Pro Tip: don’t do that

**God, doesn’t that sound snobby? *sticks nose in air* “I’ve gone on this cruise three times already, but I’ve only ever had Jeeves and the other butlers to keep me company and only eight credit cards with $50,000 limits, so I never had much fun.”

Well now I HAVE to do it

So as you probably all know, I’ve been doing my “walk 15 miles six days a week” thing this year. I’ve been half joking that I’m going to try to get to 5,000 miles by the end of the year.

Then I found this out:

That distance? 4,989 miles.

And now I practically have to make it to 5,000 miles. Walking across the Pacific Ocean? Awesome. Especially since I walked across the Atlantic Ocean last year.

Counting today’s walk, I’m at 1,776.3 miles. That puts me about here:

Long way to go!


More Coos

So here’s a new project that I want to start but probably never will!

Y’all remember my post on coos, the imaginary beings that my friend GE and I created in first grade? Well, I was thinking how cool it would be to make like a little field guide/encyclopedia about coos, kind of like Wil Huygen’s “Gnomes” book.

It could discuss the evolution of the coo, coo biology and reproduction, habitat, behavior, all that stuff. It would be pretty cool if I could ever actually convince myself to start working on it.


High Resolution 2K16

So 2016 was an eventful year. BUT WAS IT EVENTFUL ENOUGH??    ? ? ??    ?                   ?

Let’s find out.

2016 resolutions:

  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get the thesis done and defended. This went a lot smoother than the 2011 version did.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Blogs: do them daily. Nailed it.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Musics: do them daily. Nailed it.
  • FAILED: Win NaNoWriMo 2016. Ha. I’m garbage.
  • SORT OF FAILED: Complete and format all my blog archives, in honor of this being my 10th year of blogging. Well, I managed to get all 10 years copied down into Word documents, but the formatting still hasn’t happened. But if Eigenblogger goes up in smoke for some reason, I’ve got backups of everything now.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Walk 2,000 miles. I actually did way more than this. I’ll talk about that on the 1st.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Win another TA award. I actually can’t remember if I won a regular TA award this year (I don’t think I did), but I did win the award for being one of the best TAs in the whole Faculty of Science, so that totally counts, right?
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Draw more. This is kind of subjective since I didn’t really specify what “more” was, but I do believe that I’ve done more drawing this year than I did in 2015.
  • FAILED: Improve my sign language. Maybe…be able to sign 200 phrases by the end of the year? Hahaha. Nope. But I do remember the few signs I taught myself at the beginning of the year.
  • FAILED: Keep writing. Work on Prime, mainly. And maybe a short story or two. And maybe Arborhood. NOPE. My writing’s so crappy that I don’t feel like there’s much of a point anymore.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get married! YAY!

2017 resolutions:

  • The blogs.
  • The musics.
  • Walk either 4,000 miles (if I’m teaching all year) or 3,000 miles (if I’m not).
  • See if I can muscle my way into a more permanent lecturer position at U of C. This is something that’s mostly out of control, but hey, I can try.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2017. For serious this time. It’s been too long.
  • Write more in general. Vague resolution is vague, but I guess I could narrow it down to either editing Prime or Arborhood.
  • The blog archives. Get ‘em done.
  • Along the same line as the previous resolution: figure out some sort of way to get my archives printed and bound. I’d love to have a hard copy of each year, sort of like an Encyclopedia of Eigenblogger thing.
  • Be a better wife for Nate. He’s the best husband I could ever ask for and I’m still getting used to this “wife” thing, so I definitely think there’s a lot of room for improvement as far as being as good to him as he is to me.

That’s all that I can think of for now.

Getting ready!

I got my wedding dress today!

It was a pretty fun experience. My mom, Nate’s mom, and I all went down to the David’s Bridal in Calgary and spent my hour and a half appointment time looking at probably six dresses total. I had a tough time choosing between two of the dresses in the end, but I think I chose the right one. It’ll need some alterations (I’m short as hell; plus, they didn’t have my dress size in that style), but it’ll need fewer alterations than the other dress I would have chosen and seems more appropriate to wear for an outdoor summer wedding.

We (Nate, Nate’s brother Curtis, my mom, and I) also went and saw Captain America: Civil War. It was freaking great. Go see it if you’re into that stuff, but don’t go if you’re not caught up on your Marvel movies. You’ll be VERY confused. Just ask my mom.


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Walk like an Encryption

So this summer’s going to be super busy. Things to do include:

  • Wedding planning
  • Future planning
  • 2 trips to Moscow
  • Working on thesis
  • TA-ing
  • Getting married!
  • Defending thesis/graduating
  • Looking for a job (and hopefully getting one)

*stresses out*
*realizes that most of these things are good*
*continues to stress out anyway*


Claudia’s Big Walk: The Plan


I want to see just how far I could go if given an entire day of walking (plus enough power on my iPod to get through it, haha).

I’ve wanted to do this since last summer, but I just didn’t get the chance (too busy with school stuff/moving/traveling and/or the weather was garbage). So hopefully this summer, once classes are out, I’ll be able to pull it off. I just need an “optimal weather” day, meaning not too freaking hot, not too windy, and (ideally) a little clouded over. Those days happen up here, but it’s just a matter of getting one in the summer when the daylight hours are longer.

ANYWAY, here’s my planned route for that day, whenever it comes. I chose these locations because a) they’re mostly all malls, which would serve as good stopping points to get water/go to the bathroom/re-charge the iPod if necessary; b) I know how to get to all of them; and c) I know the bus routes back to home from all of these locations, so if I end up getting stuck at one of them and not wanting to walk further, I can just grab a bus and get home that way.


Unrealistic? God, I don’t know. If I did this entire route, it wouldn’t take me 16:20 like Google says, ‘cause I walk quite a bit faster than their estimated walking time. But I probably would be slowing down near the end, haha. 49 miles is a lot. I suppose I can give it a try and see if I could do it!

WOO I AM PUMPED even though this isn’t happening for a few months at least.

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[insert resolution joke here]

It’s the annual New Year’s Resolutions post! As if anyone cares. But let’s do the thing anyway.

2015 resolutions (plus Bonus Late Add-On Resolutions 2.0):

ACCOMPLISHED: Blog daily, 365 musics. These are standard now, so whatev.

FAILED: Win NaNoWriMo 2015. I didn’t even start ‘cause I’m garbage.

ACCOMPLISHED: Walk 1,500. Bitch, I did over 2,500. Killed it.

ACCOMPLISHED: Write. I didn’t do NaNo, but I did edit a substantial portion of Prime. Which is something I haven’t done in like 4,000 years, so yeah.

FAILED: Post these damn blogs on a more frequent and consistent basis. HAHAHA NOPE.

SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED: Kick ass in my grad program. I’m getting noticed for my TA work quite a bit, and that totally counts in my opinion. And I didn’t bomb STAT 721, which is a really low standard, but hey. I’m garbage.

FAILED: Actually try to learn (at least some) guitar. I learned two chords. That counts for nothing.

FAILED: Learn LaTeX. Nope.

ACCOMPLISHED: Walk to and from campus when the weather permits. I walked to and from campus when the weather didn’t permit. I walked to and from campus while wrestling the weather to the ground.

ACCOMPLISHED: Finish my blog stats Excel sheet and format the rest of my blog archives. I’m not formatting the current blog year yet ‘cause it’s not done, but everything else is formatted, so HA.

2016 resolutions:

  • Get the thesis done and defended.
  • Blogs: do them daily.
  • Musics: do them daily.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2016.
  • Complete and format all my blog archives, in honor of this being my 10th year of blogging.
  • Walk 2,000 miles.
  • Win another TA award.
  • Draw more.
  • Improve my sign language. Maybe…be able to sign 200 phrases by the end of the year?
  • Keep writing. Work on Prime, mainly. And maybe a short story or two. And maybe Arborhood.
  • Get married!

Sure, that’ll work.


My PhD application has been SUBMITTED!

Hopefully there won’t be any issues. I have a supervisor, my grades are good-ish, and I have a bit of a good reputation around the department for being a good TA. So hopefully things will go smoothly!



I have a sudden and very strong urge to learn American Sign Language.

Well, that’s only partially true, as I’ve always had an interest in ASL. I’m just now feeling more serious about it.

I’ve looked it up and apparently there are immersion ASL courses offered by Deaf Alberta, but they’re $430 per class (there are five levels, so five classes), which is way more than I think I can afford right now.

Maybe some day…

Walker: Texas Pedestrian

Alright, I have a new long-term goal.

I am going to try to walk the distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth. I say “long-term” because if I walk 2,000 miles in a year (which I’m going to say is probably my max, given school and related things), it will still take me 12.5 total years to walk the circumference (which is approximately 25,000 miles at the equator).

BUT IT WILL HAPPEN, DAMMIT! I’m starting with this year, meaning I’ll be done sometime in 2027, assuming I’m able to keep my yearly mileage around 2,000.

I still won’t be done blogging by 2027.

Summer Plans (well, some of them)

Okay, so it’s super late, but I have news that I can finally talk about (this was what I hinted at on Saturday).

Nate and I will be leaving in the middle of May to go on a three-week-long road trip through the western US. We’re going to see things like the California redwoods, Yellowstone, Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and a major league baseball game in San Francisco. We’ll also be in Moscow for a few days.

I will post pictures, of course, probably on here and on Facebook (even though I never use Facebook anymore).



You know that “possibly good news” I mentioned a little more than a week ago? Well, now it’s official, so I can blog about it. Nate bought a condo that’s ridiculously close to both his place of employment and campus, and we’ll be moving there at the end of June.

How cool is that? Even cooler is the fact that it’s not a basement and has actual windows and a balcony and no one above us. I’m super excited.




I might have some exciting news soon, depending on how things go!

Stay tuned!

I am a hologram

ALRIGHT, so I know I’ve already totally tanked my New Year’s resolution to post my blogs weekly (SHUT UP, it’s been a little better than it used to be…right?). So what’s the most reasonable response?


Well, I guess these aren’t technically New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they’re things I’d like to accomplish this year, but they’re not at the same level of want as my actual New Year’s resolutions.
If that makes any sense.

Things to do for Claudia in 2015:

  1. Actually try to learn (at least some) guitar. I still have my beautiful guitar that I impulse bought way back when (thanks a lot, Sean), but I’ve never really tried to learn how to play it. String instruments are intimidating to me, but I SHALL CONQUER!
  2. Learn LaTeX. Because apparently everyone in the math department knows it and uses it religiously.
  3. Walk to and from campus when the weather permits. It’s a good way to get mileage, given that it’s about a 7.5-mile round trip. I guess this kind of goes with my walking mileage goal, but it’s not quite the same.
  4. Finish my blog stats Excel sheet and format the rest of my blog archives. I’m up to year 7, so I’m getting close, but I still have a few more years to do. The next goal is to actually get hard copies printed of each year of blogs, but that will be super expensive, so who knows when that will happen.


Blogging fail.

2015: Now in High Resolution

Hey, it’s the 29th! Looks like it’s the annual “let’s review the old resolutions and make some new ones” blog post.

2014 resolutions:

  • ACCOMPLISHED: Blog daily. Was there ever any doubt?
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Continue my 365 Days of Music project. This year was rough because it was probably the worst year for music since I started this, but I still managed.
  • FAILED: Continue working on my writing project thingy. Apart from Arborhood, I didn’t get much writing done AT ALL this year. It was quite shameful.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Win NaNoWriMo 2014. YAY! It felt pretty good to do this considering I didn’t even start NaNo last year. And I actually kind of like my story and plan on editing it.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Graduate. I never, ever, ever thought I’d have a math degree, let alone graduate with honors while getting one. Graduation sucked, but we’re not going to get into that here.
  • FAILED: Try not to be such a horrible freaking failure at everything I do. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Those were some crappy resolutions.

2015 resolutions:

  • Blog daily, 365 musics, blah, blah, blah.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2015.
  • Now that I’m pretty sure next year will be stable as far as where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing, I’mma set a walking goal! Let’s say…1,500 miles. Pretty low, I know, but there’s always Calgary weather to take into account, right?
  • WRITE. It doesn’t have to necessarily be new stuff (except for NaNo, of course), but I really need to commit to rewrites of some of my old stuff. Prime is important to me; I don’t want to let it die.
  • Post these damn blogs on a more frequent and consistent basis. I’m going to try for once a week, but don’t hate me if this doesn’t happen.
  • Kick ass in my grad program. I want to show U of C that I can do stats very, very well. Also, I have no desire to leave Calgary any time soon.