Ahoy! I’m Claudia. This blog is a collection of my dailyfolderol; it is not to be taken seriously.

Unless you’re into that.

I am a mathematics and statistics instructor at the University of Calgary (my CV if anyone cares). I am originally from Idaho. In addition to math and statistics, I like Leibniz, walking for exercise/pleasure, philosophy, writing, reading, drawing, baseball, and screwing around on the internet.

That’s the main stuff. Want more? Check out my
100 Things for more Claudia facts!

Other places I can be found: deviantART  Twitter  Tumblr

*The posts themselves are written daily, but I get around to uploading them about once a month approximately every time Halley’s Comet passes by earth.

11 responses

  1. thetrissgutza | Reply

    Hey! Nominating you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”, if you want to participate … http://mathematicallyinsane.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/vba/


  2. mathematicallyconfused | Reply

    Annnnnd…I changed my URL. So here’s the final link. Turns out nominating people for blog awards is more difficult than I though.



    1. Haha, no worries. :D

      And thanks for the nomination! It only took me what, 20 days or something to actually post my response blog? Slacker.


      1. mathematicallyconfused | Reply

        Ha! You can hardly call yourself a slacker when you blog every day.


  3. Just reminding, you might miss 2033 goal. Wake up! ;-)


    1. Remedied! Sorry about that. :)

      I’ll try to be better!


  4. What the history of math like? You mean how the ancient Greeks develop those calculations?


  5. Claudia:
    I’d like permission to have your beautiful and provocative infinity symbol made into a poster for my middle school classroom. I teach Special Ed, and I am upset when parents want us to cure their kids–when the kids don’t need cures…They need to be accepted in all their incredible diversity–I was thinking of using the tagline “In Diversity There Is Strength and Beauty.”–or something. I’m just a cornball teacher, so I’m open to suggestions.
    I like the multiple colors, too–makes me think of gender diversity and diversity of sexual orientation, AND, of course, cultural diversity.
    May I please use it? No commercial gain here, just the opportunity to educate (parents!)


    PS: I love your art!!


    1. Hi Sally,

      You’re welcome to use it! Thank you for asking, and I feel honored that you’d want to use a piece of my art for such a good cause. I agree that kids should be accepted and celebrated for all their diversity; it would be a very boring world if we were all the same! I like your tagline idea, too. Good luck with everything!


  6. Claudia, Just talked to your very happy Mom and she shared the VERY GOOD NEWS of your engagement to Nate. Our sincerest CONGRATULATIONS on this momentous occasion. Your Florida family.

    Uncle Bill
    Aunt Evelyn and I am sure as soon as they hear about the Illinois group (Kathy and Taylor) and the other Floridian, Stephanie.

    Merry Christmas and Have a very Happy new Year!


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