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Ask not for whom the Equinox…it nox for thee.

CBC News: reporting the important stuff.

Okay, yeah, those Calgary bathrooms are awesome. Those are the rave ones I blogged about a few weeks ago.

You think Hillary vs. Trump is an important decision? It’s got nothing on Montreal vs. Whitecourt vs. Calgary vs. Calgary vs. Winnepeg!

To be honest, though, any one of those toilets in those bathrooms could run the US better than Trump could.

The September List?!?!?!

  • Holy hot damn, this has been a good year for music. There hasn’t been an extraordinary number of five-star songs, but there have been a lot of four-star ones that have been extra good. Example, example, example. It’s like 2013 all over again.
  • I found this Klein bottle website like five years ago, but had forgotten about it until randomly finding it again tonight. I totally want those Klein bottle earrings.
  • I found a just-opened Anytime Fitness that’s only a 15-minute walk from campus (as I’ve mentioned before). I’m in the middle of a free 7-day trial there, and I love it. I’m getting back into running, as I mentioned on Saturday, and because nobody knows that the gym is open yet (or even that it’s there), it’s super empty and quiet. I’ve been the only one on the top floor (where all the cardio equipment is) the last few times I’ve been there.
  • Nostalgia! I used to watch this when I was a kid. My mom can confirm.



The sky was doing some weird stuff this evening, so have some crappy “Claudia’s not a photographer” pictures of it.




The Hot, Sweet, August 2016 List

  • ZOMG, somebody uploaded all the TaleSpin episodes to YouTube. Time to binge watch my childhood.
  • I’MMA COMMIN’ BACK TO MOSCOW! For a week, that is. My mom’s picking me up tomorrow and I’m going to spend next week in the ‘Scow. This is mainly because we both miss each other and I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit next.
  • It’s taking all my willpower not to go buy like 1,000 Pokemon cards, I’m not even kidding.
  • Hahaha:

  • I made a salad tonight and put so much pepper on it that it tasted like it shot out of the devil’s anus. As disgusting as that sounds, it was actually really damn good.
  • I wonder who my TAs will be. It would be super weird if they were people I know, like Charles or Tayler.

I thought this list was going to be longer. NOPE.


I am trash and should be disposed of immediately.


So Nate and I did a 24 mile walk today that put me over 1,000 miles on my shoes, over 2,000 miles for the year, and finally got us accomplishing our goal of walking to Southcentre and back. A few things worth noting on this walk:

We took another gym!



Pidgey Party 2016



This enormous caterpillar.



It’s hard to see exactly how big this bro was, but he was massive. Here’s my foot for scale.



A sign outside a florist’s.



Bonus picture: Jazzy with her tongue sticking out.



Post-Thesis Letdown

This just in: I feel like garbage, so all you get for a blog post is this.

Sorry not sorry.



I miss Moscow







This is a “I don’t have anything interesting to blog about so here’s some crap disguised as one of my monthly lists” list. In other words, IT’S A FRAUD, JUST LIKE ME!

  • I wish my thesis defense was over and done with. Like, at this point I just want to finish it, pass or not.
  • (I lied. I really want to pass.)
  • Hahahaha:

  • I like how these “list” posts are just an excuse for me to plug my favorite vines.

  • I want a Bod Pod analysis done. It’s supposed to be pretty accurate in determining body composition (% fat, % muscle, etc.). There’s a place in Calgary that does it for $70. Seriously thinking about it.
  • Speaking of Calgary, this restaurant is one I found on Yelp due to its good reviews. The menu looks pretty nice!
  • Pokemon Go is fantastic. Team Instinct FTW!
  • I should be able to hit 1,000 walking miles by August 15 if I keep up my current pace. That will mean that I can do 1,000 miles in three months. Which also means I’ve been slacking off, ‘cause I’ve never actually done 1,000 miles that quickly before.



Since approximately a year ago, whatever coating that’s on my lenses has been slowly flaking off. First it was just two fairly small spots near the middle of my vision on my right lens, but it pretty rapidly progressed to just giant spots of blurriness on both lenses. Check it:



Yes, those are perfectly clean. All those marks/scratches are places where the coating’s flaked off.


Today I finally got some brand new, scratch-free, “holy crap I can finally see clearly” lenses. WOO!

I have no idea what was up with my old ones. That’s never happened before, and I’d gone to the same optometrist in Moscow since I was born, basically.

20,000 Leagues Under the C-Train


Stuff of Olde


I was digging through a drawer of all my old notebooks/papers/whatever/crap ‘cause I needed to find something specific for reasons I won’t go into here.

But at the bottom of the drawer, I found the one old journal I kept from first grade. I wrote a lot in first grade. A lot. I probably had over 20 journals full of coo stories (what’s a coo?). Granted, my writing was HUGE back then and I padded the stories with a lot of illustrations, but it was still quite a lot of writing for a first grader, in my opinion.

So in the spirit of nostalgia, have some scanned pages of the notebook I found today.






You know what’s great on a 20 mile walk? Having this damn song stuck in your head. On repeat. FOR THE ENTIRE 4.5 HOURS.


Also, this was the music video running through my head when I took a shower this evening:

2007, anyone?

Calgary’s river walk public bathrooms are like little rave party boxes

Dudes. Okay. So Calgary has this awesome bike/walking path alongside the Bow River downtown. It’s like the Moscow-Pullman trail, only nicer ‘cause it’s alongside a river and not that damn highway. It’s also got shade.

Anyway, I was doing a 20-mile walk this afternoon and spent most of that walk on the river path. While I was down around Centre Street, I noticed some dude going off the path to get water at a drinking fountain (which I had probably seen before, but never really paid attention). But then, I noticed for the first time that the little building thingies by said drinking fountain were actually bathrooms.

And awesome bathrooms, at that. They’re like these little boxes from the future. You press a button to open the door; once you’re inside, it seals you in and turns everything blue and a voice tells you that you have a maximum of 10 minutes to do your thing. The toilet seat is controlled by a button, the toilet paper is controlled by a button, and the toilet automatically flushes once you wash your hands. Check out the inside of this thing:



Yes, those are black lights. And there was thumping bass rave music playing.

I don’t know if these were commissioned by Mayor Nenshi, but if they were, that man has definitely earned his World Mayor title.

Edit: lawl, they’re a Pokestop.


Pretty City

I love Calgary, man. I just really, really like it as a city. It’s big (population- and area-wise), and I always like the business of a big city (especially downtown) but there are also a lot of places you can go where it feels like you’re living in a small little town.

It’s also great to walk around the city (in the places where there are sidewalks). I’ve been utilizing the paths down by the river a lot recently, and I really just like the feel of everything going on down in that area. It feels like home.


Here’s a video of time lapse footage of parts of the city. Tell me Calgary isn’t beautiful.

I’m so excited to have found the love of my life here. I look forward to spending a long, long time in this city.

(It’s hard for me to say “the rest of my life” with respect to staying in one place, just because I’ve moved around so freaking much. But that’s ultimately what I’d like, I think.)



So today was supposed to be a good day. I was supposed to go to the Faculty of Science awards ceremony and get my TA award thingy and everything was supposed to be great.

But instead I had a panic attack.

I’m calmer now (obviously; can’t write a blog in the middle of a panic attack), but I’m sitting in my office with a really bad headache and a really high degree of self-hatred. I mean, I’m never too thrilled with myself, but it’s been awhile since I’ve just felt so damn worthless.


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Past from the Blast

So here’s a video I’d completely forgotten I’d uploaded to YouTube (I found it after logging onto my old AntarcticaFreak account).

This is my mom filming me doing stuff with stencils (??). Also, animals. The kitty is Baby Slick, and the dog is Mindy. This was our house in Troy.

Good times.


Oh, America.

Put your seatbelts on, it’s the May List!

  • I’m going to say it: I like American Dad better than Family Guy. Despite the fact that the families/styles/whatever are so similar, I think American Dad is better. Stan is more likeable than Peter and I just think American Dad’s episode stories are better. So there.
  • What is the big goddamn deal with the transgender bathroom nonsense? Just let people pee, seriously. This is not something that should be so difficult to handle.
  • It’s comforting to know that the A St. sidewalk is the same pedestrian deathtrap it’s always been. Good to be back in Moscow for a bit.
  • Oh, I’m back in Moscow, by the way.
  • I think I might need to go to the UI rec center a few times while I’m here. I miss that place so much, you have no idea.
  • I’ve mentioned this website before, but here it is again in case you’re like me and think these t-shirts are fantastic. If he ever makes a Leibniz one, I’m buying forty of them.