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Sleep Deprivation is Fun

And this is how it feels.


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Well, that’s great.

My mom’s here one night and someone broke into her van and stole a bunch of her stuff.

They smashed the window overnight and grabbed two of her backpacks full of stuff.

‘Cause people suck.



Do I need one? No. Not right now. But I know I’ll need one at some point, once my current one’s battery bites it due to too many walks in freezing cold weather. I was worried that Apple would discontinue their iPods due to the fact that their phones do everything that the iPods do and more. But as this article points out, iPods are good for the demographic that can’t afford the phones and/or don’t want to deal with smart phones but still want a music player that can connect to wifi.

So yay! I’m glad there’s at least one more iteration.

Adventures in the Rain

According to the forecast, today was supposed to involve brief periods of “trace amounts” of rain. Nate and I believed the forecast, so we went out for our usual weekend walk.

Nate and I are fools.

About two and a half miles in, “trace amounts of rain” turned into “lol, better run, idiots, the sky is gonna drown you” and we had to take shelter under an overpass for a little bit before braving the strong rain to get to The Core downtown. By then, we were super soaking wet (I could wring out my coat) but only like five miles into the walk, so after trying to dry off a little in the mall, we managed to get a few more miles in by walking through the open portions of the Plus 15.

We also Plus 15-ed it to The Running Room for me to get shoes, then gunned it home to try to beat even more rain.

Fun, yo.

Young man / why you wearing a frown / I said young man / SHIT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN

(It’s the May List)

  • What in the name of the seven holy fucks is this music video?

  • It’s my brain as of late:

  • It’s been two days without a Mets game and I am in freaking withdrawal. 
  • My skin looks really clear in this picture. It also looks like I’m completely out of fucks. I kinda like it (at least as much as I can “like” any picture of myself).




Man, I really need to update Eigenblogger.

Not only the blog posts, of course, but like everything else.

My “About” section could use a bit of a re-vamp; my “100 Things” list most definitely needs to be updated.

I don’t think I’ve updated my “365 Songs” page since 2017, despite the fact that I’ve still kept up to date with getting a new song daily.

Life’s rough.

Maybe once I get all these garbage backlogged blogs posted, I’ll update everything else.

Stay tuned, I know you all are on the edge of your seats.

A Thought:

I propose that they officially change the name of Big Ben to “Large Benjamin.” It just sounds so much more British.

Also, “Big Ben” sounds like a name that bullies on the playground would come up with.

This is why I have no friends.


I got a huge tax return this year. We’re talking $8,700.

What in the actual hell, Canada.

A good portion of that is going to the furnace/water heater we just had to replace, but what about the rest of it?

(Can I buy a Theremin?)

Na na naaaaa na…

Na na naaaaa na…
Hey, hey, hey…

What the fuck is this.


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The April List, The April List, Holy Shit It’s the April List

Yo. Let’s do it.

  • My new favorite Met is Jeff McNeil. He’s good and he’s cool.
  • I am READY FOR THIS SEMESTER TO BE OVER. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of stress, and I’m about done with my semesterly quota of social interaction.
  • I think I just burned out another fraction of my hearing with these Sennheisers. DON’T CARE, WORTH IT
  • I don’t know how I don’t have tinnitus yet.
  • I want Moon Boots. The problem is that I’d probably never wear them, ‘cause it’s all Kinvaras all the time, regardless of how much snow is on the ground.
  • These also look super comfy, but $68. If I spend $6 for a shirt I feel like I’m overpaying. The only thing I willingly shell out dolla-dolla-bills for are my shoes. These pants would also probably be way too long on me.
  • Like…I’m sorry, but what did they expect? Did no one think about what would happen after there was a metric tons of balloons in the sky? Where would they go? Would the Stratosphere Clowns eat them?
  • (Stratosphere Clowns would be a good band name. The Stratosphere Clown Posse. “Fuckin’ ozone, how does it work?”)

I’m done.



That didn’t take long.



It’s also the start of my season-long simulation of my fake baseball league, the Canadian Baseball League (CBL)!

So here’s what’s the what: I made up a total of 30* fake teams, put them into leagues and divisions, then had Out of the Park Baseball draft all the current** players and get them on the teams.

So without further ado, here are said teams, divisions, and leagues. I have two leagues that are called the Canadian League (as opposed to the American League) and the National League. Just like real MLB, there are three divisions within each league.

Canadian League


  • Halifax: The Halifax Dreadhawks
  • Newfoundland: The Newfoundland Hounds
  • Ottawa: The Ottawa Mounties
  • Quebec: The Quebec Rebels
  • Saint John: The Saint John Saints


  • Hamilton: The Hamilton Steelers
  • London: The London Chaps
  • Saskatchewan: The Saskatchewan Winds
  • Toronto: The Toronto Blue Jays
  • Winnipeg: The Winnepeg Warriors


  • Anchorage: The Anchorage Timberwolves
  • Calgary: The Calgary Cowboys
  • Edmonton: The Edmonton Oil Barons
  • Victoria: The Victoria Royals
  • Yukon: The Yukon Gold

National League


  • Fredericton: The Fredericton Fighters
  • Montreal: The Montreal Expos
  • Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia Mariners
  • Nunavut: The Nunavut Miners
  • Prince Edward Island: The Prince Edward Islanders


  • Manitoba: The Manitoba Lakers
  • Ontario: The Ontario Horseshoes
  • Regina: The Regina Giants
  • Thunder Bay: The Thunder Bay Lightning
  • Windsor: The Windsor Welders


  • Alberta: The Alberta Bulls
  • British Columbia: The BC Bears
  • Saskatoon: The Saskatoon Sabers
  • Vancouver: The Vancouver Blues
  • Yellowknife: The Yellowknife Blizzards

I plan on simulating each day of the 2017 season in sync with this year’s actual MLB season. I’ll keep y’all updated on the standings weekly (though I’m sure none of you will actually care) and let you know if there are any simulated versions of current players doing any cool simulated things.

*I kept the Blue Jays and re-added the Expos, so I guess it’s only 28 fake teams, but whatev.
**Well, okay, I have OOTP 18, so my players are the 2017 versions of themselves.



It feels


to be able to walk outside and not fight hypothermia the whole way.

Seriously, if you ever hear me complain about any temperatures higher than -10 again, punch me in the face.

The March List? Ugh, screw it.

  • U of C: Safety First!


  • I need to hurry up and finish naming the rest of my fake baseball teams so I can simulate my fake season.
  • I’ve fallen back down the rabbit hole that is Riverdale. Nate and I stopped watching in the middle of season 2 because we were like WTF, but I’ve watched so many reviews on how absolutely terrible season 3 is that I just had to see it for myself. Crappy teen dramas are kind of my thing, anyway.
  • It’s really nice to be able to actually enjoy my walks again instead of fighting off hypothermia for four hours.
  • Look at how FREAKING CUTE the tomatoes on this packet look.


  • I want to jump off a cliff.

K bye.


Is the semester over yet?

In This Blog: Claudia Complains About the Weather (Again)

I’m so sick of this freaking weather, yo.

Save for like three days, this whole month has been full of dangerously cold temps. Ambient temps in the negative teens (Fahrenheit), wind chills in the -20s or -30s (or even -40s). It’s gross, it hurts, and I’m so tired of feeling like I’m going to die of hypothermia on my walks. Where the shit is the “mild winter” we were supposed to get?

A -22 windchill seems to be my absolute lower limit, or at least the limit at which even my stubbornness won’t let me go below. I’m pretty sure I’ve had legit hypothermia on a decent number of my walks. Some of the signs of it include shivering, shallow breathing, clumsiness, confusion, and there have been a few points on my 15-mile walks (usually after I’ve been walking into the wind for five miles) where I really start to get into this hazy, confused mental state and start to lose a bit of coordination as I’m walking. There’s also been a few times where I go into the public bathrooms at mile 7 and have to shiver uncontrollably for about 15 minutes before I finally warm up enough to continue. Fun times!

Beats four hours on a treadmill, though.

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Guys, we were in the POSITIVE FAHRENHEITS today for like the first time in 20 years.*

It felt really good to be able to walk outside and not feel like I was going to die of hypothermia.

Seriously, I think this was the first actually enjoyable outside walk of this whole month. Does that mean spring is coming?!?!?!?!


*Mild exaggeration