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This gives the song and entirely different feel and it’s fantastic, holy hell.

This is the best thing I have ever pumped into my ears. Jesussssss.

Let’s relive some humiliation, shall we?

Hahaha, so this might seem like a totally random thing to post (isn’t everything I post like that, though?), but I was reminded of this incident a few nights ago and I still think it’s hilarious, so I want to actually write it down somewhere so that if I ever forget about it, I can have a good laugh upon rediscovering it.

Alright. So. Matt (and Maggie, if you read this), you guys might remember our first Band Camp for Marching Band back in 2006. Recall that, at the end of that week, the sousas handed out little flyers to all of us, urging us to attend the “band seminar” in the evening. It wasn’t required, they said, but attendance was recommended.
As you also probably recall, the “seminar” was basically a drinking party held at one of the sousa’s apartments (I think the “distinguished speaker” was Dr. Winehard or something).

And everyone who got the flyer pretty much knew that this was just a party in disguise, right?

I distinctly remember Beau walking over to me and going, “I don’t really want to go, but we probably should, ‘cause it’d make us look good.” And with my matching level of naivety about college, I agreed and said that we should walk over together.
So later that night, with our freaking backpacks and notebooks, we head over to the address on the flyer, fully expecting an hour-long seminar where we would have to take notes (I’m not even kidding, oh my god, we were dumb).
We get like two houses away from the address and all we can hear is this booming music an a lot of people singing/shouting/being rowdy. And Beau looks at me and says, “I think it’s a party.” I agree. We slink back to the dorms, ashamed of our inability to have figured it out beforehand like EVERYONE ELSE.

I brought this story up to Beau the semester I graduated (fall 2008, so like two years later) and he totally denied it ever happening. But it did! He’s so embarrassed by it still I bet, haha.

So yeah. Just a funny little “we were stupid and didn’t know what college was” anecdote.
I still think it’s hilarious.

Numa Numa Song + Marching Band = Bliss

This…this is awesome on almost every single scale on which awesome can be measured

I love how almost the entire audience in front of the guy taping is doing the arm thing.

This just made my month.

Ahhhh, band…

Nothing beats a day with the band. I missed all you dorks (even Beau), and I forgot how much beer we got offered at tailgating. I miss band more than I thought—I guess, about as much as I thought, because I figured I’d miss it a lot.
I also missed hanging out with you silly things. We need to do something when I come back up.


This made me sad. I’m going to miss marching band an obscene amount. Though I did like our performance at Seattle, that was pretty snazzy.

Goodbye warmth

Yay Hawaii!

The best part of Hawaii was chilling in the warm water late at night with Matt. At least we didn’t get stung by jellyfish, eh?

It was also very cool walking around downtown and discussing crap. Fun times indeed.


PARASAILING WAS AWESOME!! Even though I felt like I was going to throw up as we were coming back down/heading back to the dock.


Hawaii Adventures: Football Edition


And why couldn’t anyone realize that we had to sit SOMEWHERE, we couldn’t just be invisible?

Oh well.
Additional note: Matt + drunk chicks at football game = hilarity.
Additional additional note: don’t sit in the cheerleaders’ section of the bus if you want to keep your sanity.

Hawaii Adventures

Fun fact: a group of college band geeks can take approximately 5 times longer to get across the island of Hawaii than any of them thought was possible. And take far too many additional buses.

But aside from that, we actually got to Pearl Harbor today. The video we watched was very informative.



It’s so weird to be down here. The flight was uneventful, plus I got pictures of cool clouds.
I miss Aaron already, though.

Last Day

NO MORE MARCHING BAND. I just realized that.

I’m going to miss dorking around with you guys at noon. As stressful as being a squad leader to the two most useless squads ever (save Michael and Heather), band was a super stress-reliever, which was necessary, ‘cause all three fall semesters have sucked.

Hopefully wherever I go to grad school shall have a marching band as well.

We can only hope.

Fun at the Homecoming Parade

Aw, my last Homecoming. Oh well, it was super fun anyway. I got video of the tubas chasing cars, so it was all good.
Also, that was the most insane “controlled” bonfire I’ve ever seen.

Ugh, can I catch a break, please?

Once again, I have another squad member who doesn’t give a shit. This is making my last year of marching band substantially less fun. I hope she shapes up and realizes that just because she’s a plug doesn’t mean she can be a slacker. I do not appreciate people making both me and the whole band look bad.

It’s way too early to be doing philosophy.

So after writing a paper for Philosophy of Science at about 5 AM this morning, I finally feel free enough to blog. So blog I shall.

Our performance is already up on YouTube, for all who are interested:

That’s all. I’m dead.

Seattle insanity


So the performance was badass. I’m glad my hat didn’t fall off like I thought it was going to.
And I bought some cool stuff, like a vintage Playboy and some shot glasses for my roomies.


Good times. Much better than yesterday.

Claudia’s 867th Blog: The Blog

So we finally did Bins on the field today.

Thank god.

I’m already super sick of this damn show.

That is all.

Ah, band camp…

How I missed thee.
And at least my squad doesn’t suck like it did last year (though we still have to put up with Beau pretending that he’s in charge of everyone in the clarinet section…I’m SO LUCKY he’s not in my squad!).

I think we’ll have good shows this year.

Vandal football = fail. Vandal Marching Band = hooray!

And just like that, the football season is over. The second year of marching band comes to a close, with the Butt Song still intact and the famous equation of 23 + 46 = 69 still in the book. However, I realized when walking home from this last game today that we failed to play even once the Sexy Back short. This will be taken up with Torrey at a future date, don’t think it won’t.


The end!

My voice remains elusive

Well, we’re back. It’s midnight as I’m typing this and I’m tired, despite sleeping basically the whole bus ride there and the whole bus ride back.

I’d like to apologize to my bus-mates; I wish I’d been more animated and entertaining on the bus, but because I so rarely get sick that when I do get sick it really throws me. But what you saw was about as sick as I get, so I guess that’s a good thing. And apologies if I gave it to anyone else (especially Maggie, cause I think I gave it to you).


But it was fun, especially Thursday night, holy crap.

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