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DJ Earworm, you magnificent soul

This is so freaking cool.

I love that it’s an instrumental so that you can hear how the basic sounds of songs have evolved over the past 50 years.

I also love that once it hit the early 90s I was like “I KNOW MOST OF THESE YAY!”

Earworm is amazing.


It’s here it’s here it’s here!

I live for these.

He used Blinding Lights as the main beat, which makes me SUPER HAPPY because that’s my top song of the year. I would have guessed Dynamite as the main beat, but I was wrong.

As usual.

I know I’m not doing my Decade of Music project anymore, but would y’all still like to see an end-of-the-year music recap?

(Does anyone care?)
(Does anyone even read this blog anymore?)


I like this one.

The tradition is to make DJ Earworm’s yearly mashups my last downloaded song for the year, but it’s tempting to break that tradition this year by making it my download for December 30th and make his decade mashup my download for December 31st, since that would be the last day of this DECADE-LONG project.

(I can’t believe it’s almost over!)

Oh, here is said decade mashup:

Also, Piano Guys + tons of Christmas lights = yay.

This makes me so freaking happy. I love these guys.

DJ Earworm: 2009 vs. 2019

Since I started my Decade of Music project back in 2010, I’ve made it a point to have each  year’s December 31st song be that year’s United State of Pop mashup by DJ Earworm (with his 2009 mashup actually being the first song I downloaded in 2010).

Well, almost as if it was meant to line up with my decade-long project, he’s released short (~1:30-minute or so) mashups of ten 2009 songs with ten 2019 songs.

And they are FANTASTIC.

I love this kind of stuff, yo. It activates my happies (and not a lot of things do that these days).

My favorites:

  • Lady Gaga – Pokerface vs Ava Max – Sweet but Psycho
  • Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow vs BTS – Boy with Luv
  • Taylor Swift – Love Story vs Taylor Swift – You Need to Calm Down (these sound so good together!)
  • MGMT – Kids vs Billie Eilish vs Bad Guy
  • Flo Rida – Right Round vs Lil Nas X – Old Town Road
  • Beyonce – Single Ladies vs Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next


DJ Earworm’s mashup didn’t really make me too excited about this year’s music. But this mashup by AnDyWuMUSICLAND certainly does.

I love how all mashups have such different sounds and takes on the songs within them.

United State of Pop: 2018 Edition

The mashup is here!


I’d probably like it more if I recognized more of the songs. I wasn’t really “hip to teh soundz” of 2018 compared to previous years.

Don’t want to diminish Earworm’s talent, though. It’s a good mashup, it’s just one I don’t “recognize,” if that makes sense.

In fact, the only song I could recognize was This Is America. Seriously.

I probably know some of the others, but not in mashup form.

I do like the look of a lot of the music videos, though…I’ll have to give ‘em a watch and see if I like the corresponding songs as well!

*heavy metal screeching*

Question: is it wrong to take the perfection that is Lone Digger and mash it up with some Eminem?

Answer: No. In fact, it’s wrong not to.


1:29 OH MY GOD

(Sorry, I get really excited about good mashups)

Mash Me Up

Holy crapples, how is it that I’ve just discovered these two amazing mashups?

I can’t decide which one I like more. They’re really both very good.




The Worm

Hey, check it out, the DJ Earworm 2016 mashup is here!

Not bad, not bad. Certainly better than 2015, but as I mentioned last year, 2015 was not a great year for music in my opinion.

Hell, let’s rate all the ones he’s done so far, shall we?

In order from fave to least: 2009, 2014, 2008, 2013, 2016, 2007, 2012, 2010, 2015, 2011


United State of Pop 2015

This year’s United State of Pop is out!!!

Meh. It’s not my favorite of the ones he’s done, but I don’t blame that on him. I blame that on this year’s music. The other guy I get my mashups from, Daniel Kim, has two parts for his Pop Danthology 2015, and I’m not a big fan of either one. Again, I think it’s this year’s music.

But judge for yourselves!


As you may have noticed by the songs I tend to post on this here blog, I really like remix versions of songs.

Remixes and mashups, really.

So I actually wanted to see what percentage of my “new” music (i.e., my daily downloads since 2010) is remixes/mashups.

‘Cause why not.

  • 2010: 31/365
  • 2011: 15/365
  • 2012: 32/366
  • 2013: 40/365
  • 2014: 41/365
  • 2015 (so far): 31/130

Total: 190/1956 or 9.7%. That’s a smaller percentage than I thought it would be, but I’d still say it’s a pretty decent chunk.

Oh, and just for funzies, have one of the better songs I’ve found this year (it’s a remix!):

2014 Beats

The 2014 DJ Earworm mashup is here!

Considering how crappy the music’s been this year, this is an amazingly catchy mashup. I like it (though it took me a few listens).

Every once and awhile I just find Family Guy obscenely funny (this blog has nothing to do with Family Guy, just an observation)

This is…actually pretty good. I heard the first like fifteen seconds and was like “NOOOOOOOO they be ruinin’ mah current fave song!” but then it got snazzy.

Also, Doin’ It Right is now my third most-played song.

Freaking Daft Punk.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Of course, I’m talking about Gottfried Leibniz’ birthday!

The world has been without your physical presence for too long, my friend. Reincarnate so that I can date you stalk you pet your wig admire your genius in a completely appropriate and non-creepy manner.

Was going to buy some Choco Leibniz today, but I forgot. Instead, I made this:

I was listening to my music in the car the other day and realized how well Bittersweet Symphony would go with something from Coldplay. So I gave it a shot.

Happy birthday, my main man. <3

Massive Levi’s, Sam!


This is one of the greatest things I’ve heard in awhile.
Badass Coldplay song + badass Dethklok lyrics = extra super badass song.

Is it sad that this…calms me? I’ve listened to it on repeat for about 20 minutes now and I’m really chilled out.

Now we just need Nathan Explosion singing the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle to the music of Paradise.

Pasta Junkie

Do you guys wonder if the course of one’s life kind of follows the same pattern as the course of human history? Like, do we each of us have our own Dark Ages? Our own Age of Enlightenment? A Post-Modern era? If so, do we pass through these stages in generally the same order that humanity did? My own life has some strong parallels in terms of “periods” and general sequence, but that just might be me and my overanalyzing.


OH, and here’s something to brighten your day:

This is DJ Earworm’s mashup of the top 25 Billboard hits of 2011 (I was going to post this at the beginning of the year, but nooooo). He’s been doing these since 2007, so if this kind of stuff appeals to you, check out the rest of his YouTube channel. He’s fantastic.