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The Cat’s Meow



Edit: paused it at just the right spot.


Cat Tunes

I should crank a sample for Jazzy one day and see how she responds to it. It’s an interesting idea.

Also, Bacon is super cute.

Annabelle (not the movie)

It’s my kitty’s birthday today!

Since she’s all the way back in Moscow and I miss her, I shall spam you with photos. ‘Cause why not.

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For the past five months or so, my mom and I have made it a routine to go visit the Humane Society on Friday afternoons. So today we went and I said goodbye to all the cool kitties there. Here are some pics of my favorites.

This is Cleo. She’s freaking awesome and needs to be adopted! I think the reason she hasn’t yet is because there’s a big warning on her cage that she does NOT get along with other cats. She’s super friendly with people, though.


This is Cheshire. He’s giant. My foot is for scale purposes.


Martina! She’s been there for like 6 years now. In the pic she’s getting love from my mom.




My mom adopted a kitten from the Humane Society! Observe the cuteness:

(New and better pic inserted, ‘cause the old one was grainy and blurry.)

His name is Raymond Cat and he’s probably the most chill cat I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard him meow like twice and he just kind of goes with the flow.


Turnip in Rut

There’s a new giant orange cat at the Humane Society! His name is Tiny and his info says he’s 22 pounds. Not as big as Jupiter, but he’s still pretty big. He’s a lover, so I bet he’ll be adopted soon.

Have a rainbow!


Sorry, not much going on today.


I’m in love with a cat at the Humane Society.
Serious love.
But I’m heading north in like two months.

Her name is Elle, but I call her Jupiter because she’s waaaaaaaaay huge. She’s at least 20 pounds, is super bow-legged, and is a big roly-poly love.

I really, really, really like her (and I think she likes me, too) and I’d totally adopt her and take her with me to Calgary if I knew that she’d be okay. I’m not taking Annabelle because she was phenomenally miserable in Van and I think it would be a repeat of that…that’s another thing I’m afraid of, I don’t want Jupiter to be miserable, either. I also have no idea how she’d handle a car ride that long.

But NNNNNNNNF I love her.

I hope that she gets adopted by someone who can really care for her and give her all the love she deserves.


There’s this super spazzy black cat that’s been hanging around the house. We call him “Boyfriend Cat” because we like to pretend he’s Annabelle’s boyfriend (even though she’d probably murder him if she got the chance).

He’s got a very high voice and just goes “MEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEWMEW!” when he sees you. I’m not sure if he’s someone’s cat or not—he’s not super skinny, but he pigs out like he hasn’t had food in days and he doesn’t have a collar.




Pretty boy.


Snagged from here.

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More Pictures

I found some more pics while I was packing this afternoon. Therefore I shall share them.

This is me with my cat Wooder.


This is an older me with an older Wooder. Note the drawing on the wall. My mom let me draw and write all over the walls in my room when we lived in Troy. How awesome is that?


This is my dad with Wooder. I don’t know if I was alive yet.


Me with Brutus (the black one) and Lena, siblings from a litter from my mom’s older cat, Gracie. Haha, I have so much paint on my pants. And the cats are like let me go, weirdo.


I was a cat lady from birth.

The ONLY good thing to come out of 4chan