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Reunited (would it feel so good?)

Lawl. My 2006 high school graduating class is planning a 10-year reunion. I have basically zero interest in seeing any of those people again (except maybe my little gaggle of weirdo friends; those guys were great), but it would be interesting to see where everyone is in their lives 10 years after high school. Are they where they thought they’d be? I know I’m sure as hell not.

If this was going on when I was “scheduled” to be in Moscow (early May…hopefully), I might go, but it’s in the middle of July and I don’t really have much of an urge to fly all the way to Moscow to see people I hardly remember and hardly cared about.

The only reason I’d like to go is to see the old gang of friends. I still care about them. I have a good picture of us all outside the Palouse mall taken sometime in our senior year (or maybe even that summer after); it’d be pretty cool if we could re-do that photo ten years later, eh?



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BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! Wait, it’s the 20th? Well…well I hope you bewared on the 15th, then!

Today Nate’s family came up form Crowsnest Pass and we spent the afternoon walking in what was practically hurricane-force winds.

We are nothing if not stubborn.

Also, I suck at chess, but I’m getting a little better. Bishops are not my friends in that game.


Today was fun. :)

Let’s relive some humiliation, shall we?

Hahaha, so this might seem like a totally random thing to post (isn’t everything I post like that, though?), but I was reminded of this incident a few nights ago and I still think it’s hilarious, so I want to actually write it down somewhere so that if I ever forget about it, I can have a good laugh upon rediscovering it.

Alright. So. Matt (and Maggie, if you read this), you guys might remember our first Band Camp for Marching Band back in 2006. Recall that, at the end of that week, the sousas handed out little flyers to all of us, urging us to attend the “band seminar” in the evening. It wasn’t required, they said, but attendance was recommended.
As you also probably recall, the “seminar” was basically a drinking party held at one of the sousa’s apartments (I think the “distinguished speaker” was Dr. Winehard or something).

And everyone who got the flyer pretty much knew that this was just a party in disguise, right?

I distinctly remember Beau walking over to me and going, “I don’t really want to go, but we probably should, ‘cause it’d make us look good.” And with my matching level of naivety about college, I agreed and said that we should walk over together.
So later that night, with our freaking backpacks and notebooks, we head over to the address on the flyer, fully expecting an hour-long seminar where we would have to take notes (I’m not even kidding, oh my god, we were dumb).
We get like two houses away from the address and all we can hear is this booming music an a lot of people singing/shouting/being rowdy. And Beau looks at me and says, “I think it’s a party.” I agree. We slink back to the dorms, ashamed of our inability to have figured it out beforehand like EVERYONE ELSE.

I brought this story up to Beau the semester I graduated (fall 2008, so like two years later) and he totally denied it ever happening. But it did! He’s so embarrassed by it still I bet, haha.

So yeah. Just a funny little “we were stupid and didn’t know what college was” anecdote.
I still think it’s hilarious.


Goodbyes suck.

That is all.


Look at this ridiculously adorable thing.


This was the “surprise” Nick sent me awhile back: a standard normal distribution plushie!! I told him about this Etsy shop like three years ago and then this dude shows up in the mail.

He is my new favorite little buddy.



He is so freaking adorable I can’t even stand it.

Right now he’s chilling with all my stats books, but I might bring him to my office to chill there.


Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Nick!

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Friends! Followers! Random passers-by! Lend me your eyes!

So I had this idea and I think it would be fun.

This year sucks ‘cause Halloween is in the freaking middle of the week. But I was thinking that the old gang could get together either the weekend before or the weekend after, get all Halloween dressed up, crash Shari’s, then come back to the basement for a good old fashioned basement party. Preferably still in costume. Or OUT of costume, if you know what I mean.


I have no idea why I’m randomly thinking about Halloween.




P.S. Happy birthday, Matt!

Teehee. Friends.

I wanted to dedicate the whole of yesterday’s post to my good friend leaving Moscow, so this stuff is going in for today. And technically, most of this stuff DID happen today, so HA.

Dear Matt, Maggie, and Max: I love all you fools. It was awesome to hang out with you, chug sugar shots, make fun of large milkshake straws, be social nuisances in Shari’s, and be social nuisances in Ghormley Park.

And draw presidents with boobs.

For those of you who weren’t there: that’s Viking Lincoln being ogled by John Wilkes Booth. There was a little more added to this drawing after taking this pic, but it was inconsequential to the pic’s overall awesomeness.

Anyway, I’m 99% sure I’ll be back in Moscow at some point in life (all roads lead to Moscow…), at which point we all must hang out again.


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I’ve got no internet!

So we’ll do what I always do for blog posts when there’s no internet access: post random old MSN Messenger quotes! These are like from 2007/2008.

>> You can want all you want, but if you can’t, you can’t

>> Jesus is indeed environmentally friendly


>> My cat seems to enjoy following me around when I’m naked

>> Start chewing rocks!

>> Aneel, why do people suck?

>> So I’m making little Leibniz/Kant political posters, ’cause I’m bored and they’re cool
>> “Leibniz Kant”
>> Haha. Well. That’s not so positive, is it?

>> I think stress makes me awesome at statistics

>> Well, it’s my own fault, I’ve never masturbated

>> I’m sure all the great philosophers debated free will and determinism half-naked, it just makes more sense

>> oh, and can you think of some random household items, or really any random items… non-electric
>> You mean like spatulas and stuff?
>> God, I picked a phallic symbol…

>> “Where are my 25 credits? WHERE ARE THEY?!?”

>> College is fun except for this Locke paper

>> I feel empty inside
>> But now I have 2.90 GB of free space

>> Boobs are the first image results I get for the search “tubular” in Google Images
>> That’s awesome

>> What would be even more awesome would be a site like and then have full of pictures of female heads and torsos attached to real cabooses or something
>> Now I’m trying to resist finding a picture of a naked girl, a picture of a caboose, and opening Photoshop

>> We were walking to Shari’s and he goes completely out of the blue, “it would be so cool to just embed glitter into the pavement on the street”
>> And I go, “what if there was a wind storm and all the glitter got picked up?”
>> Then, “what if an F5 tornado ripped through a Midwestern glitter factory and killed a bunch of people with glitter shards?”
>> And, “wait, what the hell is glitter really made of?”
>> So we decided it was made of chopped up Midwestern hicks

>> Wow, this DVD player hates life
>> It likes to sound like it’s eating the DVDs
>> *nom nom nom* “Where’s your director’s cut now?!” *nom nom nom*

>> Hit him with the STICK, you BASTARD!”

>> I’m just so excited I can spell “vagina” using the elements

>> Oh god…it’s…it’s German country music…

>> If I had three puppets and Lil’ Jon in my window, I’d be hyper, too

Also, it feels good to walk (for exercise) again. Tucson’s too ungodly hot for walking now, plus now that I have a job I can’t spend 6+ hours a day walking around the city. My cardio exercise has been confined to gunning it on the stationary bike at the Y as of late. Not that that’s bad, but I have butt calluses from it and for some reason I can’t zone out biking like I can when I walk. So today I went 18 miles and it felt fantastic (except for my little toes which are covered in blisters).


Ah. Socialness.

I miss having friends. Not like you guys aren’t still my friends…I guess I mean I miss having friends I can physically hang out with. Screw around town in the car with. Get naked with.

Well, I’m back in Moscow until Saturday. Hope to see you sillies at some point!

And until then, I leave you this, courtesy of Sean:

Tell me you didn’t at least smile. We laughed for like 15 minutes.

What proportion of praying mantises are atheists?

SCREW YOU depression, I’m trying to be a functioning adult.

Didn’t go work out this morning. Instead, curled up in bed and cried for two hours.

I wonder how many calories despair burns.

I also forgot to pack my broccoli/hummus for snackies at work, though, so maybe that’ll balance some of it out.


Not even watching the new Metalocalypse episode (once I finally dragged myself out of bed) cheered me up, even though it had the most badass ending ever.


Maybe posting old recently-discovered pictures from senior prom would cheer me up?

(Me, Amy, E’raina, Tanna, and Aneel, left to right, on my back porch)



(Amy had so many wardrobe issues that night)


(I lost approximately 10 pounds of glitter off that dress while dancing that night and yet it still sheds excessively)


Meh. Aneel in a martini apron is still pretty awesome.


So today my mom and I drove up to Phoenix to see MATT! It was super awesome to see him again, especially considering I hadn’t seen him since December 2010. Too bad it was like 400 degrees or else we might have been able to walk farther and maybe would have found a park or something to swing/screw around.

Anyway, YAY! Matt, I hope you had an uneventful flight home, and hopefully I’ll see you (and other Moscow friends) in a month or so!

For once, I am *legitimately* upset.

Well, hell.

Just got some pretty crappy news from one of my best friends ever.
Not their fault, of course, but still pretty crappy, considering…well, a lot of things.


Sadness is so much worse when it’s coming from outside your own self-misery, eh?
(Haha, wow, emo)

Dream Factory

So last night I had a dream about Coos.

Coos are these:

Coos were a Coos were beings my friend G.E. and I came up with in kindergarten and developed over the course of a couple years in elementary school. When we became these different beings, we entered into this entire kingdom/social structure we had developed along with them. He was king, I was queen. At the height of the Coo’s popularity, we had practically our entire first grade class (22/23 kids) plus a lot of kids from 2nd and 3rd grade.

My and G.E.’s popularity paralleled that of our game (though it certainly wasn’t a game to us; it was life).

And then came the inevitable decline. I remember the exact moment things went wrong and I could recite it minute-for-minute to you as if it happened yesterday, but I’m not going to. It’s a very depressing memory and I don’t feel like going into my little pit of despair today, so let’s just skip over it.

In the end, the popularity of Coos began to decline after its height in first grade. By the time fourth grade was over, I was the only true Coo left. But regardless of their relatively short-lived existence (though I guess four grades is a LONG time to a little kid), Coos were an impactful part of my life. I’d written over 10 journals’ worth of stories about them, three or so 70-page “novels” about them, and had a myriad million art projects surrounding them (I even made a big 3D one out of clay once).

I don’t think about them often, mainly because I’m rarely (if ever) in contact with anyone who WAS a Coo way back in the ‘90s (holy freaking crap, I sound old now). So it was strange to dream about them.

Strange indeed.

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Yay, social time!

During TA Day last week (or whenever the hell that was), I happened to sit within a cluster of economics grad students. I talked to one of them for a bit, then I didn’t see any of them for a week or so. The other day, though, the guy I talked to (George) caught up with me while I was walking back to the dorm and it turns out that he lives almost directly above me two floors. He invited me up for tea this afternoon, so I went up there and we raved about Fallout and Metalocalypse and Dostoyevsky and our past college experiences. He went to Yale. He’s super smart.

He’s also from THE Moscow (Russia), which I think is pretty freaky.
AND his dad has a PhD in soil science, like my dad. How freaking weird is that?

Haha, okay, that’s all. It’s my first social encounter since leaving Moscow, what do you want from me?