So I finally went to the doctor to see about the crazy arm rashes I’ve been getting, and it sounds like I have polymorphous light eruption.

It sounds super cool, but it basically means I’m allergic/sensitive to UV light. It’s a delayed reaction where you’re fine when you’re out in the sun but after the sun exposure occurs, then your immune system starts going “OH SHIT” and reacts to it, causing rough-looking rashes/blisters and lots and lots of itching.

Here’s more:

So, you know, no big deal.
I’m just out in the sun for four hours to get my 15-mile walk in every day.
N o  p r o b l e m .

And no, sunscreen doesn’t prevent it. I’ll either have to wear long sleeves or suffer the itch/redness. But for some people it seems to “flare” at the beginning of spring/summer when there’s more sun, but if they let it blister up and then heal, it “hardens” the skin against it until next spring/summer. We’ve been having a lot of cloudy/rainy days this week and my rash is almost gone, so maybe my arms will have healed enough by the time it gets super sunny again. WHO KNOWS, IT’S AN ADVENTURE.

Edit: well it’s mid-July now and the “eruptions” have definitely diminished a lot. So I either don’t have this at all and my arms were just being spazzes, or, like some people, I flared up at the first major spring exposures to sunlight and then “got used to it.” Odd news.


Sleep Deprivation is Fun

And this is how it feels.

Final Destination: Calculus

Annnnnnnd SPRING 2019 MATH 249 has ended!

They took their final exam today. It was a three-hour long exam, and honestly, I’d rather be writing the exam than standing around like a turd for three hours waiting for everyone to finish.

Anyway, this class was a lot more enjoyable to teach the second time around, probably because I wasn’t frantically trying to make all the notes/labs/exams/etc. as the course progressed.


I have approximately four emotions anymore:

  1. Extreme sadness
  2. Extreme anger
  3. Extreme frustration

That is all.

High School Color Fun

Let’s time travel back to high school for a moment, shall we? I had this book (well, I guess, I technically still have it, haha) called “The Dewey Color System” by Dewey Sadka. It’s a personality test book that tells you about yourself based on the combination of your favorite primary color and favorite secondary color (with more info based on how you feel about other colors like black, white, gold, teal, etc.).

I was obsessed with this book and made everyone I know take the test (which is just, again, picking your favorite primary color and your favorite secondary color).

Here is said book:


As you can see by how beat up it is, I used it a lot. I actually did a “stats” project in my 11th grade psych class where I looked at the frequencies of people’s personality types with the Dewey Color System and compared them to the frequencies of their Myers-Briggs personality types. Of course, I knew ZERO about stats at the time so I was just comparing the frequencies without any sort of test of statistical significance, but I did go back to the data a few years ago and tried to chi-square the hell out of it for funzies.

[Edit: I can’t find that blog for whatever reason, but it’s out there.]

Anyway. I think the test and results used to be online for free, but now it looks like you have to pay. SAD! That was the whole point of this blog, haha.

Edit again: alrighty, found the blog in question. Looks like I didn’t do anything that looked at Dewey vs. Myers-Briggs…just Myers-Briggs-related stuff. I wonder if I can find my data anywhere?

Edit again again: No data on both tests, but I did (of course) write down some of the results of the Dewey test in the front cover of the book. All those letter combinations at the top are the combos of favorite primary (Blue, Red, Yellow) and secondary (Green, Orange, Purple). The letters at the bottom are representing the six “intermediate” colors for which people were supposed to choose two as their favorites and two as their least favorites (Gold, Indigo, Lime, Magenta, Red-orange, Teal).


Also, my grades in high school were abysmal.


Algebra: my worst enemy in high school. Also, how the hell does one get a C in Wellness?

Canadian League Baseball: Week 11 Summary

More fake ballin’, yo.


The NL West has a tight race right now. Poor Expos, though, haha.

Bros that cling together…

…swing together.

Human determination at its finest.

The real bro is that tree limb, though.

I need to post more stuff on Tumblr.

Why? Because every time I go to my Tumblr page, this damn post is right there and I subsequently have to go watch this and get it stuck in my head for hours:

Remember AlbinoBlackSheep? Fun times.




Gonna play this bad boy right now.

Edit: crap, I started my dude in Tucson, so it’s going to take me a while to get jobs that’ll take me to Washington. Darn, I guess I’ll have to truck more.


I feel like crap and am super stressed about everything (what else is new?), so have a link to an interesting music project.

Sorry I’m so boring.

I just had the weirdest fucking dream about waffles

‘Cause why not, right, brain?

Anyway, in my dream, CNN did this big story about how someone (it was heavily implied that it was Trump) was putting microscopic GPS trackers in Eggo waffles which, once consumed, were used to track where people went for the rest of their lives.

(Why the waffle got digested/pooped out but the GPS trackers did not was never explained.)

The German government got involved (?) because they were pissed at the fact that America was getting all this attention for mini waffle-engulfed GPS trackers but in fact Germany had been doing this for years and could prove this by showing a complex map of all the German citizens that had been tracked by said mini waffle-engulfed GPS trackers.

Then Steven Spielberg comes out of nowhere, saying that the mini waffle-engulfed GPS trackers was his idea: he used it in Jaws to keep track of the shark while they were filming.

(‘Cause the shark in Jaws was totally real, y’all.)

I don’t remember much after that, but seriously, brain?



This is beautiful and I want it played at my funeral.

Parts that made me cry: 0:00-6:30 (not even kidding; every single one of these songs is attached to an important memory/time in my life)

I love Coldplay, yo. Love them.


Canadian League Baseball: Week 10 Summary

We’re ten weeks into the (fake) season! Here’s what’s what:


Simulation Adrian Gonzalez got his 2,000th hit, so that’s kinda cool.

Simulation Matz is hurt, though, so that’s not cool at all. ALL THE SIMULATED METS PLAYERS ARE HURT WHAT THE FREAKING CRAPPLES


We took my mom to the Calgary Zoo today, and unlike the last time I was at the zoo, I actually documented this trip with more than just a single video of butterflies. OBSERVE!


Also, here’s the peacock in action.


Here’s Bach’s Air on the G String on an organ.

It is sublime.

Put on your best headphones and crank it. 1:05 is probably one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard. Chills forever.




So guess what? Today was the first time since I’ve gotten injured that I walked a mile in under 14 minutes.*

I actually walked two separate miles in under 14 minutes, so that’s even cooler.

I was so pumped, yo. I’m finally getting some speed back. It’s been almost two years. And now that I’ve got the Garmin, I know that that speed is legitimate and not just due to a miscalculation in my stride length.

*Last year I posted a shot of my speed being 4.50 MPH, but that was WRONG because it was based on an incorrect stride length. I think this time is really the first time I’ve done a sub-14 minute mile.

Also, I still think these out-of-order signs at North Hill Mall are (unintentionally?) hilarious.


Spin Cycle

I should not be laughing at this, but oh my god, I am.

I am a bad person. I hope she’s okay.

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Don’t Be Rash

So for the past half month or so (or longer?) I’ve been getting this weird rash on my upper arms. It started just on one arm, which made me think I was brushing against something I was allergic to while on my walks, but then it started showing up on my other arm. Now it’s starting to spread to my lower arms. It itches like hell (sometimes) and looks pretty terrible.

So that’s awesome. As if I need help looking like complete trash.

Canadian League Baseball: Week 9 Summary


(Sorry, I’m hyper)

Here’s the standings after nine weeks:


It’s going to be interesting to see if there’s less separation between the team performances than there was in real life in 2017 due to the fact that the super talented players are more spread out across all the teams instead of with the teams with the most money. We’ll see!