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Poor Jazzy

Jazzy had her dental surgery today. They took out her top two canines, cleaned the rest of her teeth, and cleaned out the ear that always gives her itchy trouble. She had the kitty derp face when we picked her up, but she’s recovering surprisingly quickly. She is purring and flopping and jumping on the furniture tonight, which is a good sign.

Poor girl. I was really worried that she’d think we were going to leave her there forever (especially given her background), but they said she was pretty chill throughout the whole process and looked like she was feeling better pretty quickly once she got home. Good girl!



I’ve been having a really crappy week (and it’s only Tuesday), but then I watched some of JunsKitchen’s videos and felt a lot better. I posted a video of his a while back—he’s the guy who cooks while his cats watch—and he just seems like such a good, calm, cat-loving person that you can’t help but feel better after watching his videos.

Here’s where he makes sushi for his cats.

Here’s where he and his wife take his cats for a walk.

This is how cats should be treated, man.



That is all.

I almost forgot:

Nate and I met a super nice kitty on one of our walks a while back and we met him again today. Took a picture of him. His name’s Kevin.


(Am I a creep for posting a picture of some other person’s cat on my blog?)

We also murdered a caterpillar by proxy by drawing Kevin’s attention to it (he had no interest in it until we tried to move it off the sidewalk and it started doing it’s “get away from me predator” thrash, which immediately made Kevin claw the hell out of it), so there’s that.

Monkey See Monkey OH GOD

Did you ever have Sea Monkeys as a kid? I did. Here’s an interesting documentary on what Sea Monkeys actually are as well as what a terrible person their creator was.

(Note: “holy shit he’s a terrible person” action starts at 10:57)


Hahahaha, Nate sent me this picture of Jazzy today. She’s stalking across the barren wastelands of the coverless bed.


Ready to MURDER.

Jazzy Again

So Jazzy jumped into Franklin’s old birdcage tonight.

She just swooped in there through one of those doorways. I heard this loud “BANG” like she had jumped on top of the cage, but nope. Inside instead!


I go, “did you jump in that cage??” and she gave out such a confused little holler, haha. But then she jumped right back out.

What a sweetie.

Big Cats Rule

I am like 800 levels of sad, so here are a few videos of big cats getting snacks and treats.

Those tigers are beautiful.

Helpful Vancouver Vet

Like cats? Want to learn how to do “hard” things with cats, like brushing their teeth? Check out the videos by Helpful Vancouver Vet.

This guy, Dr. Uri Burstyn, is really good with cats. He’s got that “good cat guy” vibe.

He works at the ARBUTUS WEST ANIMAL CLINIC, so if you’re ever in Van and need a good vet…

Jazz Machine being Jazz Machine

Haha, I was looking through old pictures on the iPad and I found this one of Jazzy where she’s lounging not on one couch but both couches.


Cat level: Expert


Haha, this is what Jazzy does to her toy mice after a little while. She loves to gnaw on them and pull on their tails. For as beat up as this one is, I’m surprised it does still have its tail.


She is a top predator.


Sometimes I swear I can hear Annabelle purrting in the other room.

Other times I can’t conjure the sound of her in my head and I worry that I’m forgetting her.

Nabokov would be pleased

I am in a CRAP MOOD because it’s been a CRAP SEMESTER but here are BUTTERFLIES, so that helps.

She’s beauty, she’s grace…

I can’t stop laughing at her face.


Oh my…

She’s…she’s a rectangle.


Happy Fartmas

So I have no idea when I’ll get these blogs posted.

And I had no idea if anyone of you out there reading this wants to get me a Christmas present.

But if you do, may I ask that you donate to a cat shelter or cat sanctuary instead?

Thank you!


Sweet little Annabelle is no longer with us.

My dad called this afternoon and said that she’d taken a pretty bad turn for the worse and he and Peter made the decision (with input from the vet, of course) to have her put down. I feel incredibly guilty for not being there with her at the end.

Annabelle has been part of my life since 2000. She was my girl. Now she’s gone.

That’s going to be a hard thing to deal with.

I feel really bad for my dad, too. He loved Annabelle. I’ve gone with my mom multiple times to have a kitty or dog put to sleep when it was time, but my dad has never had to do that. The abruptness with which they pass from life to death is a shock. I hope he’s doing okay.

RIP Bell-Bell. You were a unique, wonderful creature.


Yo dog, I herd ur owner has a leash…

Unpleasant PSA: Leash laws exist for a reason. I shouldn’t be getting bitten by a dog whose owner has a leash in her hand but has not attached it to her dog in an on-leash public area. I should also not be hearing “yeah, he gets excited sometimes” as a fucking excuse for why your dog just noshed on my leg.


(Ignore all the other scars on my leg.)

Pro tip: does your dog get excited? Does he tend to bite strangers when he gets excited? Maybe put him on a leash so that you can actually control him a little bit better when you’re on a public pathway full of people.

Like…am I crazy or…?

I’m not skittish around dogs because of dogs. I’m skittish around dogs because of their dumbass owners.

Pleasant PSA: playing Rock Band with my wonderful husband is fantastic.



She’s on my phone charger cord. How is this not obscenely adorable?