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MLB: Do Run Totals Matter?

So after watching the Mets get eaten by the Nationals on Sunday, I wanted to see if the total number of runs a team scored throughout the course of the season had any significant correlation with the number of wins they had in that season.

(This something that has probably been done to death by actual baseball stats people, but give me a break, I’m new to this and I feel like playing around in Minitab).

First, just some general scatterplots of runs vs. wins.

By league.

And by division.

The overall correlation between runs and wins, for all teams combined, is 0.541
(p-value = 0.002).

Now let’s break it down!

By league

  • AL: 0.646 (p-value = 0.009)
  • NL: 0.444 (p-value = 0.097)

By division

  • ALC: r = 0.433 (p-value = 0.467)
  • ALE: r = 0.746 (p-value = 0.148)
  • ALW: r = 0.883 (p-value = 0.047)
  • NLC: r = 0.877 (p-value = 0.051)
  • NLE: r = 0.869 (p-value = 0.056)
  • NLW: r = -0.119 (p-value = 0.849)

Interesting. The only significant correlations are for all the teams combined, the AL, and the ALW (and even that one’s borderline).



It’s Mets time, bitches! Hopefully they’ll win their first game. And, y’know, a good amount of the rest of their games.

(Edit: haha, wow, they murdered the Braves.)

Also, shock of shocks: I dug out my old Unreal CD and stuck it in Big Compy just to see how badly it wouldn’t work. But hey…it actually worked! And it looks shockingly good for a game from 1998.

Awesome. I just wish The Neverhood worked on this computer, too.


Yay, USA won the World Baseball Classic!

I’m ready for the regular season to start. Nate got me all excited about baseball last year, haha.

Edit: unrelated, but important.


Holy crap, that was the most insane baseball game! Even if you’re not a huge baseball fan (or a baseball fan at all), hopefully you got to watch at least the last game of the World Series.

Edit: If you missed it…

Ridiculous. Awesome. I’m so glad Nate and I turned on the game after Cleveland tied it (we were going to wait and watch it later, because that’s what we were doing with all the playoff/World Series games).

Yay Cubs!

The Mets, The Mets, The Mets are On Fire

Take a look at what the Mets are doing right now:


This is a graph of the Mets’ probability of making it to the postseason. As you can see, the probability had been taking a dive for most of the season, bottoming out at 6.7% on August 19th. They basically had a very, very small chance of making it.

Less than a month later, that probability has shot up to 63%. That’s pretty crazy. They’re just out of the wildcard spot now. I think it’s especially interesting when you consider that none of the other teams even remotely in contention have any huge upswings or downswings (except maybe the Cardinals).


(Sorry, I like graphs.)

(And now I can use the “sports” category for the first time in like 4 years.)


Want to know your Olympic body match at the 2016 games? Find out here!

Here’s my info:






Cool! I’d found something similar to this a while ago, but it was all in Spanish and didn’t have any graphs.


As of today, the Netherlands has 22 medals. 21 of them are from speed skating events.

So the obvious question: why are they so freaking good at speed skating?

According to a few articles I’ve read on the subject, not only are they tall (average height is above 6 feet), which allows them to take very long strides, but speed skating is very much a part of their culture. A lot of the country’s top athletes go into speed skating rather than anything else (aside from soccer) and there are 17 training ovals for speed skaters throughout the country (the US has two).

There are 7 commercial speed skating teams in the Netherlands with around 60 professionals total, and when the Dutch Olympic trials are held, the speed skating portion is said to be the most competitive in the world because so many Dutch people are good skaters.

So it sounds like speed skating is just something the Dutch do, and clearly, they do it well.

More Figure Skating

Aw, this was so sad to watch.

I hope he didn’t cause any more permanent damage to his back during the team skates.

Edit (2/22): okay, wow, so it sounds like he needs back surgery again because one of the screws already in his spine snapped. Ouch.





But seriously (and my mom can confirm this): a couple weeks ago, I suggested how awesome it would be if one of the figure skaters chose to stake to Trololo.

And then they PUT IT IN THE OPENING CEREMONY (at least for like 5 seconds)

I laughed so hard. Why isn’t the internet freaking out about this?
(I’m freaking out about this)


There is no better way to start an Olympic games than with this man:


Evgeni Plushenko!!!

And that was a damn good program he gave us tonight, holy crap.

Have some more pics:



Figure Skating - Winter Olympics Day 2

The fact that I was in the same city as him–for a few days, at least–makes me super happy.

(I love him sorry)

In other news (and the reason that this blog is password protected), my STAT 452 class is really starting to suck. I definitely need to rant about this—which will happen later when I have more time and am not absorbed in watching figure skating—but I just needed to mention it somewhere before my head explodes from anger.

Dear Phoenix Suns:

Why is your mascot not a guy ablaze in a fire-safe suit?



It’s not like he wouldn’t show up to the games if you just open a few blinds.
Or better yet, retrofit your stadium with a sun roof like those stadiums whose roofs open.
“Everybody give it up for the Phoenix Suns’ mascot, The Sun!”
Everyone: “OH GOD MY EYES!”

The Suns should officially be the most terrifying NBA team ever.

“Aw, how cute, you guys are the Chicago Bulls?” *roasts* “Now you fools are the Chicago STEAKS!”
“The Orlando Magic, huh?.” *solar flare* “2 MILLION DEGREES KELVIN! THERE’S SOME MAGIC FOR YA!”
“Houston Rockets, we have a problem!”

It’d be an interesting match-up with the Miami Heat, though.

Sorry, I’m done.

Toasters are Intrinsically Brave

I just hit my 130,000th stumble on StumbleUpon. That translates quite concisely to, “Claudia spends way too much time on the internet.”

In addition, I just found a video of the entire 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony.



Get your medal count sheets ready, it’s Olympics time!

Opening Ceremony comments: I didn’t watch the whole thing, I confess. I watched from the beginning to when they had the nurses and doctors swing dancing amongst the children’s beds. But I really, really liked the first part of the ceremony, where they showed the progression of British history from pre-Industrial Revolution, through the Revolution, and into modern times. I thought the way that was done was fantastic and the way they forged one of the five Olympic rings and then brought it together with the other four was a really creative way to tie the “history lesson” to the Games.

Also, Tubular Bells FTW.

And at least they didn’t pull a Vancouver and break the Olympic cauldron.

Apart from the US, I’m rooting for Sweden. Because dude…it’s Sweden.


Are people who predict golf tournament wins considered fore-casters?

It’s in Spanish (and metric!), but here’s a site where you can input your height and weight and compare yourself to the heights/weights of (pre-2008) Olympic athletes.

I’m the same height and weight as Minke Smabers, a field hockey player from Holland. She won gold in Beijing 2008!

Who’s your Olympic height/weight equivalent?


Hahaha, this is a fantastic article.

It details the decline in the number of men named “Bob” participating in major sports.

“Nearly two thousand men named Bob have played in major American sports. Bob Sanders is still playing, but he is the only one. Here, we attempt to come to grips with the most pressing crisis in major athletics.”

Fun phrases include: “Bob-athletes”, “Bobhood”, and the “Bobs Are Overwhelmingly Fat/White/Old Theory.”

And even though it’s a minor thing, it makes me really happy that the author mentioned covariates that may also be causing the decline in Bob-athletes other than just fewer Bobs playing sports (fewer Bobs overall, fewer names shortened to “Bob” due to various reasons). That made Stats Claudia happy.

Oh, and for anyone wondering…

Robert/Roberto and Bob/Bobbie/Bobby trends for boys over the past century or so.


This is also humorous to me because my dad is a “Bob.”

Holy crapspackle!

Running + people throwing colorful powder at the runners = HAPPY CLAUDIA

Listen to this description:
“Each kilometer of the event is associated with a designated color. 1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “Color Extravaganza.” As the runners/walkers hit the Kilometer COLOR RUN Zones, they will be blitzed by our volunteers, sponsors, and staff with COLOR.”


This is The Color Run, a 5k colorfest that looks like it was designed for people like me. I NEED to do this race. Too bad the closest one (in Phoenix) was in January.

But look at these pics! Please click on them to take you to the original sources.

This reminds me of that Indian festival…I can’t remember the name…but it involves a lot of colored powder.

I Ran in Van

I want to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run again this year. Here are the pros and cons of such a desire.

1. I can run a lot faster (for a lot longer) than I could last year. Even by the end of July last year I had trouble running for three miles straight at a speed of 6.0 mph; now I can run 10k (6.2 miles) at a speed of 7.0 mph.

2. I totally have the money to go back up there now. Yay for having a job!

3. The date of the race is April 16th, a Sunday, meaning that I could fly up on Saturday, stay the night, run the race early Sunday morning, and fly back in time for work on Monday.

4. I want to prove that I can do the race in under an hour. None of this “I need to pee” business slowing me up.

5. As crappy as my time was up there, I’d like to see Van again if for no other reason than to see if my memory of it is anywhere close to the way everything in the city is actually laid out.

6. Running RULES!

1. It’s Vancouver.

2. I’m pretty sure I’d have a panic attack if I were to go back there.

3. Running solitary is peaceful, but running a race alone is lonely. If that makes any sense (though I ran it solo last year, so I shouldn’t complain about that).

4. I’m actually quite sick of travelling.

5. It’s Vancouver.

So we’ll see. It’d be awesome if I could convince my dad to fly up there with me and race as well, but I don’t know if he’s in running condition anymore thanks to his gout.


Sticks and Stones

Good lord, Vancouver, it’s just hockey. Smashing up Seymour St. and Robson St. will not get you the Stanley Cup back from the Bruins.

Because of several issues (not going into these at this time), my mom’s up here with me for a week or so. Tonight (around 10 PM) I took DA SKY TRAIN to the airport to pick her up. They had the rioting on the news at the airport, and we were all standing around watching the chaos unfold, shocked at what was going on just downtown. The majority of the people in the airport were disgusted with it all. One guy even commented, “I’m pretty embarrassed to be from Vancouver right now.”

By the time my mom’s plane got in, they’d shut down bus services to and from downtown, and SkyTrain service was limited to the southernmost stops (those not downtown). My mom and I were going to go to Denny’s, but that didn’t happen for such obvious reasons.

Edit: A gallery of pictures. The fact that I walk down these streets and past these stores quite frequently is scary.

In this blog: Claudia runs

This morning I woke up obscenely early in order to get downtown by 8 to engage in the Vancouver Sun Run, the largest 10K in the world (according to Wiki, at least).

There were also troops of dudes dressed as bananas. Free trade bananas. Welcome to the west coast.

Over 50,000 people ran, and luckily (amazingly?) it didn’t rain and was actually sunny.
I finished in 1 hour and 32 seconds, which is pretty good considering I had to utilize the Porta Potties within the first 30 seconds of the race, ‘cause our wave didn’t get started until 45 minutes after the actual start time and I had to pee once we actually got running. Haha.
Anyway. I finished 589th out of 2,325 for my gender and age group (19 – 24), which isn’t too horrible, considering I’m totally not a runner.

I looked up the stats and found out that four people over the age of 95 ran as well. That’s pretty freaking awesome.