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This gives the song and entirely different feel and it’s fantastic, holy hell.

This is the best thing I have ever pumped into my ears. Jesussssss.



Oh, my. What a catchy song.

Have a few more (mostly for the music videos). Happy Halloween!

Every sponge cake is a waterfall

Holy hell.

  1. That guy sounds so much like Freddie.
  2. This is the only version of this song that rivals the original.
  3. The tone change caused by the Queen style is chilling.

Postmodern Jukebox is a gift we do not deserve.

Sleepyhead Remix: A Forgotten Happy

So as I’m sure many of you know, I’m all about the Sleepyhead remixes. I have approximately 25 or so of them.

Well, I just re-discovered this one and forgot how good it was. Check it out:

Love that violin chorus.


Remember that post about the Theremin that I made a few weeks ago? Hear it in Debussy form!

This is really beautiful.

Ha, Nice

I like this.

(Sorry, I have nothing interesting to say, as per usual.)

Harry Potter and the What the Fuck is This

I stumbled upon this video on the YouTubes and was like “WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY?!?!?!” so I had to look it up.

The thing she’s playing is called a Theremin. Named after its inventor, Leion Theremin, it’s played without any actual physical contact with the instrument.

The box in the middle contains radio tubes that produce oscillations that are at sound wave frequencies above what humans can hear. When the two waves combine, they produce a lower, audible frequency.

The two antennas are sensitive to where the player’s hands are: one antenna controls the pitch and the other the volume. Moving one’s hands towards/away from either of these antennas alters the inaudible frequencies.

Another cool vid by the same lady:


(A Theremin, not the lady, haha. Though she’s super talented!)

Oh wow

If there’s one thing that my Decade of Music project has taught me, it’s that there is no genre of music that I absolutely hate. I still have preferences, but my openness to things that I had previously considered “not my style” has increased greatly. For example, this song:

Years ago, I probably wouldn’t have listened past the first 30 seconds or so. Now I’m super into this song. It’s so layered and detailed. It sparks some weird nostalgia in the back of my brain that I can’t quite place. Maybe it sounds like a song my mom would have played back when I was a kid? Maybe it’s that soprano sax. That’s a very nostalgic sound to me for some reason. Not sure why.

Maybe I am Kenny G’s child?!?!?!

But man, this is a groovy song.

A Music

A cover of a pop song? Check. One of the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard at 2:13? Check.

Love it.


I’ve been super into The Killers lately. I’ve realized that their songs (a lot of them at least) have such an interesting, distinct tone to them…kind of like a frantic, nervous yearning behind the lyrics and music. It’s really interesting and really good.

Current favorite songs:


YO, I love Rob Scallon and this was super interesting to watch. Check it out.

The Real Prince of Denmark

Blame a crossword puzzle for this buffoonery. I was going to do the whole song, but I guess I just crashed on the couch and didn’t finish anything but the first main verse thingy.

I’m a rock star.

(Sung to the tune of “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem).
May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Prince of Denmark please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Prince of Denmark please stand up?
We’re going to have a problem here

Y’all act like you never seen a dead father before
Lyin’ on the floor, an uncle with poison runnin’ out the door
Started rulin’ the country worse than before, Hamlet thought he was bored
But he’s just melancholy

It’s the return of the “To be, or not to be, woe is me,
Horatio didn’t just see a ghost, did he?”
And Ophelia said…
Nothing you idiots, Ophelia’s dead, she drowned after goin’ mad!

Also, I just realized how freaking long the original song is.

Crab Rave

Heh. I dig it.



Well this is a five-star.

It’s been a while since a song has made me cry. This song made me cry. Not sure why, but it did.

Oof, so good.


Can I inject this song into my veins?


God, I love his voice.

Everybody knows…

I saw this very short little clip of a dude dancing and singing “everybody knows shit’s FUCKED” somewhere on Tumblr a little bit ago:

Had that little clip stuck in my head, so I had to find the full song. Now I have the full song stuck in my head.

New anthem of the US. You’re welcome.

Weezer, I am Disappoint

There’s nothing wrong with this song, but as a cover, it’s…kinda boring.

And I like Weezer. I like a lot of their songs (favorites include Beverly Hills, Feels Like Summer, Pork and Beans, and Say It Ain’t So). But this just feels so bland. I get that they probably wanted to stay close to the feel of the original because people would likely freak out if Toto was tampered with, but I think you could still get the same vibe across while still making the song different rather than basically just copying everything.

Just my two cents, ’cause what do I know?


This song doesn’t come up on shuffle very often, but when it does, I usually repeat it two or three times. I always forget just how chillingly beautiful it is.


Hahahahaha, so I have a playlist of songs that I like to listen to when I’m trying to concentrate. They’re all lyric free, pretty chill, and usually do a good job helping me focus.

But I guess I must have accidentally added this song at some point, ‘cause it came up in the playlist shuffle and I lost my shit.

I’ve posted about this before, but it was so freaking unexpected that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Party all the time.