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Hey, nerds.

So unfortunately for everyone involved, I am not dead. I am instead very much alive and have been pumping these daily blogs into a Word document that is approaching 300 pages.

I finally have a span of about a week where I can breathe before diving back into work, so I’ll be using that time to prep said Word document blogs and actually post them here, where they belong. As if anyone cares.

Anyway, that’s gonna take some time (there are like 650+ of them, no joke). But I figured I’d post today’s blog prior to all the other ones just to give my subscribers a bit of a warning that there will be a BLOG FLOOD in the next half month or so.

I’d actually recommend unsubscribing until, say, late May so that you don’t get bombarded with notifications.

Hell, unsubscribe permanently. I would.

I’m a failure.

But yeah, here’s the warning. I’d say unsubscribing and then coming back on…May 17th should be plenty of time.

Okay bye.



Heyo, butt-mongers.

So you all probably won’t even see this blog until well into 2020 or so because that’s how seriously I take posting these stupid things, but a question anyway: would you all be interested in me doing a week of vlogs in place of blogs? The vids would be posted to my blog, of course, and thus count toward the 10,000 days, but they’d be just video.

I probably mentioned this at some point before, but I’m too lazy to go check.

So ha.

A Blight at the End of the Tunnel

Me: I am sad.
Me: *buys three DLC packs for Euro Truck Simulator 2*
Me: I’m still sad, but at least now I have cool trucks.




Eigenblogger Deserves a New Header

Title speaks truth.

So I’ve been working on trying to design a new header for this here blog. Why? Reasons:

  • I’ve had the same header since 2012. It’s due for a change.
  • While I did the Photoshop nonsense on my current header to give it the colors and shading, the font is not an original design of mine. I kind of feel guilty about that. I think my blog’s header should be entirely created by me.

So I want to try to design one by hand. I kind of want the header to be ostentatious because that’s what I’m all about, but I also want it to be simple and clean because that looks better.

So I’m a bit conflicted.

Any preferences or ideas?

My Blog: It Does Have a Purpose

As Nate and I were driving home from getting groceries this evening, we had to drive through the chaos that is the construction around the hospital that’s across the street from us. Nate remarked that in six years (which is when the building of the new cancer center will be complete), everything will hopefully look nice and normal again.

Six years is a long time.

It got us wondering what we were doing six years ago—October 21st.

I suspected that I was either in London, ON and was about to pack up and head back to Moscow, or had just left London and was back at home.

Turns out I was right: October 21st, 2011, was the night before I left to fly back to Moscow. How did I find this out? My blog, of course!

I love my blog. I love having this record of the past 11+ years of my life that I can use to help figure out what I was doing and when at certain points of my life. I love having this archive of who I was and what my life was like; that’s something that not a lot of people have.

And I can’t wait to keep adding to that archive for another 16 years or so.

So yeah. Just a little love letter to my blog. Love ya!


I’m bored but can’t think of anything to blog about.

Disappointment, thy name is Claudia.

Blogging: A Dying Art

You know what I’ve noticed lately? Not a lot of people blog anymore. At least, not a lot of people I know.

I remember when MySpace was a thing. Everyone had a blog on MySpace. But since MySpace tanked, most of these people no longer have a blog (that I know of).

This makes me super sad. If there’s anything I love as much as blogging, it’s reading other peoples’ blogs…the more random the blog, the better. I like reading snippets of others’ lives.

Anyway. Just an observation. Because of this stupid injury, I feel like a bird who had its wings sawed off, so I’m in a brooding mood.


Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been like 40 decades since I last posted.

I’M SORRY. Life happened.
I’ll try to be better, I promise.

The upside is that if you end up having nothing to do in the next few weeks, you can spend your time reading up on how my life’s been going. Because there’s nothing more exciting than that, right?


For those of you who don’t give enough of a crap to read each and every single one of the 282 (!!!!!) new blogs, I don’t blame you. Here’s a summary:

  • Walking
  • Teaching
  • More teaching
  • Unrelenting and unexplainable sadness
  • Lots of walking
  • A few really good songs
  • More walking
  • More teaching

Exciting, huh?
There, I just saved you like an hour.

Now I’m off to disappear for another half of a year (hopefully I’m just kidding.)


11 Years of Eigenblogger?!

So I’ve been blogging for 11 years now! At the rate I’ve been posting blogs lately, you might get to see this by year 12, but hey.

11 years ain’t bad.

But it’s not special enough to have anything more than just one post acknowledging it, so that’s that.


Blog #4,000: The 4,000th Blog

Holy hell, I’ve been doing this nonsense for 4,000 days.

That’s almost 11 years, people.


As usual, thanks to all of you who read this regularly. Hell, some of you read this more regularly than I update it. Sorry about that. Life, apathy, and general disdain for my own existence has kept me from giving a crap about this blog.

You know how it goes.

Blogging is Hard

*looks at Eigenblogger*
*realizes I haven’t published a blog post in 180+ days*
*gets motivation to publish posts*
*looks at 85-page Word document containing posts to publish*
*suddenly demotivated*
*doesn’t publish posts*
*sulks harder*

Rinse and repeat.



It has come to my attention that it’s been like four years since I last updated my “100 Things” tab.

So I need to update it.

And I’m going to blog about updating it for today’s post, ‘cause if I have to maintain this dumpster fire of a blog, you have to read about it.


  1. I’m an INTJ (very strong on the I, T, and J; fairly weak on the N).
    Still true.
  1. I’m a hard determinist.
    Also true.
  1. I have a large collection of ostentatious socks.
    I don’t wear them as much anymore because 99% of the time I’m wearing socks, I’m out walking, so they’re my dingy walking socks. But I still have the collection.
  1. My hair is naturally black and is apparently impervious to bleaching attempts.
    The sun has given it a good bleach over the past few years. The hair covered by my hat is still super black, but the “long” part is a little brown now.
  1. I try to give at least one compliment a day—if not verbally, than at least in my mind.
  1. I love to list, sort, alphabetize, categorize, and organize. In my past life I was a Rolodex.
    Sometimes I get Rolodex flashbacks and wake up from a fugue during which I’ve consumed a packet of index cards in a futile attempt to restore what I once was.
  1. I have anosmia. Don’t worry, it’s not catching.
    Pretty sure this one’s never going to change.
  1. I do much better upholding my long-term goals than my short-term ones.
    Same with this one.
  1. I don’t drink pop/soda/whatever you want to call it. Never have, never will.
    And again.
  1. My first word was “tick-tock.”
    I was anal about time even when I was a baby. Fitting.
  1. I have very small handwriting.
    I think Nate’s is smaller, but mine is still pretty small.
  1. I like airports, both being in them and living near them. I’m one of those weirdos who likes the sound of planes coming and going.
  1. I can fold my entire outer ear into my ear canal.
    I should specify that I can do this with the ear that does not contain the industrial piercing. The barbell makes this difficult.
  1. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
  1. To me, the Galton board(quincunx, bean machine) demonstrates one of the most beautiful phenomena ever.
    So beautiful.
  1. I have a very good aural memory.
    I still think this is true, but to a certain degree. I think it’s aural specifically with an inclination towards being able to remember music/melodies. Any time I watch a movie I haven’t seen since childhood, I remember the melody/cadence/musicality of character’s words more than the words themselves. Hell, I remember when I was a kid that I often had a hard time understanding the distinct words characters were saying in movies/on TV, but I could commit the “song” of their words to memory in a second.
  1. I get super obsessed with things once I decide I like them.
    Always true.
  1. I did four years of undergraduate work in 2 ½ years and got my first college degree when I was 20. I don’t recommend this approach for those of you who are strongly attached to your sanity.
    I’d do it again. I’D DO IT AGAIN!
  1. I like serif better than sans serif fonts.
    Yes. Except for my class notes, where I use Arial because I think it looks really clean.
  1. My favorite word is syzygy.
  1. I like numbers that are divisible by five and/or ten. I’ve had that preference for as long as I can remember.
    It’s really hard for me to “start” anything (e.g., using a new pair of shoes, changing a workout routine, using a new palette of foundation) unless it’s on one of those “nice” divisible days of the month.
  1. My favorite number is 100.
    I dunno. I think 11 is the winner now.
  1. I think the need for the interrobang warrants its restoration in common written English.
    Meh. Meh?! MEH‽
  1. Physically, I’m a lot stronger than I look.
    My legs are. My upper body’s not.
  1. I’m not much of a movie person, but I enjoy disaster movies (the less scientifically accurate, the better) and movies about space. My favorite movie is Sunshine (way underrated, go watch it!)
    Disaster movies are the best. Space disaster movies are even better. Space disaster movies that ignore 99% of physics and logic are amazing. The best (worst?) disaster movie, though, is Atomic Train. Find it. Enjoy it.
  1. I love walking as a form of exercise, but only if I have some way to keep track of my steps/mileage.
    Very true.
  1. I recite a letter of the alphabet per every twist of an apple stem to find the first initial of the person I’m destined to marry, ‘cause I’m just that mature.
    Hahaha, I haven’t done this in forever. Partially because I’m married now. The apple stems LIE, I never got to the “N” and yet I married a Nate.
  1. I used to sing the Frosted Flakes “Hey Tony!” song incessantly. There are hours of video of this phenomenon.
    Yup. My poor mom.
  1. I admittedly like the sound of auto-tune.
    I do indeed.
  1. I identify strongly with the belief of hylozoism (but not completely).
    The universe is life. Life is the universe.
  1. My favorite artists are Salvador Dali and M. C. Escher.
    Still true.
  1. I don’t wear jeans. I don’t see how denim could ever be comfortable.
    I’m now more forgiving with what types of pants I’ll wear than I used to be. Hell I have an actual factual pair of denim jeans in my closet.
  1. I think European men’s fashionfrom the late 18th century is astoundingly gorgeous.
  1. My sole talent in this life is being able to re-write song lyrics on the fly. I think it’s because my mom played a lot of Weird Al when I was growing up.
    I still do this a lot.
  1. I’m surprisingly old fashioned about a number of things, some of which I am none too proud of and thus don’t discuss.
    …Yeah,  I’d say this is still true to an extent.
  1. I very much love the United States of America, flaws and all. I think it’s an amazing country with a fascinating history. Living outside of it has made me appreciate it even more.
  1. When I was younger, I truly thought I exerted some sort of control over the wind. During recess I would stand out on the field and wave my arms around like an idiot trying to make a tornado.
    I wanted to be the “wind” Planeteer. I can’t remember her name now off the top of my head.
  1. I also thought a flying machine made out of cardboard was structurally sound enough for flight and would perform like a 747 if I could only get it to take off.
    I wanted a flying machine so badly.
  1. I have a somewhat odd fascination with the kilogram as a unit of measure. Look it up, it’s got an interesting history.
    Kilogram FTW!
  1. There are some days when I have this incredible compassion towards the whole of humanity. There are other days where I just want to stab everyone.
    Hahaha. Yup.
  1. I’m a fast walker.
    I’m a lot faster now than I was when I wrote this, haha. I try for an average of 4.5 mph or faster.
  1. Within the first few seconds of entering a new room (or in a car/plane/bus), I silently figure out the best place to take cover if a disaster (earthquake, fire, hostage situation, etc.) were to occur.
    Still true.
  1. I would love to go to Antarctica. The only thing stopping me is the fact that for an ordinary citizen like myself, I’d pretty much have to get down there via a cruise, and I don’t feel comfortable about wreaking that amount of environmental damage to the delicate ecosystem just so I can satisfy an urge to hug the southernmost continent. That, and cost issues.
    Still true.
  1. I need schedules. I will start stabbing people if I don’t have a schedule.
    I think I drive everyone nuts when I demand some sort of schedule for the proceedings of the day.
  1. I make a lot of stabbing jokes. I’m in reality a very gentle person.

  1. It bothers me when people judge others based on their musical tastes. To me, that’s like judging someone because of their favorite color. Cut it out.
    Who gives a crap about what type of music someone else likes? To each their own, yo.
  1. In fact, it bothers me when people judge others at all. We’re all just human beings trying to survive. Live and let live if there is no harm being done.
    I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite because I judge people on non-music-related petty garbage. I try not to, though.
  1. I’d rather arrive 30 minutes early for an appointment than be even one minute late. In fact, this is often the case.
  1. I’ve had more sexual dreams involving Lady Gaga than I feel comfortable admitting.
    These have stopped
  1. The color red-orange makes me physically ill. Even the sound of it is nausea-inducing to me.
    Ugh, red-orange is the worst.
  1. My body responds to super-high levels of stress by sleeping through whatever is the cause of the stress. So far, I have nearly slept through an important statistics test, my first-round state drama performance, a big geography final, a major English presentation, the GRE, my final presentation for a measurement class, and the GRE (again).
    Not so much anymore, I don’t think. Probably because I no longer sleep.
  1. Simple things like showering, making dinner, walking to the bus, and combing my hair make me really nervous for some reason.
  1. I have the immune system of a god. I may have gotten worthless genetic scratch tickets when it comes to attractiveness, but I won the genetic jackpot when it comes to physical health.
    My immune system is the only part of me that I don’t passionately hate.
  1. I’m not much of a TV person, but I’m totally obsessed with Metalocalypse. I don’t really know why. It’s so stupid it’s genius.
    Metalocalypse is the best.
  1. I type like I think in my blogs, which is why there is frequent utilization of caps lock, lots of lists, parentheticals, and references to completely irrelevant stuff.
  1. I will go to fantastic lengths to avoid having to talk to someone over the phone.
    Phones are Satan disguised as a mouthpiece.
  1. I dress like I stood in front of an exploding Crayola factory. I have come to terms that no one will ever take me seriously as an adult because of this.
    I’ve actually tried to tone this down just a little bit so that I’d taken a little bit seriously. Have to get the lecturing spots if I can.
  1. My clothes are organized in ROYGBIV fashion in my closet.
    Still true. It’s glorious.
  1. I have a hard time with change. The concept, not the coins.
    Change gives me unholy anxiety. The past year or so has been nothing but change, both for me and my family. Maybe that’s why I feel like garbage all the time.
  1. I can’t do simple math in my head. I’ve never been able to. Ask me what 7 + 6 is and I’ll sit there for an unnaturally long period of time before I eventually give you an answer.
    I don’t think this will ever change.
  1. Because of this, I use a calculator to check ridiculously simple calculations. “What’s seven minus two? BREAK OUT THE TI-83!”
    Is this embarrassing when I have to do an on-the-fly calculation during lecture and pretend I’m not frantically typing it into my calculator? Yes.
  1. In second grade I spent half the school year with a refrigerator box around my desk with a little window cut out of it so I could see what was going on during class. I have no idea why they let me get away with that.
    Because I was awesome, that’s why.
  1. I’m horrible with money. I don’t go on $10,000 shopping sprees or anything like that, but I’m terrible at keeping track of my spending.
    I’m trying to do better.
  1. I spend waaaaaaay too much time on the internet. So much so that I sometimes think in memes (e.g., “Bathroom! Y U no clean yourself?”).
    As a highly reblogged Tumblr post puts it, “I spend so much time on the internet I sometimes worry I’m Internet Georg.”
  1. I love big cities.
    Calgary is amazing. I also just quickly glanced at that and thought it read “I love big titties” because clearly that’s something I think all the time.
  1. Between the years 2006 and 2012, I moved houses at least once every 12 months. In my lifetime, I’ve moved nearly 30 times (most of those within one town).
    I think the “move every year or so” thing has finally stopped. Hopefully.
  1. Apart from the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, I have scored terribly on every standardized test I’ve ever had to take. That’s talent.
    Man, I rocked those Iowa Test of Basic Skills. I was in the 90-percentiles for everything except that stupid “estimation” math portion.
  1. I use Internet Explorer and I am not ashamed.
    No more IE for me. I have turned to the dark side that is Chrome.
  1. I had a major crush on Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid. Yes, the crush was for him in candelabra form, not human form. Yes, I was a weird child. What can I say? He was hot. Literally.
    Lumiere is the best.
  1. Dragonflies frighten me.
    Dragonflies are the worst.
  1. I find the passing of a year extremely sad. Every New Year’s Eve I find a quiet moment to go sit alone and cry for a bit.
    New Year’s is a very hard time for me. I have no idea why it’s so sad, but it is.
  1. I am quite possibly the least photogenic person on this planet. Do you know how many shots it took me to get that semi-decent picture I have up for this blog? Hundreds. Literally.
    I’d need so much plastic surgery to even be “vaguely” attractive, man.
  1. I have a strong dislike for cell phones/talking on the phone/having to listen to other peoples’ obnoxiously loud phone conversations in public places. I’m also not a big fan of Twitter or Facebook. KIDS THESE DAYS.
    Facebook is meh. I don’t have a lot of friends on there and don’t really care too much about what they are all up to. The ONLY things Twitter is good for is a) baseball game updates (my mom was right, Twitter’s actually good for sport-related stuff), and b) being meta and using it making fun of Twitter.
  1. I always have to have a way to be able to tell what time it is.
    Both my wristwatch and my Fitbit broke a while back, and it’s causing a nice low level of anxiety not having a thing on my wrist that’ll tell me the time.
  1. My favorite period of world history is the European Age of Enlightenment. My favorite period of U.S. History is the American Revolution.
    Both still true. Though I could narrow down my favorite period to July 1, 1646 to November 14, 1716. Because of reasons.
  1. My favorite book plot-wise is The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk, my favorite book character-wise is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and my favorite book stylistically is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
    Still hasn’t changed.
  1. I’m pretty sure being forced to read To Kill A Mockingbird one more time would cause my brain to implode. I hate that book so much.
  1. I wrote a lot of Star Wars fanfic in 1st grade.
    I did. I did write a lot of Star Wars fanfic. Mostly about the droids.
  1. When I’m in the mood to sing along with my music, I generally like to sing some sort of harmony rather than the straight-up melody. It sounds cooler and I can pretend I’m a rock star.
    I have a few songs that are really good for this. Dan Black’s Symphonies, Sugar Ray’s Chasin’ You Around, Toto’s Africa, to name a few.
  1. Calculus is absolutely fantastic. Calculus + Claudia = happiness.
    I still want an integral tattoo on my body somewhere.
  1. Algebra + Claudia = I don’t know, ‘cause I can’t do algebra.
    Algebra is the bane of my existence.
  1. Apparently I scowl a lot. It’s like my default face. I don’t do it on purpose, but it takes a lot of conscious effort not to. If that makes any sense.
    Hahaha, I believe, in the time since I wrote this, the term “resting bitch face” has come into our vocabularies.
  1. I remember the first time I realized that I was an autonomous being that could make life-changing choices and could essentially do with my life what I wanted. That was simultaneously the greatest and worst feeling in the world.
    I can’t remember how old I was when this happened, though.
  1. A cat we took in off the street pretty much adopted me when I was little (3 or 4) and used to follow me around wherever I toddled. She died one night on my bed as I sat awake crying. That night affected me more than a lot of the stuff that’s happened in the past couple of years.
    I remember that night so very clearly.
  1. I find the sun very fascinating.
    I think if I were to ever go back and get yet another degree, I’d try to focus on a path that would let me be a helioseismologist. Because how cool would that be?
  1. If I’m writing a formal paper, I need to create an extensive outline. If I’m writing fiction, I need to stay away from outlines entirely if the story’s going to be any good.
  1. Scrabble is my favorite non-computer game.
  1. I’m not a vegetarian, mainly because I don’t believe in valuing the lives of more “advanced” beings (pigs, cattle, etc.) over the lives of “simpler” beings (plants). This does not mean, however, that I support the animal cruelty that is so unfortunately synonymous with the U.S. beef/dairy/poultry/etc. industries.
    I do feel fairly guilty whenever I actually eat meat (which is rarely) because of the cruelty issues.
  1. I went to a Catholic elementary school. Quite an experience for a non-Catholic.
    Church was BORING and this Jesus guy was WEIRD and WHY did we have to eat his flesh and blood?!?!?!
  1. I think I have an abnormally frequent occurrence of double and triple numbers in my life, like 22 and 444 and 77 and such. Heck, I was born on 2/2/88 (which was the 33rd day of the year and had 333 days remaining in the year after it because it was a leap year).
    I still think this is true. I see double- and triple-number a lot more than I think I should.
  1. I love Achievement Hunter. Sometimes I accidentally quote them around people who have no idea who they are and I get really weird looks. Seriously, try explaining Mark Nutt to somebody who doesn’t know AH.
    I still love AH, but I honestly haven’t watched a single one of their new videos since Ray left. It’s not the same with out BrownMan.
  1. I am rarely without my headphones and iPod.
    Very true.
  1. I lived with four guys my last year of undergrad. We took Rock Band more seriously than our school work, bought out the dollar store every Friday night, won the war against the mice that were invading our house, and slacked off more than any college students should while still being able to graduate. It was the best year of my life.
    I really miss that group of dorks sometimes. I wish we had all lived together longer.
  1. I was lucky and got blessed with two parents who are absolutely fantastic.
    Very true!
  1. I sleep 4 to 5 hours a night most nights.
    More like 3 to 4 hours a night lately.
  1. Though I try to be eloquent when I speak and write, my inner dialogue is akin to that of a semi-inebriated frat boy.
    I should change this to say “though I try to be eloquent when I speak and write formally,” because you’ve seen this blog. Nonsense writing is nonsense.
  1. Gordon Freeman is my favorite video game character, hands down.
    Freeman is a rock star.
  1. Quake, Fallout 3, and the original Half-life are in a three-way tie as my favorite video games.
    It’d be really hard to pick my absolute favorite of the three, though I think Quake and Half-Life are a little bit more favored than Fallout 3.
  1. I can identify most songs in my music collection within the first five seconds or so.
  1. I unabashedly love Gottfried Leibniz, though you may have already guessed that if you’ve read some of my posts. I mention him quite frequently.
    This is probably the truest thing on this list.

Bad Blogging Ideas #174

Once I get a fancy new video camera, I should do a week of vlogging.

Because the only thing that could make this blog worse is forcing you to look at my ugly face and listen to my grating voice as I spew the same boring nonsense at you from a different medium.

Somebody’s bbllloooOOOOOOoooggggiiinngg!

(It’s me)

Any garbage can become a blog post if you just be l i e v e

I’m still chugging away at my blog archives—getting everything organized, formatting my posts so that I can (hopefully) one day get them printed and have a hard copy of them, all that fun stuff.

Tonight, I took a quick break from this and decided to just look through all my old blog pictures for fun.

I’ve posted some weird-ass pictures.

Presented without context (to make it even weirder):



(Hint: it’s me.)

Sorry, people. It’s been a crazy summer. Marriage, job, thesis, all that fun stuff. Plus walking. Lots and lots of walking.


The blogs are up*; there are like 150-something of them. Plus a bonus of four earlier blogs that somehow got lost in the ether and never got posted when they were supposed to.

Honestly? You should just unsubscribe. You don’t deserve getting 500 emails saying “Stupid Eigenslacker Lady Just Mass-Posted 5 Months of Drivel, Go Check It Out!”
(I’m assuming that’s how subscriptions work.)

I don’t know how you put up with me.


*Everything should be up except for two of my weekly stats posts. They’re not posted yet because I can’t find the pictures that go with them. For some reason, they’re not will the dozens of other blog pictures I’ve posted over the past few days. Anyway. Once I find the piccys, I’ll post those two blogs, too.

The Amateur Hour with Claudia


1. Focus Your Content
*throws on fedora and stares hipsterly into the sunset* My focus…is everything.

2. Consistency Is Key
I can say with 100% accuracy that I am consistently horrible at posting these things on a daily basis. Or even on a monthly basis.
Fire me.

3. Traffic Has To Come From Somewhere
I have like three people who consistently read this garbage, and that’s all I need. I mean, I get that some people blog for status/fame/monies, but I don’t. Obviously.
Though I wouldn’t be upset if I got any of those things.

4. Don’t Lie In Your Titles
30% of my titles are puns, 50% of my titles are somewhat coherent non-puns, 10% of my titles are something like “alsdflajdfakdf”, and 10% of my titles accurately reflect the content in the following post. I see no lies here. I win!

5. 6 Figure Incomes, 4 Hour Work Days, and Vacations Don’t Come Easy
Are there any bloggers that have these things solely from blogging?

6. Quality Outweighs Quantity
*Insane laughter*

7. You’re On Your Own
And that’s why these things get mass-posted every three months.

8. Do It For Anything But The Money
I wouldn’t want to get paid for blogging, honestly. Blogging is like my stress relief, ‘cause I have the freedom to post whatever the hell I want. Nobody’s paying me anything for what I say. If they did, I’d probably be way too stressed about posting and would probably never upload things.

Encyclopedia Blogtannia



I might have mentioned at some point over the last ten years that I’d really like to have a physical copy of my blogs. This is due to a few reasons. First, I’m super paranoid and would hate to lose all my blogs due to some sort of technical implosion (read: solar storm). Second, I’d like to see what it would look like to have all my blogs printed out and bound. I mean, I kind of did that at my five year anniversary, but there was little to no consistent formatting and I just had everything shoved into a three-ring binder. A big three-ring binder. Not very aesthetically pleasing. Finally, I just think it would be cool to have my blog on a shelf. Each year could be like an installment or something.

But anyways. The main challenge is figuring out how to go about this publishing process. I’d definitely have to have them published by blog year, as all of them together would be waaaaaay too many pages. Also, I have pictures and I want them to be in color, so that’s going to make it pricey no matter what I do. Here’s the frontrunner option I’m thinking about: appears to offer several good choices as far as the size and layout of what could be printed. If I’m looking at all the options correctly, a hard cover, US letter-sized, 400 page colored book can be made for about $85. So approximately $850 for a decade of blogs. That’s a lot of money, but not super unreasonable, I don’t think.

There are probably other options out there, too, but this is the best I can find (that does as many pages as I would need for these freaking blogs). If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell me!


So I completely forgot to show you guys my Excel file full of all my blog data. ‘Cause I’m sure you all care about that, right?



Well, okay, this is just the very first part of the very first tab, but basically I’ve got a tab for each blogging year (May to May), containing the blog number (1 through whatever blog post I’m at now), year, month, day of the month, day of the week, how many words are in the post, the number of videos and images in the post, whether or not the post is marked as “private” (needing the password), the category of the post, and the title.

It makes me super happy, yo.

ANYWAY. Just thought you’d like to see from where I was pulling all those statistics I posted last week. I’m not just making crap up, I promise!