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Freaking finally. It’s been literal years, I think.

As always, I’m going to give you all the empty promise that I’m going to do better in my posting habits, but…yeah right, right?

You know the drill.


The 5,000th Blog

Back when I was in high school, MySpace was the big, cool thing that all the big, cool people were getting into. I was not a big, cool person, but a few of my friends were convinced I was. Specifically, my friends Aneel and E’raina were very insistent that I join them in being big and cool by getting a MySpace account.

So on May 1st, 2006, I finally did.

If you don’t remember MySpace very well, one feature it had was the ability to make blog posts on one’s MySpace page. Once I got my account on May 1st, 2006, I decided to post my very first blog post as well, joking that I’d try to blog daily, but would likely only last in this routine for a month or two.

May 1st, 2006 was exactly 5,000 days ago. 5,000 days ago I made my first blog post. Today, I am making my 5,000th blog post.

That’s more than 13 years of daily blogging. To put that in a slightly different perspective, when I started blogging, I was 18 years old. Now I’m almost 32. I started blogging before I even had my high school diploma; now I’m an instructor at a university.

That’s pretty freaking cool.

Also, sometime along the way, I made it a goal to blog daily for 10,000 days. That means today is finally my halfway point to that goal! Awesome.

(Sorry, I’m excited.)

Here’s to another 5,000 blog posts!


I don’t care about this blog anymore because it’s a worthless bag of garbage. Just like its creator.

Yeah, all the blogs aren’t posted yet.

HAHAHA so remember when I said these blogs would all be posted by mid-May?

I’m a big fat ugly liar, aren’t I?

To be fair, there are 650+ of theses backed-up buggers. And I’m working on it.

Maybe by the end of the month? Sorry I’m such a disappointment.

(Edit from mid-July: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)


Man, I really need to update Eigenblogger.

Not only the blog posts, of course, but like everything else.

My “About” section could use a bit of a re-vamp; my “100 Things” list most definitely needs to be updated.

I don’t think I’ve updated my “365 Songs” page since 2017, despite the fact that I’ve still kept up to date with getting a new song daily.

Life’s rough.

Maybe once I get all these garbage backlogged blogs posted, I’ll update everything else.

Stay tuned, I know you all are on the edge of your seats.


So remember like two days ago when I said I’d get my blogs posted by the 15th or so?

Haha, now I have to follow through on that. I have 650+ blogs and have none of them up in the queue. Gross.

To be fair, though, that’s really the thing that’s kept me from actually posting these things daily. I just…I just don’t like the process of uploading them.

Sometimes it’s quick and easy—copy and paste the Word doodad version into the WordPress doodad thingy, click “Post,” and done. But if there’s any formatting at all I need to do (or, heaven forbid, upload pictures!), I’m like, nah.

I know, I know. That is the most pathetic thing to complain about. But I’m doing it, so there ya go.

(I’m also writing this blog to help procrastinate against working on getting all the back blogs posted, so great start on that whole thing.)

Eigenblogger: 13 Years

HEYOOOOOOOOOO so I’ve been blogging for 13 years now!

That’s quite a while, don’t you think?

And I guess now that Eigenblogger’s 13 years old, it’s officially a teenager…which leads me to the terrifying thought that if I’d had a kid just as I was finishing high school, it would only be 13 now.


But it’s a blog, not a kid, so I’m cool with it.

Thanks for sticking with me, y’all, even though I suck at posting these things.

Here’s to another 13 years!


Hey, nerds.

So unfortunately for everyone involved, I am not dead. I am instead very much alive and have been pumping these daily blogs into a Word document that is approaching 300 pages.

I finally have a span of about a week where I can breathe before diving back into work, so I’ll be using that time to prep said Word document blogs and actually post them here, where they belong. As if anyone cares.

Anyway, that’s gonna take some time (there are like 650+ of them, no joke). But I figured I’d post today’s blog prior to all the other ones just to give my subscribers a bit of a warning that there will be a BLOG FLOOD in the next half month or so.

I’d actually recommend unsubscribing until, say, late May so that you don’t get bombarded with notifications.

Hell, unsubscribe permanently. I would.

I’m a failure.

But yeah, here’s the warning. I’d say unsubscribing and then coming back on…May 17th should be plenty of time.

Okay bye.


And Year 2 of the blogs is about to be sent off to print! I’m super excited to get the entirety of my blog in booklet form, you have no idea. It was amateur hour the last time I made a physical copy of my blogs, but NOT THIS TIME.

(There’s also a lot more blog than there was back then. That was only five years’ worth. We’re at…what, 13 now? Yowch.)


No, not the 300-some odd that I still have to post (I’m getting there, sorry). The Year 1 blog book that I ordered back in October.*

Totally worth the wait, too, check this nonsense out:



Time to do the rest of the years.

Yes, I know this seems super egotistical, making little booklets of my blogs. But my blogs are basically my diary, and if you were keeping a diary online, wouldn’t you like to have a physical copy of it just in case?

I would. Hence the booklets.

Now I just need to find space for them…

*It might have taken so long to get here due to the on-again-off-again postal strike up here, but who knows.


So after like five years of talking about it, I finally did it: I finally made and ordered a paper copy of my blogs.

Well, for now, just Year 1. I’m going to see how it looks and how I like the binding/print/look of it all, and if it’s neato Frito, I’mma do all the rest of the years. I’ll show it to y’all once it comes in the mail.

And yes, I just said “neato Frito.” Fight me.

Edit: damn you, Canada Post, I want my bloggggggggggggs. Now I know how my readers feel.


Claudia’s Blogs: 2006-2007 Edition

So I’m finally doing something that I’ve been saying I’d do for like the past six years or so. This thing involves going back and looking at some of my blogs, starting with the oldest.

And holy hell, that first year? Totally different blogging style. Totally different blogger, really.

I thought I was the greatest, especially in high school.

I actually described my days in my blogs instead of posting random drivel. I mean, I guess I still describe some of my days, but it’s mostly random drivel.

How in the hell did I have any friends? I was obnoxious. I mean, I guess I still am obnoxious, but now I don’t have any friends. So.

My entire first year at U of I was prime r/IAmVerySmart material. Especially this fucking thing, oh my god.

It’s just…so different than how I blog now. I don’t know if my current style is better or worse, but it’s definitely different.


What do you get when you Google “Eigenblogger?”

For the regular Google results, you just get a bunch of my categories and/or tags. But for the images?


Ha. What madness.

Also, what the hell are these suggested searches?


Some of them, yeah, I see it.

But others? Weird.



I’m bored and feel like crap and have nothing interesting to say, so this is all you’re getting for a blog post.

Sorry, y’all.

We like Havarti

Sometimes blogging is hard.


It’s been more than a year since I’ve posted these damn blogs.

As if anybody gives a shit.


Am I this kind of blogger now?


Kill me.


AND SPEAKING OF BLOGGING…why don’t any of y’all blog anymore? I miss reading other people’s blogs and hearing about their lives.

I mean, I can’t be the only source of entertainment here. Someone has to take over during those two-year gaps I leave between uploading my blogs.


Yes, you read that correctly: this is my 12-year anniversary of blogging.

That’s a lot of blogging, yo. 4,384 blogs, to be exact.

And I’m still not halfway through this blogging project.

Anyway. There’s not too much to say about anything this anniversary. Same old nonsense. I haven’t actually posted since like July, anyway, so I’m sure that by the time you read this we’ll be closer to the 13-year anniversary than to this one.


I’m in a blogging rut

I feel like I don’t have anything worthwhile to blog about.

Which, you know, is nothing new; I never have anything worthwhile to blog about.

But now it all feels extra boring.

At times like this, I often consider just quitting the daily blogging. But then I realize that I am 30 years old and I have a daily log of almost* my entire adult life.

Which is too cool to not continue, so yeah.

*I turned 18 in February 2006 and started blogging on May 1, 2006.


This is a blog.

(I’m a pro at this.)


Heyo, butt-mongers.

So you all probably won’t even see this blog until well into 2020 or so because that’s how seriously I take posting these stupid things, but a question anyway: would you all be interested in me doing a week of vlogs in place of blogs? The vids would be posted to my blog, of course, and thus count toward the 10,000 days, but they’d be just video.

I probably mentioned this at some point before, but I’m too lazy to go check.

So ha.

A Blight at the End of the Tunnel

Me: I am sad.
Me: *buys three DLC packs for Euro Truck Simulator 2*
Me: I’m still sad, but at least now I have cool trucks.




Eigenblogger Deserves a New Header

Title speaks truth.

So I’ve been working on trying to design a new header for this here blog. Why? Reasons:

  • I’ve had the same header since 2012. It’s due for a change.
  • While I did the Photoshop nonsense on my current header to give it the colors and shading, the font is not an original design of mine. I kind of feel guilty about that. I think my blog’s header should be entirely created by me.

So I want to try to design one by hand. I kind of want the header to be ostentatious because that’s what I’m all about, but I also want it to be simple and clean because that looks better.

So I’m a bit conflicted.

Any preferences or ideas?