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When Nate and I were on our walk last weekend, we somehow got on the topic of shows we used to watch when we were kids and I mentioned that Talespin was one of my absolute favorites. My dad had eight or so VHS tapes that each had two or three episodes on them and they were awesome.

Anyway, talking about Talespin made it so that the theme song lodged itself nicely in my brain for approximately a week.

Cool times.

I’d also forgotten how fantastic Don Karnage was. He was always my favorite.

“What happened to the stairs?!”

Hahaha, this makes me super happy and nostalgic.

Sorry, I’ve been having a really crappy day and this made things a little bit better.


So I’m pretty into Steven Universe right now. Peridot is definitely my favorite.

(I still really like Garnet, too.)

I’m not sure if anyone who ever reads this blog ever watches Steven Universe or even cares that I like Steven Universe, but this is my blog, so I’m gonna post a few Peridot-related videos. ‘Cause I can.

How can you not love Peridot?

ALSO, have another really good AMV about the show in general (mostly fusions).

Life has many doors, Ed boy!

I walked about 15 miles or so today, and all I could think about for the entire walk was that Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy episode where they all pretend to be one another. Ed is Eddy, Eddy is Double D, and Double D is Ed.

I have no idea if any of my readers ever watched Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy, but I watched a crap-ton of it when I was younger and for whatever reason, that particular episode’s dialogue got stuck in my head during my walk.

Edit: found it on YouTube!

(Sped up ’cause YouTube.)

This show was great.

Ed: “I can do Eddy, I practiced!”
Eddy: “What do you mean you practiced?!”

Ed: “I have caused discomfort, ‘cause I’m Eddy!”


Let’s add this to the “This is Why Claudia Shouldn’t Make Jokes” list.


Also, one of the bullet points on this guy’s “43 Ways to Start Making Money” pages is “get a job.” I can’t tell if that’s hilariously snarky or just jerk-tastic.

This just in: I need a life

This is what happens when I doodle on my stats notes while waiting for SAS to load.

It’s probably my absolute dumbest (and only?) atmospheric joke/pun yet, but what’re you going to do?

Pythagoras, NOOOO!

This is the worst cartoon ever made.

Oh, Canadians…

When I was a kid and still going over to my dad’s place on the weekends, we’d often watch his old VHS tapes of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. One component of the show that (for whatever reason) was brought to the forefront of my memory today was the old Dudley Do-Right segments.

The humor of these must have just gone completely over my head as a kid, but as I’m typing this now I’ve got this one playing in the background and I’m laughing like crazy.

Here are two others:

“We’ve destroyed more bridges than a near-sighted dentist!” Hahahaha.

Blah, blah, blah, Valentine’s Day, blah, blah blah.

Valentine’s Day is such a polarizing holiday. You’ve got people saying “OMG I LUVS IT” and others saying “KILL IT WITH FIRE.” What about not giving it a second thought?

So I’ll leave you with this (even though it’s old). Particularly for you, Matt, ‘cause of your bio background. :)

It’s been awhile

I should just pen-and-paper this one, I can’t draw a freaking scale in Flash. But I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile. Sorry, busy doing homework.


Today’s song: Walk Away by Alex Nifong


Blog 1,330: Amusement

A touching story.

Subject: Blog 1,219

I also love this webcomic now.


Some samples:

(this had me laughing for awhile)

I should be stopped.

Oh-ho-ho, so every webcomic’s jumping on this apparent bandwagon, are they? Allow me to provide my OWN input!

U Kant Touch This

This is what happens when Claudia is:
1. sick
2. doesn’t want to write essays
3. doesn’t want to do math homework
4. is bored because of the previous two points
5. herself

Apologies to Kant. And to Mr. Hammer.

The Count of Monte Carlo

Haha, um, yeah.

What would happen if large sample sizes were as desired as large…well, you know.
Yes, I realize I can’t draw. Deal with it.

Darwin’s Valentine

Um…so yeah. I was bored. I don’t know why I never thought of this one earlier, but I think it’d be an awesome Valentine for any geek you know, haha.

Insanity peppers (otherwise known as energy shots)

This is me like every other weekend. I swear to god this is what happens.


Yeah, this goes on for about the rest of the month

Because I just beat Horde and Gears of War-related comics are few and far between.

Or possibly non-existant.

Those are Grinders, that’s why it’s funny.

A Geneticist’s Worst Nightmare

Hahahahaha, this is freaking great.


Mendel would flip the fuck out.

I’m going to go cross some owls with some blackjack tables, I’ll be right back.

Oh, the Christianity!





I’m sorry. I had to. Long story behind this one.

If there’s a hell, I’m going to it.

“Econometrics: on average, people spend money” (thanks for the quote, Sean)

Holy crap, new semester! Here we go with my obligatory rundown of today’s classes:

Human Sexuality: oh man, is this gonna be a fun class. We get in there and he’s all “bring porno to class, we’ll watch it!” What a wonderful way to begin the semester and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until May. The downside, though, is that our grades ride on only 100 points from two tests. Scary.

Statistical Analysis: I don’t think this is going to be the nightmare I thought it would be. However, I got my first droning professor of my college career. That’s going to be fun at 9:30 in the morning. But oh well—the tests are open book and open note!

Sample Survey Methods: I don’t think this one’ll be too bad, either. We’ll see.

Developmental Psychology: Hooray! I like Welch. I naturally study and absorb the same material she tests over, so it’s good.

Psychology of Emotion: Hooray! I have this class with Sean! And Welch teaches it, so it’s good. Plus, she says the tests are easy.


Well, it doesn’t sound like the tortuous 25 credits of death as I was expecting it would (at least today’s not—we’re not through tomorrow yet), so I’m pretty content.


Onward to Thursday!

Fillmore Fact: Did you know that it was under Millard Fillmore that California was admitted as a free state? Very cool, M. F., very cool.

Oh, and also…

First cartoon of the new semester. Concept thought up in Stats 401 (we weren’t talking about diagrams at all).


Heh. I’m awesome.


I make the strangest cartoons…

I probably should’ve used a more recognizable state/capital combo, eh?

Twice the flavor with half the Jihad!

Thanks to the brilliance of Geocities, I can now bring you this!