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Turn Down for BUTT

Here’s some nonsense internet/Twitter/Tumblr stuff because everything sucks and these things at least make you think about something other than the virus for a few seconds.


This whole thing


I need to post more stuff on Tumblr.

Why? Because every time I go to my Tumblr page, this damn post is right there and I subsequently have to go watch this and get it stuck in my head for hours:

Remember AlbinoBlackSheep? Fun times.

Everybody knows…

I saw this very short little clip of a dude dancing and singing “everybody knows shit’s FUCKED” somewhere on Tumblr a little bit ago:

Had that little clip stuck in my head, so I had to find the full song. Now I have the full song stuck in my head.

New anthem of the US. You’re welcome.

Biostatistics Ryan Gosling

Haha, these are great.

I’m surprised Nate didn’t hear me laughing like an idiot at these at 4:00 in the morning.



The end.


So apparently I’ve been on Tumblr for five years now.


Can’t complain, though…that’s how I found Achievement Hunter!

So in celebration, have some of my liked/reblogged Tumblr posts.

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

I’ve posted this before, but it’s Gavin being awful at Uno

This is still hilarious I don’t even care

Gemstone nail art! (I might have posted this, too…)

Mystery box

The shape of South America on different map projections


Hello, fellow humans!

Have some Tumblr crap, ‘cause I’m like in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now, so not much is going on.

Except “I’m in the weeks between “school panic” and “relaxing with my mom” right now” panic.


Chrome extensions for disabilities

Freaking Idaho.


Oh, Gavin.

I miss Ray!



If you haven’t witnessed The Captioned Adventures of George Washington (by ladyhistory) on Tumblr, you’re missing out, yo.

That’s all.

This is Tumblr’s Fault

The internet.

The internet.

I have a couple Tumblr blogs that I “follow” (read: stalk but don’t actually follow Tumblr-style) and one of them has been consistently commenting “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE” on every…I don’t know, 10th thing they post. It took me a little bit to figure out where this was coming from, but I found it: Vine, of course!

Here’s a compilation of “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE” edits, with the original vine being the first video in the set.

It’s probably an annoying to most people but I just find it hysterical for some reason.

Edit: Hahahahaha, oh my god, this is the greatest.


So here’s something kinda cool: earlier today I wanted to find a drawing that I’d favorited on DeviantArt but didn’t want to go and log into my DA account itself, so instead what I did was Google “LadyLeibniz,” my DA username, so that I could just see my profile and find the drawing I wanted from my favorites list.

However, when I was looking at the search results, I found that a good number of my drawings have been posted on Tumblr and have quite a few notes—29, 156, 194, 621—snazzy! I had no idea my art had been Tumbld.

This also makes me appreciate even more those people who take time to properly credit the artists of pictures that they post to Tumblr. All of the ones I found had the title plus “by LadyLeibniz” (which, of course, is why I could find them by Googling) and most had links right back to my DA account.

Sorry, I just think that’s cool.


This is by far the best thing I’ve ever found on Tumblr (source).

How to draw Leibniz:


They Still Don’t Love You Like I Love You

ZOMG new favorite Tumblr.

Do you like maps? This is the site for you! Here are some good ones:


Hahaha, ouch.



Population of Wyoming by square mile; i.e., “No One Lives in Wyoming”



I want to live in Suddenly Bright Bosom.


Edit: Hahaha, Canada:


Here’s the link to a huge version of this map so you can read all the text.


(In Alice Cooper voice)


I’ve taken like 400 classes at UI and this is the first time I’ll have a final on a Friday.

In not-even-slightly-related news, I found this Tumblr about 15 minutes ago and am entirely in love with it.

For those of you who don’t frequent Tumblr…

Here’s this glorious video that’s currently making the rounds:

I needed something to brighten my day. This was it.

(Don’t read the description until it’s over.)


So early this morning I posted on my Tumblr a set of screenshots of Wolfram Alpha jokes.

And then this happened this afternoon:


Freaking Wolfram Alpha! Holy crap. Highlight of my day!


Most peoples’ Tumblrs: Dr. Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter.
My Tumblr: Math, Wolfram Alpha, Leibniz.

(I’m going to die alone, aren’t I?)

Miiiiiiight as well face it, you’re addicted to meth

Yes, I’m about to promote Tumblr blogs on my own non-Tumblr blog. Because honestly I’m still trying to mentally recover from last semester and I’m busy with calc + work + trying not to implode, so DEAL WITH IT.

If you dig minimalist posters of pretty much everything cool, you’ll dig this guy’s Tumblr.

This is the guy who did those cauliflower interpretations of major news events I posted quite awhile back.


For the 0% of you who follow me for my (now rare) R posts.

Basically the internet condensed into a single Tumblr.

Stupid Claudia Confessions

  1. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t hate myself for getting a B in Linear Algebra.
  2. That Destination XL commercial kinda makes me horny. HALF NAKED PUDGY MEN YES YES YES.
  3. I am ridiculously obsessed with this song all of a sudden. Not really sure why.
  4. My Tumblr is pretty much just math, statistics, and Achievement Hunter. I’m okay with that.
  5. This fanfic I’ve been working on for the past few years has gotten dark as hell. Not sure if that’s good or bad.
  6. Circle Packing sounds exceedingly dirty (even though it’s not).
  7. So does Wittgenstein’s Rod.
  8. I am now legitimately addicted to Minecraft. I blame Achievement Hunter’s Let’s Play Minecraft series. At least I’m not dreaming about it yet. (Edit: well, that statement’s untrue now.)
  9. I feel like I’m right on the edge of thinking of a badass tattoo design. Come on, brain, do something good for once.
  10. I confess that this last confession is just to get this list to an even 10 items.

Claudia’s Random Blog of Random Bloginess

The best part about being sleep-deprived and then spending the wee hours of the morning on Tumblr is waking up after finally getting some sleep and seeing some of the weird-ass crap you’ve reblogged/saved on your compy that you don’t remember.


 148781_462817660438295_772717952_n tumblr_inline_mh663zr0Cm1qc47wa


tumblr_mh8s5rf7DJ1rfl8vio1_500 funny-ecards-bannedinhollyood-19 anigif_enhanced-buzz-8350-1340208853-14




Guys guys guys.

Curiosity got the better of me today and I typed in “Brave Little Toaster” in Tumblr’s search box.

It effectively restored my faith in the claim that the internet is goddamn weird.

I don’t know what’s better (worse?), the screencaps or the cosplay.


Shameless self-promotion? DON’T MIND IF I DO

Uh-oh, guys.

I have a Tumblr.

Check it out at your own risk. Some of it is/will be reposts from here, but most of it will be stuff too frivolous for its own blog post.

Lots of YouTube videos, memes, Metalocalypse, and gifs forthcoming on it.

You’ve been warned.