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Ask not for whom the Equinox…it nox for thee.

CBC News: reporting the important stuff.

Okay, yeah, those Calgary bathrooms are awesome. Those are the rave ones I blogged about a few weeks ago.

You think Hillary vs. Trump is an important decision? It’s got nothing on Montreal vs. Whitecourt vs. Calgary vs. Calgary vs. Winnepeg!

To be honest, though, any one of those toilets in those bathrooms could run the US better than Trump could.

I really suck at titles, sorry

Pokemon Go is dying, you say?

Behold, Prince Island Park!



These pictures were taken last Sunday, not today, but still. Lots of people. 99% of them playing Pokemon Go. While I was setting my first lure module on a Pokestop, Nate and I saw a bunch of people sprinting over to a certain area of the park. Turns out there was a Nidoking there. Later, a bunch of people went sprinting off in search of an Omanyte.

This game is fantastic.


Here’s a calculator that estimates how long it will take you to get to level 40. It does so by taking your current amassed XP and dividing it by the number of days you’ve been playing to find your average daily XP gain. Then it calculates how many days it will take you to reach the 20,000,000 XP needed for level 40, assuming you continue to gain your average XP every day.

Here’s mine, by the way:



Well, Niantic certainly built this game to last, haha. Look at that bar at the bottom, showing the “distances” between levels. Here’s a plot I made to further illustrate it:


The amount of XP needed to go from level 39 to level 40 is more than the amount of XP needed to go from level 1 to level 34. That’s awesome.


The sky was doing some weird stuff this evening, so have some crappy “Claudia’s not a photographer” pictures of it.




One Fish, Two Fish, Oh God, More Fish

It’s Storm ‘n Hail time up here in Calgary! Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures/videos taken last Tuesday when a huge storm barreled through the southern part of the city.

I love that picture of the lightning behind the Calgary Tower.

I also love that #ABstorm is a hashtag, and one that gets used quite frequently at that.



Dude, how cool would that be if the Olympics came back to Calgary? And 2026 is a good year: it’ll be my 20th blogging anniversary year!

Seriously, though. The city already has most of the equipment and facilities for the winter Olympics; they’d likely need some updating/renovation, of course, but still. It’d be pretty cool if the city agreed to bid and we actually won.


Calgary’s river walk public bathrooms are like little rave party boxes

Dudes. Okay. So Calgary has this awesome bike/walking path alongside the Bow River downtown. It’s like the Moscow-Pullman trail, only nicer ‘cause it’s alongside a river and not that damn highway. It’s also got shade.

Anyway, I was doing a 20-mile walk this afternoon and spent most of that walk on the river path. While I was down around Centre Street, I noticed some dude going off the path to get water at a drinking fountain (which I had probably seen before, but never really paid attention). But then, I noticed for the first time that the little building thingies by said drinking fountain were actually bathrooms.

And awesome bathrooms, at that. They’re like these little boxes from the future. You press a button to open the door; once you’re inside, it seals you in and turns everything blue and a voice tells you that you have a maximum of 10 minutes to do your thing. The toilet seat is controlled by a button, the toilet paper is controlled by a button, and the toilet automatically flushes once you wash your hands. Check out the inside of this thing:



Yes, those are black lights. And there was thumping bass rave music playing.

I don’t know if these were commissioned by Mayor Nenshi, but if they were, that man has definitely earned his World Mayor title.

Edit: lawl, they’re a Pokestop.


Pretty City

I love Calgary, man. I just really, really like it as a city. It’s big (population- and area-wise), and I always like the business of a big city (especially downtown) but there are also a lot of places you can go where it feels like you’re living in a small little town.

It’s also great to walk around the city (in the places where there are sidewalks). I’ve been utilizing the paths down by the river a lot recently, and I really just like the feel of everything going on down in that area. It feels like home.


Here’s a video of time lapse footage of parts of the city. Tell me Calgary isn’t beautiful.

I’m so excited to have found the love of my life here. I look forward to spending a long, long time in this city.

(It’s hard for me to say “the rest of my life” with respect to staying in one place, just because I’ve moved around so freaking much. But that’s ultimately what I’d like, I think.)

Back to Calgary

I left Moscow this morning to head back to Calgary. Didn’t feel like I got enough time here, but I feel guilty just ditching Nate for X number of days to go frolic* in the ‘Scow. But I also feel guilty about leaving my mom all alone down there.

And now I’m feeling guilty because approximately 95% of my blog posts are garbage, including this one.


Have some more Jaboody.

*I totally frolicked. You saw me.

Claudia’s Big Walk: The Plan


I want to see just how far I could go if given an entire day of walking (plus enough power on my iPod to get through it, haha).

I’ve wanted to do this since last summer, but I just didn’t get the chance (too busy with school stuff/moving/traveling and/or the weather was garbage). So hopefully this summer, once classes are out, I’ll be able to pull it off. I just need an “optimal weather” day, meaning not too freaking hot, not too windy, and (ideally) a little clouded over. Those days happen up here, but it’s just a matter of getting one in the summer when the daylight hours are longer.

ANYWAY, here’s my planned route for that day, whenever it comes. I chose these locations because a) they’re mostly all malls, which would serve as good stopping points to get water/go to the bathroom/re-charge the iPod if necessary; b) I know how to get to all of them; and c) I know the bus routes back to home from all of these locations, so if I end up getting stuck at one of them and not wanting to walk further, I can just grab a bus and get home that way.


Unrealistic? God, I don’t know. If I did this entire route, it wouldn’t take me 16:20 like Google says, ‘cause I walk quite a bit faster than their estimated walking time. But I probably would be slowing down near the end, haha. 49 miles is a lot. I suppose I can give it a try and see if I could do it!

WOO I AM PUMPED even though this isn’t happening for a few months at least.

Claudia the Angry Pedestrian Presents: People Who Don’t Shovel Their Sidewalks are the Worst

I’m going to preface this with the acknowledgement that not everyone is physically capable of shoveling the snow from their sidewalk. I understand that completely. And I understand that not everyone can be outside and shoveling as soon as it snows (or even several hours after, in some cases). I get it.

But for those people who can shovel perfectly fine but just don’t?

I don’t know if you realize this or not, but those sidewalks are in front of your houses because some people don’t have cars and need to walk to get places. When you don’t shovel your sidewalk AT ALL, there’s going to be quite a bit of snow build-up. If there’s a slight increase in temperature you still don’t do anything about it, the temperature’s going to drop again and the snow will have turned to ice. And it’s going to stay there for quite some time, making life pretty miserable for us pedestrians.

I wish the city was somehow tougher on people who don’t shovel their sidewalks. If people had to clear the strip of street that was in front of their house, I’m sure there’d be immediate consequences if they left their part of the street unplowed. Seriously. I saw a guy in a wheelchair the other day who had to wheel out in the street for half a block because none of the sidewalks on that side had been cleared and were basically pure ice.




Holy hell, so today started out with something rather alarming. Nate woke up this morning and said he smelled smoke, so he was double-checking that it wasn’t coming from our condo or our building. I was kind of standing around uselessly ‘cause we all know I can’t really help in those type of situations.

But then we looked out the window and saw that the mall kitty corner to us had a big plume of smoke coming out of it. It didn’t look like too big a fire, but our first concern was that the cats that inhabit The Cat House, a cat-centric store with all sorts of scratching posts, toys, beds, and food, were safe.

Anyway, Nate goes off to work and I head to school about an hour later (I’m not a morning person, haha). By the time I leave the building, the air is full of smoke outside. I have to pass that mall to get to school, and I can see that the fire has gotten quite a bit bigger and they’ve got three fire trucks there trying to contain the blaze. They’re actually in the process of closing the street to traffic as I walk by.

I get to campus and check the news right away; luckily, I read that the cats from The Cat House were rescued and are doing fine. The fire, though, burns most of the day and produces a lot of smoke. The university even sent an email giving campus an air quality warning since the wind was blowing all the smoke right over top of U of C.

Anyway, the fire was finally contained and extinguished, but not before about a third of the mall was burned to the ground (including The Cat House—sad!). Apparently the fire started in one of the businesses and just spread like crazy because the building was so old.

So yeah.

Update: The Cat House is fundraising to get a new location.

Update update: It sounds like they’ve found a place and are negotiating a lease right now. Hopefully they’ll be up and running soon; they had a lot of toys Jazzy would like!

Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” is actually referring to every other block in Calgary

Nate and I did another 20-mile walk today! This time we walked to Sunridge Mall and back. A nice big loop.


(The map route is approximate.)

I’m also REALLY CLOSE to hitting 2,000 miles for the year. I’ve got about 8 more to go.


Canadian Mall – Installment 22: Core Centre

Holy crap, it’s a Canadian Mall post! I haven’t done one of those in like 40 years. Today I’ll blog about Core Center (or I guess Core Centre, since it’s Canadian), though this isn’t the first time I’ve been here. Technically Nate and I went here on our second date. So yeah, sometime last December was the first time I was here, haha.


Mileage from home to mall:

image (3)


  • It’s got a little inside garden (okay, a big inside garden) that’s very peaceful and cool to look at, especially with the water features. There’s usually someone in there playing piano, too, so it’s nice.
  • Bookstore!
  • It’s downtown and thus is a nice intermediate point for our longer walks that take us through downtown but to a destination a ways away.
  • Part of the mall is structured so that if you’re on one of the higher floors and are looking across the way to the other side of the mall, it looks like you’re looking at the outside of another building. It’s a weird little illusion, but it’s pretty cool.


  • It’s tucked away rather unassumingly in a building downtown, which makes it impossible to find for people like me. It’s a good thing Nate knows where it is. I also never would have found this on my own, just because it doesn’t look like a mall from the outside.
  • They close the bathrooms in the food court on the weekends. What.

A Year in Calgary: Walking Edition

A year ago today, I moved to Calgary. So what better way to celebrate than to give you all my walking stats for the past year?

Total mileage: 2,162.6 (that’s approximately equal to the distance from Seattle to Atlanta)
Average miles per day: 7.33
Total steps: 4,548,608
Average steps per day: 15,419.01
Average speed: 3.83 MPH

Here’s a graph of my mileage per month.

Mileage per Month

December, January, and February are low because of CANADIAN WINTER (which actually wasn’t too bad, but still); May and June were low because of our road trip and moving to the condo. April is highest because I was switching to my new shoes on May 1st and I was trying to pack as many miles onto the old shoes as I could.

Here’s a graph of my mileage per week day over the course of the year.

Mileage per Day

I was surprised Monday was highest; I would have guessed Thursday or Saturday. Though I guess my weekly walking pattern changed once I met Nate. It’ll be interesting to see what next year’s graphs look like! Hopefully I can beat the 2,162.6 miles.

I went for a walk today. It was weird.

Reasons why it was weird:

  • There was a guy dragging a big screen TV by a rope as he walked down the sidewalk. It was a big TV—like a 62” one or something—and it was like he was out taking it for a walk. I asked him if he needed help, thinking he was dragging it to the curb to throw it away or something, but he was like, “nope, I’m good!” and kept walking it.
  • I saw four—yes, four—different couples walking around where the woman was holding a bag of groceries and the man was holding a watermelon. This wouldn’t have been as weird if the four sightings had been in a relatively concentrated area, but they were all over the place.
  • This kid (he was like 12 or something? I have no idea) rode his bike up to me while I was going up 14th street and started talking about the Illuminati.

Strange walk. Strange walk.

Calgary Adventures

So guess who walked 20.5 miles today?


image (1)

We went down to the southern end of the C-Train because we wanted to see just how far south we could walk in one stretch. Turns out it’s pretty far. This is (approximately) our route. That Dairy Queen was our destination.


YAY! I’ll be doing my “one year in Calgary” walking stats in about a month, so stay tuned!

Also, this. You can buy individual colors/flavors of candy. Do you know how dangerous that is?


I love living in Calgary, yo.

Downtown Calgary

I mean, I loved Vancouver, but that was different. I loved the city. It was my escape from everything else (mostly school and the fact that I had zero friends and the fact that I was so, so sad there). Here, I not only love the city but I love school and I (sort of) have friends and I have Nate and I have happiness!

It’s big enough population-wise that there’s the feeling of anonymity, but it’s big enough area-wise that there are good chunks of the city that don’t feel “big city” at all, which is nice for walking.

I also feel a weird connection with Calgary. It’s probably because the 1988 Olympics were held here just a few days after I was born. Which is a weird reason to feel connected to a city, but what are you gonna do.

Finally, everything that’s happened up here so far has made this the most accurate fortune cookie fortune I’ve ever received:




Things to do in Calgary:

  • See the Calgary Tower
  • Watch a Flames game
  • Go to Cross Iron Mills Mall
  • Seek shelter from tornadoes


Apparently parts of the city were under tornado warnings this afternoon. Check out some of these pictures.






Menacing, huh? Aaaaaaaaaaaand then it was gone.


Oh, Canada.

(Sources for pics: 1, 2, 3, and 4)


Road Trip – Day 19: Crowsnest Pass to Calgary


Not that it wasn’t an enjoyable trip—it definitely was—but we’re both glad to not be driving anymore and to be back in Calgary. Calgary’s a really nice city, yo. I think we both appreciate it even more after having gone through some large US cities (*cough*San Francisco*cough*).

I’ll post pictures on Facebook at some point…there will probably be a few more there that I didn’t post on here, just ‘cause.



You know that “possibly good news” I mentioned a little more than a week ago? Well, now it’s official, so I can blog about it. Nate bought a condo that’s ridiculously close to both his place of employment and campus, and we’ll be moving there at the end of June.

How cool is that? Even cooler is the fact that it’s not a basement and has actual windows and a balcony and no one above us. I’m super excited.