“Econometrics: on average, people spend money” (thanks for the quote, Sean)

Holy crap, new semester! Here we go with my obligatory rundown of today’s classes:

Human Sexuality: oh man, is this gonna be a fun class. We get in there and he’s all “bring porno to class, we’ll watch it!” What a wonderful way to begin the semester and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until May. The downside, though, is that our grades ride on only 100 points from two tests. Scary.

Statistical Analysis: I don’t think this is going to be the nightmare I thought it would be. However, I got my first droning professor of my college career. That’s going to be fun at 9:30 in the morning. But oh well—the tests are open book and open note!

Sample Survey Methods: I don’t think this one’ll be too bad, either. We’ll see.

Developmental Psychology: Hooray! I like Welch. I naturally study and absorb the same material she tests over, so it’s good.

Psychology of Emotion: Hooray! I have this class with Sean! And Welch teaches it, so it’s good. Plus, she says the tests are easy.


Well, it doesn’t sound like the tortuous 25 credits of death as I was expecting it would (at least today’s not—we’re not through tomorrow yet), so I’m pretty content.


Onward to Thursday!

Fillmore Fact: Did you know that it was under Millard Fillmore that California was admitted as a free state? Very cool, M. F., very cool.

Oh, and also…

First cartoon of the new semester. Concept thought up in Stats 401 (we weren’t talking about diagrams at all).


Heh. I’m awesome.

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