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When Nate and I were on our walk last weekend, we somehow got on the topic of shows we used to watch when we were kids and I mentioned that Talespin was one of my absolute favorites. My dad had eight or so VHS tapes that each had two or three episodes on them and they were awesome.

Anyway, talking about Talespin made it so that the theme song lodged itself nicely in my brain for approximately a week.

Cool times.

I’d also forgotten how fantastic Don Karnage was. He was always my favorite.


…old cartoons.

I was watching Boomerang tonight and Two Stupid Dogs came on.

Did anyone else watch that when they were younger? The one with Noah’s Ark was on and I found it rather disturbing that I remembered most of the lines.

Who watched Eek? I loved Eek!

And Talespin. Best. Freaking. Cartoon. Ever.


I miss cartoons.