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Music and Cartoons

Holy crap, so this Twitter thread brought back so many childhood memories. Some of my favorite WB cartoons were the ones that involved musical sequences like this. I remember “What’s Opera, Doc?” was one of the best.

(That fat horse, oh my god)

I also loved “The Rabbit of Seville.”

“Carnival of the Animals” was good, too!

And I have some vague memory of some VHS tape we had where there was some concert thing and Claudio Abbado was a puppet…Peter and the Wolf, maybe? I can’t remember.


I think these really helped instill my love of music. I remember enjoying how the action paired with the changes in the tempo/mood/volume of the music and thinking how it was SO FREAKING COOL.

“What happened to the stairs?!”

Hahaha, this makes me super happy and nostalgic.

Sorry, I’ve been having a really crappy day and this made things a little bit better.

Oh Internet…

There has been at least one previous blog post in which I’ve mentioned an assortment of Garfield parodies/tributes.

Well here’s another one. Garkov uses a Markov model to take transcripts of old Garfield strips and rearranges it to make new strips.

Some of them that you get are freaking great.

kjhkh kkh ll llll yiyi

There’s also a list of other Garfield fun on the internet at the bottom of the page.



The Panther, the Wizard, and the Laundry Chute

For all of you who enjoy my stats-related posts, here are some of my dumb cartoons. Yes, I know they suck. Yes, I know I can’t draw/Photoshop/be funny. Oh well. Click to enlarge.

(Source for SAS pic)

(Source for original scale pic)


DUDES, did anybody else ever watch these?

YouTube is single-handedly making me relive my childhood. Freaking awesome.

Oh, Canadians…

When I was a kid and still going over to my dad’s place on the weekends, we’d often watch his old VHS tapes of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. One component of the show that (for whatever reason) was brought to the forefront of my memory today was the old Dudley Do-Right segments.

The humor of these must have just gone completely over my head as a kid, but as I’m typing this now I’ve got this one playing in the background and I’m laughing like crazy.

Here are two others:

“We’ve destroyed more bridges than a near-sighted dentist!” Hahahaha.

Why don’t the other months get “Fests?” October’s not THAT special! Where’s my FebruaryFest?

Hey people! So I was dinking around on YouTube and the like tonight. Anybody else remember these? What strange and magnificent memories they evoked:

What’s Opera, Doc?
Duck Amuck

One Froggy Evening

Rabbit of Seville

Great lazy days of childhood, where have you gone?


…old cartoons.

I was watching Boomerang tonight and Two Stupid Dogs came on.

Did anyone else watch that when they were younger? The one with Noah’s Ark was on and I found it rather disturbing that I remembered most of the lines.

Who watched Eek? I loved Eek!

And Talespin. Best. Freaking. Cartoon. Ever.


I miss cartoons.