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Web Comic!

Hey nerds. So I randomly stumbled across this web comic, and while it appears to be a spinoff of another comic that I am unfamiliar with, I still found it super intriguing and couldn’t stop reading it. So I wanted to promote it here!

Don’t Worry, Teri Blokhin

A very clean, expressive art style and an interesting set of characters. It makes me want to check out the author’s (bioatomic’s) other stuff.


Blah, blah, blah, Valentine’s Day, blah, blah blah.

Valentine’s Day is such a polarizing holiday. You’ve got people saying “OMG I LUVS IT” and others saying “KILL IT WITH FIRE.” What about not giving it a second thought?

So I’ll leave you with this (even though it’s old). Particularly for you, Matt, ‘cause of your bio background. :)

It’s been awhile

I should just pen-and-paper this one, I can’t draw a freaking scale in Flash. But I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile. Sorry, busy doing homework.


Today’s song: Walk Away by Alex Nifong


Blog 1,330: Amusement

A touching story.

But Madam, I’m Not Wearing Pants!

The only thing that loaded before my internet decided to fart and die tonight.


A lot of these are pretty great.

Subject: Blog 1,219

I also love this webcomic now.


Some samples:

(this had me laughing for awhile)

I should be stopped.

Oh-ho-ho, so every webcomic’s jumping on this apparent bandwagon, are they? Allow me to provide my OWN input!

Oh, Abstruse Goose…

My favorite comic. Ever.


Action Leibniz!

Apologies, all. I’m really, really, really busy. Dead week sucks, but the weekend between dead week and finals week REALLY SUCKS.
I’m about ready to die. And the one thing I have to blog about tonight is the one thing that saved me.
So I was dinking around on the internet in between study sessions today—it was necessary to save my sanity—and I found these comics called Action Philosophers!
I bought them after I read the first preview (the one on Descartes). This looks like the funniest comic in existence.
Yay. Here’s hoping I can survive long enough to read them.